24 Log Cabin Office Ideas for Comfortable and Stylish Working Space

Working at home is possible as long as the room in which you are doing your job provides you the ultimate comfort. To make this idea tangible, check out some log cabin office ideas that will add the touch of rustic look into the space.

Home Office Cabin

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A log cabin office is not always about the rustic look. You can adopt a modern style if you want, just like what you can see here.

This room, like any other log cabin office, is made of wood. What makes it looks different and modern are the clean-lined edges that you can find in the interior.

Lighting is one of the most indispensable things in a home office. To obtain a lot of natural light, try placing your desk against the windows. You can also install one or two glass panels on the roof. Recessed LED lights will also work like a charm.

Garden Home Office

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Working at home can be quite challenging due to the noise of the kids and other distractions. You will need to stay focus, which is not as simple as it sounds. Nonetheless, it is impossible, though. Consider making a garden cabin for your private office.

This unattached garden cabin is beneficial. You can use it as your very own personal cave in which you can stay focus to do your job and meet the deadline.

Rustic Home Office and Library Combo

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Spending some time reading is one of the best ways to help you could either feel relaxed or improve your skills by broadening the horizon.

This is the reason why investing in many kinds of good books is worthwhile. Once you have many books already, you will need some bigger shelves that can accommodate them and a private room to read.

This log cabin office allows you to make your dream come true. It is quite spacious, so you can buy – or maybe build – some bigger shelves for your collections. It will help you stay focus because it provides comfort.

White Log Cabin Office


Log cabin offices usually feature brown hues that emulate the earthy tones. However, that is not always the case. If you want to add a twist to this concept, the most important thing is you feel comfortable with it so that you can obtain good vibes.

This home office adopts modern farmhouse design, which you can see from the crisp white paneling and furniture. The X-legged desk also accentuates the style immensely. A deer mount becomes a dramatic centerpiece in this room.

Under the table lies a rug that guarantees your ultimate comfort since it will warm and soothe your bare feet with the soft fur.

Warm It up

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A good home office entails comfort and warmth. How can you stay focus if are freezing? Therefore, building a fireplace in it is such a terrific idea.

You can find many kinds of fireplace ideas on the internet, depending on your need. If you want the natural smell and sound, a wood-burning type would be a great choice. Nevertheless, you have to prepare yourself about the smoke and ash.

If you want to warm up the room without cleaning up the ash, try a natural-gas fireplace. It will produce a little smoke, too, but it will not be as much as the wood-burning counterparts will.

Another option that will provide you warmth without any smoke and ash is the electric fireplace. However, it tends to have a sleek design, which does not fit in with rustic flair.

This log cabin office looks great with a stone fireplace that not only provides warmth but also a dramatic backdrop. When you are working, you will be entertained by the sound and smell of the burning wood.

Elegant Log Cabin Office

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Although this home office is rather small, it still looks elegant, thanks to the interior design that has made it fabulous.

Granite has never failed to bring elegance to the space. Therefore, you can try using it as the tabletop of your desk.

A leather chair with casters allows you to feel comfortable while adding luxury into the room. It also enables you to glide from one spot to another so that you can work more efficiently.

Some weathered metal pieces add a little bit of industrial style into the room. They come between the windows and in the form of a planter.

Industrial-Style Office


Some people are crazy about the cool and rustic look of the industrial style. Are you one of them? If you are a big fan of it, you can try this idea.

This home office features a wood-and-pipe shelving system that you typically find in a factory. Next to the shelves is a round clock that not only makes a great accessory but also tells you the time whenever you need it.

Two wooden chairs with casters accentuate the rustic flair nicely. Besides, it can move from one place to another more quickly.

Classic Home Office

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Classic interior design is not always old-fashioned. It can awe everyone who sees it.

This log cabin office looks lavish due to the classic interior design and furniture. It has built-in shelves that are flush with the walls, allowing you to have more space for the traffic.

The shelves feature trims while the desk has some sophisticated details that enhance the elegant look. On the tabletop is a classic chandelier that pays tribute to the past.

Loft Home Office


A mezzanine level is versatile. You can use it as a bedroom, living room, or even a home office, just like what you can see here.

The desk of this office lies along the mezzanine floor and stays close to the wall so that you can still have plenty of floor space.

Staying close to the wall is not that bad because you can enjoy the beautiful landscape while working on your task, which lessens the pressure. Clear glass railing ensures your safety without blocking your sight.

Eclectic Home Office

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Why do you have to stick to a certain interior design if you can bring some different styles into your log cabin office altogether? The one in the above picture has proven that they can make a beautiful harmony without creating a haphazard look.

This office is a combination of rustic, modern, and a little bit of gothic style. A farmhouse desk provides ample workspace for a pile of files. A floor lamp adds more light to it, aiding you to spot things more clearly.

A white tufted chair offers you comfort and style at once. The exposed brick wall gives more drama to the space.

A Sanctuary

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This home office is quite large, which allows you to merge it with a living room. However, combining two different rooms is not always easy.

You might be interested in a room divider. It does split your home office into two. Unfortunately, you will get cramped rooms.

Instead of purchasing a room divider, you can use rugs to divine the living room and home office. Place the desk at the center, facing the living room so that you can take part in the conversation while working.

Symmetrical Log Cabin Office


Although there is no clear definition of the exact rules of refurbishing a home office, you do nothing wrong with creating some symmetrical looks because it always makes everything seem to balance.

This log cabin office features a perfectly symmetrical look as if there were an invisible mirror in the middle. The leather-upholstered chairs add elegance to the space.

Bold Office with Beautiful View

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Racing against the time is somewhat stressful. Having a lot on your plate is what makes it worse. Alleviate stress in the best way by taking a break while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

If taking a break and having a vacation is not possible, you can try to work while enjoying the view of the countryside.

This home office features a minimalist design that embodies modern style well. The black matte desk, chair, and fireplace add a touch of boldness to the room. The large windows that allow you to see through them is what makes it even more incredible.

Lavish Home Office


Tall ceilings always make a room appear to be larger and more luxurious. However, it can also be awkward if you do not arrange the furniture properly.

You need to hang drapes from the ceiling to the floor first. It will be a little bit challenging, but you have to do it because short curtains will make the room look weird.

You can also add a mezzanine floor to optimize the home office and turn it into a library. Install trims to the ceiling to make it look attractive and hang chandeliers from it to round out the elegance.

Rustic Table in a Contemporary Office

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If you want to bring in a rustic look to the space without overwhelming it, try making a wooden desk for your home office.

This home office embraces the contemporary style nicely. Sleek black built-in shelves cover the walls. Sisal carpet tacked down from wall to wall covers the floor nicely.

The most conspicuous thing here is the well-worn desk that you can find in the middle. It offers the charm of rustic look as if it had traveled from time to time.

Log Cabin Office on Mezzanine Floor

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The versatility of a mezzanine floor allows you to maximize the functions of your home. You can have a private office in it.

This log cabin office enables you to work comfortably due to being compact and private. To save more space, try making built-in shelves that stay flush with the wall.

Place the desk at the end of the mezzanine floor so that you will have sufficient space for the traffic. Putting it in a spot that gets plenty of natural light daily would make it even better. Do not forget to install a railing for peace of mind.

Home Office on the Attic

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Some people think that the attic is a dead end. Therefore, they tend to use it as a storage room in which they can store any less used items.

Well, an attic can do more than just a junk collector can. You can imagine it to be anything like a bedroom or even a home office.

This attic, for example, makes a great private log cabin office. A rustic look is all you can see here. You can tell it from the ceiling and paneling that flows into one being.

To complete the interior design, you can lay a Persian rug. This kind of floor cover usually has intriguing patterns that enhance the classic look of a rustic home office.

Blend with Nature

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When you feel stressed and depressed due to having a lot on your plate, take a deep breath, slurp your coffee, and take a break for a while by adoring the beauty of nature. Nevertheless, you can try another solution. Bring in that spectacular landscape to your office.

You do not have to grow some trees literally inside your home, though. You can make this idea tangible by installing floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

The clear glass windows will enable you to view the beautiful scenery in an instant. You will have the chance to take a break for a couple of minutes while observing nature.

Rustic and Modern

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You can see the amalgamation of rustic and modern flair here. The exposed beamed ceilings and posts conjure up the old-time memories. This office also has X doors that belong to the hallmark of a farmhouse style.

What makes this log cabin office look more attractive is the splash of modern look some minimalist photographs fill in the rustic shelves behind the desk.

A screw-like night lamp features a sleek design that accentuates the style immensely. Besides, it will provide ample light to the desktop.

Traditional Log Cabin Office

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The natural look of the exposed hefty beams and posts becomes the main charm of this log cabin office, making the space seem super rustic. They team up with a stone fireplace, which accentuates the style well.

This home office also features a rustic desk-bookshelves combo that matches the beams and posts, making them create a cohesive look.

You can also find a rocking chair that sits by the fireplace, providing you a perfect place to take a rest for a couple of minutes.

Wrought-iron railing not only ensures your safety when making a trip through the stairs but also decorates them nicely.

Bedroom and Office in the Attic

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Working in the attic helps you gain your focus, as you will not find many distractions. It has also proven that hanging out there is not a bad idea because if you can furnish and decorate it properly, it will become a chic log cabin office.

This home office looks great although it is in the attic. It sits by the large window to gain more natural light, which makes the room more open and airier.

Add a little bit of modern look by investing in a chair with peg legs. Lay a rug underneath so that you can stay warm when working on your project.

Log Cabin Office with Curved Trusses

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A log cabin office with a high ceiling is a blessing in disguise. It may seem awkward because more than half of the walls’ height remains bland. Using your creativity to improve the look of it is good news for you.

Adding curved trusses is one of the best ways to carve out an impressive look in your log cabin office. The elegant and classic style of them will become a dramatic backdrop.

Home Office with Reading Nook

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Adding a reading nook by the window in your log cabin office can be a terrific idea.

When you are bored and stressed with those veritable mountains of documents, just take a break. Reading your favorite romance by the window might help you feel better.

Classic Log Cabin Office in the Sleeping Space


The bedroom is everyone’s favorite space where he spends most of their time. It is like a sanctuary to them. Maybe you also feel the same way.

Since a bedroom tends to be comfortable and peaceful, why do you not try to incorporate a log cabin office into it?

You can try various kinds of arrangements to carve out a cozy working spot in your bedroom. You can place a desk by the window so that you will be able to please your eyes with the spectacular landscaping or put it in the corner to save more space.

If your cabin happens to have a high ceiling, consider building a mezzanine floor in it so that you can use it as your office.

A log cabin office can be a great alternative for those who are keen on a rustic look. Despite the interior design, make sure it suits your requirements well and gives you the ultimate comfort.