Over Dining Table Lighting Ideas

Over Dining Table Lighting Ideas. There are a lot of factors to think about when designing the ideal scheme, whether you have a separate dining room or an part inside an open-plan area. Lighting in your dining room is one of the most important decisions.

Your area can really shine with well-planned lighting solutions. From providing family breakfasts followed by working from home to hosting an intimate dinner party, today’s dining room ideas are multifunctional spaces that may be utilized for various different functions throughout the day.

Your dining room lighting scheme must accommodate the needs of each job at hand because no one function is the same.

Victoria Rothschild, Co-Founder of Rothschild & Bickers(opens in new tab), agrees that when designing a lighting scheme, you should think about how the space will be utilized and what moods you’ll need to generate.

Most people use their dining room in the evening and at night, whether it’s during the week or entertaining friends at the weekend.

As a result, statement chandeliers and clusters of pendants above a dining table are an ideal way to create drama. A statement light or row of pendants will also provide a zoning effect if your dining room is part of your kitchen or lounge.’

The dining room is a special place for making memories when it comes to eating meals with family or friends at home. Of course, gorgeous lighting is the key to maximizing your space. Yet, what kind of light fixture should you choose?

Many elements, such as the design and size of your table, the quantity of lumens or watts required to set the proper mood, and whether your area is a multi-use location for different activities like crafts or studying, may influence a choice. We compiled our favorite dining room lighting tips and ideas to help you better see what’s going on.

Create a focal point

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A focal point is created by hanging a single sentence pendant light centrally over the dining table, which attracts the attention to the table in the room’s center.

Singular overhead dining room lighting ideas will be your friend whether you use it for mealtimes, homework, or at your day job. The room will be anchored around it and the furniture will be placed according to the location of the source of light.

Ian from Cameron Design House advises, “We always recommend having a stunning statement chandelier or pendant light as the focal point of a dining room.”

A bright light draws the attention in and brings people together, with Hung centrally positioned above a table. Install a dimmer switch and lower the lights in advance of serving the meal to create a calming mood by creating an ambient mood.’

Midcentury Chandelier

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Midcentury-themed lighting, unlike Edison lights, Mason jars, and sponge-painted walls, lasts through fashion cycles. Our message is shown in this beautiful gold statement piece.

Cathie Hong’s dining room fixture is both understated and eye-catching. White walls and ceiling add to the piece’s brightness to highlight the amazing lighting in this casual dining room.

Glass Chandelier

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A glass chandelier from Elte takes center stage in this dining room designed by Ashley Montgomery. The six-seat dining room table is nicely matched by the 33.5-inch long fixture.

Tip: installing at least 30 inches above the table will keep chandeliers or pendant lighting out of your face.


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Chandeliers appear to be limited to residential room illumination or in the bedroom, but this beautiful white design works well above this circular eating table. The form visually flows with the overall design by mimicking a table.

Being white, this style will go with any table setting scheme you have, and it’s for those who adore a little frivolity and fun.


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When picking out dining room light, be sure to take into account the form and design of your table. Most dining room lighting concepts are centered on it.

For those with round or square dining tables, a centrally located pendant or pared-back directional chandelier with one or more light sources would work really well, as would a cluster of pendants hanging at various heights,’ according to Rohan Blacker, creator of Pooky (opens in new tab).

Both have a decorative aspect to them, while also providing optimum lighting for supper.’

These need light that travels along the length of a longer rectangular table. A linear chandelier with numerous light sources or a trio of pendants styled side by side is what we recommend for your design.

Different hues, finishes, and even pendants can be used for a playful touch, but matching forms and styles should be avoided. This will draw attention to the room and add a quirky touch.’

Consider All Your Options

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When it comes to picking out a light fixture for a round table, you’ve got slightly less options, although long, rectangular tables have many.

A row or grouping of pendants, or a pairing (or trio) of chandeliers, are all examples of linear fixtures that match the table’s form. Against the eclectically cottage dining room, this metallic chandelier combo creates a sleek contrast.

Bring Nature In

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With a chandelier that incorporates organic features and elegance, add some softness and glitz to your contemporary dining area. A pendant lamp that pulls from natural elements like branches or flowers adds a stylistic, complementary effect to the design in a room with strong, clean angles.

Wood Bead Chandelier

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Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions installed a tan beaded chandelier as the crowning feature in this dining room. The addition meshes well with the neutral color scheme, yet it creates a stunning appearance. Using various fittings in a room to layer light will help you build a more practical and comfortable atmosphere.

Pair New With Old

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By combining modern lighting with older furnishings, you can add contrast to your dining area. By juxtaposing an obviously current piece with very ornate antique furniture, you may emphasize this contrast. You can also add harmony to the striking combination by using modern-yet-sophisticated accents like sprawling abstract paintings.

Intergalactic Ceiling Light

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In this white light, metal slats create a kaleidoscope. For a dreamy atmosphere reminiscent of the East, hang it beside white curtains.

Play with scale in the same style

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A matchy-matchy strategy might help to create a cohesive appearance in open-plan rooms. However, don’t buy sunglasses of all sizes. To add scale to various zones, use an variety of the same design in various sizes.

sourcing comparable-shaped pendants from the dining table, and smaller ones from the island for task lighting above the kitchen counter, is a great kitchen idea.

Try An Unexpected Shade

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A strong drum shade can add some personality to your dinner area if you want to keep it neutral. It’ll stand out even more if you pick one with a delicate pattern.

Pipes and Bubbles

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The posh upgrade to traditional industrial lighting. The bulbs are held in clear glass bubbles by its branching black pipes. The chandelier’s rustic industrial appearance contrasts nicely with the room’s elegant furnishing.

Keep it simple with spotlights

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– both alone and in conjunction with other light sources, spotlights are a fantastic option for dining room lighting ideas.

Note that some ornamental items aren’t particularly bright and may cast shadows,’ notes Piero De Marchis, Director of Detail Lighting(opens in new tab). ‘It’s preferable to “fill-in” with focused spots at 4 corners of the table or around the middle.’

If you have existing circuits that cannot be changed, there is a new generation of intelligent Bluetooth receivers that allow you to dim the lights where you couldn’t have it before,’ ideally choose dimmable lighting.’

Modern Farmhouse Lighting

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A farmhouse setting may be updated with a little brass. In the neutral dining area, this brass light fixture, The Lester 3 Pendant in brass, adds the right amount of rustic charm. It hangs lower, shutting the space between the ceiling and table, unlike certain light fixtures.


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We interviewed Peter Legg, the senior designer of där lighting(which opens in a new tab), for advice on dining room illumination:

Adding a statement design like a cluster pendant, low hanging bar, or generously sized chandelier to your dining rooms is a great idea.’

Remember to take into account the height of the light you’re using when seated, and choose a location that isn’t at eye level. To enhance the mood and draw attention to art or other accessories, you might utilize table lamps.

Layer your lighting if you have an open plan kitchen diner. When it comes to the kitchen, LED bulbs that provide a bright light for food preparation are ideal. Add a low-hanging bar pendant over a dining area that may be controlled to create the best lighting for entertainment, along with dimmable ceiling lights.


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A Japanese temple light, as well as an antique American table and vintage metal chairs, illuminate the comfortable, light-filled dining area in textiles maven Pat McGann’s house.

Rattan Pendant Lights


For a rustic atmosphere, rattan pendant lights are often used in dining rooms. Want to be more innovative? Combine several wickers and weaves to get the desired effect. You may merely use one, mix and match forms, or hang them at various heights with these dangling lights, which come in many forms and sizes.


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You may concentrate more on shape than functionality if you have a natural light-saturated room.

We designed a contemporary eating room for a Notting Hill garden flat (above),’say Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson, co-founders of K& H Design(opens in new tab).

Since we were spoiled by the natural light that poured in from the bay window at the far end of the living room to the French doors across from the dining room, all we needed was to create an effect at night.

A strikingly contemporary look is created by having one central pendant above a glass dining table. To blend in with the ceiling and provide enough light for the dinner guests in the evenings, we had the cylinder spotlights and led tracks neutralized.

If possible, we recommend placing the dining table near a large window, allowing natural light to stream in throughout the day while also providing a view out point to enjoy the views,’ Louise Wicksteed of Sims Hilditch advises.

DIY Orb Lighting

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It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money on lighting for your dining room. There are a few creative DIY solutions, such as Velinda Hellen’s for EHD.

Orlando Soria (appropriately named Orb-lando!) provided her with schematics for an orb chandelier. The effects deliver a contemporary feel to the area by using galvanized wire and a light bulb.

Adding more light sources is a smart idea if a single bulb light fixture isn’t enough lighting for a dining room.


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Don’t choose plain colors if you prefer the “clashing patterns” aesthetic; instead, pick vibrant designs with fringing like these!

They’ll be a conversation starter at your dinner parties, and they’re fun and stylish. The red, green, and orange hues match the wallpaper and the white backdrop matches with the dresser and white painted floorboards to create it from a stylistic standpoint.

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