Top 5 Outdoor Broom Options for Sweeping Effortlessly

Although an outdoor broom is probably not the most thrilling purchase to make this year, it remains an important tool to keep at home.

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There is always a time when you need to sweep a bunch of debris or a pile of leaves in your outdoor patios, backyards, driveways, sidewalks, and even garages.

Not to mention that you will love a clean deck for grilling season too! Thus, a good broom makes a necessary apparatus to keep your outdoor spaces in shape.

Read on the following information if you are planning to swap your broken outdoor broom with something more reliable.

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Broom


Similar to many other things, your personal preferences and individual situations will define the right broom to purchase in the first place.

However, there are a few things everyone can take into account when selecting the best broom for their outdoor spaces.

Some people may already have their favorite manufacturer and make it their go-with option. If you do not have any, considering things like handles, joints, sizes, and bristles of the broom can help.

Well-Built Joint


Most brooms fail due to the point that connects their head to the handle. Many users experienced such a common issue related to this part of the equipment.

As a result, finding an outdoor broom with a strong joint is a must, especially if you want to use it for a pretty long time.

Other brooms can come loose at the joint during operation too. Indeed, this issue is very frustrating since it makes sweeping even more tiring.

For this reason, looking for a broom with a specially designed lock at its join is a good choice when shopping around.

Long-Lasting Handle


Compared to indoor brooms, you will need one that can endure heavy use for outdoors. Therefore, it is necessary to find a product with well-built and sturdy handles.

A heavy-duty outdoor broom typically comes in metal handles since this material meets the requirement for being sturdy and strong.

However, you still need to make sure that the metal handle of the broom is of high-quality construction.

On the other hand, cheap aluminum handles are less reliable than ones made of steel since they will not endure the test of time.

Alternatively, you can consider wooden handles too because they are strong and thick.

Some brooms with plastic handles can be a durable option as well, as long as they are of good quality materials.

With plastic handles, consider one with a chunky design to avoid breakage and snapping.

Nevertheless, you need to remember that such materials are still more prone to break than wood or metal.

Solid Bristles


When it comes to an outdoor broom, you will use this tool for sweeping up anything from pet hair to profound piles of damp leaves.

As a consequence, your broom has to be able to deal with anything you get outdoors with its firm bristles.

Both natural and plastic bristles are effective because they provide you strong as well as firm tools for sweeping almost everything.

Keep in mind that bristles that become twisted with use may get bungling if you utilize them for sweeping over time.

Comfortable Grip


A comfortable grip will help to make your outdoor broom more effortless to use. At this point, a foam-cushioned handle can be a good choice.

During use, a foam-cushioned grip will help to diminish roughness on your hands. Alternatively, you can take a wooden handle into account.

Since a wooden grip is ergonomic and feels natural to hold, it can be a great option.



It is also important to pick a broom that is suitable for your height. If this cleaning tool is too short, you need to bend over, resulting in various backaches or other problems.

On the other hand, an outdoor broom that is too tall can be very hard to use. Thus, you have to find one that is appropriately sized.

Furthermore, you should consider the weight of the broom as well. Depending on your preference, make sure to pick one that makes you comfortable during use.

Which Broom to Pick for Outdoor Use


If knowing the above basic is not enough, you probably need a real example of the best outdoor broom in the market.

For a sturdy, strong product, take a look at the O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial 100% Corn Broom since the same is made for it.

The extra weight of this product helps to make it fit and sturdier, especially for outdoor usage. However, you should get prepared since the broom may seem cumbersome for some.

In case a lightweight broom is more interesting for you, the TreeLen and O-Cedar Professional 18-inch Rough Surface can be a good option.

Otherwise, you can read a quick review of the above products as well as some other good options for an outdoor broom below.

O-Cedar Professional 18-Inch


Created to deal with rough surfaces effortlessly, this heavy-duty outdoor broom will help you clean your driveways, decks, and garage floors without too much fuss.

The O-Cedar Professional features stiff bristles that make it perfect for sweeping rough surfaces.

More interestingly, the product also comes with memory technology to prevent the bristles lose their shape after intense use.

Besides, the manufacturer attaches the handle of this Professional 18-inch with a patented Maxi-Lok feature that stops the broom head from coming loose in various conditions.

To prevent cracking, strong plastic is used to make the primary structure of this broom. Meanwhile, the bristles and the block are made of 80% recycled substances.

If you are looking for an outdoor broom that is effective to sweep debris yet lightweight and easy to use, the O-Cedar Professional 18-inch makes an ideal option.

Some users believe that this broom can last for many years since it is very sturdy. However, others complain that the handle is breaking and the plastic is not a high-quality one.


The O-Cedar Professional 18-Inch is lightweight and comes with bristles that will not misplace even after heavy-duty use.


You should anticipate the handle of this O-Cedar broom is prone to snapping.

O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial


Different from most modern brooms, this product comes with corn bristles instead of plastic.

However, you should not underestimate the O-Cedar Heavy Duty due to its traditional appearance.

This straw broom features five rows of strong poly twine that is held tightly to make sure they stay consistently placed and don’t easily come loose.

Meanwhile, the wooden handle is very thick, making this O-Cedar reliable for its longevity. To boost the look, it has an elegant glossy finish.

The handle is also lengthy and pretty chunky. It works best with the broom head as well for a more well-balanced form.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty outdoor broom, this product is particularly trustworthy since it is designed for the same purpose.

Many users love its beautiful built that can make the corner of their room seem lovely. They also appreciate how efficient, reliable, and sturdy this broom is.

Using it indoors is not a good choice since the O-Cedar Heavy Duty is somewhat too large and industrial. Some users especially petite people may consider this product too weighty as well.


It is a traditional-styled broom that looks great when standing at the corner of your room. The product also has well-built, natural corn bristles for heavy-duty purposes.


The O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial is too big and heavy for some people.

O-Cedar Outdoor Power Angle


To help you sweep in areas that are difficult to reach, this broom comes with bristles designed at an angle.

Thanks to the sturdy bristles, you can easily sweep up weighty debris like piles of damp leaves when using this outdoor broom.

Besides, the O-Cedar Power Angle is also lightweight and has a foam grip for your ease as well as comfort.

Using this broom with a dustpan is very easy too since it has a handheld handle close to the base.

The head design of this broom becomes many users’ favorite. The strong bristles help to make the core easier to do as well. Ho

Many users love the foam-padded handle too because this feature can prevent blisters or sores on hands caused by the regular use of the broom.

Although some users claim it to be the best broom they have ever had, others consider the plastic handle too risky for outdoors.

Some users also experience the plastic handle cracking after a few uses only, so they do not recommend it.


The O-Cedar Power Angle is of recycled materials and comes with a comfortable foam handle. This lightweight product also features well-built angled bristles.


Several users found that the handle is prone to snapping.

Black & Decker Outdoor Push Broom


This outdoor broom is unlike the other mentioned above since it has different types of bristles that make the product even more versatile.

While the inner area has firm bristles for sweeping up rough debris, the outer edges feature softer ones that are perfect for capturing fine dust and waste.

To prevent breakage, the manufacturer uses a steel handle and arms it with a Clic’ N Lok ratchet system. This feature also helps to reduce the chance of loosening when being used.

Moreover, you can also expect a padded handle for a better hold and more convenient use.

Users of this outdoor push broom typically adore how heavy-duty the product is. Those who have owned it for years love its durability.

Besides, the Black & Decker outdoor broom is also well-built and appropriate for both outdoor as well as indoor use.

You can also easily clean the broom with a hose. However, some users were dissatisfied to find that the product fractured after a short time yet it is something common for many other brands too.


The broom has a robust steel handle and convenient foam grip.


It may break and is pretty heavy for some users.

TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom


TreeLen equips its outdoor broom with a lobby dustpan, so the users can sweep up debris and dirt into this feature as they go.

With an outdoor broom and dustpan, you don’t need to bend over for collecting the waste.

Moreover, the dustpan also comes with a bendable lip that molds to the shape of your floor. As a consequence, there will be no fine dust or dirt gets swept underside.

Thanks to this feature, using the TreeLen broom is very practical since you can make sure the dirt goes in the dustpan and empty it directly into the bin afterward.

You can also find a toothed scraper on the dustpan. Thus, it will be easier to untangle the broom when hair or pet fur gets lodged in the bristles.

This outdoor broom is armed with a metal pole handle for extra longevity and stability as well. Meanwhile, you can count on the firm bristles that will not twist with use too.

For better storage, the TreeLen broom and its dustpan snap upright together.

Those who use this broom love the available dustpan since it reduces the need for bending over when sweeping the floor.

The feature is especially helpful with those who experience joint problems or mobility issues as well since it allows them to clean up without risking hurt.

Nevertheless, some users claim that the dustpan’s lip did not work as expected even though it is only a minor issue.


It features a useful lobby dustpan with toothed comb scrape and compact storage.


Some users found the dustpan lip to be disappointing.

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Broom


Considered as one of the best outdoor brooms, AmazonBasics offers a sturdy body and works perfectly fine to clean on a wide range of surfaces.

This outdoor broom features a modern finish with a combination of white-blue coloration. Meanwhile, the black plastic bristles look so dependable and strong.

You will find an a-piece interlocking handle as one of the features of this outdoor broom. The grip allows breaking down to parts for easy storage or personalizing the height.

AmozonBasics Heavy-Duty Broom will make a great companion clean sidewalks, driveways, workshops, garages, industrial spaces, as well as outdoor patios.


It is very easy to store and great for either indoor or heavy-duty outdoor use.


There is nothing exceptional about the design of this AmazonBasics heavy-duty broom.

OXO Good Grips Sweep Set


With an extendable feature, this broom can become a full-sized one to tackle any sweeping task.

Even though it is more ideal for indoor areas, you can still count on this broom to clean some outdoor spaces including patios and verandas.

The OXO Good Grips features flagged bristles to efficiently collect dirt, dust, and leaves from your carpets or floors.

Additionally, the bristles also come with teeth to make it easier to comb out collected dirt and dust.


This stiff outdoor broom is perfect for wide areas as it allows you to sweep up dirt directly into a dustpan.


It is particularly designed for indoor use, so you need to be careful when using the broom outside the house.

Evriholder FURemover


Although it is not a broom designed particularly for outdoor use, the Evriholder FURemover is worth mentioning due to its versatility.

With the broom, you can expect to clean a wide range of surfaces without any difficulty. Thanks to its built-in squeegee edge, cleaning rugs, windows, tiles, and rugs become fairly easy.

The Evriholder outdoor broom comes with natural rubber that can draw pet hair like a magnet. Moreover, it is possible to adjust its sturdy handle to extend from 3 to 5 ft for your comfort.

Besides, the broom is pretty simple to cleanse as well since you just need to wash away overload pet hair with soapy water.

Despite being a highly-rated, versatile, and innovative broom, the Evriholder is budget-friendly.


It can clean a variety of surfaces and is very effective to remove pet hair.


Its reliability for outdoor use is still questionable considering that the Evriholder FURemover is not specifically created for this purpose.

LandHope Push Bristle Broom


If you need an outdoor broom for cleaning tiles or hardwoods on your veranda and patio, the LandHope Push Bristle is probably of interest.

You can use it to collect dust without any problem. Gathering up pet hair, debris, and dirt on the floors as well as carpets will not be an issue as well.

With a long and adaptable handle, the LandHope push broom works well with people in a variety of heights ranging from tall adults to small kids.


The LandHope broom is very effortless to clean by using tap water. It is trustworthy for cleaning outdoor areas like gardens, patios, balconies, and even windows.


Some people may not like the slippery steel handle of this LandHope broom.

Final Thoughts


While all products come with its pros and cons, the O-Cedar Heavy Duty Commercial is worth to be the overall winner.

This broom can bear up the test of time despite its old-school look. It is also very strong and works perfectly fine for sweeping up any debris in your outdoor spaces.

Finally, you can now choose your own ultimate choice among the recommended outdoor broom options above. Good luck!

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