21 Contemporary Outdoor Office Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

Explore these contemporary outdoor office ideas to work from home in style. You do not want to leave these inspirations. Instead of having the workspace inside the house, the separated one from the house would be even better.

It is especially if you want to be a focus on working in a more private and special space. These office pods would be very helpful to improve the quality of your works. You will become better and better remote workers.

The popularity of working remotely is currently increasing year by year. That is because more professions do not need the workers to go to the office every day in order to finish the duties. That becomes the big reason why outdoor home office ideas become widely known.

You will see some office pods in the forms of cubicles that will surely become your productive space. Let us begin exploring all the contemporary outdoor office ideas that we’ve gathered for you.

1. Garden Office Pod

Backyard With Home Office Studio and Cafe Table | HGTV


The first office pod idea is the Sett Studio. It looks like a tiny little house sitting in the middle of a garden. Judging by its design from this point of view, the place seems to be ideal to live in. Therefore, you do not just work in it but also make a living.

This productive space would let you create, think, and ponder. As long as you can work comfortably, it is going to be the perfect thing. Actually, the designer of Sett Studio builds it as a backyard office.

It has such a stylish design. Besides, they make it to be energy efficient supported by the Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). A tall window also offers a nice enjoyable view of the garden right in the backyard.

Thus, it is important to have a well-designed garden with plants and flowers. Beside the window, the wall is perfectly on the right side of the backyard. The busy street for more concentration in the work will not disturb you.

2. Small Office Pod for Photographer



The first thing to know is that this small outdoor office ideas is for a professional Photographer. At least, that is what the website of Apodo Design, the creator, has informed. This office comes with some features that support their workflow.

There is a space to receive customers and perform small shoots. A good thing about having a special space, as a studio is that it will help eliminates commute. A garden office like this would also help you focus on your creation. Besides, there will be a space for taking some rest between the works.

If you are a photographer, the clients do not need to go inside your house anymore. The special space just outside of the house would do the trick. You can even try a few outdoor shots in the garden.

3. Wooden Garden in the Backyard

Wood Summer season Home - A Nice Undertaking | Backyard studio, Backyard office, Backyard


This outdoor office idea is designed by a company called Backyard Room. It provides such a nice space at the back of the house. They combined the functionality of the pod with a natural aesthetic. This small shed project is actually simple but also looking sleek and modern.

Choosing a perfect spot is important to create a personal comfort view. In this case, the room is attached to the house. It has its own terrace space. Some greenery above the shed gives a little bit of nature’s touch to the design.

This backyard has no grass that would make a fresh atmosphere around the space. However, that bare ground is enough to create a relaxing summer retreat. The small space of the pod is large enough for an office with a couple of chairs and a desk to support the flow.

4. Outdoor Office Ideas for Long Narrow Garden

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Check out this office garden built in a long narrow garden. The dimension of the house is not really a problem to make an office pod. This one has a nice space to be as a study place, a guesthouse, and a storage space.

Therefore, it is going to be a perfect building for an office. With its modern touch, this shed fits perfectly into the available space. An Architect named Serge Schoemaker makes this custom office pod.

5. Custom Mini Pod of Outdoor Office Plans

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Look at this mini pod. For some people, the size might be an issue to work in. However, it could be an efficient design for a homeowner who has limited space in the garden. It will not waste a lot of space, for sure.

For a small garden, this custom mini pod would leave some other area to become an enjoyable outdoor view of the house. You can even enjoy it right from the tiny office. What do you think about the price? Apparently, it can reach up to 30 grants.

Well, this may well be worth it as an office that you can use temporarily or permanently to work the business. For your information, The Pod Space, the creator of this office shed, designed it for a chartered structural engineer.

6. Modern Office Shed

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You want to fill this inspiration for the garden with a modern office shed. The sleek design is ideal enough to accommodate your business from the house. The wooden structure offers an elegant look that matches with the black window frame.

The terrace space will make a nice area to work under the sky anytime you want. Just fill it with a couple of chairs and a table. The existence of the fence around the pod gives the privacy you need to concentrate on your work.

7. Office Pod with Small Window

Garden Office Pod Brighton | Green Studios in 2020 | Garden office, Backyard office, Office pods


As you know, the previous ideas seem to show us that an outdoor office pod should have a big window wall that feels open. Well, it is not always like that. That should be according to design and personal needs.

If you need somewhere closed enough to focus on working, this could be an ideal one. This garden office pod manufactured by Green Studios has a nice plank siding installation. It creates a formal pattern that makes the pod more attractive.

It spreads a cool and inviting feeling that makes you just want to start a project inside and work. The small size window provides some sort of privacy. It is according to the professions, obviously.

8. Black Wood Plank Siding and Lights in Office Pod

Architizer | Backyard office, Garden cabins, Garden studio


Check out this cool office pod in the garden. If you want to incorporate the traditional and old school modern style into your outdoor space, this should be the consideration.

The highlight of this office pod is the sleekness and simplicity. It looks wonderful from any side. It seems like the building does not have a roof because of the tall window at the side. That bold glass addition really brings modernity to this traditional concept.

The lights are something else. It gives such a nice charm to makes the space special. For the record, the owner uses this pod not only as an office but also as a Yoga studio. That explains the charm that the designer includes.

9. Office Shed with Storage for Bikes

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It is another office pod designed by Green Studios. This one could be something to copy if you want a place with storage space in it. Besides, you can also use it for other things like a guest room, or a room for taking some rest.

A professional photographer named Ben Rice owns this office shed. The manufacturer builds this garden room is such a perfect place to keep his photography kit and other stuff. The other space beside the working room is flexible for anything.

10. Outdoor Office Ideas with Greenery Roof

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One thing that you notice first from this modern office pod is that space on the roof. Some greenery fills it. The designer plants it on purpose. It is definitely not something that grows wildly. It offers a nice grassy touch on top of the building as outdoor office decor.

The roof area becomes quite functional to use. You can plant some flowers and other plants to create another garden on top. Of course, it is according to the location of the building. Therefore, when having an office pod that is sitting in the sunny spot of the backyard, this is it.

The greenery that surrounds the office is supportive of your work. It would make a retreat that induces your creativity.

11. Inoutside Office Design



This contemporary outdoor office idea comes from an Australian Magazine. Specifically, the concept is named an Inoutside. Check out this Cooba unit. It looks so stylish and modern. The modest black metal frame of the windows works beautifully with the glazed door.

The seamless wood plank siding has a sleek brown color that blends nicely with the black frames. Some greenery really completes the overall look of this office pod. As you can see, the part of the backyard’s tree, grass, fence, and lush plant are in front of the door.

12. Open Modern Office Shed



This is a clean contemporary outdoor office space ideas that brings out real simplicity. You can see that there is no unnecessary element or details. All of the things are enough to deal with your working activity.

This project only focuses on the work. The fact that the open wall might give some kind of distraction to your concentration, the designer set the desk facing the wall. Therefore, it is not going to be a problem. The thin glass will give you something to see and enjoy while resting your eyes.

Just turn the seat back for a little while during the work. Thus, you do not have to get up every time you want to take some rest a bit.

13. Micro Max Office Pod

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The boxy design for the office pod is still an effective and efficient one. It seems to be the perfect building as an addition to an outdoor space. This one is called Micro Max Pod, which is manufactured by Pod Space.

They put it on sale for about 20 grants. Even though the size is small, just like the others, this office pod provides a feature you do not want to miss. It has under floor heating. This is something you do not find often, even in the most comfortable office.

This is a perfect feature for a house located in a cold area. During the cool season, you can work without your shoes on with no worries.

14. Garden Sheds for Office

kitHAUS | modern, sustainable, pre-fab modules | Backyard office, Backyard studio, Prefab office


The design of this shed is more versatile than it looks. This is a nice garden office that looks like a trendy tiny house. The large size makes a great space to live, not just to work. It is a perfect idea for a real office that has a few employees.

A nice terrace space makes a good area to cool down and enjoy the view of summer. The concrete structure right in front of the office creates an amazing pathway to the office. The pergola roof complements the wooden structure by the chair.

15. Home Office Pod

Garden pavilion guest house and office | Garden pavilion, Garden office, Exterior design


Apparently, this is not the truly outdoor office spaces pod because it is attached to a guesthouse building. However, it gives you easy access to work and rest.

BLOOT designed this combination of living space and the home office. The brick cube-like structure of this office pod has a timber facade wall on the outside.

To add some more privacy, the designer installs a louver system to cover the open glass wall. So, you will not get easily distracted with anything outside the office. The size is large enough to locate little furniture and a built-in bookshelf.

16. Contemporary Garden Office Shed

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Even though the size is small, this office model design looks so good and spacious. You could even hold a meeting there. Cube Life designs the shed. This well-known manufacturer offers expertise in a garden building.

This garden office shed features glass walls all around. If you want some focus on your work, the Louvre system will provide comfort and eliminate the distraction. All the black frame structures perform a nice shelter for the wooden desk balanced with the flooring.

17. Elegant Sleek Office Pod

garden room | office || "Sky Pod" by Pod Space | Garden cabins, Backyard office, Garden pods


This is the office pod that’s designed by George Nijland. He offers you a contemporary, stylish, and sophisticated shed in the beautiful garden. Of course, the outdoor area gives awesome support to the sleekness of the building.

A small louvre system gives a decorative look to the pod. However, it seems to look too open from this view. That privacy touch is not significant to handle distraction.

Well, it is not going to be an issue if you have it built in a closed area like this garden. No one would bother your sight. One more thing, in the middle of the ceiling you can see there is an open glass roof to provide natural light from the sky during the day.

18. Contemporary Shed without Lumber

Fairytale Backyards: 30 Magical Garden Sheds | Backyard sheds, Studio shed, Backyard shed


If you feel that you do not want a wooden office pod, you may want to look at this idea and the rest of the list. Studio Shed creates this one. The construction of this outdoor office is the combination of Zip System weatherproof wall panels.

For the roof, the manufacturer adds corrugated Galvalume roofing. This contemporary shed has no wood materials in the building structure. Because of that, the durability will make this office pod last a lifetime. It is definitely one of cheap outdoor office ideas.

19. Space Ship-Like Aesthetic in Office Pod

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For an office pod that looks like a space ship, this is the one to look at. If you are the kind of people that just love any fantasy thing about space, you are in for a treat. The design looks like a small cabin of a ship.

The sleek interior design is enough to comfort you while working. Even though this space is so small, they will not bother you as long as it will support the concentration of the workspace.

20. Mirrored Outdoor Office Ideas



This office pod would become a wonder when placed outdoor. The entire outside area of the building is in mirrored glass. Therefore, all the surroundings will get a reflection. That is what makes it extraordinary. The sleek and minimal design will not get away from your eyes.

The double-layer protective system is surely weatherproof. It also comes with some futuristic system such as the remote control blinds. There is also a pleasing feature like the heating panels that would make people really want to have it in their backyard.

21. Attractive Curvilinear Outdoor Office

Office Shed for the Backyard | Backyard office


Finally yet importantly is this architectural office pod design. Just say no to the boxy concept. This amazing structure is from the Platform 5 Architects. As you can see, it has an enormous curvilinear shape that suits well with the natural surroundings.

It offers a nice area for work and rest that gives you such a cool retro-futuristic design. The lighting and the interior curve is out of this world. It gives a different feeling while working inside this pod. The clean grass has to be on the garden to maintain the sleek look of this entire masterpiece.


For a worker, there is nothing better than working in a relaxing garden at the back of the house. Those contemporary outdoor office ideas would really support your activity and offer you a space to work in peace.