Pool Shade Ideas

A homeowner’s pride is reflected in a swimming pool! Naturally, building and maintaining a pool takes a lot of work. Based on the space, needs, and funds, you can choose from a variety of pool designs. Pool shades, like the various swimming pool types, differ in their structure and arrangement.

It’s vital to pick one that matches your pool in the best way possible, especially since such filters do more than just protect the sun. As a result, we’ve created an list of the 8 greatest pool shade ideas for varied needs.

It’s natural to assume that a pool is sunny when you think of it. During hot and bright weather, pools are a hallmark of the summer months, keeping families and home duringriders entertained.

Grabbing a bit of shade has become more important to pool lovers in recent years. Several pool owners are considering shade options for their pools, whether it’s out of a desire to avoid sunburn, a need for some relief from the scorching midday heat, or anything else.

Beyond UV protection and relief from the rays, installing a shade structure over the pool may offer a variety of benefits. Today’s shade structures, which provide a little atmosphere and style to a pool, may be excellent aesthetic additions.

You’ll also add value to your home with well-planned, large-scale permanent structures. Here are the top eight pool shade ideas:

Shade Sails

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Shade sails, which give a pool a very contemporary appearance, are gaining in popularity. These beautifully formed sails may be set up in a variety of angles, giving a pool a very sleek and cutting-edge appearance.

Shaded sails have a couple downsides. First, they may provide uneven shade (requires numerous shades to cover an entire pool length). Second, they must withstand strong winds, which can be surprisingly costly.

Strong Pergolas

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Having a pergola in your yard gives you the ultimate combination of modernity and tradition! Cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice are supported by a set of vertical posts or pillars. They may be put anywhere, from the poolside to the patio or even into the garden.


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A shade sail is one of our favorite methods to create shade on a plot. They’re affordable, simple to install, and add a sculptural, contemporary look.

Fabric shades add a splash of color and that Mediterranean vibe to a poolside, which are available in an broad selection of materials, cuts, and colors,’ says Stuart Dantzic, Managing Director at Caribbean Blinds(opens in new tab).

They’ve been hung from the trunks of surrounding trees in this sumptuous pool to offer a refuge from the sun. With your pool canopy designs, you may choose a brighter color to make a stronger impression in your classic surroundings.

In addition, Stuart points out that a water-resistant fabric shade will protect you against summer showers.

Remote Operated Canopies

Remote-controlled canopies will undoubtedly delight anyone who enjoys gadgetry. In addition, you may make a partial shade by stopping the shade at any point. You don’t have to fully retract it. If you are willing to pay more, then so be it!

Triangular Shade Sails

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Shade sails, such as the one shown above, may provide immediate shade over your pool.

Make certain you have a tilt or incline with the sail so that rainwater does not pool on the cloth, and you’ll need strong anchor points to affix it to.

Shade sails have become so common that you can almost always find a contractor in your area that specializes in their installation.

Free Standing Canopies

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The free-standing canopy is a downsized variant of retractable fabric shade canopies. These utilize a commercial-grade aluminum framework with two support beams that hold the canopy, and they are normally utilized to shade a specific area of the pool. You can move it to either side, resulting in the desired canopy angle.

Pool Shade Umbrellas

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For good reason, the most prevalent type of pool shade is an A Cantilever Pool Patio Umbrella. Due to their versatility and ability to provide shade wherever required, they have been a popular choice for decades.

You may choose from a variety of umbrellas in order to complement your pool deck furniture color scheme or add a vibrant bright hue.

They have a unique double top design that allows them to be used for both residential and commercial applications, with a canopy size of 10′ by 10′. For easier shade control, the cantilever crank system offers you six heights and a 360-degree rotation.

A base and stand, as well as a table and chairs, are commonly included with patio umbrellas. You won’t have to sacrifice your budget when it comes to purchasing entire packages.

While free-standing umbrellas are more portable, in-pool umbrellas may be put up as a permanent framework. They might be a fantastic addition to your pool area’s aesthetics as well as their practicality.

Retractable Fabric Shade Canopy

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A dependable choice to make your outdoor pool into an indoor version is retractable fabric shade canopies. These shades may readily cover your whole pool if you have a tiny or medium-sized pool. The many support beams that hold these canopies in position give the overall outdoor installation a sophisticated appearance.

The retractable canopy, which permits you to remove the shade when it is not needed, is undoubtedly the most significant feature. These, too, offer adequate protection from the wind and rain, much like conic shades.

Pool shade ideas and types of sun protection

20 Pool shade ideas for patio design.

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You may convert your patio area into a contemporary looking and pleasant space with a lot of style and modern ambience when you install a shade over your swimming pool.

Sails are the most common kind of pool shade design. Since they allow for installation in a variety of positions, they become increasingly popular.

Moreover, they may be created in a stylish method to produce a dazzling and functional solution for your home. They are offered in a variety of colors.

Another advantage of sail shades is that they block up to 96% of UV, which does not heat up.

A popular option is retractable canopies. They might cover a huge area of a pool in the sun. To add to the space’s visual appeal, retractable canopies are available in a variety of styles at various prices.

The owner may manipulate the shade, which is essential for outdoor pools, with the retractable option.

Pool shade ideas shouldn’t be overlooked, especially umbrellas, the most basic and conventional option. Umbrellas are the finest option for individuals who want to have versatility and a moveable shadow since they’ve been around for ages to offer sun defense.


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A cantilever is a component of the pool that provides poolside shade and is part of the pool itself. The support poles, however, are hammered into the earth instead of pool conic shadings. As a result, before installing it, you’ll need to determine the best location.

Freestanding Canopies

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As a poolside shade solution, freestanding retractable canopies offer a sleek, modern appearance. A retractable canopy is paired with a commercial-grade aluminum frame in the two-post system.

This system may be put over or beside the pool, providing rain and sun protection whenever and wherever needed. The freestanding canopy provides homeowners with the opportunity to retract the shade on both sides, allowing it to be partially opened or closed.


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When done correctly, a pergola can increase the overall value of your home as well as being an aesthetically pleasing addition.

How much does a basic pergola cost?

Depending on the materials employed and the contractor you hire, this may vary significantly. The material and labor costs to build a Pergola are normally between $2,000 and $6,000.

When shopping for a Pergola, a DoItYourself kit that you can purchase on Amazon or via a professional contractor like Home Depot may be useful.

Retractable Enclosures

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A retractable enclosure is a large-scale solution that provides a lot of versatility and may appeal to many homeowners. When the arches are pulled back, these enclosures become skeletal constructions made up of multiple arched trusses.

Each part of the enclosure is protected by retractable shades, which can provide as much or as little cover as needed at any time of day.

Pool Umbrellas

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For a long time, umbrellas have been used to shade patios, yards, and even swimming pools. Moreover, canopy angle adjustment, height, and other features are available on certain models. You may readily relocate them as and when required since they aren’t fixed into the ground.

You may either purchase a bigger canopy or layer multiple umbrellas side-by-side to create a continuous shade in the event of bigger pools. There are still plenty of colors and designs to choose from.

Another Cantilevers

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Cantelevokers, which are shade constructions that solely depend on a single support pillar on one side, are similar to canopies. Horizontal support poles with a canopy extend over the pool from these vertical support poles, providing shade for poolside visitors and those in the water.

Outdoor blinds

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Outdoor shades help protect your indoor furniture and help cool your home, especially on hot afternoons, by shading your windows with them. Since you won’t be using the air conditioning as often, it will conserve energy and money.

You may pick from a variety of colors and designs for roll-up, roller, and retractable blinds to suit the dimensions and form of your windows. When you need them, you can invest in a retractable awning.

Bistro blinds are an excellent method to enclose and protect your outdoor space because they cover a bigger area. For the warmer weather, add them to an existing pergola or gazebo to keep out the rain and bugs. You may pick from a variety of colors, including clear and colored PVC to enjoy the view of your yard.

More Umbrellas

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Traditional responses might be the best option at times. For those who want mobile and transportable shade, freestanding umbrellas, such as the ones that have shaded pools for decades now, are a fantastic option.

Homeowners may place umbrellas wherever they choose, shifting them with the movement of the sun throughout the day, and a canopy set on the side of the pool may provide a little coverage for those in it and out. The downside is that they look obscene when closed.

Conic Shade

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The first item on the list is something classic and fundamental. One of the most practical and convenient methods to construct a shade for your swimming pool is a conic shade structure. It’s named after the cone-shaped fabric canopy that supports it. The size of the region you want to shade determines the canopy’s size.

Conic shades protect against the wind and rain, in addition to fighting Sydney’s scorching heat. If so, you might want to pick a tensile fabric that isn’t as susceptible to wear and tear. Similarly, you may pick a hue that corresponds to the outdoor d├ęcor.

Retractable Shade Canopies

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The most comprehensive sun protection solution for a pool is probably retractable shade canopies, which may offer reliable sun protection to an whole part of the pool with ease.

These vast canopy cover the pool, spanning beams that are supported by posts on each side of the pool. The result is a simple and very elegant way to shade a pool for homeowners. It is mandatory to have a retractable option. Otherwise, you might as well have a pool indoors. Overlooking the project, there are additional photos.

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