Master Bedroom Tray Ceiling Ideas

Master Bedroom Tray Ceiling Ideas. In this article, we’ll show you how to design a tray ceiling for your living area, bedroom, dining area, bathroom, and kitchen.

Nearly everything in your home, including the ceiling, can be customized to suit your precise design and structural needs.

There are several trends, costs, and benefits to each of the various ceiling designs that you may utilize. To assist you choose the best design for your home, we’ll focus on tray ceilings in depth here.

What Is a Tray Ceiling?


An inverted or recessed ceiling is sometimes referred to as a tray ceiling. The ceiling near the room’s circumference is several inches to numerous feet higher than the center of the ceiling for these patterns.

Rounded design, molding, various paint colors, lighting, wood shiplap, arched construction, and tiered levels are just a few of the styles available for tray ceiling design ideas.

Hundreds of years have passed since trays ceilings were first used in modern-day dwellings.

Tray ceilings were used to conceal ductwork and disguise design prior to the introduction of central heating and air in the historic period. Tray ceilings, on the other hand, are becoming more popular as a design element.

Tray ceiling lighting

Lighting fixtures are one of the most common fixture types used in tray ceilings. Choosing the finest lighting for a tray ceiling would be one of the most effective ways to truly upsize it and create the vibe you want.

Minimal lighting preserved the clean, elegant appearance of this contemporary kitchen.

The kitchen island is topped with this beautiful pendant light, which hangs from well-spaced rows of canned lights.

Since the white walls and ceilings already provide a lot of natural light, the minimal lighting makes sense.


Another way to emphasize a room with a tray ceiling is to use hidden lighting. Interior lights may easily be installed along with other lighting elements in the area thanks to the raised edges.

To provide a range of hues and dramatic flair to a room, most of the time warm yellow track lights or colorful LED string lights are installed for the hidden lighting. This is a prime example of lighthearted fun.


If you want the effect of indirect lighting, you can also install crown moldings around the tray ceiling. With this enormous yellow LED installed in the tray ceiling, this small hallway here will get a lot of gloomy and dramatic atmosphere.



While still adding an element of grandeur, a Groin Vault Ceiling is a great way to bring soft lines into your bedroom.

Two barrel vaults intersect at right angles to create this ceiling design. By adding curved surfaces, it softens the edges of your ceiling.

A groin vault ceiling may be installed in a variety of ways. It might either ascend into the attic or fall below your ceiling. Yet, depending on the requirements of the space, you may select from a variety of groin vault styles.

A bigger master bedroom area, for example, would benefit from a dropped groin vault ceiling. Since the beams originate from a lower position on the walls, this is the case. The room might appear smaller as a result of this extra detail.

Consider a groin vault that goes up into your attic if you don’t already have a high ceiling. You may increase your lovely master bedroom’s space in this manner.




Painting your walls and keeping the ceiling white is a typical practice for most people. If, on the other hand, you believed us, that would be a missed chance.

The use of contrasts can be a wonderful way to create a stunning bedroom with a bold personality. This results in a vibrant, stark appearance by combining two different colors side-by-side.

It’s a good idea to pick a soft tone for the ceiling and reserve a deeper hue for the walls since lighter colors can make a room seem bigger. Warm colors typically move forward, while cool colors retreat.

You may lower the ceiling with a bright red, orange, or yellow if you have a double or triple height space.

According to Emma Gurner, creator of Folds Inside(opens in new tab), “looking up to a lovely color or a ornamental element such as a beautiful light, ceiling rose, or even wallpaper would be really nice when you’re lying in bed.”

Adding color to the bedroom ceiling can make the room seem considerably more intimate and comfortable. The ceiling Calamine by Farrow and Ball(opens in new tab) matches the gloomy Brinjal walls and softens the overall atmosphere in this chamber.’

Say Yay to Gray


For this tray ceiling, designer Shoshanna Shapiro chose Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray, stating, “The fundamental principle of thumb is to paint the vertical panels with the wall color and the horizontal panels in the ceiling color.”

If you want the lighting fixture to be the focus, do not introduce too much texture or detail in the box-up area, she advises for anyone who want to install a statement-making light fixture into such a setting.



It’s always a plus to minimize visual breaks in smaller settings. By allowing your eyes to sweep across the room, you’ll be able to perceive it as a single space.

Smart bedroom paint ideas can give you a seamless, continuous appearance that creates the impression of space. Consider the use of color drenching.

Dressing all surfaces in a single tone to make the area appear coherent, choose soft pastels and douse walls and ceilings in the same tone.

Ensure that the interiors get a lot of light, and if possible, use additional sources. Light may be bounced around a room with semi-gloss or gloss paint, making it appear brighter.

Subtle Tray Ceiling


Alan Mascord Design Associates’ contemporary living room has a Rectangular Tray Ceiling with a Minimalist Design.

You’ll also notice the back wall has a central ceiling that stands out, and the ceiling is painted in the same colors as the walls.



Gilding your ceiling is a stunning modern bedroom idea. Gold leaf is a great way to draw attention to architecturally significant features if you have an architecturally rich room.

In addition, the gold’s silky sheen can create a haute atmosphere.

Little gold leaf tiles were used to embellish the ceiling. ‘The light bulbs were selected to match the color scheme of the room,’ says interior designer Victoria-Maria Geyer(opens in new tab).

Choosing a smaller surface to experiment with, such as a mirror or a stool, is certainly an daring option, but if this concept appeals to you but you don’t want to go all the way, choose it.

Gold-toned metal leaf sheets and adhesives are available for purchase at many design and craft shops, as well as expert gilders who may assist you.

Wooden Bedroom Ceiling Tray Ideas

The wood effect on this bedroom ceiling tray is stunning, and it really stands out in the room.


The remainder of the space is well-integrated with the trim. The wooden tray stands out as a result of this, and it is something you notice right away when you enter the bedroom.

This is ideal in a contemporary installation because we like the low hanging light that connects the high tray to the rest of the space. This is a fantastic ceiling tray with a creative design that goes against the grain.



Exposed brick ceilings with natural, earthy ceiling tiles can instantly boost the temperature of a room. In rooms with a lot of natural light, bricks are particularly good for arches and curving ceilings. This design is ideal for the most comfortable rustic bedroom ideas.

Consider bricks that match the furniture when shopping for them. You might also inject a degree of warmth into the stone by adding wooden touches to the room.

Painting your brick ceiling white would give a seamless effect, but be sure to coat it so debris doesn’t fall from above if you’re going ahead with the exposed design.



A smooth, spherical ceiling is formed by a succession of continuous archways in the Barrel Vault Ceilings. This is a quick and simple way to change the entire bedroom’s look!

You may create a more natural, rustic atmosphere with wood or keep things smooth and elegant with paint, depending on the finish.

Barrel vaults are one of the best ceiling designs for master bedrooms because of their height and grandeur, as well as their versatility.



As this design demonstrates, painting a ceiling is an excellent way to introduce overhead while still harmonizing with your space’s original characteristics.

We employed the existing room’s original wooden beams as ceiling decorations, and enhanced it with basic paint,’ says architect Utkan Gunerkan, chief architect at Studio Utkan Gunerkan(opens in new window).

We slightly saturated the original yellow for it to match the shade of the cabinets, and a yellow shade was selected.’

We used breezeblocks for the custom bed and built a metal framework inside to hold the mattress,’ explains Utkan.

To smooth the bricks, all I had to do was lay them. In addition, the bed is topped with a brass layer that serves as a canopy for the bed and complements the antique window frames.’

Or Play With Color


Shapiro points out that this is a great chance to inject some personality into the area while having some fun.

When you dress the ceiling, clients may fear that it will make it feel smaller, but this is not the case. The more layers you apply to the space, the more vibrant and majestic it will become.

If you already have wooden beams, you can stain the wood a darker color to add color to your tray ceiling in a variety of ways.



All flat, horizontal planes of white-painted drywall are not required for ceilings. By lowering the ceiling to a higher level inside the roof’s framework, a vaulted ceiling may provide more volume in a room.

They’re also attractive, and they give you a fantastic entrance when entering a room.

Playing with the ceiling structure can be an effective way of achieving something special and unique, particularly in an attic bedroom, if you have the budget for it.

Michelle Mele’s project(opens in new tab) has a basic, vaulted design with wooden rafters that seems complicated and fascinating.

We love exposing existing structural components in place and simply finishing them nicely,’ says interior designer Michelle Mele. ‘A vaulted ceiling with exposed collar ties or other structural parts is a fantastic way to create volume and interest in a bedroom.’

This is a terrific way to save money on the cost of any structural repairs that may be needed with re-engineering trusses or other structural components discovered above a lowered ceiling,’ according to this.’

Tray Ceiling With Flush Lighting


Another technique is to use color to create distinct characteristics and details that draw attention to other pieces in the space.

White molding trim around the windows, doors, walls, and ceiling give this living room layout from Harwick Homes a classic feel. The simple and neutral color scheme becomes more exciting thanks to the addition of depth.



Molding adds an aged, charming, and architectural detail to a piece that is difficult to compete with.

No matter whether you decide to remodel one completely or simply install existing molding in your room, your space will be rich with texture before you even get to the furniture.

You don’t have to confine yourself to the edges of the room when it comes to this design feature. A complex ceiling rose design in the centre of the ceiling will help to emphasize its expression.

We installed a medallion to highlight the brownstone’s historic legacy, which complements the building’s originally carved marble surround and cast iron summer cover in this otherwise minimal bedroom,’ explains Melissa Lee, principal designer at Bespoke Only.



We recommend leaving the walls and surfaces exposed if you live in a home that is primarily made of wood or brick.

The Cottagecore aesthetic is making a comeback of sorts. Make sure your master bedroom appears to be as natural, organic, and undisturbed as possible.

New York creatives who want a little more room and a slower pace of life have flocked to Hudson, which has become an escape for them.

Colin Stief, founder of General Assembly(opens in new tab), approached us to brighten up and modernize their new country home just outside the town,” says Stief.

The heavy timber construction is emphasized by the natural and neutral finishes throughout, which we took great care not to displace.

A home that has been updated to meet the needs of the family who live there while maintaining its character is what the refurbishment produced.’



If you’re thinking about installing a tray ceiling, the answer is a definite ‘no.’ You just need a little bit of design sense to determine if trays ceilings will complement the aesthetic profile of your room.

The compact design of a tray ceiling is popular in contemporary residences because it gives a sense of elevation and depth to a room,’ Blackburn explains. It gives a room a grandeur vibe by making it appear bigger.’

Modern living room ideas, or in a contemporary bathroom or kitchen, include tray ceilings that are definitely worth considering.

Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy(opens in new tab), advises giving them the benefit of the doubt – ‘like nearly any design choice, tray ceilings can look good if done correctly,’ he says.

Remember that the tray ceiling has a’specialized’ appearance, which means it will ‘put additional emphasis on the ceiling itself.’ If you’re considering installing one, be aware of this.

This is a excellent feature for tiny spaces, such as in tiny bathroom concepts. On the other hand, a large room with a tray ceiling may seem out of place and bulky.

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