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15 Brick Backsplash Ideas for Your Unique Kitchen

The luxurious and elegant style has long dominated the world of home decor. Now, why not try something new for your house? One that you can try is brick backsplash ideas.

Rather than staring at a plain wall while out in the kitchen, these brick backsplash ideas will give you a new feel. The unfinished look will show you what is the new elegant.

The backsplash is not always in the kitchen. This feature also includes bathrooms or other locations that involve the use of water. But for this discussion, we will focus on brick ideas in the cooking area.

What is Brick Backsplash Ideas?

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Before discussing further brick backsplash ideas, it is a good idea to get to know more about them first. Therefore, you can imagine how it will look in your kitchen later.

These backsplash ideas feature an unfinished look that is identical to the rustic concept. Bricks are the materials that make up the walls, before getting polished, such as drywall, paint, and so on.

Initially, this appearance was considered classy. But over time, people began to find beauty in bricks, making them one of the designs in home decor.

However, the use of bricks as part of home decor also varies. Some people leave it with the appearance as it is, but some polish it with various layers.

Therefore, you can apply these ideas to various decor concepts, ranging from rustic, modern, mid-century, and others. Of course, it all depends on what to do with brick backsplash.

Uniqueness is that sometimes people even don’t use bricks for this idea. If you want to apply this style to the kitchen, try learning some designs to be discussed in the next section.

Exposed Brick Backsplash

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Showing bricks is a style that is quite popular with many people nowadays. Some benefits will be yours when applying it in the kitchen.

First, you will enjoy the aesthetic value of the arranged bricks. Although it doesn’t always display luxury, the displayed patterns look unique in the way they are.

Second, brick backsplash ideas will save you time and money. Apart from faster installation, you can also save costs on polishing.

Third, you can still show the beauty you want. There are many ways to embellish your brick backsplash, for example, with paint or decorations.

Real Brick Backsplash

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Brick backsplash ideas have become an alternative in the world of home décor. Even though it was considered less classy, the unfinished look was an option because it was able to present aesthetics.

Talking about the brick backsplash, you will get some recommended materials to use. However, although there are several alternatives, most people prefer to use the original one.

However, it does appear to be a difference between original and alternative bricks. Using the original will strengthen the rustic impression of your kitchen.

Besides, bricks are quite affordable. So, why choose alternative materials when you can get the original?

The real bricks are also quite strong material. With a little polish, you’ll have a gorgeous backsplash in your kitchen.

The Herringbone Pattern

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When laying bricks, most people stick to the standard arrangement. You can do exploration. One that easy to do is to apply the herringbone pattern.

Instead of stacking them together, the bricks are placed at an angle so that they look like fish bones. Despite the difficult process, it will give you an amazing finishing.

The use of herringbone pattern in brick backsplash ideas is a solution so that the kitchen design doesn’t look boring. You can also give a beautiful color as a finishing.

Brick Veneer Backsplash Kitchen

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The advantage of applying brick backsplash ideas is that you can explore with lots of materials. One option is to use veneer material to beautify your kitchen.

The veneer itself is made from logs and has undergone a process of cutting and stripping. In general, this material has a thickness of 0.24 mm to 3 mm and can be for various purposes.

You can also use this material when applying brick backsplash ideas when it is impossible to use original materials. The installation is easy, namely by making it existing wallpaper.

The veneer-based material is one of the most popular brick backsplash Home Depot sells. Some interesting designs are available to pick for your favorite kitchen decoration.

Using veneer will also give a more realistic appearance than using wallpaper. It’s no wonder that these brick backsplash ideas are a choice in many homes.

Red Brick Backsplash Ideas

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The use of red bricks is the most commonly found in many homes. Apart from being easy to find, this material is also durable to withstand splashes of water and heat during the cooking process.

Most people adore this material in brick backsplash ideas because of many reasons. One of them is because of their small size, making it easier to arrange them with a variety of motifs.

The red brick is also known to be quite economical. Apart from the affordable price of the material, you only need to use sand and cement to glue them together.

However, the use of this red brick also has disadvantages. The small shape makes the building process longer. Besides, you will need a special finishing so that the backsplash looks smooth.

White Brick Backsplash Kitchen

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The red bricks are not the only ones in this world. You can also use the white one as an alternative in building various room features, including walls and backsplashes.

Physically, you may find some dissimilarity between them. Red bricks are more common as wall materials. They are made from clay and burned at high temperatures.

White brick, or better known as Hebel, is made from a mixture of materials such as cement, lime, quartz sand, aluminum, gypsum, and water. The size is also bigger than the red one.

Hebel itself is not the best choice as a wall. However, its attractive physical appearance often attracts people to make it material in various features at home.

Making it as the material of brick backsplash ideas is not a bad thing either. Hebel is very light, easy to install, and has high artistic value.

Red Brick vs White Brick

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In the explanation above, you already know that there are at least two types of bricks to use as backsplashes, namely red and white. Then which one is better for your kitchen?

These two bricks are both well-known, but they also have some differences. But broadly speaking, people differentiate based on texture and physical properties.

Red bricks are generally smaller in size so that they are more flexible during the installation. It is easy to form any motif so that the backsplash looks attractive.

In terms of quality, red bricks are also durable in facing various conditions. Therefore, you can make it your choice of material when making a backsplash.

Unfortunately, despite its small size, the red one is much heavier than the white bricks. Besides that, the surface is also not smooth. Therefore, you need to do the finishing making it look attractive.

If you use white bricks, you don’t need to finish because they look pretty smooth. That way, you’ll instantly get a neat and classy backsplash view.

However, you will need a special technique to install this light brick. The wrong way will make the appearance of the backsplash, and other walls, become untidy and messy.

On average, white bricks are also relatively more expensive than red ones. However, a larger size will save more on installation costs because it requires less adhesive.

Notice that red brick is easy to absorb heat and cold. Meanwhile, the white one is more flexible and generally less affected by temperature conditions.

Faux Brick Backsplash

Farmhouse kitchen with faux brick backsplash | Rustic kitchen, Faux brick backsplash, Kitchen cabinets decor

As mentioned earlier, not everyone uses real bricks for their kitchen backsplash. For some reason, some people use imitations.

Currently, there are many options that you can use in your kitchen. However, it’s a good idea to use the best material when applying brick backsplash ideas.

One recommendation is the faux brick panels. For many, this is an alternative because it is easy to install and gives an almost lifelike appearance.

Faux brick panels are made of Masonite board so that they are easy to cut with a miter saw. That way, you will adjust the shape as needed.

Good for you, this material has a texture like a real brick on its surface. It makes the backsplash doesn’t look fake like wallpaper.

Whitewashed Brick Backsplash

Whitewashed And White Brick Backsplashes To Add Texture In The Kitchen - GODIYGO.COM

Even though it looks beautiful as it is, sometimes you feel the need to give your brick backsplash ideas a little touch. One way is to change the color to white.

The whitewashed brick backsplash is one such design that many people love. This feature is made of red brick, which is then imperfectly painted with white.

This design is capable of giving a distressing impression to your backsplash. You can use it in kitchens with a farmhouse theme.

You can get this whitewashed feel in several ways. Apart from using real bricks, a removable backsplash is now available that is easy to install and dismantle.

Colorful Kitchen

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There are always many ways to beautify any room. The same thing you can do when applying brick backsplash ideas. In this case, playing with colors will be a thing.

Don’t stick to the natural color of the bricks in various stores. Red and white do give off a natural and artistic impression. However, you still have a chance to change the color to be more attractive.

One of the most popular colorings today is whitewashed brick backsplash ideas. The brick that was originally red was painted with a particular method, giving it a distressed or finished look.

The whitewashed look itself is quite diverse. You can give the red brick a perfect white color or do it in such a way to make it looks weathered.

Currently, something weathered is no more low-class taste. Many people start to think that it will show an old impression of your kitchen.

However, white isn’t the only option. Some people choose natural colors to create a rustic feel for their cooking space. Besides that, you also add other tones to your taste.

For color selection, you don’t need to stick to certain concepts. It won’t be a problem if you add bold, pastel, or other tints as choosing colors is a way to make us feel at home.

Why Don’t Use Some Tiles?

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Some people think that tiles are the best backsplash material. Apart from the affordable price, their durability is also unquestionable.

Tiles do have waterproof properties that make them widely used in rooms that involve the use of water. Besides, this material can also withstand quite a long time against heat and steam.

Now, you can also use it in applying brick backsplash ideas. The reason is, nowadays many stores sell tiles with a pattern similar to this material.

Installing tiles with a brick pattern is a practical thing you can do. No need to worry that the tiles don’t look like the original as the experts have produced almost indistinguishable designs.

Another advantage, you can choose the texture. The brick-patterned tiles are not always shiny. You can also find matte ones. Thus, at first glance, no one will know that you don’t use bricks.

Apart from that, you can also DIY brick backsplash ideas by using tiles. You can paint the surface with a special paint to make it look like the original. Interested in trying?

Distressed Brick Backsplash Ideas

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One of the reasons why people love brick backsplash ideas is because of the distressed looks it displays. Thus, you can enjoy a vintage feel every time.

Although not everyone applies it, you can get this nuance in your kitchen. There are many ways to take, one of which is by using the whitewashed method.

As previously explained, whitewashed is to give the red bricks a white color, either completely or partially. To give it a distressed feel, of course, you don’t have to cover the surface into furnished condition.

However, whitewashed is not the only way you can take. The other pale-look tone will be a nice option. A touch of green can be a choice to make it look like moss is overgrown.

But you don’t need to paint yourself. The reason is that there are many designs of wallpaper, veneers, and other materials that feature distressed brick motifs.

You can install it instantly to beautify the kitchen. If you want to get it, you can start looking for designs in various stores.

Do It Like Rustic Lover

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Many people choose brick backsplash ideas because of the nuances of the distressed looks shown. Besides that, you can also add various decorations by supporting it.

The choice of furniture and storage in the kitchen will determine what it seems. You can design it in such a way as to give a natural rustic feel.

Make It Modern with Bricks

Subway Tile - 16 New Reasons to Love the Look - Bob Vila

Although brick backsplash ideas give a vintage feel, many people present them with a modern impression. Of course, it is affected by the finish and furniture that supports it.

Perfect polish gives a clean impression to the kitchen. You can also create a modern feel by placing furniture that supports the concept. The color will also influence the appearance.

Tips: Before You Choose Brick Backsplash Ideas

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Even though it seems easy, applying brick backsplash ideas is not as simple as it looks. Many mistakes have occurred so that the results are not as expected.

That’s why; you have to consider various things so that the results are perfect. Here are a few that you need to take into account:

Initial Conditions of the Kitchen

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Building from scratch is distinctly different from renovating. If your kitchen backsplash is finished, then you may not be able to use real bricks unless you have to dismantle them.

However, you can still apply brick backsplash ideas. Cover the existing wall with wallpaper, veneer, or tile to get the desired result.

Backsplash Area

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In this case, you also have to consider costs. If the backsplash is too large and you want to use real bricks, the price paid is also expensive because you still have to retouch this feature.

For this problem, you can use a veneer to cover the walls that have been built. At an affordable price, you can easily install it. What a great solution, right?

Pay attention to the Backsplash Coating

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As is well known, brick backsplash ideas also involve coating for maximum results. Thus, this feature in your kitchen has undoubted durability.

It is better to use polyurethane for coating. Apart from giving a matte look, this coating will also prevent the brick backsplash from being damaged due to moisture or stains.

Beautifying a room is an art that nobody has the same taste. Uniquely, sometimes we don’t have to use expensive methods to get there. Brick backsplash ideas are one of those simple concepts to implement.

Apart from the designs discussed above, of course, there are many other brick backsplash ideas to apply to your kitchen. Choose the best model to make you feel comfortable doing activities in it.