15 Repurposed Old Trunk Ideas to Turn into Gold

Repurposing old objects is now quite a popular thing. Many people choose to repair and remodel old collections to make them useful items. One that is quite interesting is old trunk ideas.

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But before talking further, you need to know that this review doesn’t discuss car trunk ideas. The item we’re going to repurpose here is a classic storage bag that was quite popular a few decades ago.

The trunk itself was indeed a famous storage area in its time. This bag is known to have quality materials complete with a qualified security system.

However, over time, trunk usage began to decrease because it was considered too heavy and impractical. Now, these vintage storages are still around today and used by certain circles.

Some of you may still have the trunks left by great-grandparents. Because the design is out of date, you are reluctant to use it.

However, don’t ever see these objects as useless. You can do a little touch of magic to change it into something great. These old trunk ideas are the best choices to steal.

The Vintage Trunk Table

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The easiest way to implement old trunk ideas is to turn them into a table. Most of them have a square shape, which is ideal for these needs. The various sizes make it possible to adjust it as required.

You can apply these old trunk ideas anywhere, for example, the living room, bedroom, or other places in the house. You hardly need to do anything, just put down and use it.

The advantage of applying these old trunk ideas is that you can get a vintage feel instantly. The old fashioned design will bring you to the atmosphere of the past.

However, in some cases, you may need to make a few adjustments. You have to combine it with chairs of the same height and color to make it look harmonious.

Besides, some trunks are sometimes too old to suffer various damages. To avoid the view-interference in the room, you have to make improvements.

You can do painting or renovating to achieve great old trunk ideas. The repairmen will radiate the vintage nuance without any interference.

The Ladder Case

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If you have several trunks of various sizes, try making pyramid-shaped furniture. These old trunk ideas let you stack multiple storage boxes to a certain height.

This method is done for various reasons, such as adjusting the height of the repurposed old trunk ideas with surrounding furniture. Besides, there are several advantages to using this method, including:

  • It saves space so that you can use it for other things.
  • The more stacked, the height will also increase. That way, your old trunk ideas can compensate for other furniture around it.
  • The pyramid shape will generate steps on the trunks ideas. You can use it as a storage area.
  • It has high artistic value.

These old trunk ideas are quite simple but enough to increase the storage area. For a more enticing look, you can modify and decorate the storage to make it more catchy.

Whitewashed Steamer Trunks

Distressed White Washed Duck Egg Blue Trunk by Thistle Thatch Designs | Distressed white, Home decor, Blue trunks


Generally, old objects have some damages in several parts. Even though it is still in good condition, usually the colors start to fade so that it is less comfortable to see.

But don’t let this hamper your repurposed old trunk ideas. You can fix the problems to turn them into extraordinary items.

An instant action to do is to give a new color. The paint not only covers the dull surface but also disguises any damage on the trunk. It will erase all your concern about using it again.

Among the different colors, whitewashed is the best idea. Instead of polishing it until it looks like new, this method can maintain a vintage feel on your trunk.

Thus, your repurposed project will still produce nostalgic nuance to enjoy. The whitewashed trunk ideas will make you feel like oldies.

If you have done coloring, you can use it for various purposes, for example, a table, cabinet, or others. You can also give a little decoration so that the old trunk ideas look attractive.

Renovate Your Antique Storage Trunk

Antique Steamer Trunk Coffee Table/Side Table, circa 1900 at 1stDibs


Some storage trunks are so unique that people consider them to be antic objects. Instead of making modifications, anyone who has this kind of thing will try hard to maintain its originality.

Then what if this thing is damaged? The only option is to fix it. Even though it may not be back to the original, originality remains the main thing.

If you have made repairs, then you will calmly use them again. You can use this object according to its function or make it a decoration.

But whatever old trunk ideas you do, don’t forget to keep doing routine maintenance and checking. Who knows, your antiquated item can bring you good luck in the future.

Make Your Hidden Cabinet

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Instead of throwing it in the trash, there are lots of old trunk ideas that you can sample. Besides using it as a table, make it a storage area is also a lovely option.

If you have a large trunk, try modifying the inside by adding some storage space. That way, you can place items in it.

Simultaneously, you can repurpose them as furniture, for example, a table. Use it as usual so that no one will suspect that you have something valuable on the trunk.

If necessary, you can place tablecloths, decorations, or other objects that can disguise the presence of the cabinet. How many items you can put, of course, depend on the size of the trunk.

Cheat Your Trunk Identifier

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This storage has been used for decades. Over time, many changes happened. However, the trunk identifier can quickly determine its age based on the model and condition.

However, renovations can render the trunk identifier useless. Some people managed to overhaul theirs so that it looked completely new. That way, no one will know how old the object is.

Renovating the old trunk can be done in various ways, from painting, giving a new layer, or paint on it. It is done if you want to use it for the latest.

However, not a few people did renovations by repairing the damaged elements. The goal is to bring back the aesthetic value and vintage feel that was buried by some damage.

New-colored Vintage Storage Trunk

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Although most people repurpose for the sake of presenting a vintage feel, not a few are using the old trunk ideas for other purposes. Therefore, they made improvements in several parts.

One common thing is to paint it completely fresh. Not anymore to cover flaws on the surface, the purpose of these old trunk ideas is to make them appear in a different style.

Pick the various colors to make it great with your taste and coloring purpose. Although generally, the trunk has a dark color, you can replace it with bright tones to make it eye-catching.

The Treasure Hunter

Elan Vintage Style Buxa Metal Trunk Box, Storage Box, Set of 2, Black: Amazon.in: Home & Kitchen


To make it part of the furniture, of course, you need to make sure it is in proper condition. Besides, you can also make modifications to make it look more comfortable to see.

If you are interested in making modifications, try creating a luxurious feel to the old trunk ideas. One way is to give a touch of gold nuance that will make it look luxurious.

Don’t forget to give a classy decoration to the surface. This method will make your old trunk ideas look like a treasure box. After that, you can use it like furniture or display.

Storage Trunk Furniture with Legs

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As explained above, there are many ways to repurpose the trunk. One way is to change its function into furniture, for example, a storage area for goods.

One thing, don’t focus only on the basic shape of the trunk. For example, when you want to turn it into a cabinet, you can add legs or other features that you think are needed.

Adding a leg to the old trunk ideas not only enhances aesthetic-value but also supports space efficiency. Any space under the surface will be available to use as storage of other objects.

However, to make this kind of modification, you need skills. If you are not experienced, you should ask for help from a carpenter or someone else who is an expert in this matter.

Enjoy Your Coffee Break

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The vintage atmosphere does make anyone feel comfortable. No wonder the old trunk ideas get a positive response from many people who have started to implement it as part of their lifestyle.

One of the manifestations is the coffee moment. Currently, many cafes are starting to use trunks as furniture. The goal is to create a vintage feel when enjoying a drink.

Applying this at home is no more a non-sense. Based on the trunk table ideas discussed above, you can enjoy an irreplaceable atmosphere at home.

The Filling System

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From the very beginning, the function of the trunk was to store objects. Even until the times change, you can still apply this function.

Previously, we have chatter a lot about the problem of using a trunk as a cabinet. Besides, try to use this object as storage using a filling system.

To do this, you can make modifications to the inside of the trunk. Place several dividers so that it allows the user to organize objects according to groups or types.

It is not necessary to complicate yourself in working the closure. You can use wood or pieces of cardboard to divide the inside of the trunk into spaces.

After that, you can use it as storage for various objects such as letters, accessories, and others. Surely this will be practical and systematic old trunk ideas.

Gardening Old trunk ideas

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In the discussion above, most of the old trunk ideas we discussed are using them as tables. Now, why don’t try to develop more fun with the stuff?

One idea that you can apply is to use it as a plant pot. If your trunk is large enough, then you can use it to place tall plants.

You can use old trunk ideas without modification. The old and classic impression of this storage will give you an indescribable feeling. It will make anyone feel comfortable.

But to make it look attractive, you can also give a touch of decoration. You can choose what kind of look is suitable for your garden.

Other than the pots, you can explore the other amazing ideas. To beautify the garden, the trunk can be vintage-themed decorations that will make anyone fall in love with it.

The Dressing Table

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Surprisingly, the old trunk ideas don’t just turn antiques into ordinary tables. Building something personal, such as dressing tables, are also the other way to make it useful.

Putting the trunk as a table is a simple thing to do. You can do some modifications as we discussed before, but the most important thing is that you add the right features to the dressing table.

If the table is ready, you need to add a mirror to it. Don’t forget to prepare a drawer on the table for storing personal equipment. After that, you can use these old trunk ideas as the destination.

To beautify it, you also need to add various decorations. If necessary, change the color to make it look attractive. You can also add ornaments or paintings to your liking and goals.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is how tall the dressing table is. For these old trunk ideas, you may need to add a leg to make it comfortable when doing activities on it.

Decorated Old trunk ideas

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In the discussion above, you have learned a variety of old trunk ideas, so that this old object can be an attractive decoration for the room. You can use it as a table, cabinet, decoration, and so on.

Regardless of the old trunk ideas you choose, the decorating process remains the main thing. For the sake of making it cute, you should give various decorations to the storage.

To beautify the trunk, you can use various methods. In addition to painting to give a new color, you can also add various ornaments that will disguise the old impression of the object.

Before choosing an ornament, you need to know what concept you will be carrying. The decoration you choose should not deviate from its purpose. Here are some ideas for you to choose from:


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Not all trunks are in good condition when you decide to pose. If the surface is damaged beyond repair, the only way is to cover it with painting.

Sometimes the process of recoloring is not enough to cover the damage. Hence, an intricate painting like flowers will help disguise it.

Besides covering up the shortcomings, the full-image will also give a new look. Others may not realize that it is the result of your repurpose old trunk ideas.

Modern Old trunk ideas

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If the purpose of floral-themed is to change the look, then simple old trunk ideas are different. Apart from the new paint, you don’t need to use too many decorations.

Some people even only use simple lines to enhance their appearance. No need to use complicated design to make it classy.

These old trunk ideas are appropriate if you don’t feel the need to change many things from the storage area. With a little magic touch, you are free to utilize it for many objections.

Ornamental Decoration

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There are various modifications in old trunk ideas. If you want to completely change the appearance but are reluctant to make a complicated painting, then ornamental decoration can be an option.

You can attach the desired decoration to the surface of the trunk. The ornaments you use can be in the form of carvings, stickers, stamps, or other possible things.

Farmhouse-themed Furniture

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Vintage and farmhouse are two things that go hand in hand. Hence, combining these two concepts with the old trunk ideas makes a lot of sense.

Farmhouse-style decorations generally feature furniture made from natural materials. Also, items in this style bring out a lot of distressed nuances.

Thus, the old trunk ideas will support the aesthetics of the farmhouse decoration. The old storage that has a worn look will give a room an extraordinary soul.

For this style, you can use a trunk for various purposes, for example, as a table or cabinet. Various decorations from natural materials, such as plants and dry roots, will support the appearance.

If you want to add a touch of color to the old trunk ideas, try to use warm tones. Soft tones of pastels are the best choice for this concept.

Old objects such as classic trunks can always attract attention. Apart from having high artistic value, this idea also has positive values. One of them is preserving items that have almost been forgotten.

Implementing old trunk ideas is also fun. You need to explore creativity and use these storages as part of your daily needs. A little decoration will make it look cool.

Apart from the old trunk ideas discussed above, there are probably many other designs you can apply to this object. Don’t forget to find references so that your repurposed project produces something useful.