23 Terrific Garden Edging Ideas You Should Try

Lining an outdoor oasis perimeter is seriously crucial. The neat edge gives the lawn a nice final addition. It also creates a definition between yard areas. That is the reason we have gathered some wonderful garden edging ideas.

In addition to spicing garden beds up, edging assists hold mulch in place. Moreover, it increases your property’s curb appeal. Despite being a small investment, the unit can bring big returns.

If you are not a landscape gardener, knowing where to start is certainly hard. To begin, look for lining that goes well with your house style. For instance, classic edging materials like stone or brick suit Colonial.

Keep in mind that edging requires some hard work. Although the instructions state it is simple to install, you should plan on a whole day on your knees. To make the project much easier, prepare the gardening tools first.

Crazy Paving Pattern Path


This crazy paving walkway is visually appealing, thanks to irregularly shaped flagstone pieces. It also looks excellent against the bright zinnia flowers that serve as a border to the lawn.

Moreover, the design fits well in the garden since the path perimeter is a curved line. It teams nicely with the zinnias’ texture. We recommend using many flowers between the lawn and paved walkway for a sense of fullness.

Speaking of garden edging ideas, this design is ideal for passionate gardeners who truly love plants. Furthermore, the proper maintenance keeps it from looking unkempt.

The look itself will be outstanding during spring as well as summer months. However, it may appear quite unattractive when winter begins.

Mini Wooden Fence


Are you searching for cheap garden edging ideas? If yes, give this mini wooden fence panel a chance. It is such a cheerful and budget-friendly solution to define the edge of your outdoor space.

Furthermore, this small wooden fence is very easy to complete. The panel will transform your lawn edges within minutes. Additionally, the unit is lightweight; you can move it from one location to another easily.

This panel helps keep your landscape tidy, gorgeous, and clean. Moreover, you can find it in local garden centers or hardware stores. Make sure to purchase an outdoor wooden fence because the unit is relatively more durable.

Garden Edging Ideas with Planters


Position your garden planters strategically. This will helps you build an edge or a border around the lawn without maximum effort.

Pictured above are handmade cinder block planters. You can purchase some large pieces instead of making them yourself. Then, place the units on your lawn’s rough side to cover unsightly edges.

We find this garden edging solution brilliant. It fits people of almost all budgets. You could also personalize the planters to fit your style.

Moreover, you can purchase either thrift-store garden planters or intricate designer ones. Be sure it suits your wallet as well as preference no matter what your choice is.

Gabion Garden Edging Ideas


You should consider tidying up your garden perimeter using caged rocks. They have gained popularity among gardeners and landscape professionals. We suggest choosing the neutral-toned stones for gabions because they create a stylish look.

Bear in mind that caged rocks are certainly not an affordable garden edging option. However, they lend value, curb appeal, and character to your property. This design will be a great investment.

Moreover, gabions need zero maintenance. You can enjoy the units for a long period without any additional spending or work.

Stepping Stones


You could use stepping-stones to set a boundary between your garden sections. They are visually appealing too. Besides, the pieces work as a walkway that prevents people from ruining the lawn.

Stepping-stones come in various shapes and colors. Furthermore, the items last forever, but they are labor-intensive in terms of installation. You can easily find them in the nurseries or garden centers.

In this example, the stepping-stones feature old wooden slabs and broken stone pieces. Need not to afraid to play with them. You could also use pebbles and tree trunk slices. They will give your garden a lovely rustic look.

Lavish Garden Edging Ideas


This polished granite edging is undoubtedly a true masterpiece. It beautifully shows off the natural stone character. If you are into this design, do not forget to grow green grass or lay understated items like pebbles alongside the unit.

Granite or marble edging is one of the most glamorous garden edging ideas. Additionally, it screams timelessness and has amazing durability. However, you cannot adjust your garden bed layout easily in the future.

Moreover, this garden edge normally will require expert help. She or he does not only install it but also helps source a customized curb. There are many stone options available. The polished concrete one is affordable yet amazing.

Curved Stone Edging


Talking about creative garden edging ideas, most people prefer straight edges to curved ones. This design offers a quirky look and visual interest.

First, purchase curved edging stone bricks. You can easily find them in local DIY stores or garden centers. Prepare yourself to spend a good amount of money for their unconventional shape.

If you are not budget-challenged and willing to source the materials, then this design will surely be easy to accomplish. Just dig an edging brick-sized trench around the lawn perimeter. Then, lay the stone bricks atop the builders’ sand.

White Picket Edging Fence


A white picket fence is a classic way to line a garden. Moreover, the design lends your home a finished look. It also provides instant curb appeal and makes the outdoor space feel well kept.

This traditional style definitely will not work for everyone. However, if you want a conservative appearance around your garden perimeter, then it is an attractive yet unfussy edging option.

Unlike most garden edging ideas, picket fences are available pre-made. We suggest purchasing a wooden fence for a more budget-friendly option. After that, paint it pure white.

Gravel Garden Border


Without a doubt, the gravel pebbles make a delightful garden border. It sets a divide between the plant beds and the walkway. Furthermore, the barrier ensures that people are always on the path.

Any passionate gardeners will know that edging is the key to great garden maintenance. The gravel border is much more striking than a basic sign saying, “Please, stay off the plants”!

If you love this design, dig a shallow trough between the path and bedding plants first. Then, line it using some protective sheets to keep weeds from creeping into the garden beds. Finally, fill its top with gravel pebbles.

Garden Edging Ideas with Boulders


This design is undoubtedly simple to achieve. Even the newbie landscapers could tackle it easily. First, source the boulders. After that, pile those large rocks on top of another along your garden edge.

Generally, people buy boulders in the garden centers. If they were lying around, then this would be an excellent way to make use of them. Purchasing large rocks can demand a lot of money from you.

Ornamental Plants


Are you looking for fabulous garden edging ideas? Consider edging your yard with decorative plants. They can serve as a focal point too, especially if the rest of your outdoor area looks stark.

Moreover, the ornamental grasses work nicely since they can cover a large outdoor area. That means you do not need to grow too many to create a strong impression. Those plants also carve a natural look.

Another wonderful option is using shrubs to line your garden perimeter. Furthermore, evergreen plants would be great since they will look healthy and bright throughout the year.

Pebble Moat


This is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant garden edging ideas. As you can see, the design features two different levels. No wonder, it is very appealing.

The dark-stained wooden deck delightfully rises out from white pebbles, creating a perception of a magnificent pebble moat. Furthermore, the simple color scheme and sleek lines offer an artistic touch as well as a contemporary flair.

If you like this look, make sure the levels of your garden are at different heights. Then, fill the lowest trough with pebbles.

This garden edging solution can last forever. However, fitting the pebbles together in a marvelous way requires time and effort.

Garden Edging Ideas with Paving Slabs


If your garden is large, we recommend setting paver stones along the garden perimeter. They produce quite a rustic yet impressive look. The pieces also make an edging feature due to their size.

Paving slabs are available in various colors, thicknesses, and sizes. As with other garden edging ideas, this style has drawbacks on its own. Those pieces do not work well for smaller gardens because they take up a lot of space.

You have to keep paving slabs away from the outdoor play area. Remember, they usually come with jagged, rough, and sharp edges.

Natural Garden Edging


You do not have to create borders to make a garden edge. Using an electric edger, just tidy up your lawn perimeter.

With the help of an edging shovel, you could also make a sharp line. Simply, cut the green grass away. This solution provides a clean appearance that works nicely for any garden styles.

The electric edgers are affordable compared to other tools. Additionally, they allow you easy operation. Moreover, the results make you look like a real pro.

This garden edging solution needs regular maintenance, and it is hard to do in rocky soils. However, if you love spending an hour or two in your garden, then give this idea a go.

Garden Edging Ideas with Potted Plants


Place potted plants around your garden perimeter. They can lend the bare spot some visual interest. If the outdoor space lacks personality, then a basic timber or brick edging could not make yours stand out.

Moreover, the potted plants give the garden a sense of order. Besides, they look stylish. We suggest buying low-maintenance vegetables or shrubs. That way, you can spend your time in the outdoor haven without lots of hard work.

Stone Block Edge


These gray stone blocks do not only enclose the pebbles within but also offer a neat edge around your garden. Moreover, they lend the landscape a contemporary feel due to their simple style and well-defined lines.

Furthermore, the stone blocks make a true garden feature. They are visually pleasing and almost indestructible too.

Because of their modern design as well as size, these stone blocks will not certainly come cheap. They are also heavy. Talking about installation, the project is time-consuming.

Wood Edge for Raised Beds


Are you searching for wooden garden edging ideas? If so, then try this design. Here, the landscape timbers around the raised planting beds look simple but stylish. Those thin wood pieces are unassuming. They create a neat edge too.

Furthermore, this edging method would be cost-effective and easy to accomplish. It also fits people on a tight budget.

Speaking of timber garden edging ideas, you should buy pressure-treated wooden pieces. This helps prevent rotting, so the edge would be long-lasting.

First, use wood lengths and nail to make a frame or screw those pieces together in place. Moreover, you should paint the timber in your favorite color to personalize its appearance.

Hedge Garden Edge


The well-pruned hedge along your garden perimeter proves that you are a real gardener. In this example, the small yet manicured hedging plants look both striking and quite glamorous.

Moreover, even people with brown thumbs can have impressive hedges. All they need is a regular landscaper who will help maintain their hedging plants for them.

Undoubtedly, this is an incredible way to line your outdoor space. Nonetheless, you would consume much time in executing this one of garden edging ideas. If you already grow one, then give the solution a shot.

Brick Garden Edging Ideas


If you want to set a divide between your garden sections, look no further than brick edging. Bricks typically come cheap. Moreover, you may already have gardening tools in the garage.

Furthermore, brick edging only requires minimal skill. You even can accomplish it yourself on the weekend. This helps save some money on using a landscaper or contractor.

First, dig a shallow trench around the lawn. Then, fill its bottom with cheap builders’ sand. After that, lay the bricks on their side. Use a small level as well as a rubber mallet to prevent everything from being unlevel.

Pink Garden Border Fence


On most occasions, paint is the cheapest and easiest way to transform your home. Apart from indoor usage, you can also use it in the outdoor space. Now, there are various weatherproof exterior paints to choose from.

If you are into DIY garden edging ideas, make the wooden garden border fence yourself. Then, by spending not so much money, paint the unit to jazz up the outdoor area.

We recommend painting your fence hot pink to enliven the garden. Since the color is vibrant, the border always looks cheerful.

Garden Edging Ideas with Raised Bed

https://www.straightcurve.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/[email protected]

If you have a decked patio area or paved terrace, use a contrasting design to line it. In this example, the raised border introduces a different texture and creates a bold statement.

Moreover, the ornamental bark chips are more pleasing than soil. They also serve to assist retain moisture, therefore you will not have to water the plants in your raised garden bed frequently.

You can opt for perennial flowers or low-maintenance shrubs. This design is one of garden edging ideas that allow your character to show through.

Stone Garden Edging Ideas


This style boasts angular corners as well as sharp edges. Despite being very simple, they offer a sleek look. Moreover, the design is minimalist, using only stone slabs and turf for a strong appearance.

You could choose the actual turf or the artificial one to obtain this look. Bear in mind that the real lawn should always be in great condition.

The fullness of the grass is the key to this design. That way, it will not appear dull if your lawn is patchy. Moreover, you will have to use an edger to achieve an incredibly sharp edge between the stone slabs and the turf.

Concrete Corner


Concrete edging has gained popularity over the last years. It gives any landscape an industrial charm and unpretentious look. Additionally, the curb’s uncomplicated design exudes a sense of minimalism.

If you are handy with DIY and gardening tools, this project is such a breeze to complete. First, make the mold. After that, fill the unit with concrete.

You could also buy some concrete curb lengths. Another option is hiring people to make the unit for your garden. Either way, the garden edge will look stylish.

In short, lining the yard perimeter can raise your property’s value and curb appeal. That is why you should apply any of our garden edging ideas. By doing so, the outdoor space gets more polished and inviting.