18 Alluring Decorative Fruit Trays to Boost the Festive Mood

Refreshments have always been a part of a party. They have to be not only delicious but also gorgeous so that your guests will be interested in tasting them. For this reason, try implementing these decorative fruit trays to boost the festive mood.

Serving Tray Decoration Ideas

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Carving out decorative fruit trays does not have to entail advanced skills. Even if you are a beginner, you can make a great and mouth-watering display by harnessing your creativity.

One of decorative fruit trays above does not feature any sophisticated shapes that entails advanced craft skills. Arranging vegetables and sauces based on their colors can do in a pinch.

You can even use a rustic cutting board to make a dramatic base for the colorful vegetables and sauces. They can look standout on it.

Sweet Ghosts and Jack-o-lantern

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It is October, and Halloween is approaching. Although you will not wander around the neighborhood to yell “trick or treat!” due to the pandemic, you can still enjoy the vibes at home with your family and “spooky” foods.

The foods that you are going to serve for the alfresco in your backyard is not always about complex recipes. If you are not good at cooking or baking, well, at least you have to excel in decorating it.

One of decorative fruit trays here does not make you slave over a hot stove. You just need to peel some oranges and banana.

After that, add two chocolate chips on each banana to make it look like a ghost. Turn the oranges into Jack-o-lanterns by driving a piece of green apples into them.

Yummy Owl



So, are you going to throw a birthday party for your kid? It means you have to please that sweet tooth and his friends. However, you have to remember to serve healthy snacks like fruits too.

The problem is that most kids loathe eating fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, you can always make them enthusiastic if you decorate the platter.

This owl lies on a white tray that has become a perfect canvas for it. Next, you just need to peel some pineapples, and cut them along with grapes and strawberries.

Arrange the pieces meticulously according to the colors. Finally, add two cups of mayonnaise for the eyes.

Add Non-Edible Centerpiece

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Who says that you cannot decorate a food tray with a non-edible thing? Well, this one has shown you that it can be necessary when it comes to kicking up a notch.

Multiple decorative fruit trays like this one are perfect to be the centerpiece of your dining table when you have a feast on Christmas Eve. Five candles line up among the red cranberry sprinkled with sugar to emulate snow.

Decorative Trays for Wedding

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When you hear anything about a wedding, what pops into your head? It must be the romantic moment, the vow, and the beautiful and scrumptious foods and beverages, just like these fruits.

Various kinds of fruits embellish this tray nicely. You can even see two watermelons that in flower form. A half of honeydew melon makes a gorgeous flower, too. Fill in the remaining space with “filler” that consists of grapes, strawberries, and oranges.

Long Decorative Fruit Trays

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Sometimes you do not need to carve a watermelon or honeydew to create a wonderful food display. Setting down all the meals on a piece of a long butcher block will work like a charm.

However, you will still need to pay a careful attention to the arrangement. Otherwise, you will end up creating a haphazard look. You simply need to group the foods based on their types and colors so that the guests can find what they are looking for easily.

You can also add some herbs like basil, dill, mint, and coriander is some spots to make subtle boundaries between those different types of food.

Fruit and Vegetable Bugs on a Tray


Some kids are fussy eaters. They just want to eat what they like, such as pizza and French fries. They tend to reject fruits and vegetables, which are good for their health.

Well, if that is the case, you might need to make the vegetables and fruits appeal to them, just like these cute bugs.

You can make these bugs by cutting leafy green like Bok Choy. After that, arrange some strawberry slices, cucumbers, and berries onto it.

Fresh Fruit Train

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Well, this may need advanced carving skills. It does not mean you will not be able to make it, though. So, cheer up!

To make this train, you will need a pineapple, a honeydew melon, and a cantaloupe for the railway carriages. Then, fill it with various kinds of berries. After that, cut off a watermelon to create the engine. Slice some kiwis to create the tiers.

Upside-Down Leprechaun

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You may think that a leprechaun does not exist. Well, maybe you are right. Nevertheless, one thing for sure, you can make your own from scratch.

This upside-down Leprechaun is unique and attractive. Your guests will like this a lot.

To make this look, you just need to get carrots, popcorn, oranges, zucchini, berries, olives, and broccoli. Once the ingredients are complete, add a cup of salsa or guacamole.

Baby Shark in Berries

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The mouth of this baby shark is wide open as if it were ready to eat anything in front of it. Surprisingly, it is not dangerous, nor creepy. It is quite cute, instead.

As you can see, if you want to make this shark, you have to cut and carve a watermelon to form those sharp teeth in a wide mouth. You will also need to remove the flesh to create sufficient space for the berries and pineapple.

Mount two blueberries on top with toothpick to form the eyes. Attach a slice of watermelon to make the fin. Finally, place it on a tray that filled with berries.

An Idea of Decorative Fruit Trays for Graduation Party

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The graduation is one of the best and the most unforgettable moments in the whole life. Therefore, it does need celebrating. When it comes to a celebration, decorative fruit trays have to be in your list.

This fruit decoration will make the celebration better. First, you need to cut a watermelon, and remove some of the flesh so that you can put some pieces of honeydew and cantaloupe inside it.

Attach the stars and “graduation” word in the opening of the watermelon. Put them all together on a tray.

Bring in Tropical Vibes

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When you look at this food tray, you might be able to feel the tropical vibes instantly, which always conjures up the moment of having a vacation on a beach.

In addition to the arrangement, the decorative fruit trays use various kinds of tropical fruit, such as pineapples, cantaloupes, papayas, strawberries, and grapes for the main ingredients.

To make this look, you only need to cut the fruits into smaller pieces. Do not throw the prickly husk of the pineapple because you are going to use it as the stem of a palm tree.

Crunchy White Skull

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Halloween is always synonymous with scary things. However, kids always look forward to this festival despite the spooky decorations that they usually come across around the neighborhood.

Do not let your kids down because they will not be able to wander around the neighborhood, “haunting” from one door to another and getting a lot of candy. Make this festival alive at home by making some decorative fruit trays resembling this one.

This food tray consists of every kid’s favorite, such as crackers, cookies, and cheese. The most conspicuous thing of all is the popcorn skull sitting in the middle as the centerpiece.

Trick or Treat

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This is another great idea that you can try to make Halloween become livelier although you only spend it at home with your family.

This food tray has all “spooky” things you need for Halloween, but do not be scared! They are edible and even scrumptious.

In this tray, you can see the strawberry ghosts, one-year grapes, cheese bats, spiders on mustard, and many others. You can also find some candies and crackers here, which will please and satisfy any sweet tooth.

Delectable Fruit Baby

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Giving birth to a baby is one of the most joyful moments in a mom’s life, but before experiencing this unforgettable day, you will need to throw a baby-shower party.

Baby shower is a kind of cultural occasion that can be different in every country. In the United States, people celebrate this event by throwing a party.

When you hear a party, you probably know what you can find in baby shower. They are games, gifts, and a lot of food.

To make the party become more fascinating, try making some decorative fruit trays like this one. It seems eminently cute and suits the theme well because it looks like a baby lying in a basket full with fruits. Add a blue bow tie to embellish it.

Mr. Frankenstein and Ghosts

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Frankenstein is indeed so scary that you will get goose bumps. Luckily, the one you see here is not frightening at all. It is sweet and cute.

These Frankensteins are made of kiwis. You just need to peel the skin, and leave the one top to create the hair.

In addition to Frankenstein, some ghosts and monsters beef up the tray nicely. To make them both, you just need to peel some bananas, and then add chocolate chips for the eyes. Next, cut green apples. Add a slice of strawberry for the tongue.

To make it more beautiful, add some strawberries dipped in white chocolate. No one can resist tasting this Halloween snacks.

Sweet Baby in a Watermelon

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Apparently, a basket is not only made of rattan. You can also create one from an edible food like a watermelon.

To carve out this look, you need to cut off a quarter of the watermelon, allowing you to form an opening. Remove the flesh to make some space for the baby.

For the baby, you can just put an orange along with its skin inside the watermelon, and then attach blueberries to make the eyes.

Cute White Ghosts

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Making decorative fruit trays does not have to be arduous. It can be as simple as displaying some strawberries on it. However, you can take this idea to the next level easily.

To make some ghosts out of strawberries, you just need to dip them in white chocolate. Put them in a tray, add chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth, and let them set. It is just a piece of cake, right?

More Ideas to Make Decorative Fruit Trays

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Below are some examples of other refreshments aside from fruits. You can still adopt the idea to make more decorative fruit trays.

Two-Tiered Decorative Food Tray

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Many people have been longing for Christmas for ages especially kids. They are always excited when this special day is coming because they hope that Santa Clause will drop by to give them presents.

Well, sometimes Santa will not come, which will definitely let your kids down. Cheer them up by making some delectable cookies and display them on a two-tiered tray.

Since the food is for Christmas festive, decorate everything in red, green, and white. As you can see, sugar and candies are well organized as they are stored in a clear mason jars with red lids and in white mugs.

Round Decorative Tray


Thanksgiving is another celebration that you can find in October. It is when relatives, friends, and family come over to have a feast.

On this day, people usually eat turkeys. Therefore, this decorative food tray is worth the try to jazz up the festival.

This vegetable turkey can be both a scrumptious and attractive centerpiece for your dining table. You just need to cut some broccolis, cucumbers, red and yellow bell peppers, carrots, and peas.

You will also need a cup of white creamy sauce. Top it with a half of red bell pepper to make the head.

Vegetable Fish

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Vegetables are good for your health. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that it is one of the essential things in any feast. Unfortunately, they look unattractive sometimes. However, you can always make them look fabulous and yummy.

This decorative food tray idea does not require advanced skills because you do not have to make complex cutting. You just need to slice zucchini and cucumber. Cut some carrots and bell peppers for the tail.

Decorative Food Tray for Football Lovers

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Do you like nachos? Who does not? Everybody loves it, and so do your friends. Why do you not serve it in your birthday party? However, you will do it in different way.

This nacho’s display is epic, and it will impress any football lovers. Begin with placing salsa, guacamole, and mustard in the middle of the tray, along with the goal posts. Make a border with bread. Fill in the space with tortilla chips and all that jazz.

A Beautiful Flower in the Garden

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This beautiful flower deserves to thrive in a garden, but it would be great if it stays on your dining table.

To make this look, you will need some vegetables like mustard greens for the stem, onion for the small flowers, and cucumbers for the bigger one. You can add red fruits or vegetables in the middle to improve the look.

You can fill the bottom of the tray with cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. A beautiful flower is ready to serve.

Vegetable Christmas Tree

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This is another brilliant idea that you can implement in your Christmas celebration. What makes it amazing is you do not have to use carving skills to create a beautiful decorative food tray.

You just need to cut off some broccoli, and arrange it as a Christmas tree. Cut yellow bell pepper and lay it on the faux tree. Add some berries or cherry tomatoes for the decorative lights.

Next, cut bell pepper in half. Take the seeds. You can use it in place of bowl to serve mayonnaise, tomato sauce, or mustard.

Cookies in the Basket

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Moses baskets have always been synonymous with babies. Therefore, instead of serving snacks on a mere tray, you can try displaying them in a different way.

It would be better if you invested in some mini baskets to display scrumptious cookies, like the one you can see here. It is cute and adorable with a ribbon on it.

Healthy Turkey

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The celebration of Thanksgiving would be more memorable with this turkey. Besides, it is not hard to make it.

You need a carrot for the neck as well as some slices of onions, mushrooms, olives, and zucchinis to make the body.

For the beautiful tail, you can use carrots, celery, and some jalapenos.

Cute and Crunchy Turkey for Kids

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This turkey-shaped cheese platter will enthrall your kids. They will even want some more.

To make this appetizer, you will need cheddar cheese for the head and body, salami, Swiss cheese, and crackers for the colorful tray.

It is obvious that being delicious is not enough. The refreshment for a party has to be splendid, too. For this reason, you can consider adopting these decorative fruit trays to boost the appetite of your guests while jazzing up the festive vibes.

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