Farmhouse Curtain Ideas

Farmhouse Curtain Ideas. Window treatments are a simple way to enhance any area, however picking the best ones might be challenging.

Once you know where to put the window treatments and what they must accomplish, you will need to locate a set that suits your residence.

Even when you’re drawing influence from one of the most well-known design styles around, it’s difficult to pull off.

Farmhouse has become a guaranteed favorite in recent years (really, farmhouse is the most popular design style in 26 states and represents more than half of the country).

However, popularity doesn’t always translate to an easier design process. Popularity is both an asset and a downer when it comes to building a lovely country home of your own.

On the plus side, as you shop for curtains, you’ll have a wealth of farmhouse design inspirations to choose from.

At the same time, navigating through all of that inspo might take a while, and you’ll probably repeat certain themes over and over again.

We’ve compiled some farmhouse window treatment ideas worth saving you from the endless Instagram scroll.

These ideas should provide you with all the variety you need to choose the perfect window treatments for your cozy farmhouse, ranging from classic (hanging frilly Curtains in your kitchen) to innovative (draping Curtains from Sticks).

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains In The Sunroom


Graceful White Sheers Hung High




If the view from the window is lovely, choose farmhouse decorating ideas that take into consideration the property’s features and use curtains to frame it.

When the drapats are open, test to ensure that the curtain rod is enought to allow them to hang on either side of the window.

Meanwhile, the fuss-free nature of contemporary farmhouse style is preserved by choosing for a simple neutral fabric.

Let them break on the floor whether they’re hung in a bedroom, living or dining area if you want to boost the window treatment’s luxury.

Set the Scene With a Pretty Print


Curtains can be a fantastic way to establish the mood in any space since they tend to draw attention. Get a set of curtains that matches your preferences and you’ll have the perfect atmosphere.

Introduce a set of printed drapes to a room that has gotten too sleek and comfortable.

You may acquire some classic rural beauty by staying with a traditional print, such as a delicate flower.



When you’re thinking about farmhouse curtain alternatives, don’t be afraid to mix fabrics and materials. A space will be welcoming with pattern and color incorporated into a thoughtfully chosen palette.

Sarah Eilers of Lucas Eilers Design Associates(opens in new tab) says, ‘The Cowtan & Tout embroidered drapery fabric sets the tone for this master bedroom.’

The draperies are made of a soft pleat stitched to a 2 inch ring that slides smoothly over an iron rod controlled by an acrylic wand attached to the leading edge.

A layer of black chintz has been added to darken the room, which is lined and interlined. The open design of the drapings allows you to see the client’s ranch property with ease, while also adding contrast and depth to the ambience.

Add Texture With a Woven Roman Shade


Shiny metals, rugged woods, cozy textiles, and more are just a few of the textures you’ll find in farmhouse design.

Why not join the party with your window treatments? Hanging a woven Roman shade over your kitchen window will add some texture to your space. The shade should add a touch of rustic charm to your area, in addition to assisting you block out that late afternoon light.

Classic Striped Window Treatments


In farmhouse kitchen curtains and in cottage interiors, the ticking stripe is a classic fabric. The thin stripes on the rustic drapes contrast with the buffalo check patterns on the bed in this comfortable bedroom.

A crimson side table and crimson accessories brighten up the black-and-white color scheme.

Floral Farmhouse Bedroom Curtains


Bring the outdoors into your cottage-style bedroom. The backdrop is neutral, with huge floral designs of pink and red roses in bloom, and the floral farmhouse bedroom curtains are made of cotton.

For a solid and sturdy appearance, choose a black metal rod with ball ends.

Wood and coat hook farmhouse curtain hanger


Was it difficult to locate window treatments or curtain rods in shops that really matched the style you were aiming for in the beginning? In the case of curtain rods, we discovered this to be especially true.

That’s why we thought the coat hooks were such a cool idea!

Maria Louise teaches you how to construct a curtain hook system out of wood and metal hooks, explaining not just how to put it together but also ways to mount it and hang the draperies so they sit correctly.



To enable the area to be bright and cheery while also serving as a background for other creative aspects like lighting and art, many contemporary farmhouses employ white walls.

Natural colors can complement wood floors or exposed beams, and Woven Wood Shades are a great way to add texture to walls and windows.

Any room is given a casual atmosphere by Woven Woods. Tahoe in Teak, Montauk-2, and Montauk-4 are Holli’s favorites for wood-toned Woven Wood Shade materials.

Use A Woven Roman Shade To Add Texture To Your Room


Shiny metals, rough woods, warm linens, and other textures may all be seen in farmhouse interior design. So why not have a celebration with your window curtains?

A woven Roman shade hanging over a kitchen window can give your space a feeling of depth and texture.

The shade should provide a hint of rustic beauty to your interior design, in addition to providing sun protection from the late afternoon.

Keep It Simple With Sleek White Drapes


White drapings are a classic element of any residence, and they should really stand out in a bright-lit contemporary farmhouse.

The sleek drapings should complement crisp white walls and work well with the most rustic aspects in the room, thanks to their traditional appearance.



Consider versions with color as well as white and off-white drapes when designing contemporary farmhouse living rooms.

While shielding furniture from the sun, the cloth will still let light through to make the area bright.

Whether as rustic curtain ideas or to bring that atmosphere to city residences, Hues repeated from nature are excellent options.

The curtain is hung against a white wall for an effect that is fresh, and the blue of the curtain matches the shade of the armchair and area rug.

Natural Woven Shades


Woven shades add a natural texture to your windows. The rustic window treatments blend in with the flooring and mantel’s natural wood hues here.

For additional visual appeal, various rough and soft materials display themselves throughout the area.

Linen Curtains for the Kitchen


Image Design LLC has designed these curtains in this kitchen. Khaki linen fabric is used to create these cafe-style curtains.

While providing privacy, they let gentle light into the kitchen. They’re also suspended from a basic curtain rod, which keeps things simple.



Linen is a popular choice for farmhouse drapes because it has a natural fabric with excellent drape. Consider the founder and lead designer of Maggie Griffin Design as a model if you want to use it.

Maggie Griffin selected a fabric that is similar to the walls, resulting in a subtle layering of neutrals.

We selected a fantastic, lightweight but textural oatmeal linen to contrast with the crisp white walls, which stems from a client’s desire for an elevated farmhouse interior,’ she adds.

I selected this particular drapery to provide a sense of softness and equilibrium in the vast living room.’

Roll-up shade and chiffon curtains farmhouse window treatment for under $50


Are you on a shoestring budget and want something that is lighter and more understated in its aesthetic?

Following that, you might prefer Nina Hendrick’s roll-up shade and chiffon curtain system, which is coupled with a basic rod.

The best part is that it’s free. They spent less than $50 on everything, from purchasing the parts to putting it all together.



Position the curtain rods at the same height in a room with multiple windows and where they aren’t all set at the same height.

Each rod is aligned with the one above the room’s tallest window in this arrangement by Creative Tonic(opens in a new tab).

The choppy effect created by the various starting points is avoided by taking this approach.

Hanging a curtain rod closer to the ceiling than the window will make it seem taller even if there is just one window in a room.

It will also draw the eye upwards to appreciate the room’s loftiness in a farmhouse with a vaulted ceiling.

Warm Burlap Curtains


Window coverings have to be made out of the finest materials. For example, it is because the eyes are being exposed to too much light.

Nonetheless, burlap drapes may help to reduce the amount of light that enters.

In addition, they make your space feel more comfortable. In addition, compared to the typical look, the side hooks offer you a more casual appearance.



The treatment emphasizes the living space’s huge dimensions, and farmhouse curtain ideas may be used to decorate even really big windows such as the double-height version.

According to interior designer Nancy Charbonneau of Charbonneau Interiors(opens in new tab), we created drapery that was customized from printed Thibaut fabric with this beautiful nature-inspired pattern.

Being inspired by nature and the organic is what “farmhouse” means to me.’



You can go a bit more daring with the window treatments if your home design is leaning toward the minimalist side of farmhouse, as in this Studio McGee scene.

Floral drapes, which are so prevalent in farmhouse-style rooms, add some pattern to break up the solid woods and white walls while connecting in to the natural design.

Neutrals are always a safe bet, so don’t go too crazy with color. And make sure the pattern you choose isn’t too heavy. Keep it bright and cheery again!



Even when rustic curtain ideas are basic, incorporate elements that make a statement.

A leading edge, such as the one shown in this room by Creative Tonic(opens in new tab), is one technique to accomplish it.

The window treatment is linked to the upholstery of the armchair, as well as a green patterned fabric that evokes the outdoors.

Solid Neutral Colors


Is white too plain for your liking? You may alternatively choose a beautiful neutral tone, such as oatmeal, gray, blush, or perhaps a light blue like the one in this picture from Studio McGee.

A neutral definitely helps with maintaining a calm and comfortable environment in the farmhouse style. The farmhouse living room gets a little midcentury appeal thanks to the color scheme.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Kitchen


Curtains can be an effective way to add a bright hue to a space, and the hue may be as mild or as vivid as you want.

Consider using a Roman shade in pastel with a white-filled interior for a more delicate look. The curtain should add interest to your space without overwhelming your palette because the color will be quite light.

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