Modern Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Ideas. Installing a fireplace outdoors may seem unusual. Fireplaces, after all, are meant to heat up rooms and mountaons in the winter, not backyards, porches, or patios.

Fireplaces, however, are a little more advanced than fire pits and would be easy to put in your yard. Moreover, adding a fireplace to your outdoor area is a guaranteed way to make an impression. Fireplaces are usually taller, broader, and bigger than fire pits.

Of course, purchasing a fire pit isn’t the only step required when adding an outdoor fireplace. Nevertheless, since it is so difficult to add, seeing one is a rare occurrence, and the fact that it is so difficult makes it all the more remarkable.

The next step is to determine where to place and integrate an outdoor fireplace, if you’ve chosen to invest in one.

This is a tough question to answer all of the time. Thankfully, the outdoor fireplace has been attempted and executed by several interior designers, who have provided some smart suggestions.



This outdoor fireplace(opens in a new tab) is incredibly sturdy and contemporary in design, somewhere between a fire pit and a chiminea. Any and every outdoor area can benefit from bringing the best of both worlds in terms of style and warmth.

The snug feelings can begin once you’ve added firewood or kindling. Our fire pit ideas can give you some ideas on styling up your set-up if you’re looking for more inspiration.

Paradise Valley


Ironwood arms on the Ocean Collection sofa. Sunbrella cushions on Romeo club chairs. Dekton side tables and coffee tables.

A big contemporary backyard concrete paver patio redesign in Phoenix with a fireplace and a roof addition was inspired by this picture.



Contrary to popular belief, having a fireplace in your outdoor does not require a large amount of space. Chimeneas, like Wayfair’s number (opens in a new window), provide a wonderful compromise for homeowners who don’t have much outdoor space for a big fireplace.

The most common types of chimeneas are cone or chimney-shaped constructions with log holders at the base, which come in a vast range of styles. Since they direct the heat more effectively than fire pits, they may still fit onto a tiny patio and keep you warmer than fire pits. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Warm Up Al Fresco Dining


Install an outdoor fireplace near the dining area, and then give a sense of intimacy with a pagoda, to make al fresco meals a little cozier. Pillows were also added to the benches near the fireplace for additional comfort and color by designer Jenn Feldman.



Do you want to try something new in the backyard? Just like this swish example from Amazon(opens in new tab), search for an electric or gas outdoor fireplace insert.

This stainless steel fireplace, which looks great and burns a lot of heat, may be erected into your garden wall.

The sturdy stainless steel construction will be a game-changer in your outdoor area for years (and years) to come, while you’ll need professional help installing it.

In addition, you’ll be happy to learn that this fireplace comes with multicolored LED lights if you’re a lover of stylish outdoor lighting.

Set the Scene With a Striking Material


Building the outdoor fireplace of your dreams? Pick a topic or theme to work with. Sleek concrete, traditional brick, or lustrous steel are all options. Textured stones that coordinate with the remainder of your outdoor area are an option.



You can still recreate the traditional shape and brick construction if you don’t have the resources to construct a fireplace outside.

Sunjoy Gwendolyn Outdoor Patio Heavy Duty Wood Burning Fireplace with Steel Chimney(opens in new tab) is a complete off the peg from Amazon if this is your vibe.

It includes a removable grate, mesh spark screen doors, and a fire poker. As compared to a patio heater, it’s significantly more substantial and imposing.

Just be advised that because these items aren’t compact, you’ll want to put them in the middle of your patio to maximize their usefulness and distribute heat throughout.

DIY 4-Step Fire Pit


You can be toasting marshmallows by evening after knocking out this simple-peasy fire pit in an afternoon. For a custom finished appearance, use two or three layers of landscaping stone.



Try a built-in option if you’re thinking about a fireplace when designing your outdoor area.

This stone design for the Wildwood Spa’s(opens in new tab) vacation home was built as part of a covered area that blended into the scenery, with support from Wayfair.

Local stone is used for an organic effect, however limestone marble and granite are also popular options.

A pair of Wayfair’s Aamani garden chairs(opens in new tab) are used to finish the aesthetic, which include cushions and footstools for relaxing in front of the flames with a drink.

How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace


Here’s a step-by-step guide for building an outdoor fireplace that’s completely free.

You’ll go through all of the phases until you get to the stonework, starting with excavation and pouring concrete. The technique of constructing the stone veneer for your fireplace is discussed in detail here.



Terrain’s outdoor fireplace design (opens in new tab) is somewhere between the two, and it is a very popular option for atmosphere-creating fire pits.

Since you must acquire the wood and keep the fire going, as well as clean it out afterwards, they need more care.

Fire pits and chimineas, on the other hand, are extremely popular – people appreciate the sense of sitting near a real wood fire.

On a windy day, lighting a fire pit or chiminea might be more difficult than with other heating methods.

Moreover, when compared to something that you may simply lower or raise to a specific temperature level, you won’t have as much control over the heat. Nevertheless, for some people, the compromises are worth it because of the look and feel of a wood fire.

Showcase Multiple Materials


From the cool marble tiles to the pale brick walls and terrazzo stool, Robson Rak’s sleek patio highlights a variety of stunning materials. Use the same materials for your flooring, seating, and fireplace to create a subtle design.

Set the Scene With a Striking Material


Outdoor Fireplace Creations is the first step in your dream fireplace. Pick a topic and settle on it. Sleek concrete, classic brick, and lustrous steel are all available. Or choose textured stones that coordinate with the rest of your outdoor area to keep things simple.



If you’re designing an outdoor fireplace, why not integrate it with an outdoor grilling station? No backyard is complete without somewhere to cook.

We adore this design because it’s so practical, with built-in seating, space for logs storage, and outdoor lighting,’ says Homes& Gardens’ Editor in Chief.

Yet, it is the building’s architecture and planting that really draw the attention, making it a wonderful focal point at the end of even modest backyards.’



While you may not have a pool, an outdoor fireplace can provide some pizzazz.

An alfresco dining space is given a charming outdoor wood-burning wall fireplace.

The obvious vertical flue is adored, and it gives the space a sleek modernity. And just imagine how comfortable you’ll feel while eating supper with loved ones.

Outdoor Fireplace on a Deck


With the addition of a fireplace, you can create a cosy outdoor area. A fireplace serves as a feature wall, a focal point, a place to cook, and a source of warmth that can extend your outside living season. Whether it’s for dining or lounging, it’s worth having.

Add space for firewood storage and a few decorative items, if necessary, based on the style of your home. Make certain that the chimney has a fire-rated flue pipe and the firebox is made of steel or fire-rated bricks.



An outdoor fireplace suspended on a pivoting hearth is the best option for you if you don’t have financial limits and want to enjoy the enviable indoor-outdoor living of the hottest climates.

This is a excellent strategy for adding luxury to your yard if you’re curious about ‘how to do it.’

This outdoor fireplace is a status symbol that will last for years to come. It’s perfect for large open spaces with panoramic views of the coast. So, prepare to be the host with the most by taking inspiration from these garden bar ideas.

Separate Your Spaces


Place down some patterned tiles to give the fireplace hangout zone a sense of its own little nook within a bigger patio. In this Studio Lifestyle-designed space, we’re also loving the contemporary sconces that flank the bougainvillia-draped fireplace.

Outfit Your Space With Entertaining Essentials


Make sure you’ve got enough entertaining essentials if you plan to invest in an outdoor fireplace, because your backyard will quickly become a hangout destination.

Creating an outdoor kitchen or putting a grill nearby might be beneficial. Treat yourself to a TV and some comfortable seating if you’re a movie buff.

Outdoor Wood Fireplace


The contemporary farmhouse look of this rear porch is bolstered by wood paneling on an outdoor fireplace. The all-white ceiling and floors are contrasted by the natural color and texture.

The plain color scheme is brightened with accessories like outdoor pillows and an area rug.

Outdoor Table Fireplace


Outdoor table fireplaces are a good option if you don’t have enough space but want to stay stylish. For those chilly autumn evenings with friends or family, this slim stainless steel table is just the right height to set up seating around.

This fireplace, which comes with a natural gas conversion kit and is powder-coated for additional weather resistance, is available from Wayfair.



This beautiful outdoor fireplace design takes center stage for the Hampton Court Flower Show, which was created by award-winning garden designer Mike Harvey(opens in new tab).

This stone fireplace provides a permanent setting for stoking up and gazing at a fire in the garden, with a vibrant and bright color surround. Large lounging chairs near the fire are the ideal spot to relax outdoors in the outdoor area for the ultimate outdoor room.

Mix-and-Match Brick Fireplace


The mostly brick show is broken up by a few round stones placed around the outdoor fireplace surround.

They’re put in an uneven pattern on the patio, implying a casual and laid-back vibe. A comfortable conversation area is created by cushioned outdoor chairs and an umbrella overhead.

Deck Out Your Chimney


By angling cozy chairs toward the fireplace, you can keep your outdoor area intimate. Then, to emphasize the romance even more, hang string lights. Wall décor, such as a wooden brutalist sculpture, can spruce up your fireplace with a tall chimney.

Let Your Greenery Run Wild


Expect your flora to spread out and even over your outdoor fireplace if you were lucky enough to have a lush backyard.

Cutting back the vines may seem like a good idea at first. You may, however, end up with a fireplace that resembles a fairytale if you just prune the branches that are required.

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