11+ Types of Living Room Chairs for Your Home Design

Someone loves a sectional sofa while others may prefer a comfortable recliner. Whatever your choice is, there are numerous types of living room chairs available in the market.

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Just like many other furniture options, everyone has their preference on which the best chair to pick for the living room.

Even though in most cases all the types of chairs for home acquire such similar functions, they come with a different design to suit each person’s taste.

To help you find the best chair, this article has put all the options together as a guide before purchasing one for your home.

Different Types of Living Room Chairs



A comfy chair is a good investment for any living room since this space should be a comfortable spot for everyone to unwind and relax with other family members.

Not only comfortable, but your living room chair also need to be stylish since there can be a time when you invite someone to this area for any occasion.

While a cozy couch is a popular option for a living space, you can widen your choices to other types of living room chairs such as ottomans, loveseats, round chairs, recliners, and etc.

Check out the following details about different types of living room chairs for your ease of reference.




If you call for seating that can accommodate more than one person at a time, loveseats should be on your list.

The cuddle-factor of a loveseat makes it popular for a home with a couple. This seating option offers adequate space for two persons to sit simultaneously without touching each other.

However, you can also find a loveseat design that encourages closeness too.

Similar to other types of living room chairs, loveseats have a variety of styles as well. You can get one that looks modern or classic to suit your home designs.

More interestingly, loveseats come in a huge collection of fabric upholsteries and colors. Then, depending on their styles, sizes, as well as retailers, the prices may range from $225 to $600.




Do you believe that a chair can be a medium for self-expression aside from providing a place to sit? If so, an armchair is probably of interest.

Considering its design and style, an armchair offers an ideal way to express your taste in a living room or other spaces around the house.

These types of living room chairs can become a channel for inspiration without making you uncomfortable while sitting.

Different from a loveseat or couch, an armchair only allows one person to sit. However, it also comes in all kinds of styles, ranging from traditional to modern.

If you are interested in purchasing an armchair, prepare a budget as much as $200. In case your aim is something luxury-looking, the cost may increase to $1,000.

Accent Chairs



This term does not indicate a single variety of seating options only. It becomes an umbrella for various types of living room chairs available out there.

Wingback, club chair, barrel, and English rolled arm fall under the umbrella of accent chairs. Below are the details for each variety.

Barrel Chair



A barrel chair features one piece of aseat with arms, a solid, rounded back, and a somewhat large design.

While the shape of the barrel back promises comfortable seating, the style is also versatile since it can accommodate any living room look ranging from classic to modern.

Also known as tub chair, these types of living room chairs are a little yet mighty choice to become everyone’s favorite.

Wingback Chair



You can count on this accent chair to add beauty and style to your living space. A wingback chair features its unique high sides that encircle the sitter.

If you need a spot for reading and relaxing in the living room, a wingback chair will make a great investment.

The high back and forward side panels are among the signature design element of this seating option. Whether you aim to add a traditional, modern, or eclectic flair to your space, there is always the right wingback chair available.

Like many other types of living room chairs, you should set your budget around $150 to $300 to acquire the wingback.

Club Chair



A club chair is like an armchair that is coated in leather. First invented in France, this seating option can help to set the mood of leisure and comfort.

These types of living room chairs feature a deep seat, lower back, and spacious room for seating. It is a type of furniture that can wrap you in comfort in no time.

Besides, club chairs can complement your living space for an affordable price. The basic choice may start at $100 while the premium one can be around $500.

Chesterfield Chair



Many people consider a chesterfield chair like a sofa since it looks similar to this type of furniture.

However, a chesterfield style is different from a sofa since it is a kind of chair with tufted upholstery. This feature sets the furniture apart from the identical ones like the wingback.

It is safe to say that this fitting is a wingback chair with tufted upholstery.




When you need to sit back and relax, a comfortable ottoman is always there for making the most of your leisure time.

It is no secret that these types of living room chairs are cost-effective and multifunction, making them perfect to complement any style of home around the world.

Nowadays, many ottomans double as an additional storage unit or a coffee table aside from being a resting place for your tired feet.

In many cases, the top of the furniture happens to disclose that the other side is plastic or wood for an alternative coffee table.

Moreover, the ottoman designer may hollow out the furniture in the middle for storing pillows and blankets.

You can also count on an ottoman to serve as extra seating when you some guests come over. Since this chair is ranging from $20 to $100, it will be ideal for such purposes.

Lawson Chair



With these types of living room chairs, you will have a seating option with square or rounded arms and a straight line design element.

The arms of a Lawson chair are typically lower than the back and it also acquires firm cushioning.

Bergere Chair



If you are in love with a traditional French style, a bergere chair makes a great accent piece for your living space.

A bergere chair can add a touch of monarchs to your space. This is the furniture that even Louis XV and his family use as their mainstays.

The signature element of these types of living room chairs includes an exposed wood, wide and deep seat, as well as a loose cushion.

Since this piece of furniture acquires intricate works of art, you may expect to pay a little more to get a bergere chair.

For your reference, the lower-end version of this chair can start around $500. However, the price may run up to $1,300. Of course, you must be willing to take a pretty to give the living room a touch of royalty.

English Rolled Arm



An English rolled armchair has a key design element that can make you comfortable. It has rounded, low arms, deep seat, and soft cushion.

Generally, you will find an English rolled armchair in a stunning Georgian rectory or London townhouse. However, these types of living room chairs can work well outside of the England-themed homes.

Slipper Chair



If you want to add an accent chair that does not come with arms, this seating solution is pretty promising.

The history of slipper chairs was back then to the Victorian era when high-class women utilize them to sit comfortably without taking off their slippers or shoes.

A slipper chair’s dimension typically varies from medium to large. Most of them feature comfortable upholsteries and sit short to the ground.

Contemporary Round Chair



For a big fan of modern styles, a contemporary round chair may give the best option. You can expect it to be a beautiful accent piece as well.

The contemporary round chair offers oversized seats with a size of 147 cm wide and 30-inch cushion depths. Thanks to such dimensions, it becomes an ideal spot for relaxing or snuggling.

Like other types of living room chairs, you can find this seating option with a wide range of fabric coverings. However, mostly the furniture will come in leather or suede.

Since they are popular with modern styles, most of the contemporary round chairs feature a neutral color. Nevertheless, you can still find some of them offering a little pop of brighter color.

To complete your living room with this chair, expect to prepare a budget of $350 to $700.




None can deny that a recliner offers something modern and luxury to any living space. However, despite its contemporary vibe, some historians believe that the initial version of this chair is owned by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Fortunately, modern designers have made some great changes to the recliner since then. Nowadays, these types of living room chairs become the essence of comfort in any home.

A recliner may feature fabric and leather upholsteries. It may come in either electronic or manual systems as well.

If you need one to suit a specific design requirement, a recliner comes in plenty of styles too. Additionally, it is also available in a wide range of colors, including camouflage.

More interestingly, particular recliners can help people who find it difficult to get out of chairs.

For instance, you can get a lift-assist recliner to help people with specific disabilities to be more self-sufficient at home.

Different Types of Dining Chairs



In addition to the different types of living room chairs, you probably want to gain more insights into seating options for dining areas as well.

Similar to a living room, your dining area can serve as a useful space for bonding the family. While enjoying the meals, all members should sit in a comfortable chair so that they can focus on the others around them.

Whether it is for complementing your kitchen island or for entertaining your guests, you have a variety of options to choose from.

You can use the following information as a simple guide to finding your best types of dining chairs in the market.

Wishbone Chair



To complement a mid-century style in the dining room, you can get a set of the wishbone aside from your favorite types of living room chairs.

Wishbone chairs usually offer neutral colors, yet they may come in brighter colors too. You can pair them with wishbone-style tools for a more unified look.

Most of these chairs feature wood materials with wicker or cushioned seat. Meanwhile, the signature design of the furniture in the back that comes apart like a wishbone.

For additional support, wishbone chairs also curve around the back. The size of this furniture is typically less than 51 cm, making them ideal for any dining room table.

The cost to get a well-made wishbone chair may vary, ranging from $150 to $350.

Side Chair



Out of types of living rooms chairs, loveseats are the most popular option. With a dining area, the side seat is pretty common.

In terms of furnishing a typical dining table, you may find it hard to fit armed chairs around your space since there will be not enough room for such things.

While the end chair will probably have space for that, the middle part of your table typically does not get an adequate room.

You can solve these problems by incorporating side chairs into the dining area. These seating options usually come in wood, plastic, and even metal for your different preferences.

Similar to types of living room chairs, you can expect to find them in a selection of styles and colors too.

Meanwhile, the prices tend to start at $70 to $300, depending on the styles you are interested in.

Bar Stool



Numerous types of bar stools are available to meet your taste and needs. These seating solutions will be particularly helpful if you have an island or a high-top table with an overhang.

Since bar stools come in various height options, you should measure your counter or table first before shopping for any furniture of this kind.

Different from most types of living room chairs, some bar stools may feature adjustable heights to make it easy for you to fit them in anywhere.

Moreover, many bar stools can rotate while others do not. You may also find them with no back and some types with various levels of support.

You need to take all these options into account before purchasing any barstool or other types of wooden chairs.

Then, when it comes to price, bar stools may range from $50 to $100 in the market. Whether you like one with farmhouse vibes or something ultra-modern, the options are limitless.

Ghost Chair



Of course, a ghost chair is not a haunted seating solution. The name indicates how it looks as it is made of clear plastic.

A ghost chair is perfect to complement your dining room, especially if the home is in ultra-modern style.

Like some types of living room chairs, you can find a ghost chair in either with or without arms. They are typically available in a variety of heights and sets of two or four.

Some ghost chairs feature wood or metal accents on their legs, adding dimension as well as interest to your dining area.

If you are interested in other parts of your home, ghost chairs are suitable as types of living room chairs too.

Meanwhile, the prices of ghost chairs are not that spooky either since they cost around $75 to $125.

Office Chairs



Do you usually do some works at home? If so, having a comfy office chair is a must.

Luckily, there is no need to sacrifice your style if you want to be comfortable in the home office. The task is now to discover reading desks and chairs to satisfy all.

Like different types of living room chairs, reading seats can be recliners, ottomans, or armchairs. Focus on finding one that offers comfort since it is the main feature to look for.

The cost of a well-designed reading chair typically starts at $150 to $300, depending on the required features.

In addition to this seating solution, you probably want to introduce a desk chair as well in your home office.

Desk chairs are available in several diverse types including Ergonomic, Executive, Drafting, and Office Stools.

If you want to have one that offers premium comfort, the executive office chair makes a perfect choice.

Similar to the way you pick types of living room chairs, make sure to choose one depend on how your desk is used in the office.

For instance, if you use the desk to pay bills occasionally, an ergonomic chair should be the best choice since it tends to cost less.

However, for those who work several hours every day at their desk, an executive chair makes a reasonable option.

Final Verdict



While you can find other types of chairs in the market, the above are some of the most popular choices, especially for the living room.

Those different types of living room chairs are available to help you find the right choice that suits your taste and need. Therefore, good luck with shopping around for your best match!


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