20+ Wonderful Loft Style Apartments to Explore

The tall ceilings, oversized windows, and open concepts are some of the characteristics to design loft style apartments. If you like to live in a place that offers natural sunlight and square footage, prepare to be amazed. What is loft style apartments?

In this article, we will be focusing on giving away ideas and inspirations for people to enjoy some urban sanctuaries. You will review some apartments with some chic industrial details like support columns, wood-plank floors, uninterrupted walls, and so on.

If you already have a place ready to get a renovation, these loft style apartments would serve as the inspiration to turn raw space into a whole new sanctuary with its own kind of luxury. Let us explore!

1. Neutral Scheme Loft Style Apartments Designs



For many reasons, lofts are covetable. Its high ceilings and spacious plans are two of the main reasons people love to have for their place. The first idea is using a neutral scheme. This will make sure the easy flow around the space.

From the main living areas, the loft style apartments kitchen is in full view, which is why you should not use the materials that would distract the flow. It is perfect to choose some integrated features and appliances. At the back of the kitchen, some floating shelves offer a sleek appeal.

They do not look bulky or too obvious which can be too distracting. That kitchen allows the whole room to stay formal. Look at the ceiling pattern, the arrangement of the planks really balance all the furniture below.

2. Interior Glass Doors



Living in a loft style apartments with an open plan does not mean there is no privacy for the owner. The bedroom should be a closed place. However, space needs to keep the open feel in order to incorporate the character of the loft.

Well, this is such a clever solution for that. Installing an interior glass door like this will keep the bedroom space private without even changing the feel of open. This form loft has a French glass door that goes up to the ceiling. It gives such an accentuating look to the high appearance.

3. Warmth and Softness



Add some elements that can bring up warmth and softness into your loft apartment. It would keep the space from being cold and cavernous too much. Look at this architectural living room. It looks exhilarating.

You can see it has some layers of plush rugs and some rounded elements. That round table lamp really complements the sectional sofa and the arched mirror. An accentuation wooden beam that curves on the upper wall really takes the architecture up to a new level.

The designer incorporates some plants that can deliver nature’s touch to this industrial yet inviting loft style apartments.

4. Loft Apartment Full of Color



One thing you should keep in mind is that do not be afraid of dealing with colors. The loft-style will not be in ruin by applying some different bright shades into the mix. You can play with them with some of your creative ideas.

As you can see, this space offers you some nice vibrant hues that enliven a loft without being too much and inconsistent. It has tall ceilings that would give the room and atmosphere some space to breathe. The shiny ceiling can emphasize the colorful scene of this apartment.

5. Loft Style Apartments Furniture as Room Divider



This is a clever solution to separate “rooms” in a loft style apartments. You do not need to add some kind of fall or a real divider. Some furniture can act as one to define a different space. For example, the couch can be a border to a living room.

Another example is the kitchen counter or island. It can give a separation between the cooking space and the rest of the room. Having it in contrast color as the other furniture would make a significant statement in order to define a space.

6. Keeping the Originals



One of the ways to apply the loft style design into your apartment fully is to keep a few things in the original feature. For example, you can highlight the brick wall, pillar, vents, windows, and flooring that space already has before you moved in.

Make it the main element of your loft style apartments ideas. For example, this room has a large amount of vertical space filled with the original bricks. It is going to be the first thing people see when they are entering the house.

A large expanse of the brick wall will set up the scheme and the atmosphere of the apartment. In order to achieve the original and natural look, you have to search for a place that already has it. Therefore, you do not need to spend extra more money to create a faux brick design pattern.

7. Dark Gray and Rustics

Lincoln Industrial Wall Mirror With Shelf - Vaunt Design#design #industrial #lincoln #mi… in 2020 | Industrial modern bedroom, Industrial bedroom design, Industrial bedroom


You can take this one of the spots in loft style apartments design as inspiration. The combination of colors and charming rustic style is just out of this world. The rustic lumber material that is structured the bench has a strong characteristic.

That little furniture makes a quiet statement that improves the charm of this scene. This inspiring design is perfect for the entryway of your loft style apartments. The rustic metal locker and mirror frame really maintain the perfect curb appeal that gets along with the dark grey background wall.

8. Loft Apartment from Old Office



It is such a nice bedroom idea for loft style apartments. The contemporary white room with a black accent makes a great space for relaxation. The sleeping would just be in good quality with this design.

Surprisingly, this space was for the office. It has turned into a comfortable room for sleeping. This contemporary loft apartment has a simple color scheme. It would be enough for some people who just love being a minimalist.

9. Contemporary Workspace for Loft Apartment



If you just need a special space like a home office for your open plan apartment, this could be a nice inspiration. As you can see, the spacious-looking area would surely comfort you in doing your work on the desk.

It does not need to have a lot of furniture around it, just a simple desk, and a nice couch to take some rest. Visually, the space really looks spacious because of the glass desk. The rustic brick ceiling architecture makes a great match with the flow pattern of the floor.

10. Simple Narrow Living Room



Some people might think that this living room does not have the open industrial feel of loft style apartments. Maybe, it is because of the wall. Well, it is not actually a full wall. There is a completely open space up there since the ceiling is so high.

At the back of the seat, you can see the open windows that let the light and air going inside the area. This one is still the same great loft-style area you could enjoy. The existence of the wall is like giving some sort of border to improve privacy for the apartment.

11. Beautiful Loft with Concrete Ceiling



That unfinished concrete ceiling is just perfect for this loft apartment. It really fulfills the interior design that it needs. It is high, natural, and industrial. The space is even getting more emphasis from the original brick wall.

The sense of industrial goes beyond expectation. Then, the wooden floor is just the right base for this architecture. Lastly, you can colorize the area with some soft-colored furniture to dim the charm a little bit.

12. White Loft Apartment with French Architecture



Look at this stunning white space. The design interior looks so interesting. The freshness and openness are just so impressive. All of the furniture and other elements present their own minimalism and beauty.

The space is low in decoration to extend the beauty of minimalist style. So, space will not feel cluttered. To add some colors, the designer chooses to have one part of the wall filled with books. The color from the items would make the space more alive.

13. Fancy White Dining Room



For an inspiration to design a dining room for a loft apartment, you can see the smooth architecture that this space has. It is one of the rooms in a house named Abstraction Active Loft. The room divider comes in a form of a square grid.

In order to keep the minimalism and avoid clutter, many of the holes should be empty. Otherwise, display some glass items to keep the brightness of the area. The divider will not really offer any kind of privacy but it separates the rooms.

14. Modern Loft from Warehouse



This contemporary and stunning loft apartment comes from a renovation of a warehouse. Without knowing that information, you might not realize that it was a warehouse. The designer chooses to have an open wall to let the owner see the panoramic view of the city.

Since the window is part of the architectural structure, there is no curtain or other types of cover to give privacy t the apartment. It has to be located on high floors. In this case, the loft style apartments images show a design for an 8th-floor room.

Therefore, you do not need privacy from up there. In fact, the window wall does not expose the bathroom or bedroom. Eventually, the window frame really takes the entire industrial feel for the loft.

15. Pillars in Luxury Loft



Well-known designer, William Georgis, calls this particular design of his Tribeca loft apartment which. He transformed this apartment into a luxury home. Having pillars is one of the strong characteristics of this stylish area.

Those strong features really define the beauty of the space. The lighting system highlights the ceiling. It is an obvious effort to make it even more charming. The rug color and pattern can also become the center of attention since it is interesting and very impressive.

16. Scandinavian Loft Style Apartments



If you like something simple and modern, Scandinavian style should be in your consideration. Check out this 3-bedroom apartment that has a high ceiling. That impressive 6-meter height gives a loft style apartments layout to the whole design.

This loft space has enough storage for all members of the family’s goods. It goes an airy atmosphere of Scandinavian style. Incorporating loads of space to keep the clutter away from sight is another way to make the concept more efficient.

The two-story space plays an important role to make use of the entire wall up to the ceiling. Some other storage also maximizes the area of stairs. The combination of whitewashed wall and lightwood is just truly Scandinavian.

17. Italian Style Loft



If you have limited space to design, you may want to look at this loft apartment. It has a sophisticated look that embraces some industrial aesthetic all over the space. Italian architecture inspired the design. The masculine and contemporary concept is just satisfying.

It has a concrete panel’s backdrop that is set up high to the ceiling. It gives a generous height to achieve the loft-style. A living room is the first area that welcomes the guest. Then, they will comfortably enjoy the room. The rest of the area is just for you.

18. Manic Industrial Vibes



This former warehouse apartment is another great example of how to design a loft style kitchen. That exposed ceiling, it has some pipes that go with the house systems. The designer decided to paint it in a red bold color. This way will emphasize the existence of industrial elements up there.

It is even better with that whitewashed wall and ceiling. At the bottom part of the kitchen, you can see almost all the things are in dark color except the one with wooden materials. The black elements set up great masculinity in the area.

That distressed wooden cabinet right under the windowsill makes a perfect place to plant some herbs. The appearance matches the rest of the wooden elements.

19. Open-Plan Living Room for Loft Style Apartments



The amount of brightness in this living room is so much. Some people might feel uncomfortable in a place with such a bright interior. Well, some other people would have a great time enjoying the calm and relaxing atmosphere.

In order to balance the white scheme, there are some other neutral colors like gray. That is enough to control the mood while in the space. In addition, this spacious living room is ready to accommodate many people. If you live alone in an apartment, it is not a recommended idea.

20. Metal Sliding Door in Asian-Style Apartment



By looking at this architecture, it seems like an Asian-inspired design. The idea is just perfect for space. It makes a unique-looking loft apartment. The owner does not need to add more decoration to the wall or floor space.

The construction of the wall with that window frame is already enough to impress. The clean square grid design is simple yet significant. Functionally, the glass wall could invite more light into the other room. One more thing, look at the cute cat.

21. Natural Concrete and White



This one is a simple but perfect collaboration of neutral color. Instead of having it in a monochromatic scheme, the gray concrete really offers something different. Look at the natural pattern given by the mix of cement and other ingredients.

That makes the lower space of this loft apartment becomes more alive. Speaking about white, it makes a great contrast background for all the things in the space. Check out that white open cabinet. Items in bold colors fill each shelf that provide some attention to stealers.

22. Plywood Elements in Loft Apartment



The amount of plywood material in this loft apartment is so many. That is because it is the main element of this place. It has a light color with some natural accent to collaborate with a bright white wall.

From this point of view, you can see this apartment has enough brightness it needs. There are numbers of light fixtures and windows that will reflect the white wall. In order to emphasize the nature of the wood, some houseplants would thrive in this interior.

This place is Flinders Lane Apartment. It really makes the most of natural light and high ceilings. Thanks to the perfect combination of white walls and plywood material.

23. Minimalism on another Level

Window Design Ideas Bringing Coziness into Modern Interiors - jihanshanum | Minimalist apartment interior, Minimalist apartment decor, Apartment design


The main idea of this space is to make sure the owner can revert the apartment to its original design. That is why some elements’ previous appearance keeps themselves. As a result, it becomes a stunning minimalist space.

The spacious living room is with a comfortable couch that faces a whitewashed wall. For entertainment, this place does not use the TV. As you can see up there, an LCD projector would provide the entertainment that people would enjoy watching through the wall.

The open balcony will present another type of entertainment besides the electric one. The brightness that this apartment has is just on another level.


After exploring all of the ideas of loft style apartments, you may realize that the spacious living space with an industrial vibe is just what you need. Find the right condominium with the perfect location to complete all the components. Maybe, search for a loft style apartments to rent.