Beautiful Garden Trellis Ideas from Simple to Complex

If you plan to grow some kind of climbing plants or creepers in your garden, look at these garden trellis ideas. It is just the right structure to handle and support the growth appropriately. Besides, it will also add an interesting touch to the decor aspect.

The structure of the garden trellis should be both decorative and functional, so it could give such a significant impact on the area.

This strong vertical element will break up a flat space you have. Some of them also function horizontally. Find some certain climbing vines, rambling fruits, and veggies to grow on it.

You should also consider what materials to pick. It must according to plants and styles to apply in the surroundings. In this article, there are three categories of garden trellis ideas to deal with: Simple, Medium, and Advanced.

Types of Garden Trellises

Trellis (architecture) - Wikipedia

There are a lot of sizes and shapes you can find for garden trellis ideas. There is a variety of design, material, and constructions available out there. The one that is tall, tunnel-like, and gate-like would be pergolas and arbors.

This page will focus on showing a large variety of garden trellis ideas. You will see all of them from the primitive ones with ancient designs to the trellises that are made of metal.

Some options are friendly for DIYers, some others are factory-made and store-bought. Just look and see what is next.

“Simple” Category

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Let us start with this. Just like its title, these simple garden trellises are easy to make. You can even make it using readily available materials. It is going to be easy to buy them from the stores nearby. Some DIY designs are perfect for a beginner.

Well, the simple design and shape cannot cover it all. Therefore, there will be a limitation to what you are going to do with the garden trellis ideas. Let us explore the first category, is it so simple?

Pole and Wire Garden Trellis Ideas

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Looking at this garden trellis, it does not give anything aesthetically to space and plants. Well, it is for you that are not looking to achieve that perfection. This simple trellis will be unsightly until the plants cover them. It can be a good motivation to grow the lush plant healthily.

This trellis is made of poles and wire. Traditionally, this thing is usually to support grapevines. Besides its simplicity, durability is also a good point of this structure. They are very lasting. After years of growing the vines, they will still stand perfectly.

“TeePee” Pole Bean Garden Trellis Ideas

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Well, this pole bean trellis is not for appearance or design. People like to have it for the function. The classic structure is perfect for growing peas and beans. Instead, it can also be a good one to grow another gentle creeper.

Even though it does not look beautiful, the shape has a specific charm. That is perhaps what cause people like to have it besides its simplicity. You just need three sturdy poles dug into the land that forms a triangle. Then, wrap the wire around the formed poles.

“Tent” Vegetable Garden Trellis Ideas

For those gardens that grow a lot of climbing crop plants, having this “Tent” Veggie Support Trellis would be an upgrade. It is not something better than the “TeePee”, they’re quite similar. This one is not stand-alone; it is a serial of the triangular garden trellis ideas.

Therefore, this supported trellis is more organized and space-saving than the pole ones. We call it “Tent” because the structure looks like a base for a tent. The wires are down from the top of the pole axis. It makes the vertical plant has a larger area to grow.

The Two-Side Garden Trellis Ideas

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You can also call this a garden classic. This structure is to fit the raised bed garden trellis ideas and it provides all the creeper plants you want to grow under. Its design is very simple and perfect for DIYers.

Using some thin lumbers, you can build it on your own easily. It will probably need about a day to make. After that, it could be a perfect trellis to start a vegetable garden.

Mesh Garden Trellis Ideas

Mesh Trellis

This idea is something ordinary, especially when it has nothing on it. Well, it can become a beautiful scene for your garden. Turn it into a stunning spectacle by growing dense creepers to grow over it.

If you like to have a pergola but there is no budget for it; mesh garden trellis ideas can be nice alternatives.

When it has nothing grown on it, it would not be attractive. Wait until all the greens cover the whole mesh. This kind of cheap garden trellis ideas would be a great thing to have in your garden.

Curtain Rod Wall Garden Trellis Ideas

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Do you have some old curtain rods that are unused? It is such a clever way to repurpose it. You can make this unique garden trellis ideas by crossing some of them and attaching to an outdoor wall. It is such a nice structure to support the espalier vine.

When the vine climbs all over the rods, they will be a massive beauty. Even without the greens, the structure combination still looks so charming.

Rustic “Spider Web” Wall Garden Trellis Ideas

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This is something you can both dig to the ground and attach it to the wall. People name it “Spider Web” because the design looks like one. It would be a perfect decor for a garden located in an outdoor area of an English cottage house.

It does not cover the entire wall, which is good. Why is it so? Because when you grow certain annual plants, you do not want to have the vertical space of bare trellis for a while.

Wagon Wheel Trellis

Clematis growing on old wagon wheels bolted together. Wheels staked securely into ground. | Diy garden trellis, Wagon wheel garden, Diy garden

It’s one fully upcycled structure of trellis that comes from an old wagon wheel. This antique piece is on the ground, right in the center of the plants. Well, this kind of item is probably hard to find in your areas, so, just use the available one, as the bike wheels.

Garden Tools Trellises

Building a Garden Trellis with Farm Tools for Garden Art / Primitive Decor | Treillis jardin, Decoration jardin et Décor de jardin rustique

It is a very thoughtful idea for a trellis. The whole structure is made of garden tools bound together into one. It looks charming and cute. As you know, all of them have poles, which are perfect materials.

Usually, the poles from garden tools are of high quality. That would make a sturdy base for the trellis. Then, growing any kind of climbing plant would be having no worries.

To make this simple but charming trellis, you do not need some kind of equipment to build it. It just needs some vertical boards and ropes to tie them all together.

Circular Stand-Alone Trellis

Look at this beautiful garden with red flowers and circular trellis. The composition is just so stunning. Well, this circular trellis is a stand-alone structure made of metal. It is unique and sturdy. The shape makes it a perfect arrangement as the center of your lawn.

The colorful look comes from the combination of clematis vine and red begonias. Having the green plants that look like protecting the red flowers are just amazing. The full bloom can go throughout the season.

Garden Ideas with Trellis of Bamboo Grid

25 Awesome Garden Trellis Ideas |

It is like a combination of traditional and classic styles. The use of bamboo makes this grid square trellis friendlier to the DIYers. Need not to use tools to do the drilling, sawing, and hammering. To form the structure, just use the knots to secure the bamboos in place together.

“Medium” Category : MyGift Wood Lattice Garden Trellis, Plant Display Screen w/Adjustable Width, Dark Brown : Garden & Outdoor

In this part of the category, you will explore the garden trellis ideas that you can build yourself with more effort than the ones in the simple category. Besides, they are also available for purchase at a reasonable price. Besides, there are some classic and unique designs.

Wooden Lattice Trellis Windows

Rankgitter-holz.jpg (2000×1447) (con imágenes) | Diseño exterior, Disenos de unas, Campo

The structure of this wooden lattice is set around the windows. The design is quite common. It is like the classic image of a garden trellis. The simple square grid will guarantee a beautiful view once you have the greens all over it.

This classic trellis is easy to find at garden stores. However, you can also make this garden trellis plans DIY with the right measurements and equipment.

French Tuteur

Sweet Peas (With images) | Garden trellis, Flower trellis, Climbing trellis

This trellis looks like a popular landmark. The French tuteur is also popular as Obelisk Trellis. The design itself is like the combination of the Teepee trellis and the Two-sided ones. However, it is not as convenient as they are. It is slightly more complicated.

Well, the structure is still quite compact to be a small addition to your garden. If your outdoor space is limited, this one might be a good idea.

Trellis Fence, 2-in-1


As you can see, the entire fence design is to be a lattice trellis. That is obviously for a purpose of letting all the vines grow over the structure. Therefore, the homeowners can have a hedge of greenery. It is a unique one to guard the space.

The construction would be sturdy enough to grow some plants like blackberries, roses, and other vines. One thing to keep in mind, do not leave the space for a long time, you will have a hard time getting over the vine-covered fence.

Artistic Welded Metal Garden Trellis Ideas

25 Awesome Garden Trellis Ideas in 2020 | Garden trellis, Metal garden trellis, Metal trellis

This artistic trellis is surely a stunning addition to any garden. The welded metal adds a sense of beauty into space. Combining it with the rustic element will improve the charm of the material design. Well, it does not mean that it will not look great with modern styles.

This welded metal garden trellis idea will be worthy on its own. It is going to be very tricky to create if you are not an artistic welder. There is always an option to buy it but it is going to be hard to find in ordinary stores.

It is better to look for a second-hand trellis that is probably available online. On the other hand, you can get some repurposed objects to become creative garden trellis ideas.

Geometric Trellis Ideas for Vines

Garden Trellis Screen

As we know, the grid square one is like the typical shape of the trellis. It is like the gold standard for the structure to grow some vines. Well, some people would feel boring about that. They can consider these geometric garden trellis ideas.

This combination of different geometric shapes would function as well as the grid square structure. This one is surely open for a DIY project. With your creativity, you can combine the shapes as many as you want.

Arched White Trellis

D:\@ARSIP\2020\OKTOBER ARTIKEL\rose-trellis-new-dawn-roses.jpg

This one is a classic. It is perfect for growing certain plants like the creeping rose variety. The white color is something to mention. It becomes a perfect base to highlight the rose flowers on it. Even though it looks like a gate, placing it on the entrance is not so necessary.

Birch Tree Wedding Trellis

Birch Tree Wedding Trellis

Besides for garden and growing some climbing plants, a trellis is also common for wedding decoration.

There are plenty of choices in terms of wedding trellis. As we know, the structure of decoration can be complex. However, this birch tree is very simple and naturally rustic. The minimalist construction style looks fantastic.

The designer made it using some branches and birch trees. They are rooted in pots of flowers. The natural white color is just so perfect for rustic wedding decoration. There is one thing to remember. You cannot have this kind of trellis in windy areas.

Simple Metal Trellis

D:\@ARSIP\2020\OKTOBER ARTIKEL\unnamed.jpg

You can find this trellis easily at garden centers and other large stores. The big size of this commercially made structure is quite affordable. The minimal construction is perfect to accommodate beautiful vines without wasting many visuals.

“Advanced” Category

Garden privacy screens and trellises, made from advanced wood composite. No moulding, ageing or war… | Metal garden screens, Garden screening, Garden privacy screen

In this category, you can explore the trellises with big size and a more complex design. Pergolas and arbors, tunnels, and garden gate trellis ideas are going to be part of this section.

They represent a major investment in your house. The striking, long-lasting decoration is a guarantee for the entire garden. The complexity becomes the big point of this trellis. They are often some store products or professionals’ creation.

Large Trellis Fence

How to Make a Trellis |

Look at this garden. The whole space has a large trellis fence to create a wall full of vines. Without the plants, the design is still looking charming.

The fence also helps to divide the garden from the other outdoor space. The thing about having a tall, dense wall around the garden space is the decreasing of the exposure for the plants. During the months with low sunlight, it might be a problem.

Bamboo Garden Trellis

Bamboo Tunnel Photograph by Paul Mangold

The Bamboo Trellis Arch provides a nice garden walkway. The roof-like structure will be perfectly set over the walkway. It is a kind of nifty addition to the big garden of your own.

Even though these bamboo garden trellis ideas are in the Advanced category, it’s still the simplest pergola you can have for your space. Do you remember the two-sided trellis? Well, this one is like the giant version of it.

Gather a group of friends to help you build it because it is going to be hard to make by yourself.

White Arched Wooden Trellis

D:\@ARSIP\2020\OKTOBER ARTIKEL\default.jpg

It is such a perfect element for a rose garden. The strong structure makes it great to grow heavy vines, which will add an elegant aesthetic to the trellis. If you want to make it, you may need to prepare a big budget for it.

However, a great wooden trellis can last for more than a generation. It is a garden idea to consider.

Asymmetrical Wooden Trellis

Asymmetrical Wooden Trellis

It is asymmetrical because this trellis is a custom one. That is what makes it so interesting. The atypical shape is something that goes beyond imagination. This view is rather rare in a garden.

This is one way to make the outdoor space has its originality. The trellis can be a great start, right? Pictured here is perfect for Asian-style, Minimalist, and modern styles of outdoor space.

Japanese-Style Bamboo Trellis

Vegetable bamboo and tunnel bamboo — Stock Photo © P.Kanchana #52893741

This is not the same as the first one in the Advanced category. It is a more complex option that uses natural bamboo materials. They arched the entire path or walkway to create such a wonderful tunnel.

The grid square structure looks simple but it is very complicated to build. This one is not a recommendation to be a DIY project. If you still want to try to make one, consider having a smaller version of it, some small garden trellis ideas.

Antique Iron Trellis and Arbors

25 Awesome Garden Trellis Ideas in 2020 | Garden trellis, Wall trellis, Trellis

For rustic enthusiasts, they will love this antique iron trellis. The unique feature of this structure and material is so amazing for some people. If you are planning to make a rustic garden style, consider these trellis ideas for the garden.

You have a chance to get the antique stuff free. Well, some people do not want the rustic things because they think that stuff is garbage. So, you could just ask for it. They will probably give it away.

Therefore, it is important to be more considerate when it comes to antiques and artistic sense.


Screen With Envy Garden Trellis - Helix design (Cream): Garden & Outdoors

Overall, there are so many designs available to choose from. You just have to adjust the right measurement and style for your garden space.

All of those garden trellis ideas will help you decide which one is the best according to the size, budget, materials, designs, and plants you want to grow. So, did you find the one that deserves to be in your garden?

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