25 Amazing Garden Waterfall Ideas to Highlight Your Outdoor

Are you looking for some amazing garden waterfall ideas? You have come to the right page. If you feel like the outdoor space of your house is the favorite area of all, it is probably because of the relaxing atmosphere.

Having an amazing private waterfall feature in your own garden must be great. You could just look at all the garden waterfall ideas and designs in this article. Everyone would be amazed and it is a guarantee.

Moreover, waterfalls can become the sources of tranquility and mindfulness in many cultures. Adding such garden waterfall features ideas will be very helpful to release some stress and anxiety. If you have this element, there is one place to go and relax after a stressful busy day.

Sitting and enjoying the scene of a garden waterfall in the backyard of your house would really comfort your day. Let us explore!

1. Small Garden Waterfall Ideas Corner

Garden corner rock waterfall ending in pond. The pond was made using sandpit. Co | Water features in the garden, Fountains backyard, Small water gardens


If your outdoor is small, do not worry. It does not mean you cannot have it. This one is a clever design to try when you only have a limited garden space to build a waterfall. By stacking up some stones at the corner area, you can make the base.

Just gather as many stones as space can take. Then, form a nice and steady structure that looks natural. After that, add the water feature by hooking up a small pump and let it flow from the top of the structure.

You may add some plants that can handle living on the water. For extra attention, fill the garden pond waterfall ideas with some bright-colored fish.

2. Waterwalls Garden Design

2m garden water wall | Water walls, Outdoor water features wall, Water feature wall


This type of waterfall flows sticking to the wall. It creates such nice Zen to the garden space. It is not so difficult to make especially for beginners. You just need to have a basic pump system joined with PVC pipes.

Make sure you have set a plastic bucket to catch the water. That is it. You may start the project to make a water wall for your garden. There are opportunities you can take to design it even more beautiful with some stones, plants, colors, and many more.

3. Garden Waterfall from a Piano

Piano Waterfall-how cool is this!! | Outdoor backyard, Piano, Ponds backyard


Who says that you cannot make a garden waterfall without stones as the base? Well, this idea tells a different story. People can actually build it out of musical instruments. Therefore, if you have some of them sitting in some room, unused, and broken, it is time to turn it into something wonderful.

Look at this garden waterfall idea. The designer uses an old big piano as the base to flow the water. It comes from the very top of the musical instrument right to the pond. Before that, the water goes through the keys.

That creates such an exhilarating scene in your garden space. You can add some plants and a few other elements around it. It would make the piano the main attraction, obviously. It’s such a fairy garden waterfall ideas.

4. Waterfall Addition to a Pond

Pontec PondoFall Mini Waterfall Cascade Filter Feature Garden Pond


If your outdoor area already has a pond, well there is going to be a simple project to do. You may just add a little feature to install the waterfall. It would surely make an impressive waterscape of the garden. With creativity, they are many ways to deal with it.

Building a waterfall for a pond will only need a few materials. You can whether choose bricks, stones, pieces of wood, or some repurposed furniture, to be the main component for the waterfall. The key is to make a base that lets the water flow in an amazing way possible.

5. Portable Waterfall

Outdoor Fish Fountains, Marble Outdoor Dolphin Water Fountain And Mermaid Fountain


You may also call it an eco-friendly waterfall for the garden. Why is it so? It is because you do not need to use a lot of natural materials and spaces for the feature. There are some products to buy which are able to complete your outdoor with a little waterfall feature.

It is going to be simple, portable, and attractive. The structure simply lets the water flows to some sort of container. This is like some sort of garden waterfall fountain for the outdoors.

This garden waterfall idea is also open for a DIY project. With some materials from old cooking or farming tools, you can build a nice innovative element to your space.

6. Metal Element for Garden Waterfall

Landscaping And Outdoor Building , Modern Backyard Waterfalls : Pondless Modern Backy… | Water features in the garden, Waterfalls backyard, Exterior lighting design


As we know, metal and water is not compatible. They cannot go well together. That material would be easy to get corrosion or rust from water. However, this one is a nice alternative to consider in order having a waterfall with a minimalistic style.

Forget about the metal bridge right above the waterfall. Let us focus on the structure on the wall. A basic water pump pack that copper wall. It creates such an interesting contemporary design. The background gets a more antique look and it looks even better with lights.

7. Trickling Waterfall

25 Amazing Backyard Garden Waterfall Ideas | Green and Vibrant


This one might not be the first image of the waterfall that comes to mind when hearing the word. Actually, even with trickling water, you can still call it as so. It does not have to be massive structures carrying a great amount of water.

When there is water that falls from the top to the bottom, it is a waterfall. A small amount could also make an impact on the eyes and ears. The good thing about this simple idea is the making process.

It will not give you a hard time building, joining, stacking, etc. Just use a PVC pipe with several holes fixed with a couple of wooden supports. Let the water flows out through the holes. It will trickle to the pond or pool. Add more holes if necessary.

8. A Swimming Pool with Waterfall

sheer descent waterfall into swimming pool | Pool waterfall, Pool fountain, Backyard water feature


An ordinary swimming pool would just a functional element of the house. One of the ways to make it the main attraction of the backyard is to add a waterfall. You can still call as a garden feature when you have the pool next to it.

A small waterfall is just perfect to decorate the pool. The sound of water falling to the pool would really spread a relaxing feeling around the area. Add some other elements surrounding the pool to create harmony and beauty in space.

9. Wine Bottle DIY Garden Waterfall Ideas

wine bottle waterfall. | Small garden waterfalls, Garden waterfall, Waterfalls backyard


For a collector of a wine bottle, this is the project for you to begin with. With those items, people can create such a sophisticated-looking waterfall. Well, it does not have to be wine; some other types of the bottle are great too.

First, make sure the bottle has a hole for the water to come in. Then, it will flow out of the thing through its mouth. In order to make holes, some professional’s skills and equipment are necessary. Lastly, make a beautiful combination of stones, plants, rocks, and other objects.

10. Potted Waterfall for Garden

25 Amazing Backyard Garden Waterfall Ideas | Green and Vibrant


For a small garden, this element is a great recommendation to check out. This creative structure of a waterfall design would really attract attention. This one is out of a few simple but skillful tricks. Using a large ceramic pot is enough to create a nice base for the feature.

Then, fix the water pump inside the structure in order to get the desired flow. The design is so efficient to suit any space. One final thing to do is to paint it. Make it colorful and more interesting. However, you can just leave it in a concrete color to complement its rustic look.

11. Stair Waterfall Design

25 Amazing Backyard Garden Waterfall Ideas | Green and Vibrant


If your garden space already has such stairs fixed, then this is probably the best inspiration for it. You can turn into an elegant water feature that really upgrades the quality and value of the garden.

This way would naturally end the water in the bottom part of the stairs. However, if there are no stairs in your garden, you will probably need to build it from scratch. Otherwise, explore the other ideas to get inspired once again.

12. Massive Waterfall and Pond



Look at this one. It is such a massive waterfall and pond for a backyard garden. You do not see this scene often at the back of people’s houses. It could be a nice element for your outdoor space.

This massive garden waterfall will need powerful water pumps to let many water flows at once from a few different places. The ponds should be at different levels to create many spots for water to falls to the ground.

13. Back Garden Waterfall Ideas with a Huge Pipe



The previous idea would be perfect for a large backyard space. In this case, a small or limited space can also have a waterfall with a big flow of water. A huge pipe would do the trick. However, make sure that you have space to accommodate that much water.

Pick the old pipes to set up a nice industrial look for an interesting character to your garden. To create a more sophisticated, refined look, consider decorating it with a few other elements.

14. Fence or Garden Wall Waterfall Ideas

75 Relaxing Garden And Backyard Waterfalls - DigsDigs


Some water flows through the fence, how about that? It would definitely become the most interesting border for the garden. It is nothing like any other barrier, which is mostly plain looking. This one has a pleasant look to share an inviting feel of the space.

The water pump system for this idea does not need to be powerful. Just set it as smooth as possible to let it flow down through the ground.

15. Artistic Decoration for Garden Waterfall Ideas

25 Amazing Backyard Garden Waterfall Ideas | Green and Vibrant


Having a garden waterfall with a simple design is just an ordinary that will not get a lot of attention. What do you think about adding something artistic to set up a focal point? Look at this outstanding feature. It has a nice statue of a lion head.

It looks like the lion spits out the waterfall from its mouth. The statue works best for this type of use. If you are interested in something artsy, consider incorporating artwork into your garden.

16. Traditional-Style Bamboo Waterfall

Garden - Gardening Solutions


It is one of the strongest wooden materials to choose when it comes to the traditional structure. Bamboo is always going to be a winner. This one would add Zen and wisdom to any space. An east-themed garden would be a perfect spot to incorporate this idea.

Do you not know how to make a bamboo garden waterfall? Just set up some bamboo poles to create a vertical base to let the water flow from the top to the ground. Make sure the material get some protective treatment to make it even stronger and long lasting.

17. Hill Inspired Waterfall for Garden



Take inspiration from the real waterfall if you want to make one for your house. When you apply some basic rules from its nature, you will have some sort of realistic feeling in your design. Just imitate or copy the concept, its guaranteed success.

You may add some additional elements such as rocks or some artificial elements to support the water flow and create some stunning texture to the scene.

18. Big Rock Garden Waterfall Ideas



For a large area of the garden, consider having a big waterfall structure to make a huge statement to space. You can go build the feature up to ten feet high. There is no chance to use some old things like cans or any sort of containers. This one is something else.

You will need some rocks and a metal structure to make a strong waterfall that can last for years to come. Pay attention to safety and stability. We are dealing with something high. To achieve it, stack the stones and make them fixed in decent construction.

19. Lighting for Waterfall

Lighted Natural Pondless Waterfall www.personaltouchcolorado.com | Waterfalls backyard, Garden waterfall, Outdoor waterfalls


If you think, the waterfall in your garden is not beautiful or stunning enough, add some lightings to it. The existence of lights under the structure that brighten some spots would really upscale the entire design.

The lightings can really strengthen the character of the garden waterfall design. It is an easy way to decorate the element and make it more impressive. However, it would only work during the night. In bright daylight, the feature will not give any significant touch.

20. Waterfall from a Truck

Love this for a garden. <3 #waterfeatures | Waterfalls backyard, Water features in the garden, Garden waterfall


This is one innovative and creative work of garden waterfall ideas. Using old cars as the base for the garden feature is probably not the first idea that comes to everyone’s mind. Surprisingly, it seems like a great idea.

As you can see, this garden waterfall looks spectacular. The use of the old and antique car as the central attention is just so amazing. As we know, the body of the truck would get some corrosive issues. Therefore, it is best to apply an anti-corrosion treatment to it before fixing it.

21. Water Copper Feature



Using copper pipes might sound so ordinary. In this idea, the material gets different treatment. They become a creative waterfall structure. The minimalist-style of the waterfall is enough to create a certain charm to one part of the outdoor space.

Some gravels covering the ground become a perfect base to hide the soil and water pump system. Copper is also a great material that can handle corrosion a little bit better than other metal things.

22. High-Tech Garden Waterfall

Go High-Tech


If you want to embrace modernity, taking advantage of technology should be one of the priorities. It would make something more elegant and obviously smarter. In this case, the electricity is the concern.

Solar panels are the solution that new technology has to offer. Having home garden waterfall ideas that is powered in an eco-friendly way would give great value to your house design. It is also a nice additional flair to upscale the element.

23. Fireplace Waterfall Design

No change from current website, No change from current website - No change from current website


The first time looking at this idea, many people would be quite a surprise. It is probably one of the cleverest things. When you have an unused fireplace spot inside or outside of the house, turning it into a garden waterfall will be extraordinary.

At a first glance, it would look like an ordinary fireplace. People will soon realize that they are looking at a waterfall. Well, the garden waterfall ideas pictures would be quite difficult to build. It is not a recommendation to be a DIY project. Hire some professionals to deal with it.

24. Making Use of Corner Space

25 Amazing Backyard Garden Waterfall Ideas | Green and Vibrant


This is one of the things to consider when finding the right spot to build a waterfall. A space right in the corner must be the one left out often. So, consider it first as the perfect area to have such a feature.

It would make an empty space becomes a nice scene that is visually pleasing. Combine the waterfalls with some attractive rocks or stones, and some potted or floating plants to colorize the pond.

25. Driftwood Waterfall



An element that offers various characters to set up a certain atmosphere to space. A combination of waterfall and driftwood will be out of this world. The natural rustic look of the element along with the rocks and soil really spread a relaxing atmosphere.

Before setting the driftwood with other elements, make sure it gets the special protective product to cover its entire body. Therefore, the water will not ruin the wooden material soon. It will be around for years.


There are so many inspirations provided in this article. Decorating a garden is a challenging job. You have to be creative and clever enough to decide which one that your outdoor space needs. Well, some of those garden waterfall ideas would definitely be in your head right now.


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