15+ Moroccan Tile Floor and Backsplash Ideas for Your Arabesque Home [UPDATED]

For decades, European styles have dominated interior and exterior design in the world. Now, some of you may want to try a different concept. Then why not try Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas?

The Moroccan style has a distinctive Arabic design, especially from Islamic elements. This concept is quite different as it only implements floral, plant, and geometric patterns.

These patterns are commonly-found on tables, windows, and floors. However, as time goes by, some Moroccan pattern lovers have also started to apply it to the walls.

The uniqueness will give your home a different feel. Warm colors, unique patterns, and charming decorations are the reasons to try Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas at least once in your life.

Moroccan Style Features

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Before discussing the Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas, it is a good idea to understand the characteristics of this design. Thereupon, this style contains elements of Islamic culture.

In this style, the use of Zellige or decorative mosaic tiles becomes the main feature. This characteristic is commonly-applied to table surfaces, windows, and floors of buildings that adopt this design.

Based on Islamic culture, any elements of animate beings are forbidden. Thus, geometric motifs are dominating. However, the Moroccan tile pattern sometimes also contains floral and plant.

The Moroccan style display uses a lot of natural elements. You can see this from the walls of this original country building, which are earth-oriented.

From the outside, buildings generally look plain without decorations. However, anyone will be amazed by the interior design, which is rich in geometric motifs at various angles.

Moroccan architecture also contains a bold, bright, yet soft tone. Colors, such as brown, gray, green, orange, white, blue, and red, are hallmarks that are inspired by local trees and stones.

Moroccan-style buildings generally also contain carvings that feature intricate geometric patterns. The sharp shape of the building is also one of the characteristics that are full of aesthetic values.

The features show that this style brings out warmness. If you already understand the concept, we will start to learn about applying the Moroccan tile floor and backsplash in the next section.

Moroccan Tile Floor and Backsplash Ideas for Kitchen

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One of the right places to apply Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas is the kitchen. The natural colors in it will turn a dirty and hectic impression into a more pleasant one.

The warm atmosphere of the Middle East will also be a mood booster to make you ready for fun activities in it. The following are some Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas in the kitchen:

Moroccan Tile Kitchen Backsplash

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Given its function as a protector, a kitchen backsplash certainly requires a durable material. Besides having to be waterproof, this section must also be able to protect the walls from heat.

However, apart from its function, the backsplash also plays a crucial role as a decoration. Applying Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas in this section would be a great idea.

Do not forget to choose a striking pattern. An attractive Moroccan tile floor and backsplash decoration will make the kitchen feel alive so that you will be excited to do activities in it.

The choice of color will also determine the feel of your kitchen. Warm tones like brown, orange, or red will give you a homey impression, while the bright colors will make it look festive.

Choosing the right designs, patterns, and colors will change the perception that the kitchen is dirty and unpleasant. Use your best taste to liven up the atmosphere.

White Moroccan Tile Backsplash

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Color selection plays a role in creating the nuance of a room. Unfortunately, kitchens often do not receive special attention in this regard, giving the impression of being gloomy and unkempt.

Therefore, it is time to overhaul the cooking area and create a new atmosphere. With some strategies, you can start applying Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas in the kitchen.

Apart from geometric motifs, color is also a supporter of the Moroccan style. One that you can choose is white. This tone will create an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.

However, the use of white as a Moroccan tile floor and backsplash idea also carries risks. If you forget to clean dirt and stains, the kitchen will look unkempt.

Otherwise, the color will make the room look wide. If you do not forget to keep it clean, then this place will be the most pleasant corner in your house.

Blue Moroccan Tile Backsplash

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If white gives a modern, luxurious, and elegant impression, then blue is different. The tones emitted by this color will evoke a calm and pleasant feeling.

Wherefore, try to apply this shade to the kitchen backsplash. Choose your favorite tone. Bright blues will build the mood, while the dark will help disguise any stains that may appear while cooking.

This color selection will help reduce the hectic and busy atmosphere that you might feel when you are on the move in the kitchen. Thus, the cooking moment will be even more enjoyable.

Moroccan Tile Kitchen Floor

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Apart from the backsplash, apply the Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas to the floorings. As is well-known, this section also plays an equally important role in room decoration.

The use of Moroccan style motifs will create a festive and fun atmosphere. With attractive colors, you can get rid of the boring impression that appears when you walk into the kitchen.

For the floor, you should choose a simple motif. The complicated one will give a busy and crowded impression. Besides, the colors must also be soft to make it more comfortable.

Arabesque Dining Room

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This section may not be a part of the cooking area. However, almost everyone puts the dining room side by side with the kitchen. As a result, the room concept will not be much different.

To display an Arabic nuance in this room, you can use Moroccan ceramic tile on the floor and walls. Gold colors will look charming because they give a luxurious impression.

However, you can still use other color choices that show the Moroccan style. Do not forget to choose a bright pattern.

Moroccan Bathroom

Cool 22 Luxurious Moroccan Bathroom Design That You Will Be Inspired https://usdecorating.com/8310-22-luxu… | Moroccan bathroom, Bathroom interior, Minimalist decor
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Besides the kitchen, another place to apply the Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas in the bathroom. You may be interested in using lots of Zellige to beautify every corner.

Using Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas will also not make your bathroom boring. Many styles will make the activities in it impressive.

Blue Moroccan Tile Bathroom

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As mentioned earlier, color is crucial in decorating a space. The tone you choose will determine the appearance and atmosphere of the room.

The Moroccan tile floor and backsplash theme is more on natural elements such as brown, red, or yellow. However, blue can also be an attractive tone for your bathroom.

This color is believed to be able to provide calm so that anyone will be more relaxed when doing activities. You can use it on the floor, wall, and sink backsplash.

For the bathroom, apply any tone of Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas. However, bright colors are best for avoiding a gloomy impression.

Playing with White

Toledo Geller Turns a Spare Room Into a Moroccan-Inspired Bathroom
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In any decor concept, white has always been a mainstay because this color is neutral and adaptable with any tone. Besides, there is a luxurious feel emanating from this tint.

Therefore, you can also use this color when applying the Moroccan tile floor and backsplash to the bathroom. The all-white nuance will also make the room look wider.

You are free to combine it with any color because this hue is neutral and flexible. All-white and part-white are both good ideas.

Tips for Choosing Moroccan Tile Bathroom

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Moroccan tile floor and backsplash in the bathroom is an option that you can apply at home. Even so, you cannot be careless when you start to decor.

To embellish your bathroom well, you need to know a few tricks. The following are some of the things to apply:

  • If the size of your room is narrow, you should choose a motif that is simple and has a light color. Thus, the area will look spacious.
  • Choose a floor and backsplash with matching motifs and colors. A view that is too contrasting will create the impression of being full and crowded.
  • If you do not really like intricate motifs, then go for the Zellige tiles. These Moroccan ceramics have different colors and textures, and each has its uniqueness.
  • You can use several different motifs and colors, but make sure one is dominant. More than one prominent element will lead to a messy impression.
  • To reinforce the Arabesque impression, put at least one Moroccan-styled furniture in your bathroom.

Those are some tricks that you can apply when starting to design a Moroccan tile floor and backsplash in your bathroom. But of course, it all depends on the taste of each individual.

Middle East Living Room

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As well as bathrooms and kitchens, there are plenty of spaces to match Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas. You can even apply it to the living room.

Placing Middle Eastern motifs on the floor will give a luxurious but slightly playful impression. Of course, you have to choose an attractive design to match the living room of your house.

It is best to choose the less complicated geometric motifs. This room must have a comfortable design so that anyone can feel at home and relax as long as possible.

The shade you choose is quite flexible according to taste. However, consider the harmony of hues. Avoid using colors that are too collide to make it less crowded.

To accentuate your Middle East living room perfectly, use some Arabic-style furniture. Besides, you can strengthen it with matching decorations on the walls and corners of the room.

Make It Different with Encaustic Tile

Encaustic Tiles: The Pros and Cons You Should Know | Otto Tiles & Design - Encaustic, Moroccan and Terrazzo Cement Tiles
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There are many types of tiles that you can use to beautify your home. One of them is encaustic, a material made from clay and has various patterns.

Encaustic tiles generally have complicated patterns with embossed images on the surface. Unlike ceramics, the material is not shiny. However, the motive is bold and does not fade easily.

Any encaustic Moroccan tile floor and backsplash designs are generally considered luxurious. It is because the process of creating these materials is complicated to ensure their strength.

The raised texture makes encaustic tiles suitable for bathroom floors. However, you can also enjoy its luxury in various corners of the house, such as the living room and kitchen.

Decorative Moroccan Tiles for Bedroom

35+ Moroccan bedroom ideas
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The bedroom decoration is very much for the occupants. However, if you choose Moroccan style for your private space, now get ready to enjoy a seductive Middle Eastern feel.

You can fix decorative Moroccan tiles on the floor. Adjust the colors and patterns to your tastes and needs. However, you also pay attention to the condition of the room.

For example, people who like abstract designs, then they might apply the patchwork style as flooring. You can also be right as a wall decoration.

Meanwhile, for homeowners who like simple patterns, then Zellige tiles are the right choice. You can choose a motif that is minimal but has an artistic color effect.

Make Your Swimming Pool Fun

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Apart from sports, the swimming pool is also a place to have fun. Therefore, the design you choose must be cool and make anyone feel at home spending time.

Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas are suitable for this piece. Arabic motifs with seductive colors will make anyone interested, even if it is to see the view of the pond.

If most swimming pool floors have plain motifs, give a touch of motifs to make them look different. Similarly, you might do for the edges.

To make the swimming area even more beautiful, provide some typical Moroccan decorations around the pool. One of them is a washing place equipped with Middle Eastern motifs.

Nice Design for Laundry Room

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The part of the house that comes into contact with water requires special treatment. One of them is the use of waterproof material on the floor, backsplash, and other parts that might get wet.

Indeed, the laundry room is one part that must get that treatment. However, to avoid getting boring, apply Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas to this room.

Moreover, the floor is a part that you need to take into consideration. Use a tile with a slightly raised surface to prevent slippage, which reduces the risk of slipping.

Additionally, the section should use light-colored tiles on the floor, walls, and backsplash (if any). The reason is that this room is used to do things that require mobility.

Patchwork Moroccan Tile Floor and Backsplash

25 Creative Patchwork Tile Ideas Full of Color and Pattern
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Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas feature unique and regular geometric motifs. However, you can try something else, namely patchwork.

This concept features a patchwork-like design. Thus, the displayed motifs are not uniform and seem irregular. The shades and patterns are different from one another.

Even though it is irregular and seems abstract, many people like this kind of design because it gives a playful impression; this style is also suitable for children’s rooms.

Furthermore, Moroccan tile floor and backsplash patchwork will provide flexibility since you can design by yourself at home. Therefore, you can apply unused tiles to get beautiful works of art.

Moroccan Tile Backsplash Peel and Stick

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Zellige, the Trendiest Tile of 2019 - Remodelista
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Sometimes backsplash work is complicated due to the use of heavy and expensive ceramics. Besides, the installation process is difficult and you cannot take it apart easily.

You do not always have to use these materials to decorate the room. Recently, the world of home decor has been shocked by the trend of more flexible peels and sticks.

Further, try to apply it while working on the Moroccan tile floor and backsplash. Generally, the material for this peel-and-stick is vinyl, which is lighter than ceramic and stone.

The installation is similar to sticking a sticker on the wall. You can see that its appearance and properties are almost identical to ceramics.

Besides, vinyl is good enough for the backsplash because this material is waterproof and durable. Another plus is that you can easily install and remove it when you want to change decorations.

There are many motifs you will love. Using these peel-and-stick things means that you can get a new look every time without having to run into trouble.

Applying Moroccan tile floor and backsplash at home is indeed full of challenges. But on the other hand, you will also enjoy a lot of fun while going through the process and seeing the results.

The process of choosing a design is sometimes quite complicated because of the variety of motifs and colors. Besides, you also have to be observant enough in combining the various components in it.

However, Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas will be an attractive choice for home decor. Many options that will make you even more excited and not easily bored.

Besides the Moroccan tile floor and backsplash ideas stated above, there may be other interesting ideas to apply. Make lots of references to create an unbeatable feel in your home.

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