Pool Decking Ideas

Pool Decking Ideas. After all, you’ll spend just as much time lounging or entertaining poolside as you will swimming, so don’t overlook the importance of the surrounding deck or patio.

Make sure there is plenty of room for lounge chairs, dining tables, and other furniture on your pool patio or deck, as well as enough space to walk around them.

Concrete, pavers, wood, stone, tile and brick are some of the materials that may be used on deck and patio surfaces. When picking a surface for your area, consider aesthetics, durability, upkeep, safety, and price.

Concrete (a cost-effective material that may be textured to make it slip resistant) and wood (a naturally exquisite material that requires regular staining and sealing) are combined in this poolside patio.

Do you need more motivation? Discover the ideal design for your landscape in our Deck and Patio Ideas for Pools.

Concrete pavers

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Why choose just one patio design when you can have two? On this contemporary pool patio, designer Brian Patrick Flynn uses concrete pavers and stacked stones in similar hues to create two distinct areas for eating and entertaining.

The alfresco dining area is anchored by a polished checkerboard pattern created by concrete pavers framed with evergreen turf. Brick-laid stone pavers provide texture and, perhaps most importantly, traction underfoot for slip-free swimming in the adjoining lounge area.

Since they are cost-effective and readily available in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes, concrete pavers are a common pool patio material. Moreover, concrete pavers are considerably easier to match when compared to natural stone ones.


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Curating an outdoor living room on the deck will transform your pool area into an extension of your home. Just a little planning, design skill, and expert counsel are all you need.

Sue Jones, co-founder and creative director of OKA(opens in new tab), recommends setting up a shaded seating area by the pool area to do this.

We must think creatively about how to plan, design, and decorate in order to make the most of this ‘additional space.’ The weather, privacy, and surrounding features such as patios, plants, and lawns should all be considered when designing an outdoor living area.


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Decks are ideal for terracing a area and maximizing the sight of a sloping site, as well as elevating the view. To keep things safe, though, you’ll have to think about decking railing solutions.

This clever design also compliments the composite deck’s tone, and it provides a well-defined border. Note how the boards are positioned diagonally on the deck, which draws attention and adds an extra element of interest to the area.

The immediate surrounding of the pool, known as the coping, is paved with pavers here. These contrast in texture and are integrated with the textural stone wall nearby, which has a magnificent fire pit.


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After a long day of work, a pool, no matter how big, is the perfect spot to relax with a refreshing bath in the fresh air. Why not go one step further and build a deck cover and garden structure, so that you’ll have a retreat area that can be utilized all year?

For instance, take the stylish setup. When travel was restricted due to the lockdown, university music professor Mas Sugihara got the urge to do something creative in his Houston yard, performing concerts that sometimes take him abroad.

A galvanized pool was appropriate when his lover, Elizabeth Conley, convinced him to alter a steel shipping container home. They upgraded to an 8-footer because the 4×2 tank he purchased a few years ago was too small.

The container house, a pergola, and a pool were all built separately from the main house, and they hired a contractor to do it. The container unit’s framed sliding glass doors are available to access the tank via deck steps.

Mas and Elizabeth may sit on the deck with their feet in the water if they aren’t in the pool. According to Mas, a submersible pool light has just been installed, which boosts the atmosphere at night.

I like how the pool brings people together and is a nice casual feature when we host in Houston during the summer,’ Mas says, adding, ‘However, I must confess that it’s also a nice way to cool off after a bike ride or working in the garden.’

Don’t Let Size Stop You

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Our neighbors are like, ‘Oh, you guys are the ones with the small pool, aren’t you?’ says designer Fitz Pullins of Jacksonville, Florida. “We’re like, ‘No!

The designer chuckles, “That’s us.” They were able to build a saltwater swimming pool despite the fact that they couldn’t fit a full-size lap pool in their yard.

Blended pool with deck

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The simplicity of blended pool decks is something that you will appreciate if you like minimalistic designs. You create the pool and the area around it appear bigger than it is when you mix the deck with the water’s edge, especially when you employ basic wooden flooring.

This layout for inground pool decks is attractive, easy to use, and offers a natural touch with lush plants for a sleek contrast. You should choose composite decking around the pool instead of timber because this pool deck concept means the deck will virtually always be wet.

Timber is prone to rotting and wearing out, so it needs a lot of care. Composite wood decking is a good option for this pool platform because it is low-maintenance and matches the look of plain wood decking.

Section Off Your Pool Area

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If you really want to make the deck area feel grand, create boundaries between each section, even if your pool is the center of attention. To create the sense of many outdoor rooms, separate where you swim and relax in the sun from where you might have a drink and a midday mocktail.


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You may really splash bright colors around your pool if your deck is gray or blonde. Lighter deck shades appear best with a little contrast, even though bright or dark wood will hold its own. And your pool gives you several chances to make a stunning finish.

Bonick Landscapes(opens in new tab) designed this amazing pool deck area in Dallas. The light gray, matt wood of the deck and the glimmering turquoise of the pool tiles create a beautiful balance of colors and textures here. The exquisite finishing touch is provided by the matching lounge cushions.

Large monolithic architectural

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We strive to include big monolithic architectural characteristics into all of our projects, and these characteristics allow us to be more creative with our plant choices while maintaining a considered feel

The benches allowed us to terrace the location, allowing for higher use of the functionality by creating active zones. Dan Hocking took the photos for this project.

Build a separate structure to house your pool equipment

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Several individuals choose to put their pumps and filters under the pool deck of their above-ground pool. It may make maintaining your pool’s cleanliness and functionality much more difficult, while it appears tidier and protects your equipment from the weather.

To ensure quick access and make adjustments, position your equipment to the side of your deck. You may construct a smaller building to hold your pumps, filters, and equipment so that it is not visible.

(Repurpose any waste wood or composite boards left over from building your deck to construct a cabinet to conceal your pool equipment.)

It’s vital to keep in mind that certain mechanical equipment, such as motors and pumps, may need airflow. Make sure that the pool structure will not void the warranty or cause early failure by reading the installation manuals on all pool equipment.

Mix wood and water

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Building a wooden decking is both cost effective and stunning. However, to avoid water damage, you’ll need to stain and seal the wood on a regular basis. When calculating the costs of a wooden pool deck, consider these costs.

Ask your builder to construct a deck around your pool made of composite wood if you want something that requires less attention. This stuff is made of synthetic-looking plastics and appears to be real wood. It will cost more than natural wood, but it is a smart decision.

Make the area night-friendly with lighting

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The lighting for a comfortable effect must also be layered:

Solar fence post lights were the first things we used. We also added Feit LED String Lights from Costco to the entire fence perimeter this year (they don’t seem to be available anymore).

We light the fire bowls when we’re outside. On the upper deck steps, we installed solar deck lights as well.
Outdoor candles might be added for even more atmosphere. We may create a comfortable atmosphere by layering the lighting outside.


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Consider the characteristics of your location and whether you want your pool deck to be in full sunlight for most of the day (ideal if you prefer to sit) or if you’d rather it be a shaded area to cool off on hot days when designing your pool deck.

If your garden faces south, you may notice that there aren’t many shady places for decking, so take inspiration from this lovely eco-home and grow trees along the side of your deck to create your own shadow.

Wooden Deck With A View

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A pool with a view is even more enjoyable than one with a pool. Using landscaping, you may build one in no time. You may consider planting trees and shrubs if you haven’t completed your pool deck yet.

Palm trees and magnolias are two common trees to plant, with hydrangeas and rose bushes being popular shrubs. Potted plants will also look great if you’ve already constructed your deck and have little ground area. Are you into gardening?

Save money by growing your own plants from seeds or buying them at a local garden shop. Pergolas and gazebos, which can function as privacy screens, may also be erected.


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Lying on a deck, the sun shines through the trees above you and your toes dangle in the water. There’s just something so lovely about it.

However, if you have a huge pool or require a large area for sitting around the edge, sometimes having a wooden deck throughout the entire pool may seem imposing. Instead, use tiles around the rest of the area and copy this pool deck design by adding a stretch of decking at just one end.

The wooden planks sit over the end of the pool and are somewhat elevated above the stone slabs to better define the area in this lovely holiday home in Devon(opens in new tab). In addition, since the poolhouse now has more space, it feels bigger and more connected to the pool.

Contemporary decks are always in style

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It only makes sense that your pool deck matches the same design as your home if it has a contemporary, contemporary feel. A cool-toned wood type is usually the best option for this design. You can select a grey or light brown stain for the wood instead of an actual dark brown if you prefer timber decking pool deck ideas with a rustic edge.

Even better if you have a lot of green in your yard! The swimming pool deck will be cool-themed, so the grass will be a nice contrast. The idea shown above, in which the pool deck extends into the patio, adds to the attractiveness of the whole yard since it gives off a modest and elegant effect.

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