No Headboard Ideas

No Headboard Ideas. You may want to remove a headboard in order to save money and update your room at the same time, whether you want to add a platform bed into your space or you’re on a limited budget.

While we appreciate a beautiful headboard as much as the next interior designer, creating a finished bedroom isn’t anymore necessary.

Decorating without a headboard allows you to be more innovative and utilize less area within a restricted area, as well as freeing up area and giving you more working room.

Create a Feature Wall with Wallpaper or a Wall Mural


The ability to replace the requirement for a headboard with a full/sectioned accent wall using wallpaper, stencils, or contact paper.

The bedroom would be transformed into a tranquil oasis with this wall mural.

Take a look at these peel and stick wallpapers on Amazon if you’re trying for some inexpensive easy-to-apply wallpaper options for renters.

These mural wallpapers are lovely, but if you’re renting them, you’ll have to come up with some sort of glue since they don’t come with any.

These lovely floral wallpaper backgrounds are AMAZING, and they’re also perfect bedside backgrounds. She’s so attractive and feminine!



Bearinthesmallwhitehouse’s functional and one-of-a-kind boho-inspired bed is inspiring us tremendous bedroom envy, proving that removing a traditional headboard can be a smart way to boost your bedroom game.

Incorporate shelves


In this minimalist Canadian loft, use a faux headboard made of several 1x1s. To give your handcrafted headboard some structure, add a few shelves.

Simple You Shoul Try


We dare you to sleep without a headboard, whether you’re a lover of wooden, metal, or tufted varieties.

A headboard might be the focal point of a room, but it isn’t the only way to make it feel complete. A headboard might also serve as a bedroom’s anchor.

A room with no headboard can look as nice as one with a headboard if certain bedroom decorating methods are used. Try this ingenious solution to refresh your sleeping area this summer and think outside the box.

A streamlined pile of pillows, in the same way as a good headboard does, may act as a forgiving buffer between your head and the wall.

Krissy Jones, a NYC-based yogi, did in her zen Soho studio what we did in ours: mix and match different colored cases to finish the no-fuss look.

Pillows Against The Wall


This is the most basic and essential tip. Always put your pillows against the wall, regardless of which strategy you choose.

By doing so, you’ll immediately and naturally raise the bed’s headboard, giving it a feeling of height.

Also, some headboards are quite low, thus placing your pillows against the wall will make it appear like the headboard is merely there.

Use a Giant Macrame Wall Hanging


This one makes a lovely statement against the navy walls, and it’s really popular right now.

Add a Shelf


This ALVHEM linen-filled bed is wonderfully minimalist and contemporary, and it’s so nice that you wouldn’t even notice the lack of a headboard.

In a small bedroom, the narrow ledge shelf above the bed allows for artwork or additional storage.

The bedside lights are both functional and lovely, providing a visual frame for the bed while also offering a little extra reading light at night.

Paint or Peal and Stick Headboard Wall Sticker


Paint or buy a peal and stick headboard wall sticker for the same effect. When doing the circumference and then painting it if your DIY, be very precise if you choose to go with the paint option.

Wall tapestry


Hang a beautiful wall tapestry to create the appearance of a headboard and add color and texture by using a curtain rod or just a few tacks.

This energetic design from Urban Outfitters would inject a lot of energy into the area. So staying at home, cocooned in your blanket, binge-watching Netflix is the ideal message.

Upcycled Frame DIY Headboard


Now here’s a fantastic idea for a low price! Add glitz to a headboard that seems appropriate for the queen by combining a thrifted frame with an art canvas frame.

Removable Wallpaper


Your dorm room or apartment walls can get in on the fun, too, thanks to removable versions of wallpaper.

The use of this lovely bird-themed design is what truly takes this accent wall to the next level. To learn how to achieve the absurd effect, watch the video below.

Nail a Classic Vibe


We have great news when it comes to achieving the classic and everlasting look of an upholstered headboard:

It’s really easy to do it yourself. Head to your local fabric store for some upholstery foam, snag your favorite fabric, and follow our easy step-by-step instructions for a piece you can totally make in a single afternoon. Mimicking the look of a cozy headboard, like the designer inspiration seen here from Heidi Caillier, is simple with this project.

A Lush Choice


You wouldn’t think of covering up a plant-filled wall like’s with a headboard, for example.

Not only is this room special, but you can really appreciate the gorgeous foliage-covered wall by keeping a streamlined, low-profile bed without bulky legs or a headboard.

Shelve units on the wall


Several individuals arrange the pattern by using one big unit or two on various levels. Because it looks great and allows you to showcase decorating items, portraits, or wall art that you identify with, it’s a fantastic choice.

Remember that your bedroom is a highly intimate environment, so add wonderful, individualized, and significant items.

Display Your Favorite Art


Not having a headboard is also a bonus. You have more freedom to display your favorite pieces of art. A mini gallery wall serves as the focal point of this bedroom from Haleymarin.

Your eyes are drawn to the art because there is no headboard, and it becomes statement pieces. You can easily frame your bed without a headboard by looking for bold artwork that lends a tranquil vibe.

Vintage window frames


Some distressed window frames might be right for you if you want a more farmhouse aesthetic. Thrift shops, antique stores, and perhaps salvage building supplies may all have some of these.

This arrangement from Liz Marie Blog comes nearly to the ceiling and makes a statement in a room that might be otherwise boring.

Peel & Stick Planks


The look of true shiplap without the work of using a saw or screwing boards to the wall is provided by white, distressed peel-and-stick wood planks.

That’s it! You simply use a utility knife to cut the planks to size, then peel and stick them. As seen here, these planks can be used as an oversized headboard or as an accent wall.

Embrace Brick


There’s no need to hide an exposed brick wall in a bedroom, especially if it has a headboard.

By using a black and white color scheme and letting the white-painted brick take center stage, this monochrome bedroom from annalovesneutrals keeps things simple.

A brick wall provides enough visual appeal and texture to the room without the need of a headboard, regardless of whether you have a huge or tiny bedroom.

Creative Ways to Decorate Without a Headboard


To create a cosy, inviting bedroom, you don’t need a headboard. You may create a stunning, cost-effective alternative with a little imagination – here are eight innovative ways to decorate your room without a headboard.

Use decals to create a quick faux headboard. Wall decals are a innovative, engaging way to personalize your room, as seen in this McCaffrey Houses guest bedroom.

Pick a location for your bed, apply the decal, and you’re good to go! BlikWallDecals is a program that creates wall decals.

Molding can help you fake it. An eye-catching imitation headboard can be created by converting decorative wall molding purchased at your local home improvement shop.

For maximum effect, use a bold-colored wall to match the molding, as seen in this McCaffrey Home. A crown moulding frame with strong emphasis paint is used in this master bedroom from McCaffrey Homes’ Palmina Milano design.

Beautiful fabric should be hangiwn. To add color and texture to your bedroom, hang a long length of drapery or vintage textiles from a curtain rod mounted to the wall above your bed.

For an eclectic look, try a suzani or Moroccan wedding quilt. LG’s Natalie Fuglestfeit designed the interiors.

Unfold a folding screen in the manner shown. A lovely “headboard€? may be made out of any decorative folding screen, whether carved wood, woven rattan, or fabric covered. In an instance, it happened. Natalie Fuglestfeit Interior Design is the company that supplied this image.


Use a pair of antique doors to create the scene. At the flea market, spy a set of antique wooden doors with a great patina? Sandwich them between your bed and the wall to make use of them as an alternate headboard, but be aware that if the doors are rather heavy, you should secure them to the wall first.

Boys soccer bedroom with decorative paint in the McFaffrey Homes Crownstone Maplewood Plan. Stripes have been painted on.

Paint racing stripes extending from the wall right up to the ceiling, as seen in this active McCaffrey Homes boy’s room. Tip: Make crisp, clean lines by using painter’s tape.

Install an accent wall using paint or wallpaper. Even without a headboard, a single accent wall in a bright color or covered with exquisite wallpaper is an excellent method to direct attention to the bed.

A textured grasscloth wallpaper in a color similar to the hue of the other walls in the room might provide a more sophisticated take.

The Gallery Jadestone Plan from McCaffrey Homes shows how to decorate a girls’ room in a fun way.

Large pillows and artwork should be placed in the area. Fill up additional visual space by placing two huge Euro-size pillows on your bed, and hang art on the wall above to use what you have.

Swap out the shams and artwork for a new look in an instant when you get the urge to redecorate.

These are stylish ways to finish a bedroom on a budget. We invite you to check out our Pinterest boards for further design inspirations.

Benefits of Not Using a Headboard


Although headboards have a number of advantages, they may also be omitted from your bedroom design for valid reasons. There are many possible arguments against using a headboard in your bedroom.

1. Takes Up Less Space on the Floor. Every inch of space counts in a small bedroom. Headboards take up unnecessary space in a room that could be used for something else.

You’ll save floor and wall space by going without a headboard, and your bedroom will be more comfortable. A smaller mattress size may be suitable if you have a tiny bedroom.

2. It is becoming more cost-effective. Going without a headboard may be the best option for you if you have a tighter budget.

Headboards are not required, and they may be costly. You may find yourself spending a lot of money fast if you add up the expense of your bed frame, mattress, covers, pillows, and headboard.

The Casper Element Mattress®, our most budget mattress, will give you comfortable sleep at a comfortable price if you’re searching for additional ways to save money in your bedroom.

3. There is more room for decoration in this space. Headboards can both improve the aesthetics of a room and take up a lot of space.

Shelves, lights, and other decorations could be placed in this area if you believe they would brighten up your space.

Consider putting up an art piece on your wall if you’re looking for a good headboard alternative. A work of art gives you the ability to communicate your unique style and preferences.

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