Potters Bench Ideas. Is it time for you to give up sowing seeds on the kitchen table or kneeling on the ground to move seed from one pot to another? You’ll need to construct a potting bench if you want to do so.

A wide selection of potting tables, seats, and equipment are available here, as well as construction tips.

Projects like repurposing old dressers or abandoned patio furniture are available for everyone to do, while dramatic pieces of garden architecture may be found. You should be able to find something that appeals to you no matter your skill level!

I’ve grouped them according to size, with the largest ones in their own group for simplicity. The last few are all in video-only format, if you’re more of a watch-and-learn type.

So, let’s explore the vast and fascinating world of potting benches, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to build one that suits your needs!

Two Pallet Potting Bench

Image: balconygardenweb-lhnfx0beomqvnhspx.netdna-ssl.com

Backyard Potting Center

Image: thespruce.com

The potting bench at Sunset Magazine is 63 inches tall and 60 inches long. It has two larger work surfaces below and a narrow top shelf.

The materials list tells you how much and how big each component of the potting bench is, starting with a materials list. There are several drawings at the end of this plan so you can visually understand the steps, which are solely text.

Wire screening in the back, between the top shelf and the main work area, is an optional but helpful feature of this potting bench. Tools can be placed without taking up surface area thanks to this.

Potting Bench With Decorative Roof

Image: hearstapps.com

Why should a potting table be ugly? With a stunning farmhouse-style roof, ornamental corbels, and adequate display area when you’re not actually using it to repot plants, make it the center of your patio or deck.

Entertaining Station

Image: bhg.com

Keep important party supplies close by to make outdoor entertaining easier.

Anything you would normally run into the house to get for guests every five minutes should be placed on a potting bench with silverware, glasses, and napkins.

While the station is not in use, it may hold extra serving utensils, huge coolers, or serving trays.

Farmhouse Potting Bench

Image: ana-white.com

A slatted bottom shelf, an upper shelf with a hook bar, and X details on the ends characterize this farmhouse potting bench.

Basic tools and off-the-shelf materials are used in simple construction. Although not being utilized as a planter, this ingenious design has been employed as a drink station and workbench.

Potting Bench with Side Shelves

Image: bobvila.com

Build your own cedar potting bench by downloading these plans. The two lower shelves, two side shelves, and five hooks will provide space to store all of your tools and supplies, while the bench, which has a 54-inch width will give you enough room to work on.

A cut list, cutting diagrams, and clear assembly instructions are included with the plans for this potting bench.

Recycled Style

Image: bhg.com

Secondhand furniture is a cost-effective outdoor storage option that you can’t go wrong with. Search out the ideal potting bench at vintage boutiques, thrift stores, and flea markets, then stock it with all your outdoor necessities.

The weathered finish on this green bench adds to its rustic appeal, and you don’t have to be concerned about damaging it.

Potting Bench Perfection

Image: thespruce.com

A slide-out bin adds extra storage to this potting bench from Lowe’s. It should cost less than $500 and take between one and two weeks to complete.

This plan has a lot of precise instructions and pictures (along with a quick video overview), so it should be simple to follow.

The step-by-step instructions show you how to complete the potting bench, along with the lumber, tools, cut list, and all of the other supplies you’ll need.

In addition, there’s a PDF containing various diagrams showing how the potting bench is put together that you can download. When reading through the instructions, everything in the diagrams has a number on it that you can use as a reference.

Potting Bench With Sink

Image: hearstapps.com

A storage area, a place for tools to be hung, and a convenient sink are all included in this potting bench. Easy clean-up is also possible with a garden hose.

Simple 2×4 Potting Bench

Image: ana-white.com

This time, I wanted to include more storage on the hutch and back, so I designed new potting bench plans that are still super easy to build. As a result, I collaborated with Ryobi to develop these ideas for you!

The back of this potting bench is like a pegboard, which is one of my favorite features! You may alter the hutch to suit your needs by adding any “over-the-cabinet” enhancements.

Building this potting bench was also a breeze!

Greenhouse Bench

Image: bobvila.com

You may fit numerous benches beside each other to create a more spacious work and storage area in bigger greenhouses, yards, or garages. This potting bench is designed to fit into little, 6-foot by 4-foot greenhouses.

The blueprints are created to be straightforward to follow, with clear directions and a complete cutting list. They may be downloaded instantly. Once you’re done, adjust the shelving to match your plants’ height.

DIY Potting Bench

Image: morningchores.com

That potting bench is really great. It offers more product surface area and has an added storage area.

There’s also overhead storage on the bench. That’s a handy characteristic since you’ll have extra storage space for your pots and other planting treasures after you’re done.

Bright and Cheery

Image: bhg.com

Boring outdoor storage isn’t necessary. Paint a cheerful, bright color like this airy powder blue to look for a modern potting bench. Every item has a proper place thanks to accessories like a floating shelf, coat rack, and trellis.

Seeds and tiny jars are arranged on a tiered dessert platter, while garden magazines are kept neat below.

Make Your Own Potting Bench

Image: thespruce.com

This free wooden potting bench idea from Better Homes and Gardens uses pallets to build it. With this potting bench, you can work at a height of 37 inches.

The top of the plan has a complete list of the equipment utilized to create this potting bench, while the step-by-step instructions are below.

Potting Table

Image: ana-white.com

Another great starter project! When not in use for potting, this potting table can serve as a drink station or grill cart! What we like about it is that it can do so.

Make sure to check out Between Naps on the Porch for the full build process, as well as links to all of the extras, which he built and shared. I’m talking about how adorable those dragonfly casters and hooks are!

Upper Shelf with Mesh for Tool Storage

Image: bobvila.com

Your gardening tools, gloves, and other small items can be stored in the mesh back of this potting bench.

These plans may assist you incorporate a sink and drain into the design if you’re seeking for a potting bench with a sink.

The downloadable blueprints guide individuals through the construction process, including imperial and metric measurements, step by step.

The Little Red Potting Bench

Image: morningchores.com

This little bench is one of my favorites. It shouldn’t be too difficult to construct a simple potting bench for it.

Also, the bright red color they used on it is fantastic. It would definitely add a little personality to any outdoor area and stand out. If you prefer a lot of room, then you may need to extend this one because it isn’t a huge bench.

Beverage Depot

Image: bhg.com

Build a basic potting bench into a wine station by selling pruners and turning it into a winery. Stemware is held on racks placed beneath the top shelf, ice-filled buckets keep your favorite summer beverages cold, and hooks drilled into the side hold bath towels.

To keep happy hour going all summer, place your potting bench bar on a deck or patio.

Built-To-Last Potting Bench Plan

Image: thespruce.com

A free potting bench plan with a worktable, a huge under storage area, and three selves for pots, gloves, tools, or whatever else you want to keep within arm’s reach can be found at Build Something.

This strategy will teach you how to construct the potting bench step by step. Step by step instructions, a tool list, a materials list, components, and cut lists are all included in this comprehensive guide.

2x4s Potting Bench

Image: bobvila.com

Want to build a upcycled potting bench? This option will only require you to have some 2x4s lying around from previous projects.

You’ll get an e-book that will assist you build the bench after you download the plans.

Because they do not include step-by-step instructions for each cut and step in the assembly process, these plans are not recommended for beginners.

The Wood Post Potting Bench

Image: morningchores.com

This potting bench has a one-of-a-kind design. They added lattice to the rear of it, which gives your bench a little uniqueness when you initially see it.

It also has a large amount of storage. Little clay pots are hung on little spots at the top. However, there is plenty of space at the bottom for potting soil and other potting supplies.

Super Simple

Image: bhg.com

When all you need is a place to store a few outdoor nails, go for a basic potting bench. You’ll save time by not being bogged down by things you don’t use, and your space will look clean and fresh.

Fill a basic wooden seat with essential garden equipment like a hose, gardening gloves, and a couple of pots to create your own mini-garden.

How to Build a Cedar Potting Bench

Image: thespruce.com

This potting bench design was created by The Family Handyman in order to teach you how to construct one without complex connections, which makes it a fairly simple project.

Two small and two large working areas are available on the bench. It should cost between $100 and $500 to construct.

A tape measure, squares, a chisel, a miter saw or a circular saw are some of the essential tools you’ll need. In the Tools & Materials section, you’ll find a complete list of what you’ll need.

A cutting list is included at the bottom of the plan, in addition to the step-by-step instructions. Throughout each section of the plan, use the arrows to go from one stage to the next. They’re sometimes difficult to detect.

Hidden Storage

Image: bobvila.com

You can make your own potting bench with secret storage areas using these downloadable blueprints.

Each of the three sections of the bench’s counter may be pulled out to reveal a lower bin, which can hold soil, equipment, or other gardening necessities.

These designs are meant to be simple enough for most newcomers to grasp.

Potting Bench Perfection

Image: morningchores.com

That potting bench section definitely adds a lot of personality to the room. The bench, on the other hand, is still useful.

It offers a generous amount of potting area, as well as good storage. I like the cabinet door because you can hide some of the less attractive essentials without detracting from the space, and I like how open shelving is useful.

Garage Storage

Image: bhg.com

If you have the space, use a potting bench in your garage for extra storage. Rust-prone tools and fabric garden gear are ideal candidates for storage in this location.

Additional storage for watering cans, seasonal accessories, and bulk items is provided by wire shelving units built above the potting bench.

Free Potting Bench Plan

Image: thespruce.com

FreePlants.com also has a free potting bench plan available. The top shelf of this potting bench is small, while the main portion is large, and both are partially enclosed with back and side walls. At the bottom of the bench, there’s also a big storage compartment.

Before beginning, you’ll find out what materials make up this potting bench: shelf brackets, plywood, bracing, and the others. These materials are expected to cost between $50 and $60.

Since there are so many images in these instructions, it should be simple to confirm that you’re doing things correctly as you go.

There is also a short video demonstrating how to make a potting bench with no legs and instead supported by sawhorses that is simpler and more inexpensive to build.

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