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Floating Shelves Placement Ideas

Floating Shelves Placement Ideas. Floating shelves accomplish the task while staying contemporary. They take up little area as well. A free wall, some diy floating shelf ideas, and the simplest equipment required are all you’ll need to get started with this diy project.

A piece of beautifully stained wood that hangs on your wall and appears to “float” can be as simple as a floating shelf.

The absence of brackets and other supports makes these shelves look neat and clutter-free.

These diy floating shelf designs are both beautiful and functional, allowing you to show or store your belongings, including artwork, books, photographs, and more.

You can design the shelf that fits your design approach, whether contemporary, rustic, or totally functional! One kind of floating shelf does not fit all.

Decorating the home can be a lot of fun, but it can also be time consuming.

Consider adding utilitarian and interesting elements to make decorating a bit more enjoyable in order to make it easier. The notion of a floating shelf is the first.

These contemporary shelves, while being a much-needed improvement in the aesthetic department, offer the same storage/display space as their predecessors.

There is no doubt a floating shelf that is itching to be added to your home, because it can be shaped, sized, thickened, and colored.

These shelves serve two purposes: they can be hung alone or in groups of three. Secondly, they offer a practical location for stowing linens, books, nail polish, and plants.

Second, they offer a new aesthetic to your space. With the diversity of materials and finishes accessible, you can infuse your home’s style and character with your own.

The live edge slab shelf, which enables the natural beauty of the wood to take center stage, was one of the most intriguing and popular choices.

Choosing to install a floating shelf in your family’s home is a no-brainer.

You’ll discover one that’s perfect for you in this list of 26 fantastic finds, from repurposed linen closets or built-in bookshelves to beautiful plant hangouts.

Stained Wooden Block Floating Shelves


At home, create a drink station that blends flawlessly into your existing design. The popular floating shelves that are available today make this task even simpler.

Not only will the contemporary and natural beauty of the material delight you, but these shelves also provide plenty of room for your cocktail glasses.

With its sturdy base and the beautiful lines and knots in the wood, the completed product gives you a beautiful foundation for all of your bartending needs.

Make It Modern


Inspired by this contemporary family kitchen, give your floating shelves a new, unexpected twist. With three white oak floating shelves, interior designer Breegan Jane bridges the space between the upper cabinets and wall.

The wall’s two top shelves stretch the length of the room, while the third shelf is positioned three-quarters of the way down. The space has an effortless, contemporary, and elevated appearance thanks to this top-heavy, asymmetrical installation.

Solid White Wooden Floating Shelf


Who says your home can’t have the same look and feel in your laundry room or mudroom?

By adding some useful and attractive additions to these much-needed daily spots, you can continue your style throughout the whole house.

This enormous white floating shelf provides you with enough space to readily get at your detergent, softener, bleach, and stain remover while sitting atop your washer and dryer.

Making the task less tiresome will make the area more appealing. Other members of the family might be prompted to join in and assist if you can make laundry appear to be so enjoyable. At least, a girl has the opportunity to dream.

Stay Organized


Doesn’t mean you can’t adorn your walls with your favorite artwork or keep your beloved books nearby just because you don’t have a lot of space in your house.

In tiny spaces where you need to utilize every last inch and corner, floating shelves are especially transformational.

This little bedroom retains a great deal of individual character and style despite having floating shelves, which keeps it from seeming crowded.

Warm Brown Platform Wooden Floating Shelf System


You’ll mix them nicely into this platform wooden floating shelf system, which has a rich warm brown finish and combines the adored design of a floating shelf with the usefulness of a bigger platform shelf.

You’ll get more storage per shelf while occupying less wall space by utilizing a platform area. Four platform floaters displaying cherished items and family photographs are on display in this setting.

These shelves, when combined, create a dominating feature that eclipses smaller and less useful household features.

To help warm up the atmosphere of your home, choose a rich, warm brown stain to add a dramatic design element.

Distract From the TV


To draw attention up, add some floating shelves above your TV. The TV in this scenario fades into the backdrop. Another interesting way to draw attention away from the television is by adding color-coded books to your shelves.

Long and Lean Home Office Floating Shelves


Live in the moment with a contemporary home office design, rather than the outdated pine cabinets and built-in shelves of yesteryear.

For storage solutions, you’ll have the same huge area to utilize as you would for your work from home, but you’ll appreciate the professionally styled contemporary look of your modern office.

These wide and slender shelves span the length of a wall, giving your workplace the illusion that it is still a part of your everyday living space.

To further enhance the atmosphere of your office space, weave some personal items and plants throughout.

Remember Less Is More


It’s often enough to just one shelf. The floating shelf, for example, is understated and subtle in this stylish living room, yet it also serves as a surface for other pieces (such as speakers and other tech gadgets).

With an eye-catching console, this living room may have appeared too busy.

The edgy, exquisite art installation and one-of-a-kind sculptural furniture are complimented by how modest it is, allowing our eyes to focus on them.

Natural Unfinished Wood Floating Shelves Trio


Floating shelves improve the look of your home by providing additional space for displaying jewelry and flowers while adding style.

To provide a focal point to this center wall area, place this trio of unfinished wooden floaters on the wall behind your sofa.

These organic wooden floating shelves are a fantastic way to display souvenirs and treasured mementos gathered from adventures in a kid’s room.

These natural wooden shelves go with almost any design style, thanks to their basic design.

They can also be used as a stylish spice rack substitute or simply a new addition to your coffee station to hold your favorite mugs. They may even be utilized in your kitchen.

How to Hang Floating Shelves


Without inconvenient brackets or supports that might detract from the view, floating shelves offer storage and presentation area.

You’ll need to screw a hidden bracket to the wall first, then slide the shelf onto it and fasten with screws in order to install them properly. To make sure floating shelves stay steady, mounting them on wall studs is a good idea.

Simple and Traditional Wood Floating Kitchen Shelves


By adding some floating kitchen shelves to your next home renovation, you’ll stay on-trend and in the know.

These wooden floating shelves provide comparable storage capacity while bringing a new aspect of style to a conventional wooden cabinet above the counter.

These shelves are strong and give off a contemporary look and feel, with wide black metal fasteners.

You may set up your daily plate, bowl, and cup arrangements in a simple-to-grab way that looks neat and clean as an extension of your kitchen décor when you have a trio. For a more detailed explanation, click on the link!

Create a Statement Wall


A superb technique to inject dimension while maintaining the minimal aesthetic is by installing linear, neat rows of floating shelves stacked with your favorite décor if your space is mostly filled with neutral hues and clean, sharp lines.

The color-coded books on this table are laid flat rather than upright, which is something we adore.

The top-shelf speakers work with symmetry, while the subtle appearance breaks up the stacks with knickknacks.

Build a Kiddie Shelf


Floating shelves (like the white and gold ones shown here) are a fantastic addition to any kid’s room because they double as a bookcase and a display area.

To prevent your kid from reaching the higher or lower shelving, hang them higher or lower.

Under the Window Kitchen Shelves


Consider installing an under window floating shelves set if you don’t have enough countertop space in the kitchen. By taking up little wall space and increasing your storage capacity,

You’ll utilize an extra ledge of storage while keeping your countertop area clear for canisters and meal prep by installing a shelf immediately below the windowsill.

These are perfect for an indoor herb garden and appear to be extensions of your windowsill.

These are a clever way to display desserts and wedding cake holders. To increase your shelf space while allowing natural light to enter your home, put these in your kitchen.

Consider Going Camoflauge


Shelves that match your walls are the best way to create the ultimate floating illusion. The surroundings will seem more open because they’ll blend naturally.

The shelves in this area serve as a designated spot for pictures and books, with the black-and-white images leaping out against the blank backdrop.

Gorgeous Grains Thick Wooden Floating Shelves


Showcase the gorgeous grains on the main wall space in your home by capitalizing on their beauty in this wooden floating shelf system.

The shelf is ideal for holding practically anything you want because of the durability of this sturdy piece of wood.

For a beautiful contrast to the rough and genuine wood look and feel, put some delicate white porcelain on these shelves.

In addition, to complete the design, use hardwood floors in the room to provide the ideal complement.

In addition to cabinetry, where many new locations have an open storage design, these thick wooden shelves are a fantastic option for the kitchen.

The classical large and white shelving


Large, white shelves are favored in current design because they are thought to be the finest organizing and aesthetic solution for any home.

These floating shelves are great for kitchenware and art collections because they go wall to wall.

Crisp and Clean White Corner Floating Shelves


With these clever corner floating shelves, you can make the most of your space and utilize every inch.

These are an fantastic option for your home because to their compact design and sharp clean appearance.

They offer additional space for several of your favorite vining houseplants while taking up hardly any area, yet they take up residence on the counter or windowsill.

Because they are positioned at the top of the wall, they serve as a plant perch for pets and small children, preventing them from being enticed by them at eye level.

Use Candles


Candles are one of the most underutilized decorating options. There are so many different forms, sizes, colors, and odors to choose from; the options are endless.

Candles are a fantastic way to brighten up your space on floating shelves since they offer a burst of color.

Candles will almost certainly be in your house’s main rooms, so you’ll save yourself the trouble of hiding them when you’re not using them by adding them as a statement piece.

Candles, in addition to adding to the rule of three, allow you to pick scents that make your home feel comfortable and welcoming while leaving you wanting more.