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How to Keep Bees Away from Deck

Bees can be a nuisance around your deck. They often find their way inside, and then they make it difficult to use the space. If you are looking for an easy way to keep bees away from your deck, this post is for you! We will discuss how to get rid of them naturally and how to prevent them from coming back in the future.

Avoid flowery fragran

Lebah Coklat Dan Hitam Pada Nektar Bunga Kuning

To make sure that the bees stay away, it is important to avoid wearing heavily scented sunscreen and hair products outside. Bees are attracted to these smells as well as sugar-based nectar and floral perfumes like hairspray or cologne; any of which could be found in various outdoor activities such as gardening or playing sports. If you must wear a fragrance outdoors, try using an unscented one without alcohol for best results – this way mosquitoes will also steer clear!

Deterring scents

We all know how much humans love that fresh, clean smell of sunflowers. Bees? Not so much! Plant those flowers around your deck and you can keep bees away with ease.

Make sure to use these five plants: peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, thyme and lavender. They will keep the bees away all summer long! To further deter them try adding a generous amount essential oil containing one or more herbs with any combination of those mentioned above in an empty spray bottle for maximum effect. These oils could be found at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Walmart but Amazon has good prices as well if ordered online.

Also, Use lavender oil, citronella oil, olive oil and vegetable oils on the skin; other methods include planting plants that don’t attract them near decks or patios where they may be more likely to land. Some people also use dryer sheets in order to deter bees who might linger around poolside areas or patio furniture nearby due to their attraction for fragrance – this will leave your yard bee-free while still smelling fresh!

Keep food and drink covered

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Make sure that all drinks are covered or in cups at all times. If not they will attract the bee’s attention tenfold- so be careful! Also, it is best to wrap things like food containers before storing anything outside because insects can get through thin plastic wraps if given enough time.

Avoid bright colors

Bees are attracted to bright colors, so you can avoid them by avoiding wearing colorful clothing. If bees don’t see a threat in your attire, they won’t attack you and sting unnecessarily. The same goes for swimsuits or towels; if there is no reason for the bee to be alarmed it will fly away peacefully without stinging!

Wear a hat

The best way to keep bees away from your deck is by wearing a hat. This will help you blend in with the environment and avoid being an easy target for these pesky insects!

Alter landscaping

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You can repel bees from your deck by planting herbs. Mint and lemongrass are two of the most effective plants for deterring pests, so keep them around to make sure that bugs stay away!

Proactively look for nests

Bees can be very territorial and aggressive when their nest is threatened. They will often build nests in hidden or hard to reach places like under decks, porches, fences- all over your yard! If you notice a swarm of bees huddled together near the ground it could indicate that there are several honeycombs below with eggs inside of them. These locations should not only be left alone but also given wide berth as they may contain an angry hive waiting for any chance to attack intruders into its territory.

If you see what looks like a bee’s home (a pile of dirt) on your property then please do NOT disturb it yourself. if possible just call someone who knows how deal with these types situations safely before something goes wrong.

Sprinkle Cinnamon

Place this unassuming spice in a jar or bowl and shake it around your porch area to chase away bees. It can be tough for them to navigate the sweet yet spicy cinnamon air, so they’ll just keep moving on until their next flower-fueled stop!

Place Garlic Around the Deck or Porch

Bee On Flower

Many people don’t enjoy the smell of garlic because it’s so pungent! However, what many may not know is that bees can also be turned off from this alluring aroma. You can try a few different options for getting rid of pesky insects in your own home by using water and crushed up pieces of garlic or just placing them around areas where bugs are likely to hang out such as on decks or porches – easy enough right?

Spray a Heavy Oil

You can use heavy-smelling oils to drive bees away! Cedarwood, clove, eucalyptus and citronella all have strong odors that the majority of bee types won’t be able to stand. You can place them near a beehive or on your porch in order for those pesky insects to find their way out.

Plant Marigolds with Caution

Marigolds are a miracle plant. They have the power to ward off pests, and some internet sources claim that they can keep bees away too! The flowers give out such an intense scent that it’s enough to scare many bugs away for good. However, this isn’t true with honeybees; these bright orange blossoms attract them in droves because of their sweet smell.

Make Bee Bait

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To prevent bees from chasing you outside, you can use a sweet-smelling liquid to create a freshly-made, tempting bait. This trick could also help with setting traps if your goal is bring the colony away from their hive—before relocating it.

Put Away Empty Tools, Toys, and Pots

You’ve worked hard to maintain your yard and create a safe place for you, your family, friends–and even the bees. Never leave anything around that may attract bees such as objects in the yard. Bee colonies can start building their nest into things like empty plant containers or buckets!

Leave Light Off at Night

Insects are attracted to lights. Leaving your lights off at night can help deter them from coming close to your home and yard.

Inspect Your Property for Nests Regularly

As a homeowner, you should take the precautions to make sure that there is no possible way for bees can get into your yard. This means regularly inspecting your home and any surrounding areas that could possibly have nests in them. If found, use caution when dealing with these more aggressive creatures because they are likely not afraid of stinging someone if they feel threatened or their nest is disturbed!

Vanilla mixture

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Bees are often attracted to people more than plants but there is a way you can keep them off of your skin. It’s as easy as mixing vanilla extract with water and getting creative! Whether it’s an area that has been known for bee activity or not, this will help deter bees from approaching anyone wearing the mixture because they dislike its smell so much.

This works best if mixed in small amounts since the flavor isn’t everyone’s favorite- some may enjoy using baby oil instead which also keeps their distance away from any person who uses it on themselves religiously each day

Bees and swimming pools

Bees see a pool as an oasis in the desert to cool off after their hours of work, but they also use the water for something more miraculous: life. Bees will come by droves when pools are optimal and do everything from drinking up every last drop of water to helping maintain temperatures with it inside their hive.

Have you ever seen bees buzzing around your pool? It’s not just because of all the juicy flowers nearby. The truth is, it seems they’re attracted to pools with their sweet smell – salt water and chlorine! If you want to avoid bee swarms in your backyard, try some these tips:

  • use a long-handled brush instead of an aerosol can or pump;
  • clean up any visible areas that might produce pollen (grass clippings/ leaves);
  • add floating string lights so bugs don’t land on wet decks for food ⁠– this deters them from coming too close.

These are another simple solutions:


Bees are weak swimmers, so turn on the pool jets to send them packing. Loud and harsh sounds signal danger for bees who lack a keen sense of hearing or sight, which will deter them from landing in your water. Turbulent ripples also alert these poor creatures that there is something dangerous underneath the surface – like humans with nets!


Bunga Kelopak Kuning Dengan Lebah Kuning Hitam Selama Fotografi Fokus Siang Hari

Mothballs are used around the pool for bee repellent. To set up a mothball defense, place them in a cloth bag and hang it close to the edge of your swimming area; this will act as an effective deterrent against bees that may attack you or spoil your poolside fun with their chemicals. Just be sure not to use too many – they have an unpleasant odor!

Alternate water supply

Following these steps ensures that bees will no longer be a threat to your pool, but where do they go now? Try coaxing them into another water source nearby like a birdbath or fountain. It may take some time for the bee population in your area to die down and find refuge elsewhere.