Growing 39 Different Cultivars with Various Poinsettia Colors

The bursting of dazzling Poinsettia colors makes this perennial shrub become the favorite interior decoration in holiday.

It is the most beautiful Euphorbia that comes in a rainbow of stunning flowers, although they are not the real blossoms.

Learn more about various types of painted-leaf plant coupled with several interesting facts that you have not known before.

So, be familiar with this endless beauty of the Mexican Fire bush from the following article.

Poinsettia Facts

Fantasy colored poinsettias! | Poinsettia, Color, Drawings

Most people misunderstand about the flowers of Poinsettia colors. However, the colorful blooms are not the real blossoms, but the bracts.

They are modified leaves from the axil of the floral axis. Moreover, some more fun facts about the Crown of the Andes are as follow:

  • The real poinsettia blossoms are the clusters of small yellow flowers in the center of the colorful bracts.
  • This flame-leaf plant exudes a milky sap that may irritate the skin after touching the leaves, although it is not poisonous.
  • The lobster flower is another name of the Poinsettia plant because it has a bright red hue.
  • Poinsettia got its name to pay honor to the botanist from the US, Joel Roberts Poinsett, who initially discover this plant.
  • Poinsettia Day is on December 12th to notice of Joel Roberts Poinsett’s death.
  • The Mexican Poinsettias are mature about a height of 4.6 meters.
  • In fact, the Poinsettia plant has different names in some regions. While the shrub is called the growing blossoms in soil or residues, the flower of the holy night, and the easter bloom.
  • The plant should be in the darkness for about 12 hours until one week to obtain the Poinsettia colors. After that photoperiodism process, locate it in full sun exposure to brighten the colored bracts.

Poinsettia Colors Varieties

pointsetta - Bing Images | Búho de ganchillo, Boda azul, Nochebuena

Poinsettias have more than 100 varieties that bring various colorations such as red, pink, burgundy, white, speckled, as well as marbled.

Then, the three popular cultivars are Ice Punch, Shimmer Pink, and Carousel Dark Red.

The snow-white Poinsettia colors are as stunning as the red varieties, for instance, Infinity Polar and Cortez White.

Meanwhile, some of the reddish cultivars are Novia, Prestige Maroon, and Red Elf. Their pinky blossoms that include Cadillac, Elf, and Polly’s Pink are also beautiful.

Then, the novelty cultivars are Money Twilight, Jingle Bell 3, Shimmer Surprise, and so on.

Their marble species that include Christmas Angel Marbella, Marblestar, Sonora, and Winter Blush, also provide a magical effect to the surroundings.

Poinsettia Cultivars

Care of Poinsettias and Christmas Evergreen Wreaths -

Poinsettia that has a scientific name of Euphorbia pulcherrima means the most beautiful flowers.

Likewise, these plants that function as indoor decorations come in numerous types with different colorations and petal shapes.

Winter Rose White

Double Winter Rose White Ruffles - Tesselaar

If you have various colorful houseplants, then this winter rose white cultivar can be a perfect addition for them.

Its creamy-white hue as well as vibrant-green foliage offer a beautiful look to your home. Then, this cultivar will enhance a happy and cheerful ambiance to the surroundings.

Additionally, the modified leaves are available in varied patterns. Moreover, some embellishments such as marbles, zigzags, streaks, and speckles decorate the bracts.

They also come in curly and wavy shapes with various sizes. The following are several popular varieties coupled with stunning Poinsettia colors.

Winter Rose Red

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima Winter Rose® Red) in the Euphorbias Database -

The Winter Rose Red variety brings curvy bracts coupled with large deep-green leaves. Indeed, the petals look like a rose or even geranium.

While using this shrub as an ornament, add lines of silver or gold color on the potted plant with bright reddish Poinsettia colors.

Carousel Pink

2-Quart Pink Poinsettia in Pot (L17756hp) in the Annuals department at

The Carousel Pink cultivar features salmon-pink modified leaves with a wavy shape. Similar to the dark red variety, this plant starts blooming in the fourth week of November.

In addition, this Carousel Pink cultivar have smaller petals compared with other Poinsettias. However, the curliness gives a unique texture to the foliage.

Winter Rose Dark Red

Unique Poinsettias

These red poinsettia varieties almost have burgundy bracts with deep green foliage. The cyathia also come in the same color as the leaves.

Therefore, consider choosing this Euphorbia for your interior decoration.

Visions of Grandeur

Visions of Grandeur Poinsettias – westwood gardens blog

Visions of Grandeur are Euphorbia with soft Poinsettia colors that include cream, yellow, as well as pink. In addition, the modified leaves resemble a large rose.

Also, emerald-green foliage adds beauty to this shrub. Then, pair them with companion plants that have a white hue in a country-style home.

Strawberries and Cream

Gorgeous New Poinsettia Varieties to Keep Holiday Spirits Bright - Sunset - Sunset Magazine×900.jpg

Presenting nice Poinsettia colors will make the Strawberry and Cream variety a perfect choice for decorating your mantle, fireplace, and also table.

Besides, the petals that have a rose-pink color with raspberry-hued marks stick out from the green foliage.

Red Glitter

Red Glitter' poinsettia from Canada. | Poinsettia, Red glitter, Flowers

This cultivar brings striking Poinsettia colors of vibrant red petals coupled with light yellow speckles in each bract.

Moreover, its foliage looks like grass and adds beauty to the blooming Glitter flowers. Therefore, it becomes a favorite ornament for Christmas decorations.

Princettia Pink

Princettia Pink | Compact, pink & white Euphorbia (Poinsettia) 2.0

Princettia Pink cultivar offers some Poinsettia colors that consist of darker pinkish bracts coupled with a lighter shade of green markings and small yellow real flowers.

Also, the splash of its contrasting hues makes this plant more unique.

Princettia Max White

Princettia Max White | Compact, pink & white Euphorbia (Poinsettia) 2.0

Princettia Max White combines two tones of Poinsettia colors that include a bright-white hue and also light-pink stipes over the petals.

Then, the cyathia have the same shades as the modified leaves. Because of its coloration, this cultivar pairs well with any companion plants.

Princettia Hot Pink

Princettia Hot Pink | Compact, pink & white Euphorbia (Poinsettia) 2.0

Another cultivar with different shades of Poinsettia colors is The Princettia Hot Pink. The bracts come in a bright pinkish tone with a softer hue over the petals as well as trims.

Therefore, the pink-lover gardeners must have this beautiful bushy plant.

Prestige Red

Prestige Early Red - Products - Dümmen Orange

Small yellow flowers in the center of the modified leaves also match perfectly with various Poinsettia colors.

They are similar to the Prestige Red cultivar that brings a vibrant tone of reddish petals on the green foliage. Therefore, it makes a perfect addition to your indoor decoration.

Prestige Maroon

Pin by 🎀Aℓℓαиα 🌺 Eℓιʓαвɛтн🎀 on Burgundy's Best | Shades of burgundy, Burgundy, Poinsettia

Prestige Marron features irregular-shaped dark red bracts, small yellow cyathia, coupled with green leaves. These Poinsettia colors create a unique look.

Hence, it becomes an alternative houseplant to grow in your home.

Polly’s Pink

Early Polly's Pink - Products - Dümmen Orange

Several pinkish Poinsettia colors are available, while The Polly’s Pink variety is another one of them. In addition, the green foliage makes the dark shades of the bracts stand out.

Therefore, they share a stunning complement than enhance the look of this charming shrub.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear White Poinsettia – westwood gardens blog

Compare to other Poinsettia colors varieties, the Polar Bear cultivar has a single white-yellow tone on its bracts that give a subtle appearance.

Due to having the same shade as the small flowers, they create a perfect match. Thus, it becomes a great choice for a beautiful indoor plant.

Peterstar Marble

Christmas poinsettia - Shimmer Surprise | Poinsettia, Christmas poinsettia, Outdoor holiday decor

Likewise, the Poinsettia colors that bring an elegant look come from the Peterstar Marble variety.

This cultivar obtains the attractive patterns from a combination of creamy and white ornamental hues with light pink blotches in the middle.

Thus, its delicate flowers also successfully grab the attention.

Orange Spice

Orange Spice | Orange spice, Poinsettia, Tis the season

Orange Spice is the best choice to create an outstanding centerpiece of your table due to its bright Poinsettia colors.

Furthermore, the striking orange-hued bracts develop on the dark green foliage. Therefore, this vibrant coloration will attract people whenever they see the blossoms.


Monet Twilight (6.5") - 2002 Height Control - Poinsettia Cultivation - Commercial Floriculture - Environmental Horticulture Department - UF/IFAS

Poinsettia colors of the Monet cultivar come in various shades of pink. Additionally, the darker tones flush on each soft pinkish bract.

They create a perfect balance with the tiny yellowish flowers in the middle of the petals. Moreover, cold climates will not influence the growth of these sturdy blooming blossoms.

Luv U Pink

Luv U Pink' Poinsettia The Hit At Mitchell's Open House - Greenhouse Grower

Above all, the most eye-catching Poinsettia colors belong to this variety. In addition, its petals splash bright shades of pink over the large green leaves.

Also, the dark tone of the foliage enhances the sparkling hued bracts. Therefore, anyone will admire the beauty of this perennial shrub.

Jubilee Pink

Solstice Red - 2011 Height Control - Poinsettia Cultivation - Commercial Floriculture - Environmental Horticulture Department - UF/IFAS

Jubilee Pink poinsettia has a unique color effect since orange and red hues will fade in and out on the pinkish bracts.

Moreover, the coloration creates a multicolored illusion in every petal. This striking Euphorbia shrub is a long-lasting plant that you can keep indoors and outdoors.

Jingle Bell Rock

Poinsettia Red Glitter Jingle Bell Rock

Jingle Bell Rock has two tones of Poinsettia colors that include an attractive creamy-yellow hue coupled with vibrant red.

Also, the shiny green foliage enhances the stunning look while pairing with the bright reddish petals. Therefore, use this pretty shrub as an accessory in your holiday.

Ice Punch

Ice Punch - Products - Dümmen Orange

Unique Poinsettia colors of Ice Punch pair perfectly with the small clusters of yellow cyathia. Moreover, its creamy-white petals come with vibrant red streaks contrast to the deep green foliage.

Unfortunately, it requires careful maintenance since the form is less compact than other cultivars.

Also, the Ice Punch with the holly leaf-shaped petals becomes the coolest variety. Furthermore, its appearance is like the frost that sets on the modified leaves.

Freedom Marble

Holiday Poinsettia Care….. | Can You Dig It?

A splash of soft green as well as white Poinsettia colors combine well with pink-red markings in the center of the modified leaves.

As a result, these colorations create a unique marble pattern that looks more stunning than other Euphorbia cultivars.

Euphorbia Rinehart Code

2020 Poinsettia Introductions - Greenhouse Product News

A fancy look with vigorous growth juts out from the Euphorbia Rinehart varieties. They feature an upright and dense shape, sturdy and attractive bracts, and also bright reddish shades of Poinsettia colors.

This cultivar with other types with code 619 as well as 257 can nicely decorate your home for any occasion.

Euphorbia Leona Red

Euphorbia Leona Red℗ - Beekenkamp Plants

Leona Red becomes the most adaptable euphorbia variety since this plant can grow well in varied light requirements and temperatures.

Meanwhile, the bracts with bright reddish Poinsettia colors develop massively to cover the green foliage. In addition, transplant in a 25-cm pot to enjoy their best shades.

Euphorbia Hera Red

Hera™ Red | Syngenta Flowers

This Euphorbia Hera cultivar works well for a large pot plant. Additionally, its medium vigor and excellent shelf-life make this shrub sturdier.

Also, the V-shaped growth habit will prevent the stems from breakage. Moreover, you might enjoy the pretty blooming Poinsettia colors at the end of November until the two following months.

Euphorbia Ferrara

Poinsettia Plant Care Instructions with List of Types & Pictures

The red shades of Poinsettia colors splash on Euphorbia Ferrara’s modified leaves to give a classic look. Besides, the plant that has highly well-balanced growth will stay blooming for seven weeks.

Euphorbia Envy

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima 'Envy') in the Euphorbias Database -

Euphorbia Envy has erect bracts coupled with yellow and green Poinsettia colors. Moreover, the long-lasting flowers can stay blooming for eight weeks.

Then, while comparing to other cultivars, this shrub offers a more beautiful appearance for Christmas plants.

Euphorbia Christmas Glory Pink

12 New Poinsettias For Holiday Growing - Greenhouse Grower

Since the Christmas Glory variety has a dense and uniform shape, this plant is perfect for small pot-grown. The cold-tolerant shrub has a combination of Poinsettia colors that include white as well as pink hues.

Thankfully, these shades always bloom as long as you grow them well. Thus, their beauty will not fade and stay looking stunning indoors.

Euphorbia Christmas Beauty Marble

Christmas Beauty Nostalgia' Poinsettia (มีรูปภาพ)

The striking Poinsettia colors of the Christmas Beauty marble cultivar splash the pure pink shade and a cream-hued pattern.

These pretty bracts with groups of yellow flowers will protrude from the dark green foliage during your holiday.

Euphorbia Autumn Leaves

Euphorbias are winners for you and the bees | Life and style | The Guardian

Euphorbia Autumn Leaves variety offers charming Poinsettia colors that consist of peach, pink, and yellow.

These shades beautify the bracts and deep green foliage for about seven weeks. Therefore, the gold cultivar’s unique look can function as a stunning decoration to celebrate thanksgiving day.

Euphorbia Astro Red

Poinsettias | Space for life

This variety has similarities to the Euphorbia Aries Red. Also, the easy-branching shrubs are great for a 25-cm pot. Its nice Poinsettia colors have purple-red bracts and green-yellow cyathia.

However, like other species, the Astro cultivar contains latex that might irritate the skin. Interestingly, it is a hardy shrub that resists both hot and cold temperatures.

Euphorbia Aries Red

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima 'Aries Red') in the Euphorbias Database -

The Euphorbia Aries Red varieties are ideal for flowering pot plants that fit many sizes. Their Poinsettia colors include the bright deep reddish petals and dark green foliage that form a V-shaped growth habit.

Furthermore, these medium vigorous shrubs look more beautiful when you combine them with mini succulent. For instance, an 18-cm potted Aries Red cultivar pairs well with a 6-cm cactus or aloe vera.

Enduring Marble

poinsettia marble – McCoard's Gardens

If you are going to have the soft Poinsettia colors that work great indoors, consider growing the enduring marble cultivar.

Its coloration will not be horrendous other houseplants inside your home. The petals’ hues are a combination of creamy-white to lime green bracts and little tones of pink.

Early Monet

Monet Twilight - 2008 Height Control - Poinsettia Cultivation - Commercial Floriculture - Environmental Horticulture Department - UF/IFAS

The Poinsettia colors of Monet are peach-hued bracts with pink flushes on the edges, deep green foliage, and yellow blossoms in each modified leaf.

Then, these unique petals will bloom in the early season that attracts the attention due to the coalescent of shades on this compact and sturdy plant.

Classic White

Powell Gardens' Blog: Meet The Poinsettias of 2010

White poinsettia becomes a perfect companion plant for the Classic Red cultivar since they share the same characteristics.

Its coloration ranges from a creamy-white to soft yellowish hue. Then, the flat bracts jut out from the dark green leaves.

The real flowers come in a shade of white that offers a matching complement to the look. Besides, combining this cultivar with some red Poinsettia colors varieties create an extraordinary visual appeal.

Thus, you will see that a mantle of colorful painted-leaf shrubs covers the ground.

Classic Red

Chicago Classic Red Poinsettia×1280/products/2170/3035/490_source_1416874575__57869.1575497549.jpg?c=2

The classic Poinsettia colors come in vibrant red bracts, chartreuse-colored flowers, and green foliage.

Each petal develops a cluster of small real blossoms to bring cheerfulness into the garden. Thus, you can enjoy the pretty blooms during the holidays.

Carousel Red

Poinsettia 'Carousel Red' | Green backyard, Poinsettia, Winter decor

The Carousel variety, one of the red Poinsettia colors, features scallop-shaped and wavy bracts. They create a perfect combination with the yellow cyathia in the middle part.

Meanwhile, large and green foliage exhibits a stylish pattern to attract viewers.

Plum Pudding

Poinsettias provide traditional beauty | Mississippi State University Extension Service

Plum Pudding is the first variety that features purple petals. This unusual potted plant is adorable as well as the red cultivars.

Although it has small bracts, its vigorous growth habit develops many branches that come out in all directions.

Cinnamon Star

Kerstster, Poinsettia Cinnamon Star - Oranje - Planten - 15646 - Certi - Certi

Even though red shades of Poinsettia colors are still the best varieties, other colorations might serve an attractive visual appeal for indoors and outdoors.

For instance, The Cinnamon Star cultivar comes in a luminous coral-toned variant. The round-winged petals grow with a darker hue that fades out in winter.

Poinsettia Care

Taking Care of Christmas Poinsettias

Some things to consider that you should do to keep the Poinsettia colors sparkling are soil, water, fertilizer, light, temperature, and humidity. Fulfill these requirements for easy maintenance of your Euphorbia.

The first thing that you have to prepare is the planting area. Choose a fine soil for growing the poinsettia in pots.

Secondly, ensure that the plant gets enough water since overwatering will cause death. Prevent the leaves from wet conditions and remove any matters that cause drainage.

Then, since you have already got the blooming plants, they require no fertilizer. Most varieties also thrive in any light condition.

Moreover, to make them long-lasting, place your potted Poinsettias in some locations with lots of sunshine exposure, especially during the winter.

Furthermore, giving sufficient water, light and warmth will prevent the plants from pests and diseases.

Control the temperature at about 70 degrees Celsius to avoid the wilted leaves. Besides, it is important to keep the Poinsettias moist every day.

In conclusion, there is no doubt about the wonder of the Poinsettia colors. Although the sparkling flowers are not the real blossoms, they become an integral part of wedding decorations and holiday ornaments.


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