Partially Covered Deck Ideas

Partially Covered Deck Ideas. A deck can make a backyard area more appealing for relaxation, relaxation, and entertaining friends and family by adding shade to it.

Pergolas, canopies, shade sails, adding a roof over the deck, and more are just a few of the covered deck ideas you might consider.

Keep reading to learn ways to cool down your deck and get ideas. It may even become a destination that is escape-worthy in the future.

Restain Your Deck


A fresh coat of color can give your deck a new look. Throughout time, this weekend renovation will help your deck against mold, rotting, and water damage.

Make sure to sand and power-wash the surface before applying the stain or paint, otherwise it may not adhere properly. Give it at least 48 hours to dry completely.



Do you want to make a more dramatic statement with your deck coverings? Instead of taking a hint from this arrangement, which is centered on a bright shade of pink, why not?

Even a tiny deck can be turned into a pleasant, bright, and cohesive area using this simple but powerful technique. Even if it’s raining, that huge parasol overhead, held from the side, will give serious tropical vibes.

You might alternatively choose from a different garden color scheme, such as a rich and moody blue with accents of on-trend copper for a Scandi-chic setting if pink isn’t your favorite tone of choice.



In the St. Louis area, covered porches and decks are becoming more common. Because they make your home bigger, the Louis area is a good choice. We can help you improve your curb appeal while also providing protection from the weather, sun, and other elements.

For homeowners who want to enhance outdoor entertainment, covered outdoor spaces are ideal!

These constructions are designed to safeguard your outdoor furniture, carpets, fireplaces, kitchens, and grills while also adding value to your home at California Custom Decks.



The use of pergola-style beams for providing shade and protection is a plus.

Nonetheless, if you’re serious about maximizing your pergola space no matter the weather, you’ll probably want to go a step further and explore your roof design ideas.

Without obstructing the light, adding sturdy plastic sheeting to the top of your overhead framework will keep the rain off. In addition, you can still see the sky and birds from where you are.

With its contemporary, sleek lines and warm-toned wood, this modern scene has us captivated. A welcome burst of green could use a lot of potted plants.



The ideal outdoor area to cozy up in any weather has been created by Rosie from @new.house2home. The space is transformed by the simple metal gazebo, which is covered in a durable canvas. With twinkling lights weaved throughout the roof, it really takes it over.

Adding comfortable chairs, lamps, and an outdoor rug to the greatest decking creates a warm, private retreat for unwinding and entertaining throughout the day and well into the evening.

If you’re looking for garden privacy ideas, a structure like this is brilliant, as it immediately boosts the feeling of exclusivity.

Extend The Indoors Outside


A residential living area is extended by a covered deck that sits beside the home. Why not use a sliding glass door to make the transition easier?

For a cohesive look, the patio or deck’s roof can match the house’s roof. Architect Darrell C Kauric demonstrates how to create this design.

Bohemianism & Romance, Combined in a Deck for Dreamers


This is the look we chose (above). Olivia, a blogger and owner of LivvyLand, showed us her new covered deck. She engaged a pair of Austin-based contractors to help her create this beautiful deck.

They were able to create this basic, boho chic design using inexpensive materials such as unfinished wood, thin Plexiglas sheeting, and wire railing.

The concept for Olivia and her better half, Blake, came from a desire for a comfortable outdoor area with pleasant furniture that would allow them to relish the Texas spring.

A bohemian ambiance was created by combining wicker furniture with a jute rug, a wooden deck, and woven pots. Every dreamer, especially those with a tight budget, will appreciate this romantic environment.



If you’re looking for private little deck ideas, a neat-and-chic pergola might be ideal. It’ll give the area vertical appeal and definition, as well as assist to keep off the sun’s glare.

This layout’s wood tones are gorgeous, and the soft gray background compliments them perfectly.

A fantastic touch for making less-than-large gardens feel brighter and more spacious is the mirrored wall art behind, which bounces light about.

Modern Deck


Washingat, D.C., is represented by a Washington, D.C. From the front, it would appear that the home has a contemporary aesthetic centered on the back yard’s privacy: you’d never know how open and modern it is from the front.

The dimensions of the main bedroom are reflected as it looks across a grassy “courtyard,” and it’s a covered deck that’s an extension of the interior.

The deck is made of ipe wood and pressure-treated framing, and it was designed by Kube Architecture. On Amazon, we bought tiny in-ground deck lights for a little light.

Deck with a Fire Table


Build a fire table on your deck to add some coziness and comfort. Built-in seats near the fire table allow for relaxation and warming near large deck designs like this one from RJB Construction’s Affordable Views.

Rustic Revival


Kate Anne Designs’ outdoor area has a sophisticated yet organic appearance thanks to the wooden roof, brick flooring, and natural-wood furnishings.

Half-covered deck


A semi-covered deck might be an good option if you want to enjoy both the cooling shade and some sunlight while outdoors.

The roof over the covered area will protect you from possible rain, while the open area will offer you a clear view of the sky above. It will extend halfway across the space.

Shade Sail


A patio shade sail is a good option if you haven’t selected a deck cover. You may place it in a chosen shady region of your deck by extending it over a length.

You’d be able to enjoy the sun from the edge of your outdoor area if this was done. New Eco Landscapes created this concept.

Relaxing By The Pool in Perfection


This Key West design is a good option if you have a tiny outdoor pool and limited deck space.

The second level is supported by three thick white columns and doubles as a covered deck to provide shade from the sun.

The exterior walls are nicely done, and the deck is partially covered.

The glass table sets and garden furniture have been selected to complement the deck’s two sides: the covered and uncovered. You can purchase huge potted plants or table decor, such as little ones.



The fact that your covered deck or patio allows you to utilize the area even when the weather isn’t perfect, allowing you to barbecue all winter or take a breath of fresh air on a rainy day, is one of its most important features.

A covered deck will help protect your investment and extend the life of your addition in a number of ways, not only protecting you from the weather.

Add partial coverage for light relief


It is possible to have partial coverage with a covered decking. Partial coverage might be the best strategy if you want to spend most of your time in direct sunlight, while those that prefer a little more protection may have their own area.

Measure the movement of the sun throughout the day before you install your cover to choose a good location on your decking.

Simple Partially-Covered


What if you just want to divert the sunlight a little bit since you still like the thought of it coming in? A pergola roof, shade canopy, or other comparable options are all available to you.

To offer a little bit of shade without making the deck feel like an additional room, they usually use a thinner material or are more open.


The Deck Above is a basic yet cosy deck design located in Castle Pines, CO. It provides a fantastic chill-out area for individuals who have been yearning for relaxation deck but don’t want to spend too much money on creating one. It’s made of wicker furniture and awning.

When you want to enjoy the sun or escape from the rain, a retractable awning is a great option. The retractable cover is made of durable outdoor fabric, and the metal mechanics are used to create it. It’s simple to install and removes easily when necessary.

Amazing Covered Deck Idea for Limited Yard Space


Built in Idaho, here’s a stunning covered deck. This design offers a lovely retreat in tight areas because it is simple, cost-effective, and very useful.

With small backyards, it’s an excellent addition for tiny houses. The curving form of the deck is mirrored by the arched window above the sliding doors.

The deck isn’t completely covered because to its form, so a chair in the sun has a little area.



This rain canopy is both functional and attractive. The minimalist design pairs nicely with a tropical safari-vibe for creating a decking aesthetic.

It includes handles that make it simple to open, shut, and even remove the canopy depending on your needs.

As a result, it’s simple to provide more protection or cover when needed. The powder-coated steel frame is also rustproof and corrosion-resistant.

If you’re looking for a fuss-free way to socialize, consider a simple bench like the one shown here, or add cozier amenities if you want a more intimate atmosphere.

Sun or Shade, Take Your Pick!


The shade lovers and the sun worshippers are both catered to by this elevated deck in Caledonia, MI, which is something truly delightful about it.

The roof is extended with a gabled cover that provides both adequate protection from the weather and stylish appearance. Since there is so much sunlight coming in through the picture windows, it doesn’t feel as lonely.

Composite Deck


In comparison to wood, composite decking materials, such as those used in Eckhoff Construction’s wrap-around deck, require less maintenance.

Traditional wood deck construction will not likely survive this long. For tiny deck designs that don’t need a lot of material, composite is also a good option.

Shade Lovers, Look No Further!


You can’t help but picture the tree shadows dancing merrily beneath the summer sun as soon as you lay eyes on this $10k Timber-tech deck.

This outdoor area, which is located in Placerville, California, began as a modest deck with aluminum railing and has since been complemented by a partial roof made of red wood, according to our best estimate.

Lay Down a Rug


Decorate your deck with an lovely outdoor rug to make it into an outdoor area.

All-weather options offer a comfortable atmosphere to patio seating arrangements, help unite color schemes, and keep dirt and debris from entering.

Outdoor rugs may differentiate between various functions on huge decks, such as a lounge versus a dining room.



These sleek black parasols, which bring a real sunlight-y feel to the decking, are our favorites. These are a fantastic statement piece since they provide plenty of coverage while also taking up minimal floor area.

In addition, the sound of polypropylene raffia rustling in the wind is ideal for a day spent outdoors.

In no time, you’ll be transported to more exotic lands by simply grabbing a good book and a cold drink and relaxing on one of the best sun chairs.

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