Honey Chicken

I can’t help it. I love Chinese food. I was tempted to go out to a Chinese restaurant today and get some take out. But instead, I decided to make some at home. That way, I won’t overeat and the calories would be a little more manageable. And I am sure glad I did. I … Read more

Orange Shrimp

I. love. shrimp. Back in Korea, I didn’t get to eat shrimp much. I think there was only a few different times I got to eat shrimp in Korea and most of the time, it was in soup with other seafood. So I really appreciate the variety of ways to use shrimp here in America. … Read more

No Bake Nutella Cookies

I love making up my own recipes. I have been having so much fun experimenting in my kitchen lately. Though I am not an expert chef or a baker – I am always looking for a way to try new things and create a new recipe. I love no bake cookies – the peanut butter … Read more

{Rice Cooker} Chocolate Lava Cake

This is too good an idea to pass up, so I decided to share. I posted this recipe a long time ago in my previous blog, but since I decided to remove the blog off my server, I thought I’d better re-share some of the best recipes with you all. So you’re probably wondering about … Read more

Jalapeno Popper Wonton Bites

My four year old has been going to preschool Tuesdays and Thursdays and I’m loving it! Not that I don’t love it when he’s home but it’s nice to be able to drop him off at the school and me and my little 16 months old boy go for an hour long walk. It’s nice … Read more