30+ Unique Nightstands Ideas to Incorporate

For those who are looking for unique nightstands ideas, we have a lot of those in here. Many people need to add a nightstand right beside their bed to provide some kind of storage space. It also functions as a small table to access while in bed.

It is easy to deal with a nightstand since it is only small furniture. However, some nightstands do not have storage features according to the design. They will be as useful as the other ones. There are various designs to choose from for your bedroom.

From the one that’s designed like a box to another that’s made using expensive materials – a nightstand will always be a good companion for the bed. Let us see which one deserves to be your bed’s best friend.

1. Minimalist Scandinavian Nightstand



The very first idea is in a simple rectangular. It will fit in any minimalist bedroom. If you need a Scandinavian accent beside the bed, this is the nightstand to choose from. This one is Lunis. The design is quite similar to the one from IKEA. It is such a perfect alternative.

The simple and glossy shape is a nice feature to accent the bedroom. It comes with a wooden open shelf that defines its simplicity and ease.

2. Modern Unique Tiny Table



This nightstand will definitely fit any contemporary and modern room, including industrial. It is BT 30.0 designed by German manufacture, Schramm Weksatatten. The detail is cool and simple with a few details.

There are two areas to put your things. If you just want to get rid of something that remains useful, put them in a shadow right below the top. These short nightstand ideas would be a great addition for bedroom.

3. Cubical Nightstand with Round Lamps



Instead of having just a nightstand that looks like a box, adding a light fixture is one way to make it special. These cubic nightstands have storage space or drawers to keep things out of sight.

From the design, you know that this is something you do not see often. The geometric texture and glossy color make it special.

4. A Cube Nightstand with a Slight Twist

Решения расширяющие пространство спальни


As you can see, the shape of this nightstand is lightly twisted. It is definitely something that will steal attention. It is Presotto, which offers a nice classic design and looks like two stacked drawers.

The two of them have a different color, which creates such a cool look to the unique nightstand ideas.

5. Truck Nightstand



This is a unique nightstand idea that shapes like a truck. This one is Porro, a combination of small cubical and rectangular structures.

You can use one space for the night lamp and the other as a table. This versatile bedside furniture is not only bedroom nightstands ideas, a space beside the couch would be a good one too.

6. Glam Rock Table



Check out this unique nightstands ideas cube. It would act as a suitable furnishing to complete the bedroom. The interesting design is something that can gain some attention in the bedroom. However, it has functioned just like an ordinary cubical nightstand.

7. Unique Nightstands Ideas with Curved Edges



Some people might feel that additional design is quite necessary. The rounded edges create a slight interest in the nightstands. It gets rid of some sharp corners that can be dangerous for the surroundings.

In addition, the curved edges could bring in a nice contemporary and futuristic feel to the bedroom.

8. Nightstand with Curling Supports and Rounded Form

Решения расширяющие пространство спальни


This one has the curling supports and round form. It is such a great combined idea that would look great in a bedroom with modern and neoclassical interiors. Modernity is at its finest. You can also name it as the unique nightstands ideas to consider.

9. Elegant Unique Nightstands Ideas

ROMEO Bedside table Romeo Collection by Casamilano design Castello Lagravinese | Unique nightstand, Furniture bedside table, Nightstand


Check out this elegant nightstand. The curved wood gives a more designing look to space. It has the pliability to impress. This product is Romeo nightstand from Casamilano Home.

Such a complete nightstand consists of two important components. There is a drawer to hide things away from sight. There is also a shelf to display some items like books, magazines, or stuff.

10. Circular Nightstand with Futuristic Look

Commode et tables de nuit | Picconalbicocco Arredamenti Bordighera


The design of this nightstand feels like it comes from the future. This modern furnishing offers a nice accent to the side of the bed. There is a drawer to accommodate a few things. The shape itself gives an extraordinary look to space.

11. Artistic Night Table

Стол JULES DE NUIT Baxter JULES DE NUIT 56 h54 в ассортименте: купить по доступным ценам, продажа, доставка, консультации, фотографии — Sale7


You can also call a nightstand the night table. This artistic furnishing is a good way to enhance the decoration in the bedroom. You may call this a masterpiece that could make a great accent beside the bed. There is a sweet little drawer to complete.

12. Unique Nightstands Ideas with Stone Tabletop

Решения расширяющие пространство спальни


Nightstands are available in various designs that are out of many kinds of materials. Look at this little Ring table. The tabletop is made of stone. It would feel like a surface of a countertop in your kitchen.

A thick brass ring wraps the type of stone used for this table in a circle. It offers pure aesthetic pleasure to the space.

The addition of the ring really takes this nightstand design to a new level. Besides bedrooms, this would be a perfect element to support a modern lounge chair. The teatime would never be the same again.

13. Utilitarian Style for a Unique Nightstands Ideas

10 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your White Bedside Table - Artmakehome


Some might feel that it is a bit too utilitarian for a space like a bedroom. However, the design is so minimalist. Can you not see the thin and simple shape?

A thin drawer is spacious enough to deal with tiny stuff that can be messy. The wooden accent as the tabletop is the key to the character of this nightstand. It really makes the table different.

14. Fabulous Punto Table

PUNTO | Mesita de noche de madera By Caccaro | Mesitas de noche, Materiales de madera, De madera


This Punto bedside table looks so interesting. It will make a perfect accent to a fashionable bedroom for girls. It has a bit of feminine feel, which is ideal for that. It also has some neutral tones to make it versatile for any color scheme.

15. Futuristic Nightstands Designs



This product is Dimitri designed by Meridiani. It is quite easy to find at some unique nightstands for sale online stores because this nightstand is so popular. For a bedroom with a contemporary design, it is an easy choice.

The futuristic feel that it has to offer will make the bedroom look like a spaceship cabin. It is such a cool element in a rounded shape. A diagonal line right in the middle makes it so different.

16. White Shell Nightstand

D:\@ARSIP\2020\NOVEMBER\WHITE SHELL salvatore indriolo.jpg


The name really represents its design. It is such unique ideas for nightstands to look at. Practically, this one is a hollowed-out ball that is stable and stiff enough to be furniture. The top side of this white shell acts as the tabletop. Inside the shell can be something else.

For example, you can install a small light fixture under the tabletop. It would make such an amazing display for your collections or books. Otherwise, fill the space with all the cluttered things around the bedroom. This white shell is one of the unique nightstands ideas to look at.

17. Unique Circular Nightstand



It is another futuristic nightstand to consider for your bedroom. Well, the design of this product is quite innovative. It comes with a circular shape and futuristic appearance.

For a bedroom that looks plain, boring, and all white, this is a perfect bedside table. The name of this product is Datejust. The dark color combination will make it an ideal focal point of the bedroom.

18. Vintage Nightstand with Legs

Решения расширяющие пространство спальни


If you look for some unique nightstands ideas that have some legs, it is one of the good choices to make. If you do not want anything boxy for your bedside table, this vintage furnishing would make the nice decor.

It has a little bit of romantic feel that looks adorable on every side. There is a circular accent as the handle to pull the drawers. Below it, you have an open shelf for books, probably. In the picture, there is one in black, another in white. It is possible, a boy and girl category.

19. Rounded Supports for Bedside Table



Instead of having legs, this nightstand comes with some rounded supports. It does not have traditional support. However, the ones that this table has have the same shape as the drawer. That makes the entire design looks lighter and more detailed.

Those supports are actually so simple, which is similar to the drawer. The tabletop space is quite spacious. You can place some little stuff like plants, phones, and others. That includes the table lamp. Altinox Minimal Design designs this product. It is Velvet nightstand.

20. Unique Nightstands Ideas with 3D Shape



This furnishing has some metal legs to lift it up to the same height as the bed surface. At a glance, it looks like the nightstand is floating until you notice the steel feature. That dark background gives a nice contrast to let you see the beautiful 3D texture.

The shape detail is the highlight of this nightstand. It would surely make a significant change to any room. The soft-colored grey bed is a great element to complement the table.

21. Mid-Century Modern Table


The simplicity of the design is what makes this table perfect for any kind of bedroom. The mid-century modern look serves as both for function and decoration. It is more like decorative furniture for the bedside space.

It has an additional shelf that is great for keeping your books. So after you finish reading the books, just keep it right beside the bed. Then, go to sleep in peace.

The structure of this nightstand is like a thin drawer with legs. The simple design makes it a good idea for a DIY project. In fact, it is one of recommended cheap unique nightstands.

22. Sleek Modern Nightstand with Light

8 đại kỵ phong thủy đầu giường khiến bạn gặp vận xui 'tới tấp' - Doanh Nghiệp Việt Nam


This one is such cool nightstands ideas to consider for your bedroom. It has built-in lights that illuminate what you keep inside it. This product is Elumo. It will turn your bedroom into a showroom.

The lights will help you see clearly what is inside the store. It would also display the things inside it. Therefore, it is better to have something decorative and interesting in there. In this picture, you can see the lighted space has a big book, which is probably important for the owner.

23. Black Frame and Glass

GIÒ Bedside table Giò Collection by Poliform design Rodolfo Dordoni


It is such a nice combination of black structure and glass material. The shape of this nightstand is also quite unusual. The tabletop is made of glass that would make you able to see what is under it. It is a great way to display the things inside the storage.

However, having a glass tabletop would increase the chance of making noise during sleep time. Besides, it is easy to break when you accidentally bump it with stuff. It is not a cube, rectangles, or even circles. Gio is the shape of its own.

24. C-Shaped Nightstand



This product is Beddo, which is a nightstand that forms a letter C. It has a drawer hidden under the top. The thin storage space is perfect to keep the reading glass and other small things. The design is simple but it is something you can buy, not build yourself.

The innovative shape makes it perfect for any bedroom of the house. Furthermore, you can also use it in other spaces such as the living room, reading room, or patio. It is one of the small space nightstand ideas.

25. Floating Wall Lamp Table



This is the innovative design of a nightstand that can act as a lamp. Besides used as the night table, this is also an art display. You cannot use it to store your stuff since it is not a case. However, it offers a very special feature.

The light of the lamp faces up. Therefore, anything on top of the table would receive such an amazing accent. It is better to have some decorative collection on it.

This table is available at some stores. It is the SAT wall lamp table. This product is so multifunctional that you can activate it by touch.

26. A Bucket of Nightstand

Conico 3 Bedside Table by Cantori | Designer Italian Bedside Tables | IMAESTRI


For those of you who often take the clothes off and just throw them everywhere, well, you need a bucket of the nightstand. This one is a super innovative product that you have to get for your bedroom. It also acts as a bedside table.

Conico is a more elegant type of bucket that has some features to accompany your time to rest. Besides being a container for all the wearable, it has a mirror as the tabletop. With a little flip, you can see what your face look like before or after sleeping.

27. Decorative Nightstand like a Smashed Can



The designer made a nightstand to match the look of a smashed can. The name of this item is Tin Table, just like what it looks like. It is the unusual nightstand ideas but the uniqueness is what makes this piece so special. One small feature to enjoy is the handles that offer easy carrying.

28. Oil Burner Nightstand

茶几 / 床边柜 EBO 茶几系列 by Bontempi Casa (With images) | Coffee table, Bedside table, Furniture


For those who know about burning scented oils, they would know what this nightstand exactly resembles. The shape and design look like the oil burner tools that turn out to become a great structure for a bedside table.

The concave surface on the top makes a perfect place to place a lamp stand. Space used to be a shelf for books and magazines is where the candle stands in the oil burner is. You need to consider this one of the unique nightstands ideas.

29. Nightstand Looks like Seat

坐垫凳 AFRODITE By Bolzan Letti in 2020 | Childrens bedrooms, Bedside table, Bedroom


The first time you see this nightstand, it looks like seats. This one is pouf. Yes, people use it for seating but nowadays it has more functions. In this case, it is also great as coffee tables, dining seats, and bedside furnishing.

Bolzan Letti designs this specific product. It is Afrodite Pouf. Unique nightstands ideas have a hidden shelf that you secretly hide. To release it, just slightly push the spot and it will slide upwards.

30. Bedside Table with Leather Cover

https://www.archiproducts.com/en/products/caroti/lacquered-wooden-bedside-table-with- drawers-grace-leather-bedside-table_258457 en 2020


It is not just an ordinary nightstand. Wood and leather cover it. The purpose of using those two different materials is to benefit the texture and tactile perception. The two rounded lamps set up a perfect scene to the spot.

Well, it has successfully become a nice focal point for the bedroom. The leather and wood accent is actually not only on the bedside but also in the entire area of the room. The gray frame is similar to the bed. Some earthy neutral shades fill the bedroom itself.

31. Boxy Nightstand with Fabric Outer Shell

Решения расширяющие пространство спальни


This one is different from other kinds of a boxy nightstand. It has a fabric outer shell that can give you something else. The design is unique for bedside furnishing bet some interesting features like the extra storage and phone holder is just perfect.

This is not your typical nightstand. It is not that easy to find in many stores. However, the simple design makes this product open for a DIY project.

32. Diamond Bedside

Modern Nightstand Ideas from the Master Bedroom Collection in 2020 | Amazing bedroom designs, Luxury furniture, Luxury bedroom furniture


Having a bedside furnishing that looks like a diamond would make the luxury in the bedroom out of this world. This designed dark nightstand is looking like a big diamond. If it were beside your bed, the bedroom would feel like a sanctuary of a princess.

It truly becomes the crowning jewel of the bedroom. The golden base really uplifts both the physique and the value of this diamond nightstand. The polygonal texture makes the bedside table to look like real jewelry.


All of them are definitely the unique nightstand ideas that you look for, right? Now, just select some of them that are perfect as the bed’s companion for the bedroom.


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