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Inexpensive Cheap Patio Cover Ideas

Inexpensive Cheap Patio Cover Ideas. You may cover your patio with a variety of materials. Outdoor textiles, shade sails, wood pergolas, and aluminum and steel constructions are just a few of the options.

Awnings, canopy covers, retractable coverings, and even cabanas are all options.

Retractable awnings, huge market umbrellas, integrated pergolas, wrought iron patio covers, and any sort of shade structure are available year over year, and they are improving, according to Los Angeles-based landscape designer Andrea Scharff.

Patio covers also offer support for fragrant vines, adding a layer of beauty that appeals to all of the senses. Wisteria, roses, jasmine, and stephanotis are some of my favorite fragrant vines.



An awning is a inexpensive patio cover solution that provides you with some shade closer to the house.

When you’re entertaining outdoors, it makes it simple and quick to go in and out for extra snacks or beverages.

On hotter days, awnings may also protect your windows from the sun while you’re busy inside.

Retractable awnings come in several styles and sizes, making them very adaptable. They may also be used with more permanent constructions if you want.

Create a sunken living room


A midcentury modern touch to an outdoor area can be achieved by sinking a living room.

The concept is praised by Ralph Choeff, the founder of Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture + Design in Miami, who says that it “produces a vacation-like living situation,” with a patio canopy made of sun-resistant Brazilian Ipe wood and cantilevered roofs providing cover from the heat.



Because of their position, some patios do not receive direct sunlight, and a glass patio cover is a wonderful option for those who want some protection from the weather.

Glass offers varying degrees of UV protection and opacity, and there are a variety of inexpensive patio cover ideas that use it. As a result, you may create an outdoor oasis in your own backyard.

Add a trellis


Purple Cherry adds, “A trellis is put onto a patio to allow for direct, natural sunlight to be filtered.”

It provides a little layer of shadow, albeit it is very minimal. Trellises are primarily ornamental, not functional.

Consider installing a gorgeous retractable awning above it to provide additional substantial shade, if necessary. If you prefer the look of a trellis for its ornamental nature, install one.

Narrow Slats


While this inexpensive patio cover isn’t guaranteed to keep you dry in the event of sleet, snow, or rain, it does provide some protection.

It’s ideal for anybody who enjoys being out in the sun, but wants a little bit of protection from getting overheated.

If you add a wraparound screen, it’ll give you a semi-private cabana feel. When you utilize this concept, framing a patio roof is a nice DIY job that shouldn’t take too long or be too difficult.

Cover up with umbrellas


Really think about the position, how the sun hits the patio, and when it is best used, advises David Charette of Britto Charette in Miami. “When deciding on concepts for a covered patio, take all of this into consideration.”

“Maybe the best solution for you is to have a collapsible structure or a structure that can be moved around with the sun,” Charette says of the covered patio.

Using big canvas umbrellas, you may expand your design and provide cover from the sun while also protecting from rain, said Stacey Copeland, principal of Blythe Home in Los Angeles.

We took advantage of the limited space to expand the living area into the garden, creating shady spots for relaxing and entertaining, she continues.



A frameless glass construction is a fantastic option if you’re constructing a patio cover for your house. These were created to provide protection from the rain, wind, and excessive sunlight while allowing you to see clearly.

In the middle of your yard or garden, a freestanding glass pavilion may provide you with all of the creature comforts of an indoor living space.

You may also install bi-fold doors, as well as use infrared heating to keep the interior warm.

Use outdoor fabric


Christopher Grubb, an interior designer and creator of Beverly Hills-based Arch-Interiors Design Group, claims that a pergola over your patio may be structurally heavy depending on the size of your yard.

He continues, “Outdoor fabric above the top serves to soften it, tie-back drapery with an added detail-like edge banding adds to its charm, and sheer-pleated exterior fabric is a good option.”



Bringing a modern garden alive with a section of hidden patio planting tips is conceivable.

For your sitting area, choose the right shrubs or trees for adequate shade and privacy. To provide a wide but flat canopy that will throw a lot of shade on the area, you may parasol prune plane trees.

You may train the canopy over a frame to offer the trees extra support, and both umbrella and parasol trees will feature central lateral branches that you trim back.

Add a pergola with interesting lighting


Patio covers allow for sun during the day and structure for gas or electric heaters to be attached to throughout chilly evenings, which is fantastic, says Scharff.

Pergolas, like this one, allow for the hanging of pendant lighting, as shown by this area. Lighting on a covered patio is approached by Annapolis, Maryland architect Cathy Purple Cherry, who asks:

Do you need to be able to read at night? When it comes to outdoor lighting, she uses two methods. Decor and ambiance, such as chandeliers and wall sconces, are one strategy.

The second is for built-in patio covers with recessed cans for true task lighting. Purple Cherry recommends that whichever option you pick be switched on and dimmable individually.

Because of the ways it casts shadows and refracts light on space, a decorative fixture would be chosen, she adds.

MCM Seattle Patio Cover


A Patio Cover that is well-designed can increase your outdoor time and enhance your experience.

For anyone who enjoys having a yearly family get-together, this MCM Seattle-inspired outdoor cover is perfect.

Build a multi-level patio


The amazing thing about raising a patio is that the stairs themselves become furniture, Purple Cherry points out.

Moreover, as guests gaze over the neighboring pool [not shown], a patio on a pedestal (literally) may raise the view. Just make sure that all of the patio furniture will fit without creating a shallow space.

Try a Cedar Pergola


For a home and pool house project in New York City, Resolution: 4 Architecture built a stained-cedar pergola over a bluestone-paver patio.

It’s another great example of how to use natural materials to repurpose a portion of an outside area. The finishing touch on the package are those matching wooden chairs.

Modern Farmhouse Covered Patio


If you have a modest country home that you want to transform into a contemporary farmhouse, then this is the project for you. All you need is a patio cover to get what you want.

Blend Natural Materials


When designing an outdoor area, natural materials are a brilliant choice. When two or three are mixed together, such as this brick, stone, and wood combination, they blend in beautifully with their surroundings and create a stunning overall effect.

The patio floor is comprised of reclaimed Old Chicago brick, and the façade and arches are comprised of Texas limestone designed by Eklektic Interiors of Houston.

Think timber frame


Purple Cherry notes, “This is a Douglas fir tongue and groove ceiling with exposed fir rafters on a wooden frame-covered patio,” but she has a word of caution for those planning to install hanging lights outside.

Consider the presence of a strong wind factor when installing beautiful chandeliers or ceiling lights in a porch; you wouldn’t want your lights to swing around. Light fixtures may be kept at bay by using chains and tiebacks.

Go for Modern-Meets-Rustic


Take a note from Gast Architects’ book for a mix of rustic and modern that straddles the line. A scored-concrete patio in Arroyo Grande, California inspired this shade concept.

This outdoor area is sleek, but it retains that rustic feel due to the corrugated galvanized steel frame, which was custom-made.

Tip and Patio Cover Kits reduce the effort of developing a patio cover by outsourcing that job to the design team of the company.

Remove the guesswork by following the instructions and constructing it. There are several budget, size, and style pre-made kits available. Some kits come with everything, while others need you to purchase the supplies.

Make a Fabric Shade


Making your own fabric shade is a excellent approach to raise the amount of your area and keep the sun off of your patio furniture if you already have a pergola.

Turn the Space Into a Plant Oasis


Plants, particularly when they become the primary focus, always add to the beauty of a room. Carson Douglas Landscape Architecture (CDLA) designed this gorgeous and varied eco-conscious outdoor landscape for a Santa Ynez, California property.

The redwood pergola, which holds thriving, lush vines, the redwood vegetable boxes, cold-season A-frames, and a metal-frame fire pit that is filled with stone to resemble a gabion are among the features that were designed specifically.

Play up the pool house


Purple Cherry suggests that “pool houses may be either enclosed or open rooms.” A freestanding wooden pergola, which can provide shade and sun protection, may also project a more tranquil atmosphere than a completely covered outdoor area.

Opt for Shade Cloth Patio Covers


The Ranch Mine, a husband-and-wife design team based in Michigan, coated the concrete floor with Cohills Enviro Stain and covered a home in corrugated steel.

To support the shade sails, shade-sail anchors were fastened into the roof trusses beneath the eaves. Because they don’t need an architect and construction team, shade sails are frequently a less expensive alternative than brick, mortar, and other built-ins.

Set Up an Awning


Indoors, use fabric to shade your patio, adding pattern, texture, and drama. A colorful blue and white striped cabana was chosen by Mark Sikes.

Construct a Modern Overhang


This spacious outdoors area has a roof, but it feels intimate and enclosed. The composite polystyrene used in IsoPine material performs well outside, provided it does not receive direct rain, according to South African company LevEco Architects.

You don’t see any connections because the house’s timber roof rafters are pocketed inside the brickwork. Time spent outside isn’t limited by rain or less than ideal weather thanks to the roof, and it doesn’t need to be cut short.

Bring nature in with lattices


Paige Foss, an architectural designer with Drees Homes in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, says that you can enhance traditional exterior surfaces and decorate the patio like you would any other room in the house.

Add lattice and greenery to blur the line between inside and outside for a simpleDIY project.

Embrace an Open-Air Rooftop


Alexandra Lauren designed an open-air rooftop patio in Hong Kong, which features textures and bright colors.

Several outdoor locations typically miss the Horchow rug with a geometric pattern because of its statement character.

There’s no shortage of light, yet it’s still safer than sitting in direct sunlight, because the roof is made of clear Perspex, a type of plexiglass with UV resistance. The space practically seems to be vacation-themed with a few bright splashes of color.