Garage Organizers Ideas

Garage Organizers Ideas. Is your garage filled with trash? If so, admit it. If it does, don’t be ashamed. You’re not alone if you do. A lot of the time, garages end up being storage spaces for knickknacks, tools, gardening equipment, and other stuff you don’t want inside your house over the years.

They often become a cluttered mess rather than a neat parking lot for your automobile over time. They don’t have to be, however. Investing in a few organizational products and DIYs is the key to success.

There are several ways to clean up your garage, including installing cabinets, custom tool walls, bins, and displaying your sports equipment on the walls.

You may locate things in shops, or you may upcycle furniture like bookcases to use as storage shelves for stuff, making them look nice while remaining off of your floor.

So, whether you want to spend a large sum of money on your garage makeover or you want to discover ways to utilize a little budget by making your own custom storage solutions, there are several methods you may clean up your garage.

For some inspiration, check out our garage organization tips below. Adding a few of them will drastically improve the look of your garage, as well as the amount of available space. If you follow our advice, your space will undoubtedly improve.

Smart Garage Storage Solutions


One of the busiest areas in your house is most likely your garage. Tools, gardening equipment, cleaning products, sports equipment, and more are all stored in this location.

This region can quickly become a disorganized disaster. Nevertheless, our genius garage storage methods and tricks will help you keep everything neat.

Maximizing space with the proper combination of shelving, cabinets, wall organizers, and even ceiling storage systems is the key to a organized garage.

Build our rolling garage shelves, huge cabinets, or customized pegboard to flex your DIY muscles and assess your items to determine your storage requirements.

Small items can be corralled in bins, baskets, hooks, and racks. You can also upcycle things you already have into clever storage solutions if you’re organizing on a budget.

Efficient Garage Organization

Shelves for holiday decorations, clothes, and sports equipment have been added to this extra garage bay. It is simple for family members to store things away because open baskets and bins are low.

Bikes are kept vertically in hooks, which take up a lot of wall and floor space. The area may be used as a bonus playroom thanks to a bench, children’s table, and area rug.

Add Wire Shelving Along Walls


Wire shelves rather than cabinets in your garage are a good option for inexpensive garage storage solutions! This garage storage trick works well for holding a range of goods, from gardening equipment to seasonal décor.

Metal shelving has strength, but it isn’t as bulky as wire shelving. Regardless of whether you go with wire or metal shelves for your garage, make sure there is enough space underneath them to make it easier to sweep the floor.

Make Cleaning a Breeze


Do you not want curious pets or children accessing all of your cleaning equipment inside the home? Why not build a cleaning station in your garage instead? No worries. Abby Lawson of Abby Organizes did it in her garage, as she does every day.

For a one-stop cleaning store that is out of sight until it’s needed, the pro organizer set up a basin sink and posted all her cleaning supplies nearby.

Cluster of Compartments


In a cabinet or tote bin, small pieces and bobs may make a big mess. To keep smaller items organized, use compartment shelving.

This shoe cubby, cleaning supplies, and tool kit storage system has 15 compartments that are 5.75 by 4.5 by 11 inches in size. The shelving has a polished, contemporary appearance with a smooth white laminate finish.

Cut to Fit


Organization may be thrown out the window in a tiny garage or tool shed. With a handful of screws and several pieces of angle-cut PVC pipe, reclaim the order. A rake, hoe, or cultivator will fit nicely inside PVC pipe.

To hold tools in place, screw a piece of PVC into place at the top and bottom. After use, label the PVC components to ensure that they are put in the right location.

Tool Storage


For a custom tool arrangement, use pegboard and pegboard kits to create shelves and storage bins. Group similar items together so you can find them quickly, and keep the items you use the most in easy reach.

You can also use the pegboard to indicate when something is missing by outlining the tools. For your projects, you’ll want to include a workbench. You may build your own or create low multifunctional cabinets by adding a top for usage as a work bench if you want a quick DIY work bench.

Large and small tools can be stored in garage tool storage solutions like tool chests, tool cabinets, and basic storage cabinets with drawers.

Locks are available on many cabinets for additional security and safety; if there are young ones in the residence, consider them for securing hazardous objects. For more suggestions on organizing your tools, see 5 Tool Storage Solutions.



Keeping the garage floor area clear while you drive your automobile in is critical, as you don’t want to trip over things or run them over while driving.

The answer is simple: Maximize area and keep essentials out of sight by choosing specialized racks that produce horizontal yard tool storage.



Forgetting to label things is the biggest mistake you can make when organizing any space (particularly one as big and storage-focused as a garage).

Organizing an entire home and forgetting where anything is months or years later, despite spending so much time storing it away, is incredibly simple.

As a result, labeling everything from Christmas ornaments to old books to gifts is critical. This task may be made easier by purchasing a label maker, but don’t overlook the use of duct tape and a Sharpie.

Create Vertical Storage For All Those Balls


A box that takes up more space than necessary or something more inventive might hold basketballs, volleyballs, and beach balls.

This vertical ball rack with bungee ropes is one of our favorite garage organization ideas. You may also make a spot for those balls by building your own bungee cords and securing them.

Clutter-Hiding Cabinets


When installed in a garage workplace, cabinets are game-changers. Keeping the clutter stored away and out of sight maximizes efficiency by providing tools and supplies within easy reach throughout the job. The drawers below are perfect for storing garage clutter.

Include a metal storage cabinet


What do you think of this metal cabinet’s design? Its doors can be used to conceal almost anything, and no one will ever find out. It’s a nice addition to your garage, especially if you want to add some color to the space.

Create tool “kits” with toolboxes and divided containers.


I wanted to be sure I mentioned that storing our tools in the basement is fine, but many people store them in the garage.

When we took the time to organize Donnie’s tools into easy-to-manage kits, it was a total game changer.

He keeps all of his plumbing equipment in one place and all of his electrical equipment in another. For different projects, he has a variety of screws in hand, and they are organized neatly into categories.

Since all of his tools and equipment are properly organized, Donnie is much more likely to say “yes” to projects now.

If you’re looking for more ideas, he did a lot of research when picking his tool organizers and included all of his favorite tool storage systems in this article.

Extra Garage Storage


Use the garage to store items that don’t fit in other places if you’re running out of kitchen or basement storage space. The overflowing of home products, such as bulk paper supplies, canned and bottled drinks, kitchen pots, and huge loose things are stored on 16-inch-deep shelves here. Cleaning supplies are kept in small bins.

Utilize Storage Containers


Putting everything into plastic storage containers is one of the best ways to organize a garage. It’s a good idea to label the bins on the outside so you can find things more quickly!

Try to store similar items in plastic storage containers when you’re organizing a garage during spring cleaning, then put the things you want to get to more difficult-to-reach places.

Set Up a Workout Zone


We’re not here to assume everyone is storing their tools (or cars) inside their garage, so we’ll list a few of its uses. Many people, especially homeowners, convert their garage into a functional office or home gym for their residence.

This workout zone, created by pro Jen Robin of Life in General, is one example. For a home gym that’s equipped with everything you need, she utilized everything from bicycle hooks to baskets to hold workout clothes.

Corner Tool Rack


Corner racks and shelfing that take up space that would otherwise go waste should be considered by anyone with a small garage. Corner shelving takes up minimal area but may provide a lot of storage:

This one, for example, keeps garden tools organized and upright. It holds up to 30 long-handle tools like brooms, rakes, and mops with a stable, non-tip base and 30 storage holes. Target is where you can get it.

Simple Pallet


Anything from backyard sheds to coffee tables may be created using the trusty repurposed pallet, but its shape makes it a natural DIY organizer. Simply pull a few of the boards off, lay the pallet flat against the garage wall, and nail it in place. From skis to scrap wood to brooms and rakes, you can now store anything vertically.

Household Item Storage


Open wire shelves can be used to store other items you use often. Store things at eye level or lower to make sure the shelves are appropriate for garage usage.

Some large items, such as paper goods and storage bags, may also be kept in this manner from your pantry. Store items you don’t use often on the highest and lowest sections of your garage shelving.

Storage racks for cars are mounted to your ceiling joists, keeping out of the way those you use less. Seasonal items will appreciate these shelves. Store everything dust-free with clear plastic storage bins that you can easily see into. When required, label the bins.



A garage can actually hold a wide variety of ‘outdoor’ goods, such as lawnmowers, sports equipment, and do-it-yourself items. If you’re a little overpopulated in your home, they’re quite nice.

If the conditions in your garage are appropriate, we like the notion of keeping your bags stored there, as well as seasonal clothes. Don’t forget to pop up a storage solution like this one if you have a lot of big heavy winter coats and winter shoes.

Do you want to learn how to store items in such a way that you can see them easily? ‘Store items you use often at eye level and below. According to Sarah Dunn, “things you don’t need access to (such as emotional boxes) should be stored on overhead racks or in the upper shelf.”



Since there isn’t any designated area for storing smaller items out of sight, it might appear overwhelming in some garages’ organization condition.

As a result, utilizing cabinets with doors and shelves in the room may be a wise decision, as they seem comfortable and simple to utilize.

Pro tip: If you don’t need three, four, or more storage cabinets, start with one or two. You won’t be overwhelmed, and you’ll have time to organize gradually this way.

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