20 Amazing Hanging Bedside Lighting Ideas

Bedside light ideas are what you need to complete the bedroom design. Thus, the lamps beside the table are a very common choice to decorate the space.

Indeed, they are practical. If you are looking for something more interesting and charming, consider having a hanging lighting fixture right beside the bed.

Further, it offers something original. However, you still get the practicality from ordinary lamps. Hanging bedside lighting would be a supportive fixture for reading.

Moreover, it looks very elegant. In this article, there will be a lot of ideas for you. Choose some styles to incorporate the hanging light design you want to accompany a good-night sleep.

Things To Consider

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Before you begin to explore the bedside lighting ideas on this page, you should know the styles and colors.


One of the most important things to do is to match the hanging lamps of your choice with the style of the room. So, you have to know what kind of design matches a formal and refined space.

For example, choose the lamp with frosted glass in the bedroom with a formal design. Then, find the one with chic metallic touches for great detail.

Meanwhile, for a bedroom with a rustic and casual look, it aims for something like a wicker lampshade that has a fringe.

Furthermore, if you want to play safe, glass lamps are the best pick. These types of lights are timeless.

You can match them with any style in the bedroom. Also, try to mix several designs to make the room more quirky.


Colors are not about the design or cover of the lamp. The color of the lights should be in your consideration.

The black-colored lamp design would make great decor for a neutral room. Therefore, it makes the space a bit more dramatic.

However, if you want to match the hanging lamp with a neutral bedroom, you should consider having it in muted colors or pastels.

For a bedroom with a dark scheme, go for the light-colored lamps to add more charm to the area. Meanwhile, the bright space would look good with colorful lamps.

Without further ado, let us freshen up your bedroom with these hanging bedside lighting ideas.

1. Contemporary Bedside Lighting Design



Take a look at this lovely bedroom. It has got a couple of gorgeous bedside lamps on both sides. Also, hanging decor looks bold and it features a unique design.

As you can see, the hanging lamp design has a contemporary twist. Therefore, each side of the bed looks so interesting.

The oval design looks stunning. Also, the wall art right above the headboard sets an alluring scene from this point of view.

The wooden elements in this bedroom design have a significant impact on the space. Thus, it makes the room even more charming.

2. Silver Globe Hanging Lighting



Take a look at this special hanging bedside lighting idea. It locates beside a bed in a white and silver bedroom design.

Judging by this scene, you can see that the super-shiny light fixture emphasize a retro feel to space. Thereupon, this airy bedroom provides you with an interesting appeal.

Furthermore, the green accent on the bed adds color to the plain white furniture. It also matches with the greenery right on the left side of this image.

Additionally, the type of lighting design elevates the space to the next level. There are other decorative silver items in this bedroom, but the lamp seems to be the focal point.

3. Soft Style Bedside Lighting Ideas



For those who like to have a soft approach to the decor, this could be a perfect solution. Take a look at that hanging lamps. There is nothing that able to get softer than this.

Further, this smooth decor matches the atmosphere that comes from the lovely pastel color palette of this bedroom.

It sets up a dreamy ambiance for a better sleep experience. Thus, it is both unique and so adorable.

Again, there are two types of lamp designs this bedroom has. One side has a big single lamp, the other comes with a bunch of little ones.

You can be creative to choose which one you like the most. Otherwise, just copy what you see. One more thing, the colorful cables that hang from the ceiling is one pleasing detail on the corner.

4. Minimalist Bedsight Lighting Ideas



When it comes to minimalism, you have to make sure the design will not be too significant. Set it as simple as possible.

For example, this one is such a brilliant idea to prove that sometimes less is more than you need. This minimalist lighting is extremely simple.

You can see this bedroom use hanging bare bulbs on the bedsides. The source of the cables is in the center of the ceiling.

This makes the cables quite obvious which go from the middle right to the corner. That is the reason why the bright white scheme and the black cable create a great contrast.

Also, that fixture emphasizes the industrial and rustic vibe that this bedroom already has. It looks so unique and special.

5. Rustic Bedside Lighting Ideas



When it comes to the rustic vibe, this bedroom probably has the most authentic rustic ambiance. Thus, check out each of the things in the space.

That includes the boots in front of the bed. The most obvious element that gives a strong rustic atmosphere is the wooden wall.

Moreover, the weathered look of the wood and its pattern play an important part in this architecture. It strengthens by the existence of the rustic lamps.

The design is a combination of boxy lanterns with a candle inside. It is such a perfect area for this type of hanging pendant.

6. Glamorous Bedside Hanging Lamps



For the fancy decor to your bedroom, these hanging pendants bedside lighting ideas can be an interesting one to take a look at.

This stylish bedroom looks so glamourous and well-designed. Wherefore, the things in the space have a great impact.

That shiny golden headboard has a strong look that defines the bedroom. Having it right over the white element could be the right thing to do.

In this case, it matches with the wallpaper used in the room. The white and gold become the main effects of this production.

In addition, this type of glamourous lighting on bedsides fulfills the design scheme. It gives matching support to the needed parts of the bedroom.

7. Wall Sconces as Bedside Lighting Ideas



There might be some arguments about putting this type of lighting on the list. This one can be considered as the semi-hanging lamp placed right beside the bed.

This bedside lighting idea is a great way to make a small space becomes spacious. It is a must to have the sconces with an adjustable arm. So, it would be the most functional item in the bedroom.

Further, the black tufted headboard is such a significant focal point in this white bedroom. The wall sconces go in line with it.

That kind of lighting fixture has an industrial vibe. It will add more character to this small bedroom.

8. Brick Wall Background and Hanging Lamps with Cafe Feel



A bedroom with a taste of cafe architecture could be a nice idea to set up the mood you want. Take a look at this picture. Then, you will see a chill place inspires the design.

The charming bedside lighting warms up the ambiance in the bedroom. Also, the character of the fixture goes well with the brick wall.

That rustic brick wall gives a strong character to the bedroom. It defines where the room design goes from there.

Again, the cage style of those hanging lamps set up the right mood that matches with the rustic vibe from the background.

One interesting thing about this bedroom is the bedside table. Notice the different furniture placed on each side of the bed.

9. Artistic Mood Light Hanging by The Bed



It is such a great bedroom for an everyday couple. Its monotone and simplistic scheme is what they need. On both sides of the bed, there is an interesting hanging bedside lighting design.

It is something that defines the soul of this bedroom design. For everyday use, this type of lighting becomes the perfect mood light for the owners.

If you need lighting for something special, this hanging lighting would be a great choice too. The monotone lavender color in this bedroom gets complemented by the lamp design.

Moreover, check out the wall padding. It offers an elegant background for this entire set-up because that is what a monotone and simple room needs, the formality from elegant elements.

10. Bedside Lighting in Steampunk Style



Check out this unique bedside lighting idea. It has got the industrial feel that would be an interesting addition to any space.

In this case, it makes an impressive bedside lighting that would give a creative spark to yourself. Therefore, it offers an amazing warmth that it emits.

It becomes even better with white surroundings. The wall and the whole room becomes a canvas for the unique design of the lighting.

Additionally, the built-in headboard has its elegant texture to maximize the neutral scheme that it already has. The hanging lamp has a golden trim that takes the style to the next level.

11. Fancy Hanging Lamps with Gold Trim



When it comes to the gold trim, this fancy hanging light fixture offers you a classy look. The weird combination of bold black color and soft pink hue is too contrast.

Thereupon, the shiny hanging bedside lighting design becomes very important to give a good balance. It makes a nice focal point for both sides.

The bold texture of the wall behind the bed makes a big statement in this bedroom. However, it gets dimmed a little bit with the hanging bedside lighting ideas.

12. Sweet Lighting Fixture for Bedroom with a Glam



Check out this girly vintage bedroom design that you will enjoy looking at. The first thing you will see is the upholstered headboard. It has a button-tufted look to offer some glam to space.

Furthermore, the headboard matches well with the pattern on the comforter of the bed. Take a look at that sweet hanging pendant light.

It has got a beautiful texture and soft orange glow that adds more energy to the bedroom. The bedside itself comes in a very special material, the mirrored ones.

One more thing, the turquoise color on the bench, pillow, and blanket adds a pop of color to strengthen the classy mood in this bedroom.

13. Cheerful Bright Yellow Lighting

Irradiate the Cheerfulness of Yellow - Bedroom Lighting Ideas - Cool Bedroom Lights


This is one of the impressive bedside lighting ideas that are perfect for optimistic people. They can have a bedroom filled with energy.

Check out the combination of color in this space. Matching the light blue wall with white will not be an issue. It works perfectly together to deliver a soothing atmosphere.

However, bright yellow can be a problem with the color scheme if you do not know what to do.

It has got an energetic color to add to the blue and white combination. The yellow pillows, lamps, and other decorations need to work together.

Therefore, they look like in a great balance. The black shelf above the headboard and the bedside table makes the bright yellow a little bit “friendly”.

In fact, this bedroom has brown wood flooring. That would absorb the energy that the yellow element bring inside the space.

14. Orange Bed Light Idea



As you can see, both hanging lamps are on one side of the bed. This modern bedroom becomes an astonishing space with that glazing lights.

The entire interior in this modern bedroom is well made. Besides, the contrast look of the wall and the orange modern bedside light is something to consider.

The glass pendant design is like a wine glass upside down. Indeed, it is not a fill light, but like a decor lighting that gives accent to one side of the bed.

15. Pointy Lanterns as Bedside Lamps



It is a kind of minimalist lighting that sets a perfect atmosphere for a vacation. The pointy lanterns hanging on both bedsides look so amazing.

The creative bedside lighting design is just what this simple bedroom needs. For instance, the bed, cupboard, ceiling fan, and the artwork on the wall get compliment by the lanterns.

Even though this bedroom has no pop of color in this neutral scheme, the unique hanging lamps become the highlight.

16. Hanging 3-Light Pendant On Bedsides



This one is a bedroom that gives you satisfaction just by looking at it. Then, check out the bedside lighting design used in this space.

The pendants go from the ceiling to the bedside table to match with the pattern of the bed. You can see it has got a well-patterned comforter and pillows.

The visual pattern that the 3-light pendants have is very interesting. Also, it has got the same dispersion look to match with it.

You can purchase this kind of lighting from the store. The design of hanging lamps is very attractive. They seem to be bright enough to light your reading material at night.

17. Creative and Funky Lighting Design



This interesting design of the bedside lighting idea seems to be very artistic. If you have a good sense of art, you may notice the specialty that this funky decor item has for space.

It looks like a bunch of sticks that are gathered and arranged randomly to look artsy. Likewise, the light bulbs in the center have the aesthetic that it needs.

The orange glow goes against the white background walls. Thereupon, this simple bedside lighting idea becomes special for space.

18. Large Naked Bulbs Hanging from The Ceiling



This idea for bedside lighting looks interesting and stylish. Besides, the bedroom has a nostalgic interior design. The light bulbs strengthen the feeling even more.

Indeed, those are hanging lamps Edison light bulbs. This element is a great decor to the bedroom.

The well-design wooden wall cover or built-in headboard goes in line with the comforter and pillows. Furthermore, the natural color that comes from the bulbs offers a harmonious combination.

In addition, the big window right beside the bed allows the sunlight goes inside the space. It sets up a brighter mood for space.

19. Hanging Seashell Chandelier for Bedside



To emphasize the beach style of the space, you have to include the real items or materials related to the theme. A seashell is a perfect idea to be in this bohemian bedroom.

The hanging chandelier is made out of seashells. Also, it is a pretty cool idea for a beach style house. In this case, the bedroom is in bohemian style.

So, a DIY chandelier is a smart idea to pick. Then, check out the antique design of the headboard.

20. Muted Blue Bedside Pendant



This kind of design and colors for a pendant is just great for a certain scheme. As you can see, this muted blue pendant is in a bedroom with a soft color scheme.

A slight touch of color brought by the bedside lighting is good enough to match the decor style of this bedroom.

Moreover, the soothing combination is already taking over the entire bedroom space. The muted blue lighting adds a slight pop, and it is necessary.


There are still many hanging bedside lighting ideas, then the designs on this page are some of the best choices.


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