Modern Window Seat Ideas

Modern Window Seat Ideas. A window seat has a certain magnetic allure to it. We can’t wait to plant ourselves up against the glass as soon as we see that sun trap, bathed in beautiful natural light. Being in touch with the outside world without having to go outside the security of our homes makes us feel connected.

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Ground-floor benches bring you into touch with garden life even when it rains, sleets, or snows since upper floor window seats may elevate you into the sky or place you among the birds. This broad range of inspirational window seats has it all, from basic extensions of the humble window sill to important expansions of living area.

Dressing a cosy little window ledge is right up there with the bigger ticket items, such as a wrap-around porch or even a home sauna, in terms of all the home design ideas I have.

Even better is if the attic has a cozy little window seat, allowing me to perch up there all day and terrify neighborhood children.

So, I digress (and joke) a little. Whether you’re attempting to make use of an uncomfortable nook by a window or simply adore the appearance and want to hack it in your current space, we have twenty clever ideas and designer examples for you.

The seat can take on a variety of shapes and sizes. You may put up a modest banquette, create a custom bench with storage, or locate a sofa that suits you perfectly.

Your window seat might be converted into a daybed with blankets and pillows if the area in front of your window has some depth. Your window seat or daybed may be transformed into a comfortable pillow fort with the addition of drapery around the area.

The next step is to decorate once you’ve constructed your window seat. Thankfully, these locations are versatile enough to fit any design. You’re ready to go with a few throw pillows in your color scheme. Here are some window seat ideas that may help you get started.

Make It Blend In


Tamsin Johnson’s living room features personality from the three-tiered arc lamp to the beach-y rattan furniture, despite its understated and neutral color scheme.

Since it blends into the background while not in use (those sculptural spherical pillows help), the widow seat is a fantastic addition to a living-room-family-room hybrid.



It’s important to consider the view beyond when designing window seat ideas. You may choose shutter colors to adorn your window seat that match those outdoors if it’s not something remarkable, otherwise select colors that reflect the outside.

Windows are a framed vignette of color and visual elements that you invite into your space, as well as a view out. Jennifer advises us to ‘play with colors from the outside environment’ before cautioning us about what we’re seeing and how it affects the area surrounding the window.

Rustic modern window seat


As a result, contemporary window seat designs are meticulously designed and built to allow for comfortable sitting and lounging. Window sizes and architectures are another area of experimentation for architects. When you need an energizing nap, some of the seats are wide and long enough to stretch out your legs and relax.

Any type of material, from traditional wood to contemporary concrete, may be used to create window seats. Window seats with large frames are in style right now. On the other hand, stone veneers provide a rustic touch.

As a fitting though separate furnishing, modern frameless windows aren’t a deterrent to window seating.

Reading Nook Ideas


For others, a window seat’s primary function is to provide a quiet, comfortable reading area. If your chosen window is in a nursery or playroom, this is particularly true. What could be more fun than reading with the little ones in a lively setting?

Build or install bookshelves just outside your nook or as part of the bench underneath to ensure all of your favorite authors are close at hand. Of course, in any reading nook, bookshelves are a must, so you can easily reach your favorite novels.

Nobody wants to discover they have a stiff neck because of bad support while reading a book. You can prop yourself up while reading with a lot of cushions and throw pillows.

Hang drapatgs across the front of the room to create a more intimate atmosphere and make it seem like you’re in another world. A unique touch to your nook is adding little framed art. For handcrafted items created by you or your family, extra credit is given.

Maximize a Pass-Through Space


Mindy Gayer Design Co. designed this large upstairs landing. The pass-through area beneath a wall of double windows is flooded with Southern California light, making it an ideal spot for a built-in window seat.

To keep the area looking neat, a natural-toned floor basket is a lovely way to store extra blankets or favorite reading materials.



You may be thinking about how to create a light breeze between your indoor and outdoor areas as the weather improves. Designer Margaux Lafond(opens in new tab) explains the unexpected answer in a window seat, as follows:

Using an empty or difficult area for extra seating is a fantastic way to bring the outside in. Wall seats are a clever option.

If you put a few pillows, particularly if you put a pendant light or a pair of sconces, this area usually becomes the ideal spot for a breakfast or reading nook,’ she says.

Jennifer Morris, who advises us to ‘consider the view aesthetics’ in order to construct a curated flow between the two areas, reinforces Margaux’s idea.



A rustic daybed cushion in a Holland and Sherry fabric, topped with a blanket and pillows in earthy tones, makes a comfortable nook in this country house family room. Perfect for snuggling up with a good book, a reading light shines overhead.

Create a Bonus Room


This vast built-in practically substitutes for a second sofa in terms of luxury window seating. The gorgeous illumination floods the little “room within a room,” making it a special location for a coffee date.

This textured, eclectic corner is complete with printed window decorations, which we have to admit we’re completely in love with.

Creating A Unique Window Seat


Choosing window seat designs with hidden storage underneath the bench is a excellent strategy for people constrained on area. This might be a wonderful place to store children’s toys, books, and other things.

Moreover, an alcove could be created under the bed that accommodates a pet bed or bookshelf.

In addition, converting the wall around your window into storage or bookcases might be a excellent way of framing the window seat while you relax, not to mention making it simpler to grab your most recent read.

Built In Bench Seat with Storage


Using the space beneath the bench for storage may be very helpful for keeping extra blankets and pillows hidden in plain sight.

The enormous window seat section of this wall-sized shows how to save space while also demonstrating remarkable multi-use.

Instead of using regular loose seat cushions, this sofa has built-in drawers for extra storage and two single bed mattresses that may be used as a sofa or as an extra sleeping area for two persons.

A bright sunroom with window seat bench greets you as you enter this home’s foyer. This space is cosy for any visitors due to natural light from the picture windows and a variety of comfortable window seat cushions.

A window seat bench may be a great addition to a home’s entryway. Before entering the main part of the home, guests may wait here or children may remove and store shoes.

By arranging the cushions to get the look you desire, you may inject your own personality and design touches. The seat cushions and drapes in the photo above were successfully matched to the wall color.


In situations like this one, there are a variety of approaches for maximizing small, dead spaces. Although being rather narrow and narrow, this corner section is deep enough to accommodate a built-in bench.

The bench has a paneling detail in the same white finish as the walls, which was designed to blend in with the interior detailing.

The loose seat cushions and pillows are in gray, with a variety of patterns and fabrics to add texture to match the gray wall paint.

Build into the bay


It appears that the skirting board has always been there by installing it to the exterior of this built-in window seat. Make sure you take accurate measurements if you want to do something similar. The depth of the seat cushion slots precisely beneath the window ledge, as you can see here.

The pretty coral piping on the seat cushions picks up the accent colors in the room, and the fabric coordinates well with the blinds.



A window seat is aesthetic in addition to being convenient, hence the best upholstery fabrics are one of the most significant elements in the procedure.

Sun glare and heat, privacy, air, and view’ are some of the factors Jennifer Morris mentions when discussing materials.

You usually apply these topics to window treatments, but they are essential to evaluate in a window seat since it may affect the fabric you utilize,’ she explains.

If the substance is blasted with the sun, it should be colorfast so that it does not fade.

You should also consider the fabric’s texture and color,’ the designer says, before informing us that some dark materials, such as vinyl, are particularly good at ‘trapping heat.’

Susana Simonpietri, Chango & Co’s Creative Director, advises us to keep pragmatism in mind while recommending “high-performance fabric” that is “sun-resistant” but can “take a beating from pets and small ones,” despite prioritizing the look of your fabric.

Trust me – it will get a lot of wear,’ she promised.

Modern window seat ideas to conceal and hide


Modern interior design may incorporate window seating elements that serve more than just aesthetic purposes.

Window seats may be utilised to conceal and disguise the unavoidable space-hogging characteristics such as air purifiers, heaters, AC vents, and more when a bedchamber window seat is not being utilized to build a snug corner or make way for extra seating.

The bottom of the window seating area, which holds such enormous and unwieldy devices, may be covered with louvered slats.

On the one hand, contemporary window seat designs are utilized to conceal unattractive items, and it is occasionally the window sitting space that one wishes to conceal completely.

Large ceiling-to-floor curtains are a fantastic option in these situations. Children and young people will appreciate the ceiling-to-floor draperies that cover the window seats, providing hidden areas for roleplay and makeshift tents and treehouses.

When installing window seating, the location of draperies, blinds, and other window treatments is an important consideration. Consider installing roll-up blinds against the window seating to take full advantage of the daylight pouring in from the window sitting area.

When the window seating space is not in use, you may put ceiling-to-floor drapings in heavier and darker textiles that not just block out the extra light and sound but also cover it completely.

Hang a Light


With a matching duvet cover, throw pillow, and wallpaper, Cameron Ruppert brought together the room. The slanted ceilings around the window seat make it extra comfortable, and the light blue-gray and greens are perfect for a bedroom. An extra reading light is provided by a pedant hanging directly over the nook.

Use Oversized Pillows


Nicole Hollis created this window seat, which is covered in soft neutrals with lovely decorations throughout. It is a great spot for a cat nap. Select oversized lumbar pillows so you can lean against something comfortable instead of the hard wall, and keep a little stool of side table nearby for books or tea.