10+ Fence Painting Ideas

The fence can make or break a home. It is the first thing people see when they are walking up to your house and it’s also often the last thing they see before leaving. A fence is not only practical, but it also serves as an extension of your property line and establishes boundaries for children playing nearby. In this blog-post we will discuss 10 excellent ideas for painting fences that will suit any budget!

Flowers and a monarch butterfly

Flowers and a monarch butterfly

Image: diys.com

Monarchs are a beautiful sight! They always remind us of the summer months and we can’t help but think that this piece would make for an amazing addition to any garden.

Usually, the most time we spend in the backyard is during summers when long days mean staying out later than usual. This also translates into spending more time around your back fence which has you thinking about whether or not it might be best to paint something as lovely as what’s often seen from inside–that being said, Yard Fencing Genius’ monarch butterfly perched on some flowers makes for one great example of such scenery!

Sunflowers and Bicycle poster

Sunflowers and Bicycle poster

Image: spraygadgets.com

This is an interesting take on a fence painting because the artist used repurposed items. The bicycle, flowers, and other objects are all painted to imitate junk garden ambiance that adds humor to ordinary landscapes.

The sunflower is the most iconic symbol of summer, which means that they’re perfect for decorating your home during this time. If you want to add flowers to a bicycle frame with an old school design on it without completely ruining its vintage look and feel, just follow these steps: paint one side yellow or orange; dry-brush some other colors like reds/pinks onto the opposite side; then use green acrylic craft paints mixed in water as glue and cover your bike’s spokes with flower petals!

Lastly, choose any type of flower from our suggestions below – but we recommend bluebells (since their small size makes them ideal), white roses if nearby grocery stores don’t have what you need available.

Fence Paint Color: BLACK!

Black Gated Fence

Image: styleathome.com

A black fence is a great way to make your plants pop with color and texture. It also has more edge than lighter tones, making it perfect for modern yards where you want the focus on greenery rather than fencing. Black will stand out against any backdrop too- choosing this shade means both safety from potential accidents while still allowing natural features of your landscape or yard like trees and flowers to shine in their own right!

Fence Paint Color: Pink!

Pink Fence


Pink has been a popular and versatile color for home décor, but now it’s also being used outside. Take this kitty-themed fence that pops against the pink backdrop in black furniture and green plants to create an inviting space with great views! And did you know? One of the colors known for reducing anxiety is pink – so give your outdoor relaxation area some calming vibes by painting part of your deck or patio bright red.

Colourful kid painted fenceposts

Colourful kid painted fenceposts

Image: diys.com

In the case that you’re going to get creative in a way that’s big and unconventional, are your kids really into it as well? Then perhaps a fancy mural is not quite right for your family. Instead of this we suggest taking look at how Bored Art encouraged their children with brushes and all sorts of brightly colored paints which they used any way on each fence post! We love the fun eclectic aesthetic appeal every single finished piece has.

Kids these days always want to paint fences, I think it has something to do with how colourful and diverse they are. We’ve been doing lots of painting lately for the Fence Painting Ideas project so we invited all our kids friends over one day last month when it was sunny out. It made such a beautiful mess! Our children were delighted at being able to include their own ideas into this art piece- everyone got in on the action as soon as those brushes went wet; even my husband who usually hates crafts!

The Pencil fence

The Pencil fence

Image: spraygadgets.com

Research has proven that painting a fence with crayons instead of pencils is the perfect way to get kids and their parents alike excited about your home.

First, it will attract any neighborhood children who are looking for something new! If you’re looking to sell your house in this expensive market? The answer might be right outside.

If you’re looking for a new idea to spruce up your fence, here is just the thing. A beautiful way to make it look colorful and crafty are by giving it some paint of different colors every once in awhile!

Having kids around can be so much fun! In this article I found out that painting fences with specific colors will give them extra character and liven things up.


White Fence

Image: gardenista.com

White is a classic color of choice for more traditional style homes. White, the epitome of classic curb appeal–people often picture it as being the perfect image of home with white picket fences and all that jazz. It’s great because if you already have some trim on your house that happens to be white, then this will create an even better looking exterior by having one cohesive look throughout. Furthermore, gardens can really flourish in this hue due to its ability to highlight colors like bright flowers or plants which are just too pretty not show off!

Fence Paint Color: Colorful Mural

Fence Mural


With the release of Instagram’s new update, artist @colourfulsaz created a beautiful mural in her parents’ backyard. The mural is made up of blue, green and ivory paint that have been shaped to emulate an iPhone screen or stage backdrop- brightening up their outdoor space with minimal effort! If you’re not so artsy like me then instead try out basic designs such as stripes, polka dots or ombre for your own personal touch.

Brightly coloured fence and matching shed

Brightly coloured fence and matching shed

Image: diys.com

Your home is your castle and you never shy away from making it a representation of who you are. You don’t mind going bold with colors, crafts – anything to make sure that the space reflects what makes YOU tick! Whether it’s DIY statement pieces or loud colours, there’s no holding back when creating something great out of nothing at all. So if this fantastically eye catching but monochrome fence and shed combination paint job outlined on Wikial sounds like just the kind of project for someone like yourself then we have a feeling these pictures will be right up your alley too!

This is (maybe) the first time in history that a fence, garden and tool shed have been painted one colour. The homeowner’s bold choice of bright pink was fun, creative and accessible to all-ages as it contrasted well with their green plants around them while still fostering an outdoor aesthetic feel for those who venture on over.

White Fence Blended With Rose

White Fence Blended With Rose

Image: spraygadgets.com

Adding a couple of flowers to your fence is an easy way to add some life into the space. The key with this type of décor, according to studies done by Yale University and Michigan State College, is that any flower will do. However, if you want something specific such as roses for their mood-lifting qualities or aroma which relieves headaches and helps prevent toxic air in homes nearby from polluting the area; then it’s recommended these be used instead!

Paint choice can make or break a home’s curb appeal. If you want to display the beauty of white paint, choose flowers that are either pink, yellow, and blue for contrast; if you prefer something more traditional then your fence should correspond with the color scheme on your house as well.


Gray Fence

Image: mimigiboin.com

Gray is the color of neutrality and so goes well with every style. It can be paired with anything from a modern fence to an old-fashioned picket one because gray’s versatility means it won’t clash or get lost in any type home. If you want your house painted, there’s plenty of options: You could go for pure white paint if you like simplicity; choose some “live” shades that will make exterior walls look sunnier and more welcoming; try taupes which are perfect when combined with other colors—or just keep things simple by sticking to grays! But what about those who prefer staining? Gray stains give off a hint of color while also allowing natural wood grain to show through, which makes them ideal.

Fence Paint Color: Calm Yellow

Yellow Fence


When your mood needs a boost, turn to yellow! The color of optimism and joy, this sunny hue is the perfect way to add some brightness. Pair it with other colors for different feels: pair it with white for freshness or reds and oranges if you want something more vibrant.

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