15 Fabulous Picture Frame Types in Style

When it comes to selecting the most suitable picture frame types, you will face different materials, shapes, and patterns that enhance the printed photos.

In the other words, the right choice can determine what styles work perfectly for your space.

Above all, wood is a common material that can be turned into various models and finishes. Besides, other elements that can be used as framing are plastic, paper Mache, metal, or canvas.

Each of them has its advantages as well as drawbacks to your home decoration.

Therefore, this article presents plenty of frame variations that can transform your photos into fascinating artwork.

By understanding the features of each type, you can choose the fitting picture frames to decorate the bare walls and become a great addition to home decor.

Photo Frame Style Variations

14 Photo Frame Ideas | Bilderammer, Dekorasjon, Egenlagd dekorasjon


You can give different textures as well as patterns to the printed photos by choosing some materials for your picture frame types.

From antique picture frame styles to the modern ones, they come with a unique look.


DIY Leather Frame. Concept we've designed for our upcoming pinners conference in Atlanta. | Leather craft, Leather picture frames, Leather diy


One of the best materials that matches a farmhouse-style home decor is the leather.

This picture frame gets its style by converting it into the substance coupled with a treatment of a tannin-rich agent.

Thus, your displayed photo will have a different look. However, this is not the right choice for a few houses.


Reasons Why You Should Buy Bamboo Picture Frames


If you look for a sturdy material with an eye-catching appearance, bamboo picture frame types are the best options.

Since their unique texture withstands for a longer time. In addition, give a visual appealing to the photograph by attaching woody hollow stems as borders.


Metallic Frames - G1574283 | GLS Educational Supplies


When it comes to toughness, metal is a perfect choice for many picture frame types. The material is sturdy but lightweight.

Also, this solid frame has a bright base color. Usually, it comes with some painted finishings.

Furthermore, the painted picture frame types that give a charming appearance are not prone to any damage.

Hang these light pieces on the wall, and then you might move them to any location without worry.


16x20 Picture Frames – Barnwood Reclaimed Wood Extra Wide Wall Frame (No Plexiglass or Back) - Rustic Decor


Wooden picture frame types seem to be the most favorite materials since they can match any home interior. Meanwhile, wood boards are mostly used for some types of picture frame backs.

You can also add distressed finishings to give a different character and a more aged look.

The rustic pieces of wood are great for mounting on the wall, although you may put them as tabletops. Additionally, the wooden picture frames can withstand well, so do not be afraid of falling to the floor.


A New Picture Frame (With DIY Cut Glass) | merrypad


Another material that offers toughness is ceramic. For instance, this porcelaneous material has a sturdy feature to prevent breakage. Also, there are lots of styles and designs to suit your photograph’s theme.

Interestingly, the surface of these picture frame types can be easily painted to be more colorful.


Brand New! Swarovski Crystal Filled Picture Frame for 4" x 6" Photo Size


Crystal picture frame types come with a shining and sparkling look. Thus, they become more fabulous than ceramic ones.

These materials can be styled with Swarovski to enhance the glitter. A lovely wedding photo will be great for this framing design.


Black 5x7 Snap Frames for Office Signs and More - NapNameplates


Snap-in styles feature a popped-out picture frame back that helps to put back the photo easily.

Therefore, this model is designed to fit tightly into the position. It also allows you to clean the glazing part to prevent any blurry spot from the lovely photograph.


Engraved Wooden Photo Frame - Portrait Photo | GettingPersonal.co.uk


Engraved picture frame types are customizable so that they can be used as a lovely gift for the special ones. Furthermore, the styles will be unique, and nobody has the same design as what you have.

Wood as well as metal are the best frames to form an incision. Besides, add some cutting figures and letters are the other designs of the graver.

Moreover, etching some decorative patterns will give impressive details to the photograph.


Bridesmaid Picture Frame Personalized Bridesmaid Frame | Etsy


A marvelous photo pairs well with personalized picture frame types since they offer special things that differ from the other designs.

Similar to the engraved ones, these styles can be customized to fit a personal interest.

Gallery Frame with A Mat

Gallery Silver Frames with White Mats | CB2 | Picture frame gallery, 11x14 picture frame, Unique picture frames


Several picture frame types feature a built-in mat that provides a deep texture on the photograph. In addition, its neutral tones will fit any theme of your images. Moreover, they work best for displaying your precious photos.

For example, use a thick archival-grade paper to provide a lifted frame-in-frame impression to the images. Then, combine some pieces of picture frames with a mat to create a gallery wall.

Its aesthetic look will enhance a visual appeal and give a delicate color scheme to any room.


Slide in poster frames - Aluminium | Sign-Holders.co.uk


Slide-in picture frame types allow you to slip a photo into this displaying piece. Moreover, the slide-out glazing, image, and back part will not fall off as long as the owner does not treat them harshly or disassemble the items. However, this design is easy to alter the photograph.

Reclaimed Wood

Handmade Rustic Wood Frame, 11x14 Clear Poly | Wood picture frames, Rustic frames, Handcrafted picture frames


Reclaimed picture frame types give both environment-friendly uses as well as attractive textures. Then, enjoy the natural bare wood finishings with this versatile design.

Instead of buying a new displayed piece, recycle a used barn of furniture or other materials to create a vintage framing design.

Folded Frames

Folded Danta Frame - Antique Black – Nkuku


Use folded picture frame types to display two photographs as a sweet unity. However, a larger size enables you to show more than three images.

Moreover, it is such an efficient way, especially for tabletops, to optimize multiple photos without utilizing lots of folding pieces.

Gilded Frames

Vintage Gold Gilded Frames Free Printables! | Gold picture frames, Antique picture frames, Vintage frames


Try to give a rich texture to your photo by using gilded picture frame types. Furthermore, the prosperous design is mostly tinged with a golden hue and chic molded patterns.

As a result, it will become the focal point and grab people’s attention while looking at the displayed photograph.


Beaded 5x7 Picture Frame | Mariposa


Similar to the gilded styles, beaded frames are designed with lifted textures of additional small beads around the edges.

Therefore, to make a thick border, decorate the outer part with two or more rows of pearls or tiny ball-shaped pieces.


Acrylic Bevel Tabletop Float Frame for 8" x 10" photos | Floating frame, Frames on wall, Frame


Transform your two-dimensional picture into a 3D version by utilizing these beveled frames. You can opt for a displayed piece coupled with a simple design or some decorative accents.

Thus, choose the bevel edges that match the home decoration. Since they are prone to dust, regular cleaning is necessary.

Canvas-printed Frames

Framed Canvas Prints | Frame And Hang Your Pics | Photobox


Bring a deep dimension with these framed canvas prints. They are best for baby and wedding pictures.

For example, you can create the design by stretching a piece of cloth on an internal border to make the image appear from the wall surface.

Importantly, choose the best quality cotton to promote pretty color. Then, enjoy the unique floating look between the frame and canvas.

Photo Holders

Getting bored with ordinary frames, photo holders can be a great alternative. These raised picture displays are multifunctional. They also provide a fresh and new way to show the photograph and become smart storage.

Likewise, the photo holders come in various styles like brass, walnut, wood, or a combination of them.

Besides, they can function as tabletops on small surfaces, for example, coffee tables and desks. Then, you might also hang the picture display from the wooden material on the wall.

Multifold Picture Frame Types for Your Space

Buy Brown Fabric Standard Single Photo Frames by Frame It Online - Standard Single Photo Frames - Photo Frames - Home Decor - Pepperfry Product


A wide range of picture frame types is available in varied sizes, finishes, and display styles. So, mix and match them to give visual appealing and add variation.

Also, combine some pieces to provide an impactful effect on the wall.

Standard Frames

Oak Picture Frame | Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing


The standard form often comes from plain types of wood picture frames. They are also perfect for any home decor. Besides, their solid color might not diminish the displayed photo.

Instead of black and silver, the standard frames come in vibrant hues that can pop up the picture elements. Thus, mix these types with different sizes and colors if you want to decorate the walls.


NASA Poster Framing | Framebridge Poster Frames


It is a great choice to hang a large photograph on the wall since there are many poster-size picture frame types. This way will save the surface from any damage. Besides, the oversized framing will enhance the quality of the displayed photo.

Ornamental Picture Frame Types

Custom Frames - Rich and Davis Artisan Frame Makers


Are you getting bored with the plain design? Decorative picture frame types offer ornamental accents that suit the photo theme. These framing styles also give 3D effects to enhance the look. Interestingly, you might select the models that match your interests.

Collage Frames

Alcott Hill® Hensley 6-Opening Collage Picture Frame & Reviews | Wayfair


Arrange several pieces of various picture frame types instead of a single on will be more appealing. Choose some photographs with the same theme to display a collage on the wall. This attractive way can show a series of events or sweet memories, so they are more charming when paired together.

Shadow Box

How to Create Shadow Box Home Decor | DIY Network Blog: Made + Remade | DIY


Shadow boxes are versatile since they can display photos, mementos, pins, or badges. These picture frame types have a deep space to showcase your three-dimensional items without being pressed against the glazing.

Tabletop Frames

Eton Storm Leather Picture Frames | Tabletop Frames


Tabletop styles have a small part at the back that supports the frame to keep upright on the table. It usually has an adjustable position that allows you to change the upward level. Choose some picture frame types with this feature since the option is not available in most photo units.

Wall-mounted Picture frames

Glass Wall Mounted Acrylic Photo Frames,Acrylic Wall Mount Picture Frames - Buy Acrylic Wall Mount Picture Frames,Wall Mounted Picture Frames,Glass Wall Mounted Acrylic Photo Frames Product on Alibaba.com


Choose to display a photograph with a wall-mounted frame. Alternatively, use a tabletop type by adding hardware to attach it on the surface. Ensure that the hanging picture is sturdy in a stable condition to avoid falling off to the floor.


Aluratek 14" Digital Photo Frame with 4GB ADMPF114F B&H


Digital picture frame types are a sophisticated way to display photos. They feature lots of memory space for uploaded images. Besides, you can insert the camera card to showcase all files. These popular media is quite affordable.


2-Tone 11 x 14 Document Frame, 8 1/2 x 11 Insert, Gray/Gold Frame, Black Mat - JAD


Another piece that can be displayed in a few picture frame types is a favorite document. A rectangular black wooden border is perfect for this item since its size is suitable for the paper. The classic shades will match any office or room designs.


Hot Sale! Novelty Magic Wood Wooden Children Baby Small Cartoon Photo Frames With The Holder Picture Frame Decor Designs Decor For Home From Home1688, $8.81| DHgate.Com


The novelty picture frame types come with a certain theme that can be either a castle or tree. They give a different touch to showcase your photography. The standard size for the tabletop design is 15×10 cm. However, you may select the hanging ones if there is more space on your walls.

Free-standing Frame

Blank picture frame on parquet floor | Royalty free photo - 2393014


A free-standing model seems to be larger than the tabletop and hanging style. Therefore, this is the best way to keep on the floor. Lean this frame against the wall, so it is easy to see. Also, you can move the unit from one place to another location.


Rectangle Frame in Gold Leaf Finish| Gold Picture Frames with Antique Stripping and Ornate Decoration


Some common picture frame types with rectangular openings allow you to showcase photos without cutting the paper. They feature different styles from plain white hue to colorful pieces with decorative accents. These regular shapes can be both tabletop and hanging items.


Round Red Frames - Crone's Custom Woodworking


Round frames offer a unique look than other common shapes. They will grab the onlooker’s attention due to the artful pieces. Although all sizes are available, you need to adjust or cut the picture to fit the design. Then, opting for the proper material is necessary to match your photo.


Gold Ornate Oval Frame Isolated On White Background Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 29103282.


The oval shape of picture frame types is quite difficult to find, but it serves the best style. Its fancy and classy look will attract the viewers. Use the attractive pieces as tabletops as well as wall-mounted photos.

Meanwhile, a double oval frame is perfect for displaying a picture on the table or drawer. Importantly, similar to the round shape, you have to cut the paper to suit the photograph with the design.

Square Picture Frame

Amazon.com - Tiny Mighty Frames - Wood, Square, Instagram, Photo Frame, 4x4 (Mat), 8x8 (1, Black) -


The square picture frame types give a wider space than the rectangular one. Therefore, if you put a small photo, make sure that your image becomes the major focal point instead of the free space on both sides. Interestingly, this uncommon shape comes with various styles to choose from.


10 Modern DIY Floating Picture Frames - Shelterness


Acrylic or glass material can function as transparent picture frame types that will give a floating effect on the wall surface. It locates in front of the window mat to add dimension and depth.

The photo that is between two glasses will give a visual illusion. Also, this floating frame allows you to show your astonishing hued wall behind it.

How to Choose the Best Picture Frame

TOP 10 Best Wifi Digital Photo Frames to Buy in 2020 | Primates2016


After you have chosen some photos to be displayed, consider selecting the appropriate picture frame types to elevate the appearance of your photographs. Therefore, follow several tips below for guidance.

  • Fitting the frame together with the room decor is more important than matching the picture’s hue with the border.
  • Select a frame that has a different color from the wall to provide a splash of contrast as a perfect complement to your decoration.
  • Do not excessively emphasize on pairing a certain tone of the picture to the border color, but focusing on the overall shade while choosing the frame.
  • If you prefer a casual design, it is better to choose a light tone, whereas a darker shade is great for creating an elegant look.
  • Make your displayed picture as a focal point by selecting different frame color from the wall’s hue.
  • Differentiate the frame and mat color. If they have the same hue, the focus will be directed to the framing piece instead of the picture.
  • Use a metal frame to display the picture in the bathroom since this material can withstand the temperature change in the bathing space.
  • Acrylic is the best material for glazing instead of glass. Use it as a cover for your picture frame to prevent mold in a humid room.
  • Choose wood and metal picture frame types if you want to repaint or add a new finishing to your displaying piece.
  • Avoid using glass frames if you plan to recycle these items. Choose the recyclable materials like metal and untreated wood.

Alternatives For Picture Frame Types

5pcs modern autumn forest canvas print paintings poster wall art picture home decor unframed Sale - Banggood.com


You can substitute the picture frames with some decorative pieces that will create an amazing artwork as well as the framing units. The first alternative is a metal print that offers a modern and smooth touch.

The metal prints bring great sturdiness in a frameless style. Cover the image on to the metallic piece that comes with a high-definition finishing. For easy hanging, add a hanger to mount the item on the wall. As a result, enjoy the sleek artwork that livens the picture.

Another one is printing out your picture on a piece of wood to enhance a traditional and rustic vibe to the room. This timeless artwork will add a deep dimension to the photograph. Furthermore, the wooden decorative item becomes a good complement to a country-style home.

The other is a canvas print that provides a high-end finishing. The photo is printed on cotton cloth with a special printer. It is perfect for creating gallery walls, whether you choose frameless or framed.

In conclusion, numerous picture frame types are available to match homeowners’ personal needs. Therefore, you might choose the best materials with proper sizes and styles to fit the theme of your photographs.

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