19 Kitchen Pass Thru Window Ideas You Love [UPDATED]

Get ready for summer with kitchen pass thru window ideas in your house. As we know, it’s an outdoor season when people tend to spend a lot of time in the backyards, gardens, and others.

However, some houses have a limited amount of outdoor space. The homeowners don’t have enough area to make a backyard, front yard, or other kinds of outdoor space.

Enjoying the outdoor dining would be a great thing to do during the dry season. Well, it doesn’t require to have a backyard to do that. These ideas would be a great solution.

The kitchen pass-thru window idea was actually used to be made for indoors. Today, it’s like a semi-outdoor kitchen, dining space, or bar. They have a large open wall to embrace the outdoors.

Therefore, here are some ideas for a kitchen pass thru window to get you ready for the summer.

1. Farmhouse Kitchen Pass Thru Window Ideas



Connecting the kitchen inside and outside has never been so stylishly rustic. By opening the large window you can have another counter outdoor. Thus, install some kind of floating shelf.

Add some stools. Then, you are ready to receive guests slash costumers to enjoy the food right through the window.

This farmhouse-style home design has all the elements perfectly in line. The connection between the porch and the kitchen makes a perfect setup for parties and meals just outside the house.

2. Kitchen Pass Thru with Glass Folding Window



This kitchen has a wider kitchen pass thru window that really makes use of the space in the porch. It’s more like a small cafe in the house.

The folding window idea is very clever. It won’t take the space on both sides of the windows. However, there is only one part of the pass-thru area being used for the folded glass.

The counter space is quite wide to take more than two people at once. Also, the oversized counter gives an extra space a little bit for minimal decor like that small plant.

The black and white combination for both indoor and outdoor looks like there’s no difference.

In addition, the roof on the porch of this house allows you the enjoy meal just outside the house well-protected.

3. Beach Cottage Kitchen with Pass Thru Window Hood



This stylish kitchen has a kitchen pass thru design with a large hood window. It’s positioned right in front of the breakfast nook.

From inside the kitchen, you would feel like you’re having a meal in the outdoor space of the house. Enjoy the coffee in the morning while reading a newspaper facing the outside.

Furthermore, the leather swivel barstools would complete your peaceful morning. Check out that zinc over-sized countertop. The color blends really well with the surroundings.

Likewise, the rustic wooden cabinet seems to be out of place though. That’s why subway tile backsplash has its place in the kitchen. It also matches the outside brick wall.

4. Traditional Style Kitchen Inside-Outside



The traditional style of this kitchen looks so really sleek. Besides, the folding french-style window becomes an interesting element that takes over the entire space.

However, the lower part of this scene is owned by the rattan barstools. The natural color of the wood makes a great impression to be a focal point of this space.

The white and gray shiplap wall also becomes a great background that goes contrasts the stools. On the outside counter, you can see the owner try to match the utensils by covering them with rattan.

5. Brick Accent in Kitchen Pass Thru Window Concept



It’s another kitchen pass thru window idea with a touch of a folding system. The layout of this design offers a great atmosphere for more delicious dining.

The room is smaller than the previous ideas but there’s enough room for two people. So, add two chairs with a backrest for extra comfort.

This dining space would be a great area to enjoy an outdoor meal. There’s a brick accent for the base of the counter. Therefore, it gives the scene a natural impression.

The monochrome scheme of this space gets balanced by a touch of nature on top of the inside-outside island.

6. Rustic Outdoor Area in Front of Kitchen Window



As you can see, this house has a backyard space. Having enough outdoor space for setting up a living space doesn’t mean that you can’t have a kitchen pass thru window ideas.

This house has a simple set to have a seat in the middle of the outdoor area. It can be a good spot to enjoy breakfast outdoors.

At the back, you witness the kitchen is wide open. The folding system of the window allows it to open in style. Thereupon, there are no chairs or stools right in front of the window.

That means the owner wants to fill the chair space with plants to set up a nice garden. Instead, the designer has two ottomans, a pillow, and a small table in the outdoor space.

Additionally, that would be a nice private space for you to enjoy your breakfast. The rustic wood floor of the outdoor looks so weathered. However, it’s still strong enough as the basis.

7. Blue House With Awning Window to Pass Thru



Check out this special spot for enjoying the meal. It feels like a little food stall. Take a look at the hood window used in this kitchen.

The design of the kitchen pass thru window looks distinctive than the others. In this case, the colors are already interesting on its own.

Also, the blue shiplap wall against the white accent is just the winner. The addition of elements with bright hues would definitely take over the situation.

However, the scene looks comfortable. The color scheme is already bringing us some kind of soothing and chic atmosphere.

Interestingly, the black countertop provides a nice neutral balance to the window frame. That’s a perfect way to blend in. It gives the impression of more elegance. I’m not an employee.

8. Pass-Through Window and Wall Herb Garden



Instead of opening the whole single side of the wall, this house leaves a bit of vertical space for a garden. It’s a stylish way to add character to the shiplap background of the outside.

In order to match the entire layout, the outside space of the kitchen uses a garden table. This multifunctional element would be perfect for a counter.

Further, half of the space is available for garden things. Just separate the area with a nice houseplant. Right under the tabletop, there’s a shelf for extra storage.

This kitchen pass-through window concept has a usual window design with large size. If you move the garden table to someplace else, you don’t have the outdoor kitchen function anymore.

9. Foldable Mosaic Window for Pass-Through Concept



It’s such a nice bar counter design that you can use as a meal zone for the porch or patio area. Check out the mosaic window. Thus, that green accent makes the foldable element looks so special.

It’s the only green element that tends to make the window stand out even better. The narrow sleek windowsill won’t be a problem for the customers.

It’s wide enough to enjoy the food the way you like. Wherefore, the members of the family and guests would have enjoyable morning breakfast.

Those three barstools have a cushion that adds extra comfort for seating. In fact, the black color encourages the elegance of this scene.

10. Outdoor Bar and Dining Zone



This kitchen pass thru window idea is located in an amazing beach house. It features some pleasing features including this space.

In the pictures, you can see the sleek white outdoor space that connects to the indoor kitchen. The area has enough amount of furniture to accommodate more than 5 people.

Further, for the pass thru window area, you have three black wooden stools. It makes a perfect outdoor bar set. The dark hue goes in contrast with the bright white wall.

At one side of the wall, it’s a painted brick one. The wall is connected from the inside. It’s a stylish way to add texture. It brings both brightness and charm to the area.

Also, you can see the dark-stained wooden bench and table as dining zone right behind the stools. The material also matches with the countertop of the bar.

11. Kitchen Pass Thru Window in Lush Garden



With sliding windows, there will be a different-looking scene. As you can see, half of the wall is still closed. However, it seems to be perfect for two people having a meal at once.

Half of the space in the outdoor area is for all the plants. So, it creates a nice lush garden that elevates the space.

The lavender flowers on the counter make use of the empty space. Then, check out that industrial stools have a dark metal structure.

They match with the dark scheme at the outside space. Without the lush garden, you can have a more spacious space for enjoying the meal but that won’t make it special though.

12. Bright Minimalist Pass Thru Window Area



Check out this bright minimalist outdoor space. It connects directly to the kitchen inside the house. From this point of view, you would see that the brightness of the outside is very strong.

That’s because there are no other elements to deal with it. Then, the reflection of the sunlight on the bright white wall has no boundaries.

The barstools for example, also have the same white paint. Well, nobody can see the differences.

Also, the roll-up window connects the indoor kitchen stunningly. By installing the white tabletop, it makes things in different rooms become a single element.

In order to add colors to the scene, you can put a pot of flowers on the table. Indeed, the wooden floor gives a good balance with the darker scene inside the kitchen.

13. Colorful Outdoor Space That Connects to The Kitchen



Instead of using ordinary or plain color for the furniture element, you can choose to have the stools in various colors. It will make the outdoor space feels more alive.

In fact, there’s a flower garden right beside the kitchen pass thru the window area. It adds more colors to space. Likewise, it makes space feel more and more exciting.

Furthermore, right in front of the white-painted shiplap wall, there are some bar stools of different colors. That’s actually a clever idea to bring a fun charm to space.

Let’s talk about the window. This kitchen pass thru idea has it in garage style. Thus, you can choose to have it fully open or just a little bit like at the right side of this picture.

14. Decorating the Kitchen Pass Thru Design with Cacti



If you’re a fan of this houseplant, take a look at this idea. There are enough cacti plants to affect the charm of this kitchen. The combination of black, white, and nature’s greatest gift is just stunning.

Thereupon, with the white wall as the background, the cacti give a significant charm to space, especially the big one. The dark stained tabletop plays an important role as the balancing element.

In addition, this scene also has some black elements, the window frame, the stools, and the pot. All of them are in line to create a chic look for this outdoor area.

The black-framed window kitchen really delivers a good impression to connect the inside with the outside.

15. Sleek and Natural Kitchen Pass Thru Window



This idea looks like a modern minimalist little cafe. The white wall, tabletop, window, ceiling, and bench makes a great basic scheme for this area.

Besides, it gives an amazing contrast to expose the natural beauty of the wooden elements and the greenery.

Then, take a look at the flooring. The reclaimed wood is used to brings up the charm of nature in the area.

Next, the stools have a minimalist structure with similar wood material for the top. On the picture, this house is just beside a forest.

It would be fantastic to include that environment into space. That hanging greenery in the middle of the window and the one in the corner is a nice addition.

Moreover, it’s such a stylish way to make the space more inviting.

16. Outdoor Breakfast Space with Gray Bricks

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The main feature of this outdoor eating area is that wall and the garage-style window.

The gray-painted brick wall is another interesting idea you can apply to your house. If you don’t want to make it too bright, tone it down a little bit with another neutral color.

It offers more visual texture to the outdoor area. It creates a background that has more character. Even though it’s not in sleek white, you can still highlight the tabletop and the stools.

Those are the two important elements of the kitchen pass thru concept. The light wooden materials are not invisible in this design.

The metal stools are in white color which makes a needed contrast to the brick wall.

17. Grey Wooden Deck with Pass Thru Idea



Check out this outdoor living space. It has a complete layout that needs to include the inside of the house. It has a garage-style window to open the kitchen entirely.

This style of window is like the most favorite choice to make a pass-thru concept. That’s because it offers a practical system that makes use of all the potential space.

The design of this porch looks quite traditional. With all the wooden elements in one place, it delivers a strong character to enjoy.

The wooden windowsill has a natural color to emphasize the lumber charm in this stylish space. The combination of a white and grey wooden deck is just amazing.

White and gray are a softer combination of neutral colors compared to the monochrome scheme. The lush tree that naturally grows over the fence. That’s a happy coincidental element of nature.

18. All-White Coastal Paradise with Foldable Window



From the roof to the flooring, you can see this beach house has an all-bright element. Located near the ocean, the reflection of the sun will definitely bring out the energy of this building.

As you can see, it has a well-designed architecture. There are two pass-thru windows that give you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea right from the other side of the outdoor area.

From this point of view, it looks like a large realistic painting with the window structure as the frame. Well, it’s not something too good to be true, because it’s the real deal.

19. Fancy Coastal Front Porch with Rattan Stools



This outdoor bar is also located in a coastal house. It has a beautiful front porch area with the kitchen pass thru window idea. Also, the beach style decor defines the design scheme of this space.

Instead of a wood tabletop, the owner wants to make space fancier with a solid countertop that goes over the outside. The garage door style of the window allows you to have lower space.

How about that rattan stools? That’s a great way to maintain a complete element of an outdoor space


There are a lot of ways to apply this concept to your house. You just have to do some considerations and measurements before that.

All of those kitchen pass thru window ideas will make the space more inviting. Also, you can enjoy a lovely meal right outside the kitchen.