French Door Curtain Ideas

French Door Curtain Ideas. A AFrench door combines easy access to the outdoors with a large quantity of window to allow natural light in, providing the best of both worlds.

They’re especially lovely additions to the interior of your home, and they’re frequently found in living spaces with direct access to the outdoors.

So what if you need some privacy after replacing a set of windows with a French door?

You can install curtains in the same manner you might for windows to provide your French door a lot of texture and appeal, however they may be totally exposed for maximum light.

These lovely curtain ideas are perfect for adding privacy without taking away from your doors’ beauty, whether you already have French doors you want to cover or you’re considering adding a pair.

Warm neutral curtains


These drapings are also transparent, but instead of blending with the wall, they blend with the wood and leather upholstery’s warm hues.

The side windows and enormous transoms are covered by the drapes. They’re basic, but they have a nice look to them.



When the sight beyond is spectacular, it’s worth selecting a fabric with the hues you can see outside when hunting for curtain ideas for French and patio doors.

VillaNova’s print Norrland(opens in a new tab) demonstrates the stillness of forest settings and how effectively it may work.

Taupes capture the foliage and tree bark, while painterly lines mimic the movement of nature in the wind, and the deeper hues match the table top.

Sheer Curtains


Sheer curtains provide some separation while still allowing most light to pass through if you have an area where privacy isn’t as important.

By blending with the white walls, this sheer white curtain maintains the hallway’s minimalistic style.

Wall to Wall


When needed, these French doors cover an entire living room wall. You’ll want to remember curtain length as well, in addition to evaluating width.

I measure a few inches below the ceiling to roughly a quarter inch above the floor, Stacey says. “I prefer my drapery to barely sit above the floor.” The window/door is elongated in this manner.”

Roman Shades


These linen Roman shades that are affixed to the top of the doors give us a nice look. The tones have a casual yet stylish appearance thanks to the linen fabric.

Even when closed, these Roman shades allow the sun to pass through, keeping the room bright. In comparison to curtains, Roman shades appear less formal.



You may soften the appearance and add pattern to your French door drapings if you like dark and dramatic.

You can match it to your seat cushions, table runner, and napkins in this dining room, which works extremely well.

Note how the chrome pendants match the chrome curtain rails, and it’s these little details that make a design work. It’s all about balance and the finer details.



Shutters may be a good choice for your french doors if your room is small and lacks romance.

Maximum privacy and ease of use are provided by the plantation shutters. With a central vertical slat, you may adjust the louvers vertically.

They cannot, however, be lifted in any way. Wooden blinds set on the top of the door provide a similar effect.

Go All White


An all-white room has a striking and classic feel to it. Classic white drapes and a white framed French door are perfect ways to keep the look going.

Natural textured shades and curtains


You can combine options to create a pleasing aesthetic and a functional design if you can’t decide between them.

Natural grass hues were mixed with curtain panels in this designer’s design. They provide instant privacy while allowing light to pass through, which is the perfect solution.

The drapes are made of a heavy material and provide complete privacy when they’re drawn.



Using the same fabric for both curtains and blinds is a great way to tie a room together, creating a sense of warmth and depth, according to Emma Clarke, Director of Warner House.

We’ve used Balmoral as both a curtain and a blind in the same room, as seen in the photo above,’ says Balmoral.

Beautiful linings are recommended for both curtain and blinds. For a beautiful finish, blackout may be considered or interlined.

‘Adding interest to your design by adding trims to the bottom edge.’

One sided curtains


SymmetricalFrench door curtains aren’t required all of the time. Instead, for a more casual appearance, you may simply pull them to one side.

On the right side of the French Door, notice the radiator and the small wall area. If the position of the door does not allow for curtain placement on both sides, a one-sided window curtain is ideal.

Add Accessories

For a sumptuous curtain design and ensembles, tassels, laces, and other draperies are constantly in-trend.

Add a gold or metallic border or head to help the curtains seem more opulent and luxurious.

A Rococo or neoclassical touch will add classic and timeless elegance to your French door by adding accessories along the edges and tabs of the curtains.

You can manage your curtain designs while still making the French door look matching because it is a versatile architectural element.

Matching and mixing it with the surroundings room or area design is a challenge for creating French doors Curtains.

Metal tie backs for curtains


Others desire complete light during the day and total seclusion when it gets dark. This may be accomplished with curtain panels that may be pulled back.

The designer’s metal brackets are modest in form but extremely functional.



In this lovely bedroom with patio doors leading out onto a balcony, drapes would not suffice due to the unique characteristics of the space.

The shutters are magnificent, and a simple blind will suffice instead of curtain in this case.

Having full height curtains was not an option in this project because we often had furniture or radiators beneath the windows,’ explains Irene Gunter, Founder of Gunter & Co.

We employed double Roman shades, positioning the sheer as near to the window panes as feasible.’

You could fully appreciate the lovely architrave wrapping around the window thanks to a blackout Roman blind positioned in front of it.

Framing with florals


We adore Atlanta Homes Magazine’s curtain idea. The designers use a floral fabric that is a light neutral with soft accents to draw the eye upward and create interest by hanging the curtains high over the door.

The patterning creates some depth while not overwhelming the area with color. The dark wood and black accents in the room are muted by the neutral floral fabric.

Traditional Leanings


This living space is flooded with light by two pairs of French doors with transoms. The designer employed rods with a big span, suspending draperies over the transoms to create the most impact.

Tassels dangle from the rods’ tops, and a border of color adds appeal to the base. For more depth, look at the bottom.

Shutters & sheer curtains


This room has a contemporary feel thanks to both french door drapes and shutters, as well as light sheer drapes for a free and comfortable ambiance.

The light allowance in the room is more flexible, and privacy is better, thanks to this selection of double window treatments.



With a single drape held by a holdback, make a sweeping statement. The beautiful period detail above the French doors and coving is really striking, yet it doesn’t take away from the beauty.

Despite the fact that this home is old, the Zafaro cloth coupled with the retro furniture gives it a modern feel. (opens in new tab)

Natural Inclination


It’s preferable to emphasis rather than conceal exquisite architectural features in a home.

Standard-size matchstick blinds suit the windows and doors, with rattan table and straw hues.

The blinds stand out when contrasted to the heavy wood molding because of their simplicity and affordability.



The practicality of patio doors is vital. Curtains should meet a few requirements. The wafting drapes will not be wafting for the right reasons in the winter when the wind is howling, and wispy ethereal fabric looks great in some settings but not in others.

As Penny Morrison, interior designer at Penny Morrison Studio(opens in new tab), points out, the best option is a set of fully lined curtains that cover the complete patio window frame and capture all of the bothersome breezes:

Making a room feel more comfortable is easier than you think! It is a fantastic chance to employ a bigger scale pattern since they are so huge, particularly in height.

Pole-hung curtains are the most effective. You must hang them high above the lintel if you utilize a pelmet, so that the door may work properly and that you do not obstruct too much light.

Sheer Waterproof Curtains


These outdoor sheer curtains might be a suitable option for you if you prefer to leave your patio door open to welcome the breeze in and are concerned about your curtains getting wet.

These mildew- and water-resistant curtains, which are shown here hanging on a pergola, are equally suitable for patio doors.

Long and Luxe


Ultra-tall windows can be accommodated with custom-made curtains! They provide complete privacy when needed, covering the French doors and the enormous window above them.

According to Alton Tucker of Stoneside Blinds and Shades, the finest window treatments for French doors should be thin.

Remember that when you open and close the door, a big valance, headrail, or fascia will most likely come into contact with the wall.

Curtains to the ceiling


The curtain rods were placed behind the rustic ceiling beam beside the wall for this Tuscan style room, designed by Architectural Alliance Inc.

For complete coverage of the windows and the french doors in the center of the wall, they utilized enormous panels on either side of the chamber.

The view outside the window is unobstructed because this is a minimal and unfussy style. The room’s neutral hues are reflected in the curtains’ color.

Cover a Closet


You may not want to be able to see what is on the opposite side of an interior French door, but it adds a classic element to any room.

Add a curtain to better define the spaces, whether you have a French door as a closet door or you want to separate too many windows.

Bright colors


These drapings stand out rather than merging with the backdrop. Rather, these drapings bring out the red accents in the pillows and brighten up the space.

Each set of doors has panels between them, and these draperies are also hung from the ceiling.

If they are dragged all the way to either side of the room, this emphasizes the curtain more.

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