Creative Herb Garden Ideas to Support Your Hobby

Nowadays, people need some herb garden ideas to support their hobby. It is increasingly popular lately. Growing herbs offers simplicity and space saving in gardening. In this article, you will explore many inspirations to deal with it.

There are many herb varieties you can plant using these creative herb garden ideas. It is not just something to colorize and fill up space. Things as rosemary, sage, parsley, and thyme are useful as part of the ingredients of your cooking.

1. Herb Potting

5 Key Steps to Keep Your Herb Garden Alive

The very first herb garden ideas that come to mind must be the ones with a pot. It is quite easy to plant the herbs. Just group them all together in a small garden space you have. The pot is not hard to get. Just visit the garden centers or stores nearby, and you will see it.

There will be a variety of sizes and designs to choose from. Aim for the small pots because most herbs will not grow so big. Mostly, the price is quite affordable. Because of its multi-functionality, you can utilize it for both indoors and outdoors too.

So, when you think the plants need sunlight to encourage growth, move them outside of the house. When it’s winter season, the cold might kill them outside. Just make them as the temporary herb garden ideas indoor.

2. Raising Herb Garden Ideas Outdoor

Planning a Raised Bed? Follow These 10 Tips | Bob Vila - Bob Vila

This style of gardening can also be one of the easy herb garden ideas if you have an outdoor space for that. You can make the raised bed for your garden as simple as you want. Just use some old planks of wood to create the walled edges.

Build it as big as you want according to space and how many herb plants you want to have. It will add some rustic character to space. However, for those who do not want it like that; switch the planks to the fence-like edging strips that are available at garden stores.

Add soil to make the raised bed. Then, start planting the herbs you want and leave a space between them for growing. Do not forget to give the labels on each plant for easy identification.

3. Recycled Mason Jars


Some repurposed old mason jars could be an ideal item that you can turn into a pot. It would become the stylish ones to accommodate the herbs. Besides, it will not waste any budget if you already own some in your cooking zone.

You can make a label for each jar using printed tags, written papers, stickers, ribbon, or anything. The glass material really adds character to space.

4. Round the Twist


If a raised bed is not good enough for your outdoor space, why do you not do something with a twist? Check out this elevated spiral. It is such a clever way to make sure the herbs getting the optimum conditions to grow.

As we know, some plants need constant sunlight; the others want an occasional shade. Well, this design allows us to do both. You can begin to plant the ones that like the sunlight at the very top. For the bottom part, get all the herbs that like more moisture there.

5. Galvanized Buckets

How To Plant An Herb Garden In A Galvanized Bucket

This industrial medium is perfect to make an herb garden. This galvanized bucket is such a portable planter that would accommodate all the herbs you want to have around. Make sure the holes are there in the underside. It would avoid the waterlogged container.

You can choose to have large containers to plant all the herbs in one place. It would be easy work when you want to move it somewhere else that is according to the weather.

6. Woven Basket Herb Garden Container Ideas

Gift Herb basket ,grow your own×999.jpg?1588606388

It is obvious that you can use almost any hollowed-out structure to become a pot for the herbs. Well, that includes the basket container. It is surely giving out the pretty look to the whole plant and garden.

The woven basket is one of the clever herb garden ideas to consider. It gives an attractive look to turn the potted herbs into a nice decoration. The use of this container is to become the outer shell. For the herbs, use plastic planters.

7. Colorful Herb Garden


Look at this interesting herb garden. You can easily achieve it by mismatching the pots. Each container has a different herb plants, designs, color, and size. It adds an eclectic touch to space. Get creative to personalize the arrangement and choice to suit the taste.

The key is to avoid symmetry and height order. Just give a casual feel and arrange the containers in a haphazard way on any space like a windowsill.

8. Healthy Herbs in a Shelf

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A floating shelf would be very helpful in a limited space. This is what you need to add in your small garden space. It is the best solution to have the herbs well arranged vertically.

You can pick the right vertical space to hang the shelf for herb garden ideas. It could be a fence, wall, metal railings, and more. It will give you extra space to grow some plants, including flowers.

There is an option to build the shelf yourself in a DIY project. You just need some planks of wood and some strong brackets to keep it attached. Make sure to decide the right wood length. After that, line up all the herbs. For the record, the shelf is also available at some stores.

9. Plant Paper Wrapper for a Gift


In order to turn a small herb plant into a nice gift, use brown paper to wrap it. It will be an ideal gift for housewarming occasions. Choose the herbs according to what the receiver like.

For example, if they like to cook Italian food, wrap a pot of basil plants for them. Another example is giving out the dill herb for people who enjoy cooking fish.

Why choosing the brown paper? It offers a cute rustic look. Unlike many wrapping papers, this one is completely recyclable. For people who appreciate sustainable gifts, the wrapped herb plant can be a perfect gift.

10. Herbs on a Vintage Table

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It is one of simple herb garden ideas to decorate your outdoor space. The table is functional to create more surface space in the area and stand the herb pots on. Place the furniture right above other plants to save more space.

If necessary, select the table for outdoor use. Alternatively, just place old furniture like the one in the picture. The vintage style really gives a nice character to the herb garden ideas. The best recommendation would be the table with a metal structure.

11. Corner Creation


Do not leave the space at the corner of the garden’s corner empty. You can make some kind of creation to make it special. Just fill it with all the herb plants. It will help you to separate them from other types of plantations and flowers.

If you live with children or pets, you may want to have space tucked away to make sure they are safe. In addition, a corner that is placed no way near the path or walkway is recommendable.

12. Planting Tables

Make a DIY Raised Bed | DIY Network Blog: Made + Remade | DIY

This kind of furniture is not only to fulfill the interior. Some manufactures also design a table as a planter. This one of brilliant herb garden ideas takes herb gardening to the next level. The concept looks portable enough but you cannot move it easily.

You can purchase some planter tables from hardware stores or garden centers. They are available for sale in various sizes and designs to fit the design of your outdoor space. It is a perfect herb planting for a house located in a place with warmer climates all year.

13. Herb Garden on Rooftop

Astounding Amazing 10+ Rooftop Garden Ideas for Alternative Gardening On A Budget… | Roof garden design, Terrace garden design, Rooftop design

For those of you who live in an apartment building, some herb garden design ideas on the rooftop or balcony space can be an option.

From that spot, the plants will get enough natural sunlight. However, you have to ensure that all of them are safe from strong wind and heavy rainfall. If necessary, you can just move all the plants inside the house during colder months.

That is why you should have portable ideas for herb garden containers. The transition will be less hassle. It is going to be an easy peasy.

14. Hanging Potted Herbs


This one of herb garden ideas is perfect for a balcony space especially the one with limited horizontal space. It is such a useful solution to have. Add some hooks to the walls will help to attach the hanging baskets for planting the herbs.

Make it like a wardrobe rail as an alternative. Therefore, you can just hang and arrange them all from the pole. For the pots or containers, suspend them with rope and hooks to hang. There you go. There is no need to worry about the room you get if you want to have some herb garden ideas.

15. Protective Polytunnel


Create some excellent herb garden ideas like this choice for outdoor gardening space so the plants can handle being outside all the time. Polytunnels are made of hardwearing plastic called Polythene. It is something that can give some kind of protection.

Therefore, the plants would be okay when there are problems like animals, pests, and adverse weather. The use of a protective polytunnel is just like the greenhouse. It helps create a humid atmosphere and retain heat.

Besides, the tunnel can warm the soil to increase growth. If you want, you can remove the polytunnel easily.

16. Balcony Herb Garden


What do you think about herb garden ideas on a balcony? It is just as we have explored before. Let us take it to the next level. For those of you, who have a spacious space for the garden; consider turning it into an herb haven. Look at this idea.

All the herb garden planter ideas have a great connection with the surroundings: the colors, furniture, wooden fence, and so on.

As you can see, the soft furnishings with bold colors give a significant magical feel to space. You can combine the herbs plants with some flowers to add more color. This would also be great herb garden ideas for patio.

17. A Miniature Picket Fence

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Herb garden ideas like this one are quirky. It is a unique touch to the plants and making it more decorative. You can show your guests how creative and inventive you are with this additional small picket fence.

Creating that kind of decor will not take a lot of your time. You can even buy it from some online stores. Just look for miniature fence panels and set them around the potted herbs you have on the shelf. It is something you called as thinking outside the box.

18. Window Herb Garden Ideas

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The versatility is a great point of having an herb garden. It is so compact that everyone can enjoy having. Having no outdoor space? Need not to worry. The windowsill in the kitchen seems to be an ideal space for herbs.

Besides the herbs getting a decent amount of natural lights from there, it is also perfect for you who like using various herbs in your cooking. Just pot a row of small plants like basil, thyme, cilantro, parsley, and others.

19. Hydroponic Herb Garden Ideas


This way of planting herbs is quite popular recently. There is no need to use soil to grow the plants. You do not have to worry about the mess that it can make. Use some plastic cups or tumblers and pour in some water with nutrients in it.

The fun thing about this style of planting is watching the roots grow through the water. Remember, it only happens if you do the hydroponics properly. The perfect spot for hydroponic plants is in a greenhouse or on a windowsill.

20. Statement-Making Vertical Herb Garden Ideas

Paint it Green

Check out this wall planter. It comes with an interesting pattern. The vibrant green wall adds a nice impact to make the garden so impressive. The first thing you need to do is to paint the background in any color you want, in this case, a bright shade of green.

A striking pattern like that would really change the mood of having an herb garden. It is more than only a bunch of plants, but an art.

21. Grid Square Vertical Planters

How to Easily Grow Food in Your Vertical Garden - Garden Tabs

As we know, the popularity of vertical gardens is growing because of the space-saving opportunity. You can try several ways to achieve it. You can choose to have some shelf units lined up on the wall.

Alternatively, this grid square vertical plant can be a good solution. It is a large vertical metal frame for you to add many pots between two squares. This style of garden is not only for the one with a limited or small area.

For a large garden, this kind of planters would serve several excellent features. One of them is the water efficient use.

22. Backyard Herb Garden Ideas alongside Dining Space

Csodás sziklakert saját kezűleg – Ezekre figyelj, ha belevágsz -

We are not talking about the dining room. People use the outdoor space for eating in the backyard. The existence of an herb garden beside it will give a nice atmosphere during meal times. Choose the herbs, which can provide a pleasant fragrance to enjoy.

Besides, some herbs can also keep the flies or insects at bay. Some recommended ones are basil, mint, rosemary, and lemongrass.

23. Tiered Herb Garden Ideas


This one is the improved version of raised herb garden ideas, which have several tiers. It is a better place to grow the herbs because it has both practical and aesthetic benefits. The shape of this bed is like a pyramid so access to the top herbs would be easier.

Therefore, you can do the pruning and picking at ease. The ordinary raised bed would give you a hard time to get the one in the middle. It will be harder if it is in a larger. In addition, the tiered herb garden can keep different herb varieties separate to identify it easily.

24. Herbs will Attract Kids

Gardening with Kids: How It Affects Your… | PBS KIDS for Parents

In some ways, planting herbs in the backyard of the house would eventually get your kids interesting in the world of gardening. That is because these plants can grow very quickly. That would make the children able to reap the rewards of efforts in doing it.

You can make a special garden for your kids. It does not have to pretty or fancy, just a simple one that is perfect for small hands and safe for them. It is going to be a great activity for them to enjoy. Pick the herbs that can grow quickly such as, cilantro or coriander, parsley, and chervil.

25. Applying a Theme for Herb Garden

Patio Herb Garden

If you favor a certain cuisine, you should make an herb garden that reflects it. For example, if you enjoy eating and cooking Italian food, make one with an Italian theme. So, grow some basil and oregano.

Are you a fan of Indian food? Consider growing basil, curry leaves, mint, cilantro, fennel, dill, and some others. For Asian cuisine, make a special theme with lemongrass and coriander. To make it even more fun, use the pots with colors that represent the country.


Growing herbs is an elegant and affordable way to add fresh new flavors to the cooking. A great thing about this type of plant is that it can grow quickly with little attention. They are all easy to maintain.

Choose the herb garden ideas that represent your style of gardening. Those 25 inspirations will surely get you ready to begin.


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