Getting To Know Hacienda Style Home Design and Some Amazing Ideas

Do you have an interest in the Hacienda style home? If you do, this is the right page to stay and explore. In this article, we are going to be focusing on this Spanish architecture. We also gather many inspirational designs that might attract your heart.

What Is A Hacienda Style Home?

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Well, a Hacienda style home is famous for its red clay roof tiles, rustic wood accents, and white stucco walls. Those elements are like the basics of this stylish architecture. Currently, this classic style of house has become extremely popular in the US. That is probably the reason you are here.

Furthermore, there are some characteristics that this style has. Whether it is the Colonial or the Revival architecture of the Spanish, Hacienda has a long history in some countries, Mexico, Spain, and the United States.

The US was that country where the Hacienda style home getting all of the popularity. It went on for over four hundred years. Nowadays, this architecture still has its original characteristic. If you want to know more about this design, you should stick here.

The History of Hacienda Style Home


Let us get to know about the history of this architecture. Mexico and Spain is the origin country of this design. In those regions, Hacienda is a traditional style with the same building method. For about 400 years, the United States also has a long story to tell.

From the 1600s to 1800s, People that come from Spain started to build their home in Hacienda style in the states like New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Florida. That is because those locations had similar climates with their country.

In the United States, some common materials or resources to build the Hacienda house was widely available. That is another reason why the country was ideal for Spanish settlers. That was during the Colonial period.

After the Spanish Colonial time was over in the mid-1800s, the style of the house remained its popularity in the states among builders. Then in the 1900s, architecture became more popular because of the Revival movement.

They built it with traditional materials like clay and adobe. From that period until now, many key elements of Hacienda style home still emerge in society.

The Characteristic of Hacienda Style Home Designs


You may find some differences in Hacienda houses according to the country it refers to. However, many homes retain some of the key elements. Here are some of the basic things or characteristics of this architecture.

1. White Stucco Walls

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This is something that Hacienda houses always have. Some thick adobe walls are finished with white stucco. This kind of wall is an ideal element for a location with hot, sunny climates like the States, Mexico, and Spain.

As we know, Adobe is a readily available building material. Therefore, it is not going to be hard to deal with. Besides, the white stucco wall can retain the cool air for the inside during sunny days.

During the nighttime, it slowly turns the cold temperature of the outside into warmth for the interior. It is something caught during sunny daytime.

2. Red Clay Roof Tiles

Gallery | Ludowici Roof Tile - The World's Finest Clay Roof Tile. | Terracotta roof house, Clay roof tiles, Spanish tile roof

Besides the white wall of stucco, you will need this element to build a Hacienda house. The red clay roof tiles are probably the most recognizable characteristics of this architecture. In the past, the materials were handmade.

These days, they probably have it from the manufacturer that made them with a machine. The shape of the tiles is like half of a tube. The reason is to capture the cool air and get it inside the house.

Since this kind of roof would be susceptible to leaking, the house needs to be located in warm, dry climates. That is why it is hard to find a Hacienda style home in cool, wet environments.

3. Small Windows with Spindles

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In most Hacienda style homes, the windows are very small. Besides, the amount is very low. It is because the concept is to let a cool breeze get into the house without the direct sunlight that can bring too much warmth.

The original architecture of Hacienda would not have glass panes. In today’s Hacienda houses, you will not also find it easily. The existence of spindles as a decoration to the windows in Hacienda homes gives a strong character.

4. Rustic Wood Accents

The combo of the Kilim rug/pillows, rustic chandelier, wood beams, and old trunk gi… | Mediterranean living rooms, Mediterranean interior design, Family room design

Wooden elements with heavy characteristic are what makes hacienda style homes more appealing. Looking at the door, you can see the heavy wooden material used in this house is strong enough to impress many people.

Some exposed wooden beams are also the main elements of this architecture. It is so common to be the wall and ceiling supports. Originally, it is because of the stucco walls that did not have a wooden trim as the finish.

These rustic wood accents add warmth and texture all over the house. Of course, the Hacienda homes even more stylish.

5. Courtyards


For most designers, this is a must-have element in designing a Hacienda style home. It has to have an outdoor space like a courtyard. The traditional version has it to let the owners cook both indoor and outdoor.

On the outside, the cooking would be so much fun. It would also release some of the heat from the routine. In the past, the courtyards would be in the center of the house. On the other hand, in modern-day Haciendas, they are mostly in the rear and on the side of the building.

6. Archways

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As we know, the exteriors of hacienda homes are very simple with little to no decoration. The addition of archway design would probably turn it upside down. However, archways are great elements to make the building more stylish.

In a fancier style of the house, the archways are in the outdoor hallways and hacienda style house plans with courtyard.

Hacienda Style Home Ideas Exterior

Prepare to be amazed, these exterior designs of hacienda style home plans would make you gaze upon the charm.

1. Glorious Hacienda Home

This is something to be amazed about. This Spanish home design adapts the architecture of Hacienda. Tropical landscapes surround the house complement the beige color of the wall.

It gets even more dramatic with that colorful sunset as the background. What makes this house so glorious are the irregularities of the whole house architecture. It also makes it unique. This traditional Hacienda house has many modern French-style windows.

The lack of symmetry is the beauty of the hacienda style home images. It is two different houses that are combined in a frame that creates some so unique but elegant.

2. Hacienda Style Mansion in Los Angeles


Check out this fancy mansion. It has bright white stucco walls with that special tile roofing. To complete the magic, the building also has a dramatic yellow light that provides warmth to the scene. Then, those French windows that go well into the mix.

To get into the house, you have to follow the pathway that looks so impressive. It will get you to the front door area with a massive turret shape. It shows the traditional elegance of the Hacienda style home.

This mansion has a spacious backyard with a swimming pool. It offers a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy. At the back of the house, the structure also features an archway. That is what completes the style of this home.

3. Los Feliz House Hacienda Style Homes for Sale


This traditional Spanish hacienda style home design looks so glowing with those yellow light fixtures. It helps illuminates not only the house but also the landscape around the area. As you can see, there is the main building that has designed some exposed beams on the wall.

The wood beam gets the balance from the trellises to be in harmony. There is also a touch of modernity on the French-style windows and doors. What is so unique about this Hacienda home is the swimming pool is right in the front yard.

4. Simple and Small Hacienda Style Home Plans


The architecture of this Hacienda house is reflecting the Spanish colonial design. The white stucco walls and handmade red clay roof tiles are just where it is supposed to be. Although it is unlike the previous ideas, which are fancy and big, some of you might put some interests.

If you just want to embrace the originality and simplicity of the Spanish colonial style, this is the architecture that you should explore more. It will not be a problem with the budget.

5. Hacienda Home with Contemporary European Details


The unique element of this house is what makes this style so special. In this case, the entire building design is following the owner’s taste. The exterior has a front block wall with some wood gates that are custom made.

An illusion of a Porte Cochere made with the overhand clay tile roof is right above the walkway. As the landscape of the exterior, a Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco inspires the design.

Right in the yard, there are some Italian cypress trees, olive trees, a traditional solar lantern, hammock, chimney, and a bougainvillea grass tile. Overall, this modern hacienda style home plans look fantastic. That French window glass adds more character to the entire scene.

6. Rustic Hacienda House

This special house is for a family that has a rustic Spanish style. It provides a humble and comfortable space that feels like a farmhouse. Usually, the building has one floor, but with an extra living area to handle the number of family members.

Terracotta tiles and curved windows fulfill the exterior. This rustic hacienda house might provide a semi-open concept for a living, so the outdoor area could be for the dining area and a living room.

Is it not great to enjoy a fine meal with the family under the sun? That is just what the legends did during the colonial period.

7. Mid-Century Spanish House Design

Having a mid-century style for your house is one way to apply a classic charm in a modern home design. Usually, two levels come with a circular front that gives a nice impression to the curved entrance.

It also has some curved windows that make the hacienda style home interiors even more spectacular. The red clay roof tile is what completes the concept. In most Mid-century interior, the ceilings are high and there are some wood beam accents too.

For a more charming touch, this house has some wrought iron elements on stairs. Then, the warm-colored tiles for completion.

8. Modern Minimalist Haciendas

Unlike the previous ones, this hacienda house combines contemporary design with classic charm. As we know, dealing with minimalism would rely on the simplicity and lack of decorative elements. However, the style will retain the prominent aspect of the design.

The curved windows and entryways are what we are talking about. There will be many subtler colors like soft grey and white in minimalist Hacienda. The other possible colors for this style are red or brown. It would create a nice Mediterranean element

Hacienda Style Home Ideas Interior (By Room)

Just by looking at the exterior architecture does not mean that you would know about this house entirely. Well, let us check out what the deal is when it comes to interior design.

1. Living Rooms

Check out this Spanish-style living room. There are a few things to pay attention to designing an interior for a hacienda style home decor. As you can see, this space has exposed wooden beams, which are one of the main elements of this concept.

From the ceiling, there a dark iron chandelier to maximize the traditional charm inside the room. When you check out the lower part, a rug decorates the hardwood flooring. It creates a special space to accommodate the living room area.

To maintain the old elements, you can see this living room has a working fireplace. Above it, there is a rounded mirror to accompany. The French windows complete the Hacienda elements of the interior.

2. Bedrooms

Speaking about a bedroom, this is the room where you need privacy. In Hacienda, that aspect is very important to think about. Besides, Spanish style bedroom would give you the most comfortable bedroom ever.

If you love the living room design from Hacienda interior, you will love the bedroom even more. Some elements will provide comfort more than you need.

As you can see in this Spanish-style room, patterns are abundant from many elements. That gives a good balance for the indoor houseplant. One thing that is so obvious is that huge mirror.

The size is perfectly fine since it can add certain vibrancy to the entire scheme. There is a seating space to provide your needs in the bedroom.

3. Kitchens


In Kitchens, the most important part is the central island. This one has a large-sized one that pairs well with the cabinetry. It has the same color that contrasts with the tile, wall, and ceiling color. There is also a modern refrigerator with metallic color.

This would be a great inspiration to design your Hacienda house interior. It is large and simple. There are still some wood beams from the upper floating shelf above the kitchen counter. The wooden flooring also strengthens the charm.

4. Bathroom

Compared to other rooms including the bedroom, this is the most private space inside the house. Spanish hacienda style home plans would treat it very well too. In this part of the house, the design is mostly up to you.

You have to apply the layout that makes you comfortable. Make sure there are some important Hacienda elements are inside the bathroom too. This Mexican bathroom interior would give you inspirations to design the space.

There are many attractive patterns on the floor. The wooden elements bring out the traditional sense into the bathroom. The built-in bathtub position is right beside the window that allows you to enjoy the view while taking a bath.

5. Dining Room

The light pendant above the dining table is probably the most important element of this dining room. As you can see, the traditional chandelier defines the identity of this space. It sets the ambiance and atmosphere on the right path.

There is no need to talk about the exposed wood beams on the ceiling. That is enough to capture the whole scene at once. This is an ideal Hacienda interior for the dining room. Those curved doors and archways show what this house is all about.

6. Entry Halls of Hacienda

The entry hall is one of the important elements in the Hacienda house. Most of this style of home has it. It is the way to tease the guests about what they are going to face when they are in the living room. Usually, there are one or more archways as the welcoming gates.

However, it is according to house design. Some hacienda houses do not have the archway or even entry halls. The front door would get the guests right to the living room. If you aim to have one for your house, this entry hall could be a good idea to try.


From this article, we have learned that the Hacienda style home has a long history. It is important to appreciate the originality and respects the classic. It is crucial to use the key elements as the basis of structure to build the house.

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