Different Types of Foyer Table You Need to Know

When visitors step into your home, they enter through the entryway. Therefore, you should place an accent on furniture to make it look inviting. That is why you can opt for various types of foyer table below.

The foyer tables are visually pleasing. They also don’t consume too much space.

Moreover, those furniture pieces add function to the front hallway. Some varieties provide storage space for small items such as bags, photographs, and keys.

Furthermore, a large table is a nice addition to the grand foyer. It offers more storage as well. Meanwhile, a small furniture item fits in perfectly with a simple entryway.

In this gallery, you will find long foyer tables featuring drawers and narrow ones with shelves. There are also circular options boasting ornate carved details.

Regardless of your hallway dimensions and personal style, there must be one item that truly appeals to you. Without further ado, let’s check these out!

Centerpiece Tables


The centerpiece tables are a perfect fit for large entryways. That is why they often locate in the middle of the foyers. Besides, the pieces commonly have an oval, square, or round shape. We particularly love the circular one.

Even though the centerpiece tables are not so space-efficient, they lend the space an elegant appearance. Those furniture units provide ample surface space, too.

What is a Centerpiece Table?



The centerpiece table is a furniture piece that features a circular surface. It is also mostly used for ornamental purposes.

You may opt to arrange photographs, vase, or books on the centerpiece table. However, the unit is incorporated into a foyer because of its aesthetically pleasing look.

Meanwhile, the round top surface of the centerpiece table is typically supported by 4 legs. Furthermore, some circular tables come with a built-in shelf.

The Benefits of a Centerpiece Table


Centerpiece tables can accentuate foyers because they employ gorgeous design elements. Additionally, these furniture units give variety to the rectangular entryways.

The round foyer table is said to be visually beautiful. Its curved lines evoke a feeling of softness as well as balance. While geometric shapes generate an edgy touch, the circular ones produce a tranquil atmosphere.

Moreover, round foyer tables may boast appealing leaves, magnificent leg designs, and geometric shapes. Additionally, some options feature a compact shelf or drawer built into their legs. It certainly offers additional storage space.

This centerpiece table is a safe option for homeowners with kids. On the other hand, the furniture with sharp edges may hurt children when they run into it.

Console Accent Table


Console accent tables are normally smaller than their round counterparts. They are usually positioned against the foyer wall. Furthermore, these give decoration and surface area without eating up a lot of space.

So, if you’re talking about popular types of foyer table, you can’t go wrong with this furniture. It is not just useful and pretty but also space-saving.

Moreover, the console table is great for any foyer. It is because it can employ marvelous designs to give your hallway pizzazz.

What Defines a Console Table?


This kind of foyer table is supported by 2 or more legs. Moreover, it commonly hugs an entryway wall.

Some types of foyer table must be hung on the wall. That way, they can stay well-supported as well as upright. However, you are unlikely to find them on the market.

Speaking of types of foyer table, this furniture is a nice option if you have a tiny hallway. It optimizes space in the entryway due to its narrow design.

Furthermore, a console table allows ample room for standing, walking, and getting together. Additionally, its striking elements make it a terrific furniture item. The unit improves the overall appearance of your space.

A Console Accent Table Benefits


Console tables boast a flat surface. They also have different supportive structure, be it a pedestal base or legs. These items evoke a sense of openness in any hallway, too.

Moreover, console tables usually feature a simplistic, clean design. Meanwhile, others have drawers, shelving, and ornamental accents.

That is why their price varies widely. But do not worry, because there are affordable yet stylish options on the market.

No surprise, console tables are one of the most famous types of foyer table. They are so adaptable. You can even use them in any room, not only in the front hallway.

Console Table with Ottoman Seating



Looking for hybrid types of foyer table? Then, you must give this one a go. Moreover, this furniture comes with seats. So, they can be neatly tucked under it.

Bench vs. Console Table


A bench is undoubtedly a common furniture item for foyers. Moreover, it provides seating and storage.

If your space is small, then we suggest getting a bench. Compared to the console table, it is more practical.

The console table appears more attractive than the bench. Since the unit is taller, you can’t sit on for sure. Those two furniture pieces cost almost the same too.

Types of Foyer Table According to Size


There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all foyer table. If you have limited space, then short furniture is your safest bet. On the other hand, a longer unit looks great against the long hallway wall.

When buying types of foyer table, make sure you know the furniture’s measurements. Do not forget to re-check its dimensions before purchasing. So you better avoid eyeballing it.

A simple console table is typically long as well as narrow. Speaking of shape, it comes in either half-circle or rectangle. Moreover, centerpiece tables for the foyer are normally round.



Nowadays, the prices of furniture items have come down. However, if you want to get a more affordable unit, we recommend purchasing the used one.

In other words, high-quality foyer tables require you to pay good money for them. While the cheap console table will cost about $100-$500. Furthermore, budget-constrained homeowners usually spend $200-$300 on the entryway furniture.



Most entryway tables have a wood tone, but some are coated with paint. For instansce, few popular colors for those foyer furniture pieces are beige, gray, black, brown, white, red, green, blue, and yellow.

If your hallway is neutral, then we suggest finding unique types of foyer table. They work as centers of attention and also can liven up the plain space.

Types of Foyer Table Based on Styles


While foyer furniture shopping, you need to consider the console table style. Therefore, you must sure it pairs tastefully with the decor in the entryway for cohesiveness.

Moreover, there are some popular console table styles to select from, like industrial, cottage, glam, traditional, coastal, rustic, mid-century modern, contemporary, country, and minimalist.

The last one is an amazing option for small foyers.

Types of Foyer According to Shape

As we mentioned earlier, console tables come in a rectangular shape, while the centerpiece one is typically round. Additionally, there are other options. You can also opt for a triangle, free-form, oval, and half-circle.

Most importantly, the half-round console tables are popular types of foyer table. They feature both flat and circular sides.

Moreover, their curved lines create a soft, appealing look. Meanwhile, a straight edge hugs an entryway wall. It saves precious space.

Furthermore, half-round console tables are available in various lengths. It means that you can pick the right one for the foyer.

Many of these types of foyer tables include a tiny drawer on the front. It accommodates knick-knacks, books, keys, and even a vase.

Since this console table features a rounded edge, it is kid-friendly. The unit is also supported by 2 or 4 legs. On the other hand, some of them have a compact shelf near its base for extra storage.

Materials for Types of Foyer Table


Talking about different types of foyer table, you certainly must put the frame and top materials into your consideration. They are often the same. However, this is not always the case.

In addition, the main console table materials are glass, marble, wicker, metal, granite, mirrored, and solid wood. Furthermore, the last one sets a welcoming atmosphere and a rustic feel.

The Features of Types of Foyer


There are various types of foyer table to choose from. Each of them has its features. Before making a purchase, put them into consideration. Most homeowners choose entryway furniture with drawers or shelves.

Furthermore, console tables feature seating, magazine holder, wheels, curved legs, compartment, and glass tabletops. Some varieties boast interesting accents like geometric shapes and drop-leaf.

Moreover, it is difficult to find centerpiece tables with additional features. Some only have lower shelves, while others do not employ anything except the table itself.

Gallery of Different Types of Foyer Table


Below is our list of 25 foyer tables that showcase the excellent varieties available today. These furniture pieces help make any entryway more homey and captivating.

This roundup includes both console and centerpiece tables. These types of foyer tables feature functional structures as well as appealing design elements.

Types of Foyer Table: Reflections Mirrored Console Table


Looking for luxury types of foyer table? Give this furniture by Avenue Six a chance. It lends Hollywood Regency flair and contemporary charm to your home’s hallway.

Moreover, this fully mirrored foyer table reflects light delightfully. Since the unit is small, it would appear as wonderful as your bedside table. The two front drawers with glass knobs offer convenient storage for keys and knick-knacks.

Types of Foyer Table: Helena Console Table


Pictured above is Helena’s foyer table by Office Star. The reflective panel beneath the gorgeous repeating pattern at the front calls attention to it.

Furthermore, the mirror surface boasts a silvery hue and notable oak wood grain. The console table itself adds a trendy beach style to the foyer.

Types of Foyer Table: Prentice Console Table

This Prentice console table is manufactured by Wildon Home. It comes with a dark cherry-framed clear tempered glass top. Moreover, the black iron frame features exquisite curves and elegant swirls.

The table is such a gorgeous display item. The unit brings a traditional style to any entryway, too. You can place your indoor plant, painting, and ceramic vessels on it.

Types of Foyer Table: Finley Hallway Table


Do you love modern types of foyer table? Give it a shot. Its curved legs offer a simple focal point. They soften straight lines. Meanwhile, the front drawer and shelves hold decorative pieces as well as small keepsakes.

Types of Foyer Table: Cherry Wood Console Table by Butler Specialty


If you love traditional types of foyer table, this round furniture certainly deserves a try. It has enchanting scalloped edges. They scream glamor and elegance. Furthermore, the legs boost up its opulence.

Types of Foyer Table: Vogue Console Table


This foyer table by Southern Enterprises comes in champagne brass. It looks subtle yet elegant and lavish. Moreover, the item lends a pop of color to the otherwise neutral hallway.

Occasional Console Table in Black


This up-to-date black console table is made by eHome Products. Its legs have X-shaped details. They lend simple furniture visual interest. Moreover, two shelves hold books and decorations.

V-Shaped Foyer Table

If you are obsessed with types of foyer table in a V shape, give this furniture a try. It is available in espresso.

Furthermore, the dark-toned wood console table narrows as the item reaches the foyer floor. The two shelves accommodate books and the round storage box.

Rectangular Accent Table


This console table by Ashley Furniture features two distressed drawers. They are painted in pale blue and green, contrasting nicely with brown wood.

Moreover, the multicolored wood slats cover shelves. They give the foyer table a rustic charm in no time.

Artist’s Originals Red Demilune Foyer Table


We seriously can’t take our eyes off this rich-toned console table. The floral inlays at the front lend a soft touch to the unit. Moreover, a single drawer is great for housing keys and photographs.

Foyer Table with Storage


This long Safavieh Winifred console table comes in white. It employs a single drawer along with decorative legs. There are also 2 wicker drawers on both sides. They carry a rustic feel and texture to the unit.

Glass Console Table

Pictured above is a marvelous foyer table. The glass top and crisscrossing chrome bars produce a modern effect. Moreover, this table helps refresh your entryway’s style.

Mecca Console Table


If you are into minimalist and ultra-modern types of foyer table, this curved furniture surely wins your heart. It is magnificently made from semi-tempered glass. Additionally, the item won’t clutter any entryway.

Oriental Furniture Qing Hall Table


This Chinese-style rosewood foyer table brings elegance and an exotic touch to your hallway. Moreover, carved details grab the guests’ attention. Meanwhile, the tabletop with rims resembles a serving tray.

Newport Mozart Console Table


Here are a Convenience Concepts espresso console table. It adds a sleek look and a modern vibe to any foyer.

Although the table has no shelves, it makes a great spot to put your books or keys on. Moreover, the unit works gorgeously as an accent piece.

Entryway Console Table

This half-round entryway table comes in black. It includes a single front drawer. Furthermore, the furniture piece has a delicate bowed design with slim legs.

Hooker Furniture Sanctuary 4 Drawer Thin Console Table


Obsessed with skinny types of foyer table? This narrow furniture has prominent rivets as well as other structural features. They lend it a rustic flair and a more up-to-date look. Nevertheless, the unit remains a graceful carved furniture piece.

Unicorn Accent Table



If you want to make a strong impression, incorporate this fantasy magical unicorn table into your foyer. It features a glass top that ensures the unicorn base won’t get obscured.

Coaster Storage Entryway Table


This beautiful console table has two cabinets. They provide plenty of space to store knick-knacks, keys, CDs, books, and photographs. Additionally, you can use a lower shelf for extra storage or display.

Butler Metalworks Hall Table


If you have a large foyer, we suggest placing a decorative item on this centerpiece table. It creates a spectacular effect.

This hall table is a nice complement to any foyer. It boasts a wide tabletop and carves an industrial feel.

Jocelyn Console Table

This white and wood table has a repeating circle pattern. It raises the furniture’s beauty. The lower shelf is a perfect home for storage boxes, while the beveled top gives the design an extra layer of elegance.

Townsend Console Table


As you see, the reclaimed wood delightfully tops a distressed iron frame. These two features make a rustic industrial console table.

Furthermore, the table’s bottom is completely open. It can be used to store a large decorative piece like the wooden toy truck.

Red Console Table

This long console table looks great both in the living room and foyer. It is outfitted with two pull-out drawers. Moreover, the item has a vibrant red facade.

Rafferty Round Table

Rafferty End Table

This vintage centerpiece table features an antique finish, scroll legs, and ornamental metal elements. Its distinctive appearance will make any foyer shine. Additionally, it draws your guests’ eyes.

Brooke Console Table


The leaf design and scroll legs add visual interest to this half-round console table. Furthermore, golden accents assert a sense of luxury, while the tabletop is a nice home for books, framed photographs, or vase.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful. With many types of foyer table, there is no reason not to pick the best one. It does not only accentuate the hallway but also rounds out the home.


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