23 Orange Bathroom Ideas For Energetic Routines

Orange bathroom ideas would be amazing things to explore because it’s an amazing color. Specifically, it’s lively, vibrant, energetic, and mood-raising.

Orange is a great addition to a functional space because of its super-energetic appearance. The people in a room with that color would feel excited.

Furthermore, it seems to be a great main scheme for a bathroom.

So, every morning people go to the bathing area. They will get awake instantly because of the bright color of orange. Then, to raise the mood, this color will raise your spirit.

Having an orange color in a bathroom could be something big. When you have it on the wall or at least one accent wall, it would spice up the entire space.

There are many ways to design with orange bathroom ideas. You might select to have it boldly on all the walls. Otherwise, just paint a single wall or have furniture in that color.

Each of the elements in orange color would be a statement. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to raise the spirit with an amazing color for the bathroom.

1. Wainscoting Orange Bathroom Ideas



Instead of having the entire space painted in orange, this idea only has it in half of the wall. Therefore, they painted in on the wainscoting which is quite clever to infuse some color to space.

The rust orange color on the wainscoting match with the brass structure and faucet of the sink. Also, the existence of that accent wall eliminates the need for backsplash.

In this picture, you will only see one spot in the amazing orange bathroom ideas. Indeed, the orange wainscoting is all over the space.

Just by looking at this point, you would feel the whole atmosphere of this space. Besides, the combination of white and orange seems to be going along really well together.

2. Cooper Bathroom Design with Mosaic Accent Wall



Check out this astonishing orange bathroom design. It has a strong character in the entire element of the space. As you can see, the mosaic wall is something that would attract everyone.

The natural pattern of the vanity matches with the rest of the space. Thus, this bathroom approaches the orange scheme differently.

The first material is the use of copper matter. It’s on the mirror frame and the sink bowl. Meanwhile, the second element is the lighting.

Moreover, the spread of orange lights makes the cooper character matches the orange scheme. The entire space with various material accepts the energy of this color.

3. Bold Orange Bathroom Ideas



This impressive orange bathroom idea provides just the right amount of boldness. The whole space of this room is almost the same.

In this case, the designer leaves a few elements to avoid the room from being too tangy. Well, you see the concrete flooring. It’s like one element of the orange bathroom idea is out of place.

However, the concrete element becomes the one that balances the window and sink. As you can see, the window has an open glass that invites another color to the bathroom.

That’s where the concrete begins to work the space.

4. Sensational Airy Bathroom with Orange Sky Color



It’s an interesting orange bathroom idea where the wood flooring has the same tone as the wall. That’s why it becomes a perfect color scheme.

Specifically, this bathroom uses an Orange Sky color from Benjamin Moore. The architecture of this bathroom fills the morning routines with smiles on everyone’s face.

Again, there’s a huge airy window that makes anything inside to feel more natural because the fresh air in the morning goes inside as much as possible.

In addition, the entire design of this stylish orange bathroom idea offers you the aesthetic pleasures you can never imagine.

5. Yellow Combo for Orange Bathroom Ideas



Yellow is like the best friend of orange color. Both of them together is the conventional combination of the scheme. Hence, it is a good tone for bathrooms.

This soft orange bathroom idea is located in one of the apartment buildings in Brooklyn. So, that explains why it’s small.

There’s a small window right beside the vanity. At once, you may think it’s a larger mirror. It gets compensated by the combination of yellow and orange that creates an effect of sunshine.

6. Glowing Soft Orange Wall in Bathroom



From the source, this bathroom is considered to have a decent orange scheme. It’s got a soft hue that blends so well with the white shower area.

Likewise, it’s such a perfect color of orange to work with a sleek white base. The mirror’s size is quite large. It seems to expose the scheme in this space.

The big glass window on the left allows a lot of lights to go through it. Besides, the sunlight provides a glow to the soft orange wall.

Additionally, the black flooring and towel holder structure give you a nice bold accent to represent the shadow.

7. Well-Patterned Orange Wallpaper



Take a look at this bathroom vanity. It’s got an eye-catching wallpaper. It looks very attractive, impossible not to look at.

The combination of orange and grey color with a floral image would succeed to steal the attention of the space. Thus, the design of this vanity area looks very creative.

The shape of the Moroccan-style mirror seems to match the floral image of the wallpaper. That creates good harmony in the scene.

In addition, the vessel sink looks perfectly in line with the mirror. The natural color of the marble vanity approaches the gray shade of the wallpaper.

8. Orange Bathroom Ideas with Squared Tile



The design of this bathroom is simple but it looks so classy. It’s got a large bathtub that would accommodate your need for bathing in a special spot.

Further, right around the bathtub, there’s a square orange tile. It gives a sense of discipline and symmetry to space.

Above the bathtub, you can see the skylights. Actually, there’s an open glass roof above it. You can enjoy the brightness in the bathroom.

Otherwise, during the night, the bathing time would be a lot more enjoyable while looking up to the night sky.

9. Small Bathroom with Light Orange Shade



The shade of orange in this space looks perfect for a bathroom with a modern style. It’s a good recommendation to indulge the color with a tight budget.

It’s so light and fresh. The cabinet is in the matching wood category. Also, the homeowner tries to keep everything light.

That addition of accessories like the curtain makes the focal point spread all over the space. There’s a yellow light in between the cabinet. It sets a perfect atmosphere for space.

10. Fabulous Bathroom with Fancy Design



In this fancy neutral bathroom, you can see that the orange shade is being introduced. Thereupon, the space looks so inviting and energetic.

Then, the orange tone functions to color the neutral atmosphere in the bathroom. It puts the interest up.

Furthermore, the shiny and clean flooring and the gray wall gets a perfect accent to set the raised mood.

This bathroom is actually set to be minimalist. You can see that there’s only minimal furniture and decor in the space.

However, the bathtub and cabinet are the big statement-making furniture. That’s why the orange shade defines the atmosphere of this bathroom.

Besides, there are a few wooden accents. It’s there to be something in between the neutral and orange.

11. Charming Bathroom Design with Orange



This bathroom has an interesting color scheme. It’s an orange-white combo with some classic accessories.

Check out the curtain and the balance, it’s got a mix of the orange and white pattern. Also, it embraces the actual combination of this bathroom.

This orange bathroom consists of several accessories with classic flavors. You can see the stylish sink basin and wall lamp style.

In the scene’s background, you can see an ordinary window with a white frame. Wherefore, it allows a lot of lights to get into space. That’s really a privilege to the orange wall.

12. Appealing Bathroom with Orange Scheme



This appealing orange space is called the palm springs bathroom interior. It’s actually the name of the house.

This midcentury bathroom has an interesting orange tile on the wall. Therefore, the patterned motif of wallpaper looks so fabulous.

That’s where you can say that this bathroom is so appealing. Check out the glossy storage for the vanity space. It looks plain but it’s enough to complement the pattern on the wall.

Meanwhile, inside the walk-in shower, you can see the white wall is filled with a minimal orange mosaic tile. That’s the designer’s way to keep the brightness adequate for space.

13. Orange and Flamingo Pink Combo



Check out this bathroom for girls. It’s such a great example of dealing with an orange-pink combo. The flamingo type seems to be the right choice for this.

Likewise, the flamingo type of pink really makes a great contrast with the muted color of orange.

This bathroom shows the orange color that is not the main attraction. However, it comes in a form of attractive floral wallpaper that steals attention.

Further, the white countertop of the vanity becomes a nice element in the middle that balance all colors.

14. Grey and Orange Accents in White Bathroom



This orange bathroom idea is very sleek and interesting. Then, this bright white space has two colors for the accent.

There is a various pattern of gray on the main element. As you can see, it’s on the wall, floor, and the window.

While the orange elements stay minimal. It highlights the antique frame of the mirror. There’s a little bit of its shade on the window cover. Lastly, the beautiful orange flower on the vanity.

15. Orange Bathroom Designs for Kids



This vanity design of a bathroom has a different approach. It’s designed to attract the kids. Thus, the orange wall seems to be the perfect option to create a fun atmosphere.

Since orange is super-energetic, it will be a perfect color to let the kids have some fun. Thereupon, children would love some cute character.

Moreover, cute frogs seem to be a perfect option. Well, combining orange with green is not a new thing.

This bathroom also has a turquoise blue color. It offers a great effect on the space. Additionally, the combination of three bold colors and a white accent for balance will be perfect for the kids.

16. Flowers on The Bathroom Wall



The style seems like a fun design for a bathroom. That flower pattern above the bathtub looks so attractive. Wherefore, it matches the entire scheme of the space.

It contains some yellow and orange flowers that go in line with the mosaic tile surrounding the bathtub.

When it comes to the bathtub, it offers an attractive look to this bathroom. Further, it’s got a mosaic tile that looks so hypnotizing.

Again, the element takes over the scheme entirely. Thanks to the existence of the flower patterns on the higher wall space. It helps to spread the charm to the other side.

17. Stylish Orange Walls with Hardwood Floors



The combination of brown and orange color in this bathroom looks astonishing. As you can see, the floorings and walls apply some rustic accents.

It’s quite obvious the homeowner wants to make a difference in the bathroom design. Well, that might be a risky move but it looks good because of the brown accent.

The pairing of orange and brown saves the day. Besides, the rustic wooden element gets the highlight it needs.

Moreover, this orange bathroom has a freestanding tub and vessel sink that goes in line with the ceiling.

18. Beautiful Industrial Bathroom with Orange Wall



Orange wall is an interesting way to indulge energy in your bathroom. This beautiful space has some industrial vibe that goes well with the color scheme.

Just like the previous scheme, there’s a combination of brown and orange in this one. It’s something to blend well with the rustic wooden floor.

Compared to the previous idea, this one has some industrial vibe that comes from some decor items in this bathroom.

Then, imagine this bathroom without the orange wall, it would feel awkward and boring.

19. Master Orange Bathroom with Classy Style



Judging by the look of this bathroom, you can feel the classy atmosphere that you get from the sleek white elements.

There’s only a little bit of orange color in this room. That’s because there are only a few spaces left on the wall.

It’s such a classic combination for a bathroom with orange color. In addition, there’s a drop-in soaking tub that makes space looks a bit fancier.

20. Orange Wall in Dark Bathroom Design



This orange bathroom design has a different approach compared to the previous ones. Otherwise, this space seems to have a dark color scheme.

The orange wall becomes a great element that brings light to space. Also, with the window and mirror working together, the brightness becomes so much better with the wall.

The picture above shows a stunning bathtub that set up a focal point for space. Likewise, the color goes in line with the flooring, mosaic backsplash, and vanity cabinets.

So, take a look at the ceiling, the deep blue wall resembles the appearance of the night sky along with a light fixture. That would be a perfect view of your bathing experience.

21. Contemporary Orange Bathroom Ideas Tile



Check out this contemporary bathroom. It has a bright orange tile that looks so impressive.

Lkewise, the orange element in this bathroom becomes an attractive tile accent wall that makes a contrasting appearance to the white wall.

The subway tile is such an exciting addition to this bathroom. It brings energy to the neutral scheme that looks boring without the orange color.

It’s a great idea for your bathroom if you want to update the space instantly. You can try to spread the orange elements with some decor items. Otherwise, just leave it to accentuate by itself.

22. Beautiful Orange and Pink Tile Combined



The pairing of orange and pink tile in this bathroom becomes so attractive in a cute way. Thus, the flamingo pink seems to be the perfect pair for the orange.

This interesting blend of hues and tones makes this contemporary bathroom more and more impressive.

Even though the pattern of the tile is a classic one. The combination and way of the installation show some attractiveness that looks so eye-catchy.

Additionally, the white bathtub becomes one with the ceiling and flooring. It makes the pink and orange tile a stunning accent to this space.

23. Orange and Brick Wall Pairing



The shades of orange are very underrated ones in the color wheel. However, this bathroom becomes the MVP of the whole design scheme.

Then, the stunning orange color becomes the focal point of this bathroom. It’s because the other elements serve a minimal amount of charm.

For example, the brick wall is making a quiet statement in the space. However, the designer keeps the appearance minimal.

That way gives the orange wall a path to become the MVP of the space. White shelves, toilet, artwork, and vanity is not enough to cover it.


For those who just love those orange bathroom ideas, you’ll be sure that your bathing space would become the most energetic area of the house.


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