33 Hipster Bedrooms Ideas to Nail the Bizarre Aesthetic

Good news for those who are interested in hipster bedrooms ideas as the trend does not seem to be out of frame anytime soon.

Luckily, mimicking hipster house decor is certainly easy. Simply keep in mind that the idea typically involves anything creative, trendy, as well as quirky.

Moreover, hipster decor typically goes more in the minimalist direction. Nevertheless, you can also mix and match several distinct styles to create a more personalized result.

From applying rustic walls to incorporating unique light fixtures, this article certainly has sort of fascinating hipster bedrooms ideas to try!

Vintage Pop Culture



Express your hipster taste by incorporating a few old-school pop culture items in the bedroom. That is why you can opt for something like an old gramophone or antique vinyl records.

Firstly, bring the idea into the next level by framing up album artwork from many years ago. Then, try to populate your bookcases as well with classic literature to emphasize the hipster flair.

Don’t hesitate to bring another bizarre or anti-mainstream decorative items for the sake of your hipster taste.

Rattan Swing



Boost the comfort of your hipster bedrooms ideas by adding a hanging rattan swing that can also help to release stress.

In addition, stuff the swing with shabby looking white cushions to keep the vibe. You can also take note of the hanging hipster style coat and hat as another approach to get the look.

Rather than a usual curtain, this bedroom features a see-through net drape with embroideries.

Hipster Bedrooms Ideas with Freestanding Mirror



The freestanding mirror comes with an old gold frame, offering a hint of the past time. The black steel bed makes this bedroom appear more old-fashioned at some points.

Back to the signature mirror, you can also decorate it with string light and incorporate a few planters around the decor.

You can also hang a planter with trailing greenery right above the mirror for more casual feeling.

A Burst of Pink



A bohemian bedroom with a burst of pink will certainly satisfy your hipster appetite. Thanks to the messy arrangement, this room showcases anything but anti-mainstream.

Moreover, this one of the hipster bedrooms ideas takes advantage of various patterned fabrics to achieve the bohemian flair.

From a Mandala blanket to a wall cover, this bedroom has them all to highlight the counterculture. A sheet of fabric is also hung over the bed area for added interest.

Dark Sanctuary



Turn your usual bedroom into a personalized sleeping chamber with this picture as inspiration.

With fabric covering most of the walls and ceiling, this bathroom is still capable to keep its balance thanks to the all-white bedding options.

An additional lighting fixture steals the spotlight due to its strategic location that is right above the bed, stressing the colorful skull themed tapestry.

Relaxed Chic



When decorating with hipster bedrooms ideas, keep in mind to focus on being shabby chic, relaxing, and casual.

This hipster bedroom makes a great example with its slightly unfinished looking as well as a bit of whimsical flair.

Simply bring in a cloth hanger rack, then decorate it with a string of light. After that, you can display your favorite hipster attires or some colorful dresses.

Modern Chic Bedroom



With such a lovely bedroom like this, you will find it hard to leave the space even for a cup of coffee in the morning.

The shabby looking area rug and the furry white blanket boost an inviting and warm vibe of this bedroom. Not to mention the number of colorful throw pillows that hint ultimate coziness.

To complete these hipster bedrooms ideas, you can hang a few hipster theme wall arts and bring in a pot of Sansevieria plant.

Floating Shelving Unit



A wall-mounted shelf allows you to display classic literatures that brick back the memory from the past.

Eccentric lighting fixture secured on the shelving unit makes this room aggress to the hipster bedrooms ideas that often include unconventional decorative items.

Don’t forget to liven up the room by adding easy-to-care succulent and cactus plants on the table.

Fascinating Mood Board



Hipster room decor typically features unusual wall hanging arts that look nothing but eccentric. You can take advantage of a mesh board to hold all the items.

From a hanging dream-catcher to old manuscript, this mesh board homes a lot of things that emphasize your hipster taste.

Try to arrange yours in the most creative way so that the hipster bedrooms ideas can appear more personalized.

Super Cozy Vibe



This cool hipster bedroom features a variety of different textures from a few blankets and bedding options that are arranged randomly over the bed.

You can also find fascinating patterns from the throw pillows. Adding inviting ambiance and lovely accent is the string light bulbs hanging around the curtain.

White Chalkboard Wall



Since black chalkboard walls are somewhat mainstream nowadays, you should find another alternative that does not follow the crowd as a hipster.

In this view, you will love to have white chalkboard walls for your hipster bedrooms ideas as they are more ideal for the theme.

As a bonus, the chalkboard walls can lend you a feeling of larger and airier space while providing room for creativity.

Unconventional Light Fixtures



When it comes to a hipster home design, you are more likely to notice the lighting fixture is not just an ordinary bulb.

Instead, the design typically features super funky light bulb that highlight the hipster style. Even some of the lighting solutions are DIY projects from repurposed mason jars.

At the same time, other hipster homeowners may simply leave the light bulbs exposed to serve a cool decor approach.

You can take note of this one of hipster bedrooms ideas when interested in investing in extraordinary lighting fixtures.

Hanging Patterned Fabric



Drape some light, patterned fabric above your bed to create a casual canopy. Try to include some string of lights in between to promote a good night’s sleep too.

Try to hang an oriental area rug as well on one side of the bed to highlight your hipster personality. It will work well with the brown Sherpa blanket.

Hipster Room Ideas for Guys



If you are looking for hipster room ideas for guys, this picture may spark some inspiration with its monochromatic scheme.

The double bed is adorned with eye-catching textured sheet and a bunch of pillows in various sizes.

Highlighting the hipster vibe in this bedroom is the floor-to-ceiling tapestry that comes in interesting trellis pattern.

Iconic Throw Pillows



Your hipster bedrooms ideas deserve a few iconic throw pillows that can lighten up the area.

Therefore, you can get throw pillows that come in an old-fashioned flair or even ones with adorable black moustaches.

Even though these fashionable throw pillows can make many people to love them, they will not necessarily make you mainstream.

Exceptional Decorations



Hipster bedrooms ideas typically include the use of retro furniture that you can get from nearby flea market.

Upcycling something you find at home into a useful decoration also makes a good choice when decorating a hipster bedroom.

Feel free to repurpose antique jam containers, mason jars, and even a classic bicycle to make your bedroom seem more fascinating.

Not only produce some creative bedroom decorations, but you also help to retain the environment by reducing inorganic waste with this project.

DIY Hipster Decorations



Before spending your money and budget at thrift shops or flea market, look around at the garage if only you can get something useful for DIY project.

For instance, old milk crates can make an excellent material to create a useful storage solution for your classic records.

On the other hand, you can stack the old crates together for an extraordinary bookshelf. Repurposing antique wine boxes also make a great option for hipster bedrooms ideas.

In this case, you can turn the boxes into a nightstand or other practical items needed in your bedroom.

Bed That Is Uncommon



If you are looking for a way to introduce hipster bedrooms ideas in your home decor, investing in the right bed is somewhat important.

To keep the hipster flair, you better avoid an option with a bed skirt since it suits a common, mainstream bedroom better.

A bed that is too modern may restrict you to pin down the hipster aesthetic as well, so be careful when selecting one.

Retro Furniture



When choosing your furniture, keep in mind that hipster is about bringing back the classic with a little twist.

For this reason, the easiest and most effective way to infuse hipster style in your bedroom is by incorporating some old-fashioned furniture.

You can easily find retro furniture in flea market or antique shops, but remember to make sure that the new piece matches your existing space.

Hipster Bedrooms Ideas for Bookworms



Reading is nearly a universal hobby among hipsters, so providing special space for displaying a large collection of books is a must.

Interestingly, you do not always need to have a bookcase to showcase your book collections. Feel free to display them on the nightstand or other spots throughout the bedroom.

The Best of Both Worlds



One of the good things about hipster bedrooms ideas is that you don’t need to follow any difficult rule regarding the decoration.

Instead, you just need to pick an adornment that feels natural for your taste.

Whether you are someone who like to clutter the room with decorative items or one that is more into minimalistic approach, the option is all yours.

If you are looking to something in between, these Boho bedroom ideas may suit your preference.

Interesting Conversation Piece



Indeed, you will want your hipster bedrooms ideas come with a fun and fascinating conversation piece to emphasize that quirky persona.

A period light fixture, an antique old record player, and an old-fashioned typewriter all make excellent focal points in a hipster setting.

In case you cannot find any of them that suit your current bedroom style, try this kind of signature paper chandelier.

Aside from the unique chandelier, this hipster bedroom also features a bunch of planters that call for attention.

Classic Picture Collage



Do you feel the need to fill the wide blank space on your walls? If so, creating a picture collage makes a great chance to get creative and have fun.

Make a picture collage to showcase arts that you have saved over the years or to hang your beloved album artwork.

If you don’t have enough vintage artwork to display on the walls, try to find some at nearby secondhand stores.

Outdated Musical Devices



In addition to antique records, outdated musical devices also make nice decor pieces for hipster bedrooms ideas.

Visit nearby thrift shops and you probably find an 8-track player, tape deck, or an antique boombox to give the nod to the hipster trend.

To liven up your hipster bedroom with music, you probably want to include a system for playing it or get an old acoustic guitar to play.

Plenty of Accent Lights



Some accent lighting can give an extra pinch of hipster style into a bedroom. You can opt for LED light strips and apply them into your wall decor.

Of course, you can skip the usual warm yellow beam and swap it with the one featuring cool blue light.

Purchasing smart LED light strips that can illuminate your hipster bedroom in a sort of different colors make a great idea too.

Dream Catcher Parade



It is no secret that dream catcher has become a pretty popular hipster decoration. With a number of it, this bedroom looks amazingly beautiful.

Aside from the variety of hanging dream catchers on the wall, you can also take note of the black and white framed portraits on the floating shelf.

Providing extra comfort to these hipster bedrooms ideas is the floor cushion and a bunch of throw pillows on the bed.

Magical Wallpaper



Steal the look of this beautiful hipster bedroom by finding a mystic folk tapestry in crafty shops.

To let the tapestry shine, you can forget about a bookshelf and simply put your classic collections on the floor.

Add extra comfort to your hipster bedrooms ideas by investing in a vintage looking chair and a restful floor cushion.

Hipster Loft Bedroom



Rather than the usual store-bought wallpaper, this loft bedroom features an exceptional one that you can replicate with a bunch of classic posters or album covers.

If you do not have a huge collection of these items, consider finding some in the flea market or simply print them out yourself.

You can also hang a framed abstract picture on this wall accent for contrasting interest. Then, consider keeping the rest of the decor neutral for a more uniform look.

Unusual Hanging Wire Basket



The wire hanging basket of these hipster bedrooms ideas is somewhat uncommon. It is a handmade decorative item that you will not find in the market.

Meanwhile, the bookshelf is also from a DIY project. Not to mention the nightstand that you can create yourself from some wooden pallet.

Highlighting the hipster vibe is the antique music player and classic artworks. Then, you can tie the design together with randomly secured string light.

Cool Hipster Loft



Hipster theme home decor tends to involve the use of reclaimed wood materials and other elements that seem rustic.

This one of the hipster bedrooms ideas takes note of the theme very well with its exposed wooden beam and a rustic looking indoor swing.

As an accent light, a string of light bulbs is hung over the bed, running to the exposed beam for a more casual touch.

Colorful Wall Art



If your bedroom doubles as a reading space, don’t hesitate to adorn it with abstract painting and some unique handmade accessories.

You can also add a DIY paper garland to bring extra colors to the space. An exceptional sculpture will bring a touch of hipster that hints something rare.

A Cluster of Beautiful Plants



Beatify the corner of your hipster bedrooms ideas with a bunch of indoor plants that are set in various pretty planters.

From rustic rattan planters to concrete plant holders, feel free to pick your favorite or simply mix and match all of them.

Incorporate a few hanging planters as well to make your hipster bedroom seem more alive.

Adorable Hippie Hammock



This idea showcases how a hippie hammock is so much popular in hipster bedrooms ideas as it offers a relaxing spot for taking a quick nap or reading books.

Alternatively, you can switch the hippie hammock with one that is made of colorful patterned fabric for a pop of color in this monochrome scheme.

In addition to the twine of bulbs hung over the bed, you can set a string of fairy light on the floor for a dramatic touch.

To sum up, decorating a hipster bedroom allows you to have an extraordinary sanctuary while helping to maintain the health of the environment.

Besides, you do not need to follow all the formalities of decorating a bedroom since being anti-mainstream is the main focus of this style.

Therefore, do not hesitate to make your space cool and different from the rest by trying these hipster bedrooms ideas!

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