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Minion Room Decor to Brighten up Children’s Bedroom

Since its first release, the Despicable Me movie has gained a lot of attention, especially from little kids. So, if your child is one of its fans, why don’t you create a fun and cute minion room decor?

It is undeniable that the cute small yellow characters called the minions gained popularity and a lot of people from kids to grown-up fall in love with these fellows.

Now, are you curious about bringing these cute characters into real life? Here are some ideas on how to create a minion room decor for your little one.

Have Fun with the Wall Decor

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When you are decorating a room, remember that you have a big blank space you can get creative with. The wall!

It is the easiest way how you can incorporate a minion room decor into your kids’ bedroom. You can simply layer the wall with minion-themed wallpaper, adding the decals or art pieces.

If you decide to decor the room with wall decals, find the removable one so that it can be easily removed.

Therefore, when your kids grow up and want a different themed-room, they can easily redecorate it. It is easy to use, labor-friendly, and budget-friendly too.

Another great idea is to find 3D minion wall art that will look great in the room. This type of wall art will make the characters look more alive.

The wall art will not look like a simple sticker attached to the wall. You can also get several different minion room decor to cheer up your kids’ room or their playing corner.

You can also try painting one side of the wall in yellow and blue, the color tone used for the minion’s character.

Besides, you can also add a cute minion’s face on it, and voila! You have a minion-themed wall for your minion room decor.

If you are more daring, however, an oversized 3D minion wall art will make anyone excited. Fortunately, this type of decoration requires more effort to make.

However, it can brighten the overall look of the room. Since you already create an oversized decoration on the wall, you can keep the furniture in a neutral tone or color.

The neutral tone will make the room does not look too tacky. Hence, your children will feel comfortable with it.

Finding the Right Minion Bedroom Furniture

Despicable Me Minion Theme Playhouse Loft bed | Minion room decor, Kid room decor, Simple bedroom decor

Once you are finished decorating and having fun with the wall, the next step is finding the right furniture to complement the minion room decor.

With the rising popularity of the movie, you can find minion-themed furniture for the room.

A floor cushion that can be used as a bed is one great idea to show your love for these cute yellow characters.

In addition to the bed, adding a Despicable Me-themed drawer or toy box is also a simple yet great idea for this minion room decor.

However, if it is too difficult to find one or it is too expensive, you can always turn your usual furniture into minion room decor with a DIY project.

Prepare some yellow, blue, black, and white paint, and then paint your usual drawer into minion characters. An old nightstand is also great furniture to turn into it.

Its low height and small size will make a perfect item for your minion room decor. Any kids will be thrilled to see a minion in their bedroom!

Incorporate Minion Room Decor in Your Textiles

Minions Yellow Single Bedding set | Departments | DIY at B&Q

Another easy idea to create a minion room decor is by incorporating them in your textile selection. One simplest idea is to buy bedding printed with images of the figures on it.

Colorful minion bedding is perfect for little kids’ room. You can find a pillow cover with an image of the yellow fellows on it.

You will find it hard to skip as there are now too many minion-themed items in various stores. However, you can always get creative with textile.

Find a minion shaped pillow for bedroom decoration. Or if you are good with crocheting, why don’t make a cute rug for the bedroom?

Crocheted materials are another perfect Minion room decor. It will add warmth to the bedroom and therefore will make the room feel warm and cozy.

Some Merchandise for Minion Room Decor

Minions Merchandise (@MinionsPlush) | Twitter

This is the easiest way to turn any bland-looking bedroom into a Minion style. Being popular, it will be easy to find anything related to the character.

A lot of high street department stores sometimes even have their own ‘Minion Departments’. In this department, you can find various cute and funny Despicable Me merchandise.

Decorate the room with Minion wallpaper, duvet sets, and curtains in matching themes. Another idea is to line up mini figurines along with the head of the bed or on your kids’ desk.

It can double as a decoration item for your minion room decor as well as toys for your kids to play with.

If your child is too young for playing with figurines, you can opt for posters instead. It is a good choice for decoration because of its versatility.

You can laminate it and stick it on the wall, or frame it to make it look more sophisticated.

Another idea is to float mounted or made into a cork pinboard or magnetic board so that your kids feeling excited using it in their rook.

All merchandise will easily transform the bedroom into a fun minion room décor sanctuary.

However, if you plan on going all out with the merchandise, it will be better to keep the wall neutral to avoid a clash of color or making it look too overwhelming.

Color Schemes Ideas

An Analysis of the Burgeoning Character Merchandising Industry in India - iPleaders

For those who think that merchandise is too brash for the room, opt for a color scheme instead for your minion room decor. For this style pick a color pallet that represents the characters.

The color will be yellow and denim blue. To create a fun yet calming minion room decor, you can start with pale grey walls.

This color on the wall will create a simple and calm base for the bright denim blue and yellow that you are going to use later.

If you want a more pop of color, however, you can paint one side of the wall in a polka dots pattern for a more exciting look.

Next, paint the bed or drawers in a banana yellow color. Finally, add a touch of blue color to the fabric materials.

For example, cover the bed with blue duvets; throw some denim blue pillows and curtains. Consequently, it is not difficult to obtain the taste of minion room decor.

Just to make the theme a little bit more obvious, you can always hang a minion room decor, such as a poster, on one side of the wall.

Those are some ideas you can incorporate into your child’s bedroom to create a fun rest chamber for them.

While it is easy to follow, however, you always need to examine some crucial things before starting designing or decorating a bedroom.

Here are some key points to follow before you design a room especially for brightly colored rooms like the minion room decor.


3D Light FX Minions Bob | Minion room decor, Minion room, Minion bedroom

It is important to consider lighting when you decorate a bedroom. The light should be able to enter the room freely.

The reason is that your room should get natural light during the day. It also makes the room properly illuminated during the night.

To make sure that the room receives enough natural light, do not place the bed or other big furniture in front of the window.

This will potentially block the light and make the room look a little dim during the day.

For those days when it is bright outside, a curtain can help filter some of the light entering the room.

Then, to provide enough lighting during the night, place ceiling lights at the center of the room. You can also add a nightstand or table lamp to add more or less amount of light.


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The color you use can change the look of the bedroom dramatically. Just like what we mentioned before, pick lighter colors such as pale grey for the wall.

It happens especially if you want to add more colorful decoration. In consequence, this spot will not too brash to look at.

Another great idea for wall color is pale or light blue which is a good color to induce sleep. White, blue, or pale grey are generally safe color choices.

It also has a lot of flexibility to play with the decor due to its calm and simple nature.


Great kids room with Minions wall design also minions wall decals and cute unique beds : Super Cute Kids Bedroom D… | Kids bedroom decor, Unique kids beds, Kid beds

Don’t start looking for a bed before you decide on the wall color as well as the light situation of the room. Picking the wrong bed can make the whole decoration look out of place.

It should complement the wall color and natural lighting of the room so that everything looks uniformed.

Once you know the theme or color that you use for the room, then you can start staring or building the bed. Pick one that matches your vision of bedroom decor.

For this minion room decor, for example, you can find it in form of a duvet or blankets. You can also paint the bed frame a yellow color to accentuate the theme.

A bed is one of the most crucial pieces of furniture to consider when decorating a bedroom. Therefore, don’t a rushed decision when choosing a bed.

Think of it as a long term investment that you will use for a long time.


Minion Cartoon Design 9 Cube DIY Storage Cabinet Wardrobe

For kids, the bedroom is not only a place to sleep. Here, they play and study as well. Their bedroom should be able to cover these needs.

Also, make sure that the room has storage to keep your kids’ toys or their other personal items.

At a minimum, the bedroom should have a dresser, a nightstand, and a table for the kids to study.

Make sure you know the exact size of your room when choosing furniture for the bedroom, whether it is beds, dressers, storage, or other furniture.

It is important to start with a floor plan complete with a measured drawing before decorating the bedroom.

This way, you will not end up with furniture that is too big for the room. Besides, pick a smaller and lighter bed and dresser for a smaller bedroom.

Meanwhile, pick bigger furniture that fits the room. The too big one is a cause of a room to become uncomfortable and cramped to live in.

On the other hand, furniture that is too small for the room will make them look out of place and lost in a large room.


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Finally, the fun part in room decorating is placing decoration items to enhance the theme that you’re trying to recreate.

In decorating the room, you can choose to stick to a certain color palette you like.

Then, add some accents for the room, for example, a minion rug, art, mirror, books, toys, and many more.

For a kid’s room, shelves filled with figurines and their other toys are perfect. It is not only a good decoration to pick but also gives easy access for your kids to play with them.

However, make sure you teach your kids to put the toys back to where they took them so that their room stays neat and clean.

Now, you know the important things to consider when decorating your kids bedroom. However, certain mistakes keep occurring when people are decorating.

It happens when they do a bedroom decorating for the first time, especially if you are decorating using a bold color like this minion room decor.

Five Mistakes in Decorating a Bedroom

5 Panel Despicable Me Minions Cartoon Movie Poster Canvas Printed Painting For Living Room Wall Art Decor Picture Artwork Poster|Painting & Calligraphy| - AliExpress

To avoid similar mistakes, here are 5 common mistakes that you can avoid when decorating a bedroom.

Have one light source only

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Any bedroom, especially a kids bedroom should be inviting and warm. Therefore, one light source usually will not make the room warm or cozy enough.

To illuminate the darker areas in the bedroom, you can add lampshades or a bedside lamp.

Afraid of mixing furniture and materials

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Another commonly occurring mistake is afraid to use mixed furniture and textures. People tend to get furniture in the same material, colors, and textures to play safe.

However, for this minion room decor, you will need to be brave and play with color. Mixing up furniture will enhance the comfort of the bedroom.

You might think that wooden furniture will look weird when mixed with metal. However, the result may be prettier than you can imagine.

The same also applies to fabrics. Adding different fabrics or textures can also add personality to the bedroom. Mixed bedding texture will make the bed feel warm, cozy, and inviting.

Meanwhile, a uniform sheet and duvet will feel cold, uninviting, and look like a hotel room.

Besides, you can add cotton sheets, and then combine it with other textures such as a knitted pillowcase or fur cover.

Choosing a furniture set

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The furniture set is indeed releasing you from the headache of choosing the right bed or dresser for the bedroom.

However, it is far from being flexible and difficult to adjust especially if you want to recreate a minion room decor.

A kids’ bedroom decor should be creative and fun, therefore you will need to get creative and play around with some colors and textures in creating it.

The decor should have a character and personality to it that match your kids’ personality. Using a furniture set will only make the room look like something you arrange overnight.

Going overboard with the theme

Minions 2 Official Despicable Me Single Duvet Cover | Yellow Minion Design | Kids & Teenager Reversible Bedding Set & Pillowcase Polycotton, Multi-Colour UM2SAYDS002UK1: Kitchen & Home

Having a theme to follow is perfect when you want to decorate a bedroom. It gives you a clearer view of what kind of room to have.

However, don’t go overboard with the theme because it will make the room look overwhelming.

A bedroom is supposed to be a fun yet calming room because it is a room where your kids rest during the night after all.

Therefore, avoid having too many patterns or accessories. Keep the themes subtle yet showing the personality perfectly.

Working in a rush

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Decorating a room should be done carefully and thoughtfully. Don’t rush into buying furniture or accessories without first making a plan on how you want the room to look like.

It is a great way-out for those on a budget. Remember that you are not going to complete the whole decorating process in one day.

Decorating a room can take some time and even days. Therefore, take your time in choosing the perfect furniture, color, or texture that you are going to use.

Each piece you pick should complement the theme and make the room feel alive, cozy, and comfortable.

Those are some ideas and tips on how you recreate a minion room decor for your kids’ bedroom. Decorating a room is not only a matter of making it look beautiful but also a personal feeling.

It will make anyone feel excited about entering their room as it feels like a personal space where they can express themselves and have fun in it.

It is a crucial consideration when you are decorating for your kid. Now, are you ready for the minion room decor? Don’t worry too much and have fun decorating!