24 Ingenious Industrial Home Office Ideas To Apply

Industrial home office ideas are so popular lately. People that have a workspace in their house want it to be in trendy masculine styles.

The industrial style would fit easily in other styles like farmhouse, rustic, vintage, and even modern. You just need to be creative in doing the mix.

There are a couple of things you need to think about when dealing with industrial elements. Then, metal becomes the most essential material in this style.

Indeed, metal is like the core of the industrial style. When it’s exposed as decor or furniture, a room will have the vibe. It can be in a form of pipes, legs of the chair, light fixture, cabinets, and so on.

Wood is another material that can have an industrial vibe. Pairing it with metal, you’ve got yourself a complete package of industrialism.

Moreover, having an industrial style in your home office can be based on your own personality. Whatever makes you comfortable working, you should go with it.

1. Rustic and Industrial Fusion for Office



Check out this well-designed home office. It looks very stylish. Also, it emphasized the rustic vibe from the brick wall.

Some industrial elements are also on point. They make a great statement to maintain the charm.

Further, it is such a cool industrial home office with such a strong texture on the wall. There are two major industrial pieces in this space.

That office desk and a large shelving unit combine wood and metal materials. As you can see, the desk comes with storage that looks very functional.

Additionally, the metal structure of this furniture looks very sturdy. One more thing there’s a tall cactus at the corner. It’s such a necessary addition.

2. Large Industrial Shelving and Storage Unit



Take a look at this space. It’s a combination of modern and industrial. Thus, the statement-making wooden element on the floor is big enough to define the space.

The shelving unit in this space is really taking over the entire wall and make it functional. Hence, it has got a lot of storage space to display all the things necessary.

You can also leave most of the space empty to emphasize the metal structure. That would make the industrial touch become the highlight of this workspace.

Besides, there is a larger square space dedicated to the workspace. It’s enough to handle the working activity. Add a comfy chair with a matching color to complete.

3. Vintage Sewing Machine Table



The main element of this home office is definitely the unique desk. It’s the true industrial furniture to have as part of the workspace.

The table is made of a vintage sewing machine. Therefore, the attractive metal structure looks so antique. The thick wooden tabletop creates a perfect workspace to use.

There’s also a vintage wooden chair to complete the furniture set. As for decor, the owner fills the wall with some wooden note boards.

Besides, it offers an industrial vibe while it becomes very functional according to the work.

4. Rustic Galvanized Wall in Industrial Home Office Ideas



As you can see, this industrial home office looks so well-decorated. There are various elements with an industrial vibe.

One element that catches our attention is the metal wheels that becomes the theme of this home office.

The elements seem to be representing a vintage clock design. Thereupon, that gives an astonishing industrial look to space.

There’s also a visual statement made by the rustic galvanized wall. This metal element provides as much rust as you need.

In this case, the rustic vibe is very strong. However, it gets balanced by the metal wheels as decoration.

5. Industrial Home Office Ideas with Reclaimed Wood



Adding some reclaimed-wood elements into an industrial space is a good decision to make. It will prevent the home office from being too stark.

Check out the reclaimed wood furniture in this space. Wherefore, it may change the features of the room.

Moreover, this kind of element has a rustic charm to set the home office space more welcoming. In this case, the furniture is made of grey-washed pine wood. That explains the pale color.

In addition, the slimline rustic table and the cantilever chair make a great combination with each other.

6. Minimal Industrial Element with Concrete Wall



If you don’t want to deal with a lot of metal elements, you can just do something to the wall.

The color of concrete will also offer an industrial vibe of its own. Thus, it becomes a great way to indulge the vibe without being too much.

Keeping the industrial vibe minimal is where this home office goes with. The greyish color of a concrete wall is big enough to get a certain atmosphere you want.

Having a concrete wall doesn’t mean that you have to tear down the wall you have in the space and refinish it.

Again, there are other practical options to try, such as wallpaper and certain painting techniques.

7. Industrial Home Office with Mid-Century Furniture



There’s always an opportunity to mix and match the industrial space with other styles. In this home office, there’s a combination of urban vibe and mid-century modern elements.

As a result, it gives a distinct aura to space. This simple room combines some different styles. For example, the hanging pendants are an interesting addition to this home office.

That’s what defines the industrial style of this space. Right on the black wall, there’s a big poster of the moon. Further, it becomes an easy way to provide lighting to the dark wall.

8. Industrial Home Office with Luxurious Design



When the industry meets luxury, this is what you get. These vintage home office ideas offer a comfy space to do the work. There are some elegant chairs and wooden desks that go really well together.

The neutral color palette becomes the essential things in this space. Besides, consider other elements.

That exposed brick walls and metal surfaces are like the basis of this home office area. Then, you have to make sure that the room is in a neutral scheme.

In addition, you have to be careful in adding some bright colors. It’s better to have it stay in neutral. Since this space has a lot of special things, more patterns and colors would make it clutter visually.

9. Small Workspace with Industrial Vibe for Apartment



If you only have limited space in your house or apartment, industrial style is a perfect solution for that. Indeed, most of the furniture is friendly to a small area.

In this apartment, there’s a special spot for workspace. There are some industrial elements, such as the shelving, and desk. Both of them are a combination of wood and metal.

Check out the desk design first. The metal structure of the legs is so minimal but it’s sturdy enough to accommodate all your things.

Above the table, there’s a shelving unit built-in on the wall. It also has a metal basis. Hence, minimal elements can deliver their charming vibe.

10. Elegant Industrial for Architect

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From the picture, you would know that this is a home office for an architect. That’s why an industrial style is what it gets.

This breathtaking industrial home office idea comes in a full package.Therefore, almost all the furniture pieces are all in the same style.

The unusual metal structure of the desk plays an important role to show some characteristics. In addition, having a unique stool chair for workspace is like a little cherry on top to finish space.

11. Three Hanging Naked Bulbs



It’s such a simple industrial element but it takes over the decor space. Well, it’s not always about metal or rustic to incorporate this style.

With just three hanging pendants, you can change the entire atmosphere. Thereupon, that element has turned the ordinary office space into an amazing industrial one.

Further, it becomes so easy to design an industrial space. In this case, the home office area is already packed with wooden shelving and a black upper wall.

The addition of hanging bulbs really brings the design space to another place. Well, that’s a good thing, right?

13. Industrial Workspace with Pops of Colors



Having another set of colors beside neutral would be a risky move. However, you can find some examples of ideas for that.

Take a look at this workspace. It’s got some red and other colorful elements. Indeed, this way would cause clutter to the scene.

As you can see, there is a wall gallery with red-painted metal as the base. Then, have a look at some other red decorative items.

Again, to strengthen the industrial style, there’s a bunch of wheels structure with a lot of colors. Well, if you like something full of colors, this is a good choice for you.

14. Traditional Home Office Ideas with Industrial Vibe



If you are into traditional style, you should consider this idea. Then, the first thing to consider is the wooden material used in this space.

The design idea of this space is related to the rest of the rooms inside the house. Wherefore, the wood grain spreads all over the space.

Turning it into having an industrial vibe is very easy. It’s because this area is already full of wood. You can just attach some metal shelving unit on the wall.

Additionally, one big element you can notice about this traditional home office is the concrete flooring. That’s what defines the industrial look of this space.

15. Concrete and Brick Wall Combination



This home office is not just about the workspace, it’s about the whole element inside the room. It’s more than just a desk, shelf, and chair.

That’s because the workspace is located in an open space alongside the living room. Also, this room has a rustic brick wall with a sleek concrete wall combined.

The unfinished ceiling also makes a good impact on the room. In order to make a balance, a brown carpet covers the concrete flooring.

Moreover, for the workspace, the designer places a simple table with vintage legs design and a comfy chair.

Interestingly, there’s one single element of industrialism that steal attention, that hanging light pendant.

16. Dark-Wood Furniture with Industrial Look



This industrial-themed office is so unique and comfortable. It has enough masculinity to make you feel cozy doing the work inside the room.

A dark wooden cabinet makes a perfect background for the scene. The contrast wood color of the inside area highlights the things you want to display.

This large open cabinet contains a great industrial vibe to impress. Besides, you can see a dark-wood office desk with a clever seating mechanism.

It can be used for up to four people all at once. Right above the table, there are two hanging pendants. It will be very functional to light up the tabletop whenever you need it.

17. Easy Industrial Element for Office Decor



This is a stylish industrial home office design idea with a piece that makes a statement. This space is using all elements in a sleek design except the things at the back.

A bright area for the office filled with a white ceiling and wall. There’s also sleek white furniture with a wooden accent.

The reclaimed wood flooring becomes the key to link the home office with the background set up. That space is filled with some industrial elements.

That brick wall paired with black concrete gets a road bike attached to the wall. It represents the industrial feel of the scene.

Obviously, it’s not a usual thing to have as a decoration. This industrial home office idea shows how easy to include this style.

18. Contemporary Industrial Home Office Design



Setting up the right mood is important if you want the space to be completely industrial. There are some contemporary elements included in this home office that uplift the style.

The rustic concrete walls and ceiling become the key to work with other styles like contemporary. The decor letters are such a great addition to maintain the vibe.

In order to provide the right mood, the industrial lighting fixture does the work. At night, the lamps become so crucial.

You could continue the work with the industrial light pendant in style.

19. Industrial Shelving and Desktop in Corner Office



In such a tiny space, you can actually make a cozy corner office like this one. It has a relaxed appeal with that rustic gray wall tiling as the background.

This industrial office corner will give you a simple charm and the comfort you need. The desk comes in form of a wall-mounted hardwood desktop.

The black metal piping makes a good basis for the wooden material. Interestingly, the desktop has a similar design to the wall shelving.

The industrial feel served by the combination of wood planks and metal pipes is looking great. Obviously, it won’t take any floor space. That’s why it’s a great idea for small office space.

20. Symmetrical Home Office Concept with Industrial Elements



This home office space has a compelling symmetrical design. Everything is in good balance. There’s a twin freestanding shelving unit that gets connected with the wall-mounted desktop.

There’s also two pair of chairs that emphasize the symmetrical design of this home office. It’s such a great decision to show how much sleekness you can get.

This home office offers you a well-planned set-up with an industrial vibe. Obviously, the styles come from the black-painted metal structure.

21. French Country Home Office Design



It’s a chic home office design that has a desk with fashionable french country design. The elements create a stylish yet inviting atmosphere to space.

The parquet-fashioned desktop looks very stunning combined with the beautifully carved body and legs.

Despite the other French country decor element, this office has an interesting chandelier. This is one and only element the spreads an industrial vibe around the place.

22. Farmhouse Industrial Home Office Ideas



Adding industrial pieces into a farmhouse space is a defining move. Check out the wall decor in the middle, it shows the true style of the space.

On each side of the farmhouse wall decor, there’s an industrial element. It makes a perfect combination of styles just by looking at the wall.

In this case, the industrial element makes good decor in a home office room that’s completely farmhouse.

23. Dark Teal Wood Home Office Idea

Pin by Anneliese Meek on Mill Rd. Inspo in 2020 | Masculine home offices, Home office design, Office inspiration


This is an example of a home office room that shows what a masculine space looks like. Far from distractions and free of clutter, but it still looks beautifully stunning.

The wooden material in this home office is either aged, reclaimed, or weathered. That’s why many people relate rustic or industrial vibe with masculinity because that’s the fact.

In this home office, you can find some industrial items that emphasize the amount of masculinity in one room.

24. Industrial Style in Minimalist Home Office

Loft 9b by Dimitar Karanikolov | Home office design, Interior architecture design, Loft design


Take a look at this minimalist workspace. It’s designed to match the needs without a lot of things going on the wall.

Therefore, it seems like the whole room goes with a concrete wall. To gain special attention, this workspace has a built-in LED light.

Obviously, it doesn’t really give the amount of light you need for the workspace. However, it’s up there on the wall as the minimal decoration for the wall.

Well, it really gives a nice character to the concrete wall. The industrial vibe gets strengthen by that.


After exploring all of the industrial home office ideas, you will be ready to take the masculinity of your workspace to the next level.