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Half Bath Ideas On A Budget

Half Bath Ideas On A Budget. Although your half bath is modest in size, it may make a significant aesthetic impact on your whole house if it’s outdated.

There are many creative solutions for a variety of budgets, whether you want to update, conserve energy, or anything in between.

And, additionally, since the space is so large, the process is frequently completed sooner than a typical bathroom remodel! Everyone loves a little bit of instant gratification.

Here are some of our favorite half bathroom remodeling ideas, along with estimated costs, advice on how to prepare, and what you can expect throughout the process if you’re interested in giving your powder room a makeover.


If you’re doing a full tiny bathroom makeover, the process will resemble something like this: no two bathroom makeovers are identical.

Demo: This is where things get complicated. You must smash a few eggs to make a cake. In this scenario, your existing fittings, such as the sink and bathroom tiles, are used as eggs. In comes the sledgehammer to replace the old.

Any plumbing or electrical requirements will be modified to suit the new toilet, sink, and lighting if needed.

The walls and ceiling are painted, and new bathroom tiles are installed.
Installing the new light fixtures, bathroom cabinets, vanity, sink, and toilet is a process that begins after your space has been prepared.

Add the backsplash and bathroom accessories to finish up the décor.



Install wall-mounted floating shelves to save floor space in a small bathroom.

According to Rebecca Quinlan of LaRedoute(opens in new tab), floating storage systems are the best option since they don’t take up floor space and can be stored at the most convenient height for the family.

Rattan is the perfect way to bring some on-trend natural materials into the bathroom while keeping all your essentials at hand.’

You may also utilize repurposed materials for your shelves in order to conserve even more money.

The lovely bathroom above was designed by interior designer Brooke Copp-Barton of @home_at_brookes(opens in new tab). Brooke comments:

Before stripping everything out in this bathroom, we saved money by keeping the original roll top bath; maybe the first step would be to consider what you can re-use and upcycle.

So I painted the underlying a rich crimson to contrast with the paneling and give it a full makeover, while working with the floor tiles.

In the kitchen (using reclaimed school laboratory desks for the iroko wood worktop off-cuts), we also utilized additional shelves, which were a cost-effective alternative.’

Try a funky wallpaper


Kick things up a notch with a quirky and colorful wallpaper in your half bathroom, as @lalasaks did.

Why shouldn’t it? We can’t come up with a justification. You’ll love this powder blue wallpaper with sweet tweets if you’re obsessed with birds, as many people are.



Linda Holmes, Interiors Director of LuxDeco(opens in new tab), explains how hanging huge mirrors can make a small area seem bigger.

Mirrors have the potential to either enhance or diminish a space in a tiny bathroom.

Mirrors are excellent for giving a bigger sense of space in smaller spaces.’

Of course, there are so many stylish options online and in store that are ideal for a budget update, so you don’t have to spend too much money to replicate this cool bathroom mirror design.

Big mirrors enhance the impression of space perception in tighter spaces,’ says Emily Rose of Walls and Floors(opens in new tab).

Due to their capacity to add depth and form to a space, circular mirrors have grown in popularity throughout the years.’

Don’t Shy Away From Accessories


While working in tight quarters, we adore a less-is-more attitude, but you may gain some benefit from a little overaccessorizing.

All of these elements come together to divert your attention from a few missing square feet, including a daring wallpaper, statement mirror, pair of sconces, exposed piping, greenery, and a Turkish hand towel.



It’s time to replace that dull old shower curtain with a daring and exquisite one.

When it comes to color, pattern, and print, the humble bathroom is often overlooked,’ says Jamie Watkins of Divine Savages(opens in new tab). ‘Yet it’s one of the best settings to quickly embrace bold design.’

Why can’t you mix seriousness with pragmatism? A luxury shower curtain with a lavish pattern is a relatively inexpensive way to make a strong design statement in a bathroom.’

Accessorizing with a bright patterned shower curtain will add a little something to a neutral and small space,’ Fiona Duke, an interior designer, agrees.

Floating Vanity


The use of a floating vanity, such as the one by @blacksuburbanfarmhouse, helps to conserve floor area. It brightens up the tiny space and makes it feel spacious.

Buying a salvaged maple slab and cutting an opening for the sink drain was used to create this DIY project.

To keep the wood safe from all of the unavoidable splashing and spraying that occurs near a bathtub, use a water-resistant sealer.



An upcycled alternative may look significantly better than a high-end brand new one – so don’t feel you must spend a fortune on a super-expensive vanity unit.

Some of the nicest vanity units I’ve seen have been secondhand furniture that has been meticulously restored and utilized as a base for a basin,’ according to BC Designs’ Barrie Cutchie.

Buying one with a bottom shelf that may also be used as towel and toilet necessities storage is an excellent small bathroom storage tip.

Southwestern State of Mind


Doesn’t this half-bathroom resemble a Pendleton catalogue bathroom? With a powder room full of earthy elements, make guests feel like they’ve gone west.

Add natural texture with woven planters and rugs, then use forest green paint to create an accent wall. Finish it off with a map of your favorite hiking spot.



Artwork is a beautiful way to inject color and visual excitement into a tiny bathroom (there are several affordable art fairs or antique shops to explore).

Adding a hit of pattern and bold color to a scheme brings warmth and depth to it,’ says Tom Cox of HÁM Interiors(opens in new tab). Bathrooms are the ideal place to have fun with design.

Large-scale works add a lot of personality and provide an unexpected burst of color, which is why we like to incorporate them. It’s a cost-effective strategy for making a difference.’

Incorporate Brass Accents


Designer Shari Francis describes this bathroom as having “a hint of luxury and a nod to previous eras.” Brass accents add “a touch of elegance.” Is there an easy, and inexpensive way to do it? Brass accessories can be incorporated into the design.

Use a brass soap dispenser, tissue box, toothbrush holder, or even a set of hardware to hang towels and robes if not with a faucet or mirror.



Throughout the years, the modest fitted bath has gotten a lot of style flak, but don’t worry: There are techniques to make it look stylish if you can’t fit into a freestanding bath.

While having a freestanding bath is often at the top of everyone’s bathroom wish list, having a standard fitted bath may be just as intriguing when it comes to bathroom design, especially if you decide to dress it up with tiles,’ says Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs(opens in new tab).

Bath panel tiling is the process of ornamenting the side of your bath with tiles, whether in the same or opposing style as the rest of your bathroom.

Specialty tile backing board, which will not warp and needs more effort than ordinary bath panels, is utilized in the procedure. It is typically worth the extra work.

Making a statement bath is a very cost-effective way of doing it. It also implies that you may spend very little on the bath as long as you acquire a panel that may be tiled.’

Add a Small Table


Is it your favorite way to relax? Designer Elizabeth Georgantas placed a small table beside her tub, as seen here.

A wood stool or tiny slim side table are ideal for holding your glass of wine, book, speaker, or candles, and they’ll also enhance the appearance of your area.



Changing your light fixtures and hardware can help give your small bathroom some zest.

Wall sconce designs are limitless – pick from a cold fluted pendant for a bit vintage industrial feel or add a pleated fabric option for a cottagecore effect. Brass and matte black taps are an on-trend choice.

Switch out handles on equipment for a fast refresh and pick different finishes and textures to make the area feel more costly,’ says Xander Shreenan, interior designer at Dowsing & Reynolds (opens in new tab).

Changing the tap is one way to change the feel of a small bathroom on a budget if you have chrome fittings. To create a sleek hotel effect, choose a matte black finish.’

Crisp and Clean


The clean glass accents and white color scheme in this bathroom give it a sleek and simple appearance. The sleek focal point of the room is the dark brown vanity, which stands out from the light-hued design.



Jamie Watkins, Divine Savages, says that a bijou bathroom is the perfect place to ‘have fun and embrace bold pattern and print.’

And any concerns about using wallpaper in a bathroom are quickly dispelled. ‘So many individuals come to us asking if you may utilize wallpaper in a restroom,’ Jamie says. Will the humidity and moisture be a problem?

Don’t be afraid! Of course, you may do it, we say. Wallpaper in a bathroom is, without a doubt, required.

Wallpaper can be easily installed in a well-ventilated bathroom, and by making a few smart design choices, you may easily avoid the ‘risk zones.

Your bathroom wallpaper may also be varnished, giving it a tough, clear finish that resists finger marks, water, stains, scuffing, and color fade. To guarantee your bathroom wallpaper stays fresh and beautiful for years to come, simply apply it over the wallpaper with a brush or roller.’

You’ll find you only need a few rolls to make that big statement,’ says Jamie, which is great news for anyone on a budget.

Mindthegap’s(opens in new tab) creative bathroom wallpaper design demonstrates how to use your vanity (or sink) as an accent color while installing them in a funky pattern.

Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas – Use Floor Sticker


Roxanne came up with the idea for the $100 Room Challenge. “That’s never a good thing when you’re on a time crunch,” she remarked, noting that she began without any kind of design strategy.

I knew I wanted to do something exciting on the floor in this little bathroom from the start, Roxanne remarked.

These removable floor tiles and pattern were picked from the start by her. She also painted the brownish grout lines, which she had previously selected to match the floor, in a greyish color.

She decorated the space with a wall plaque, which perfectly fits. The cabinet’s color and handle were also changed.



Depending on the scale you’re going for, light or white paint will perform miracles in small dark bathrooms with a intimate, cozy feel.

A lick of paint can always refresh a space, and it doesn’t have to be expensive,’ says Xander Shreenan.

A white palette is the first thing that comes to mind when styling a little bathroom, and there’s a reason; light colors make it seem like a room is much bigger than it is,’ according to Emily Rose of Wall& Floors.

We adore how a white painted ceiling mingles flawlessly with zellige tiles to produce a textured ambience that appears bigger than it is in the stylish tiny bathroom by Fiona Duke Interiors above.

Layout and design are critical in a tiny bathroom,’ Fiona says about the design. We also had to deal with sloping ceilings in this small room.

To create the impression of a bigger floor area, we picked a bath on legs so that the patterned flooring could be seen across the whole space.

We matched the tone of the ceiling to the zellige tiles on the walls, so that the lines and slope would not be too overwhelming.

A bright patterned shower curtain gave the room a little something, while a big mirror added to the feeling of space.’