Narrow Small Walk In Closet Ideas

Narrow Small Walk In Closet Ideas. When well-laid out design ideas are utilized, small walk-in closets work best. Eliminate items you don’t need to create a well-planned tiny closet design. Next, evaluate how remaining objects may be categorized to maximize available area by taking a inventory of what’s left.

Lastly, investigate a variety of closet organization ideas before settling on racks, rods, shelves, bins, and your own homemade storage solutions.

These smart homes feature innovative small walk-in closet design concepts, customized features, efficient organization techniques, and more. Use these tips to create your own tiny walk-in closet layout.

You’ll learn that these attractive qualities aren’t limited to huge houses or exquisite bedrooms when you see the greatest tiny walk-in closet ideas.

It may seem like a big ask to have everything neatly displayed and accessible. Yet, even though you’ll need to be tactical about what items you put in your walk-in closet, it may operate for smaller spaces as well.

Being space-savvy and incorporating key organizational systems is what it takes to create a practical and stylish walk-in closet. Before you begin, it may be a good idea to clean out your bedroom…

Don’t be concerned! You’ll be motivated to get organized after seeing these cuddly but chic rooms.

Combination of Different Kinds of Shelves


Thinking about your shelves is a good idea. Standard shelving systems are not always the greatest choice for individuals, especially if you want to use them comfortably.

Because in the long run, you would rather not feel like your investment was not worth it, how you utilize your wardrobe should influence your custom shelves design.

In order to properly accommodate your belongings, you’ll need the following number of drawers, open/closed shelves, coat racks, shoe racks.

Storage Organized by Type


Little walk-in closets cannot be stylish, according to no rules. As an example, Kelly’s gorgeous closet, built by her on the blog View Along the Way, is a great example.

She set out to design a high-end wardrobe packed with practical storage devices, and she succeeded. Optimizing her closet’s limited square footage was made possible by DIY built-in shelves.

Two separate nooks for jewelry and handbags may be found on the right side of her closet. Additional accessories can be stored in three drawers.

Sweaters and shoes are stored on the left side of her walk-in, which has cabinet, cubbies, and shelves. While gorgeous peony wallpaper layers on the glam, a magnificent crystal pendant fixture overhead provides a touch of bling.

LED Lighting


Imagine you’re in a hurry and can’t decide which outfit to wear because you’re stuck. What can you do to help yourself? The solution is for you to have complete knowledge of your choices.

Quickly go through your clothes and pair them in no time with a good lighting in your closet. It will be simpler than you expect to get dressed in your walk-in closet.



Sara Cosgrove, an interior designer, created this tiny walk-in closet design (opens in a new window), which is a fantastic example of how to maximize space.

What you want in a small space is for the curvy joinery to make the huge walk-in closet efficient, which it does.

The use of mirrors is maximized here. When you walk in, the shoes add a nice touch to the front area. Store seasonal pieces in the bottom drawer, and keep your clothes folded on each side.

Vanity Table


Don’t put your vanity table outside if your room is tiny and you’re dividing it to accommodate a walk-in wardrobe.

Instead of a vanity table, use the room you’ve created for your closet. This allows you to prepare entirely in your closet, without being seen.

Use Various Types of Closet Storage


Utilizing a range of storage types is crucial for a successful small walk-in closet. Consider using open cubbies, baskets, plastic bins, and cabinet storage units to store various types of clothing and accessories in addition to the normal hanging rods.

Clothing, shoes, and accessories such as purses may typically be kept out in the open to make outfit planning simpler. To prevent a cluttered appearance, try storing smaller folded garments, accessories, and other miscellaneous items in closed storage solutions.

Minimalist Walk-in Closet


Nina, the Norwegian blogger behind the interior design website Stylizimo, madeover her walk-in closet after downsizing her belongings to the bare necessities. As a consequence, the area appears bright, spacious, and well-organized.

Three shelves and a single closet rod can be found on the back wall. Folded garments and seasonal items are kept in the white dresser on the right. A nook to hang high-heeled shoes is created on the right by five stainless steel rails from Ikea’s Grundtal kitchen series.

Open Shelves


Using open shelves instead of closed ones is one quick way to make your room look less cluttered. The illusion of depth is created by these shelves, giving you more room.

Mirrors Help Small Spaces Seem Bigger


Thanks to inexpensive removable wallpaper and cherry-picked items from Ikea’s Pax closet organizing system, Krista’s stellar walk-in closet makeover costs much less than it appears.

She was startled by the quantity of stuff that could suddenly fit inside after installing the latter. Krista even removed one of her bedroom dressers entirely, which she was able to do.

Walls Need Love’s wallpaper design, The Palms in White, can be found on the walls. It is guaranteed to restick to walls up to 99 times, and the design costs $24 per roll. A Joss and Main runner rug is on the floor.



You have enough room for a walk-in closet if you only have a single free wall in your bedroom. A fantastic tiny bedroom idea is single-wall walk-in closets. You may easily fit all of your clothes and shoes on the same wall if you are clever with the design.

Shoe storage and any extra shelves or cupboards should be positioned along the wall’s perimeter, with the principal clothing storage in the center, to achieve this.

Create Custom (Cheap) Storage With Ikea Pax


This functional walk-in closet was built by Lisa, the blogger who runs Garrison Street Design Studio, using Ikea’s Pax closet system. It allowed her to add unique items to her room for a fraction of the price of custom built-ins, which could cost $5,000 or more. Lisa spent less than $1,000 on the project.

Her new accessory drawers, on the left, are particularly attractive to her. Her collection of designer glasses is growing, and they have it.

Skip the Doors on Walk-In Closets


Here’s an Clever Trick to Make a Ordinary Wardrobe Look Like a Walk-In Wardrobe Design. Make the compartments deep enough to stand in by skipping the doors.

By skipping the doors and leaving the shelves open, this trick transforms a regular wardrobe into a walk-in wardrobe. You might also extend the little walk-in closet design further into the wall using concrete or POP if you have the money.

Consider installing shelves on both sides of the space, facing one another, if you have a limited area to work with. This results in the perception of a distinct area focused on a specific job, as well as making the most of available space.

Custom Closets Suit Your Specific Needs


The design of this tailored closet in Cristin Bisbee Pries’ house was inspired by a beautiful wallpaper pattern called Great Wave by Cole and Son. Simplified Bee’s expert on organization is she.

EasyClosets is the company that provides all of Cristin’s storage solutions. She created her room using the company’s free online tool.

The driftwood finish on the veneer on the custom cabinets is exquisite, matching the wallpaper’s ocean theme. The jute rug and seagrass baskets, for example, add a beachy touch to the space.

Add a Floor Mirror


@heyyallitsdenise was able to transform this small walk-in closet into a lovely dressing area despite its limited size. Her room becomes larger thanks to a floor mirror, which also allows her to examine her attire. The entire décor has a boutique feel thanks to a fluffy rug, tiny stool, and dangling vines.

Cedar to Eliminate Odor


In her bedroom closet, Melissa from Shabby Chic Cottage used Cedar Safe Closet Liners to cover the walls. These are natural aromatic cedar planks that repel moths, cockroaches, and mold naturally. It took her around six hours to install, she claims.

On the right, two shelving units are stacked to provide plenty of cubby space. On the left, a rod (not shown) provides a lot of hanging space in the back of the closet. A super-soft floor feels with an inexpensive bath mat.

Use Vertical Space


Regardless of how little a space you have, vertical storage allows you to save more. Homeowners may make excellent use of available space by applying this trick while designing a tiny walk-in closet.

Additional square footage is available to walk in because of hangers, open shelves, and sliding door wardrobes. Moreover, loft storage allows for seasonal or large items to be stored in your walk-in wardrobes, keeping them clutter-free.

Wood Panel Ceilings


Lindi at Love Create Celebrate created this dreamy bedroom closet makeover. Stikwood weathered peel and stick wood planks are hung on the ceiling.

New porcelain tiles were also installed on the floors, giving them a boost. IKEA provided the white storage boxes. When the cabinets are needed, well-placed LEDs illuminate them. The sliding barn door in the closet is not visible in the photo.

Divide Small Spaces


Using each wall for a different function is one of the greatest walk-in closet designs to understand precisely what you have. On one wall, clothes are stored, shoes are exhibited, and pegs are placed in a slice of exposed wall space. The walk-in closet shelving system accomplishes this.

Shelving Units Add Function To a Small Closet


MK Maison, a Finnish blogger and décor trendsetter, used items from Ikea’s Kallax collection to build her organized closet. Folded garments are stored on the left side’s large shelves. Hidden storage is created by the box inserts for the lower cubbies.

A modest Kallax unit houses accessories in a corner. Two closet rods are located to the right. The full-length mirror and floor pouf are the finishing touches. Both make the small closet seem like a posh changing area.

Repurpose Old Furniture


An inspiring place to get dressed is this Marie Antoinette-esque walk-in closet. Annie Brahler, the designer, stretched an antique armoire to hold her shoe collection with the help of a carpenter.

The space is brightened with a chair and a painted island that was cobbled together with numerous cabinets, which are highlighted by the Belle Epoque chandelier.

Storing Knits and Sweaters


You want to protect your investment when you spend a lot of money on shoes and accessories. Deborah Broockerd from Closet Factory (shown) has some great organizational tips in her closet.

On the shelf, you’ll notice the tall boots. Creases are prevented by little hangers. Before hanging, scarves are neatly folded on the right. The knitted yarn won’t snag or sag because it’s being stored in this way.

Look at the Corners


Examining corners in the light of creating a tiny walk-in closet concept may mean you’ve discovered the ideal purpose for them. Corners are frequently dead blank spaces in a space that go to waste.

To prevent future organizational issues, consider building your closet strategy around the corner, utilizing a customizable design and clever partition techniques. Keep reading for more walk-in closet inspiration.

White Wire Frame Shelves


Custom closet storage, not to mention stunning wallpaper, is something that many people cannot afford. Nicole from The Inspired Hive’s modest walk-in closet makeover is a remarkable achievement, for this reason.

She created the appearance of costly wallpaper using a stencil and paint before adding real storage. It cost her less than $30 to complete her project. Closet Maid’s Wire Shelving was then installed for cost-effective organization. It costs less than $10 to buy a 72-inch wide and 12-inch deep shelf.

The greatest feature is that it may be divided into smaller pieces. White cardboard boxes from Ikea are simple and stylish, hiding seasonal items from view.

More space is available to store belongings with a small dresser and an end table with drawers. A bedroom walk-in closet with a full-size mirror on the left is a must-have feature. The area is brightened by a Livex Brighton semi-flush mount light fixture. A machine-washable rug adds the finishing touch.

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