How To Use Epsom Salt For Constipation Relief

As prominent home remedies go, Epsom salts have actually stood the test of time, having been first removed from mineral springs near the town of Epsom, England, in the late 1600s. Epsom salts are a naturally happening mineral called magnesium sulfate that is also easily made. Epsom salts use as a laxative was evidently the initial of its benefits to be acknowledged, being the subject of an essay called “A writing on the nature and also use of the bitter, removing salt” by Dr. Nehemiah Grew in 1697. If you are dealing with constipation and also are considering using Epsom salts as a laxative, it’s important to recognize exactly what you’re doing.

When you’re constipated, it prevails to desire fast alleviation. Stimulant laxatives function, yet they may create unpleasant cramping and also explosive defecation. Epsom salt is a rapid and gentler way to eliminate constipation.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt appears like common salt, or sodium chloride, but it isn’t made from the same active ingredients. It’s made from the minerals magnesium as well as sulfate. It wased initially discovered centuries earlier in Epsom, England.

Epsom salt is known for its capacity to soften skin, soothe weary feet, and also ease muscular tissue aches. It’s frequently made use of in do-it-yourself bath salts and skin scrubs. You can also take it inside to soothe constipation.


Constipation happens when your feces takes excessive time to relocate with your digestion tract and your feces comes to be difficult and also dry. This can bring about fewer defecation or none in all. Inning accordance with the Mayo Clinic, constipation takes place if you have defecation less than three times each week or less than what’s typical for you.

Constipation might be chronic or short-lived. In either case, the condition can be very uncomfortable. It might cause:

  • hard feces
  • straining during bowel movements
  • the sensation that you haven’t cleared your bowel after a bowel movement
  • the should manually remove feces
  • abdominal pain
  • bloating
  • nausea or vomiting
  • throwing up
  • Sources of Constipation
  • Constipation is often triggered by way of living aspects, such as:
  • a low-fiber diet
  • a lack of exercise
  • dehydration
  • tension
  • laxative abuse

Being expectant likewise has the tendency to create constipation.

Major problems that are linked with constipation include:

  • digestive tract blockages
  • pelvic floor muscular tissue issues
  • neurological conditions, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, or Parkinson’s condition
  • diabetic issues
  • thyroid issues

Issues of Constipation

It is essential to treat constipation to prevent severe issues, such as:

  • hemorrhoids
  • anal crevices
  • fecal impaction
  • anal prolapse

Making Use Of Epsom Salt for Constipation

The U.S. Fda has actually authorized to Epsom salt for the treatment of constipation. Taking in Epsom salt raises the amount of water in your intestinal tracts. This softens your stool as well as makes it less complicated to pass.

Epsom salt is offered at drugstores, grocery stores, as well as some price cut chain store. It’s usually found in the laxative or individual treatment area. When you consume Epsom salt for constipation, use plain ranges. Do not ingest scented varieties, even if the scent is made from all-natural oils.

Most of the times, Epsom salt is secure for grownups and kids over 6 years of ages to make use of. Infants as well as kids under 6 years of ages should not make use of Epsom salt internally or on the surface.

To deal with constipation with Epsom salt, follow dose guidelines. For grownups as well as kids 12 years old and also older, liquify 2-4 degree tsps of Epsom salt in 8 ounces of water and beverage quickly. For youngsters 6 to 11 years of ages, liquify 1-2 degree tsps of Epsom salt in 8 ounces of water and beverage promptly.

If you discover the taste of Epsom salt is hard to endure, try adding fresh lemon juice. If the initial dosage does not work, repeat after 4 hours. Don’t take greater than two doses of Epsom salt daily. Do not use it for greater than one week without consulting your physician. Get in touch with your medical professional if you don’t have a bowel movement after two doses.

Making use of Epsom salt externally might additionally relieve constipation. Liquify 5 mugs of Epsom salt in a bath loaded with cozy water. Taking in it might assist relax your intestine and soften your stool as you soak up magnesium through your skin. This could help generate a bowel movement.

Talk with your physician prior to utilizing Epsom salt if you have:

  • kidney condition
  • a magnesium-restricted diet regimen
  • extreme stomach discomfort
  • nausea
  • throwing up
  • a sudden change in your digestive tract practices lasting two weeks or more

What Are the Negative Effects of Epsom Salt?

When it’s used properly, Epsom salt is risk-free. Considering that Epsom salt has a laxative effect, it is very important to consume plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration while using it. All laxatives, consisting of Epsom salt, might cause light intestinal concerns such as:

  • queasiness
  • cramping
  • bloating
  • gas
  • diarrhea

If they’re excessive used, laxatives might create an electrolyte inequality in your body. This may result in signs such as:

  • wooziness
  • weak point
  • an uneven heartbeat
  • complication
  • seizures

Tips for Protecting Against Constipation

Epsom salt normally produces a defecation within Thirty Minutes to 6 hours. A dosage or 2 must clean up severe constipation.

Epsom salt is just a momentary repair. If you do not determine the source of your constipation as well as take steps to prevent it, you’ll likely experience it once again. Your constipation could also come to be chronic. Paradoxically, the a lot more you depend on laxatives, the even worse your constipation may become.

Try the complying with ideas to stay clear of chronic constipation:

Relocate a lot more

The more you sit, the harder it is for waste to relocate through your intestinal tracts. If you have a workdesk work, pause and also walk around each hour. Buy a digital pedometer and established an objective of 10,000 actions per day. Routine cardio workout likewise aids.

Consume extra fiber

Add much more insoluble fiber to your diet plan from food sources such as:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • whole grains
  • nuts
  • seeds

Insoluble fiber adds bulk to your stool and aids relocate via your intestinal tracts. Purpose to eat 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day.

Consume alcohol much more water

When your body ends up being dried, so does your colon. Make certain to consume alcohol lots of water or other non-sugary beverages, such as decaffeinated tea, throughout the day.

Reduce stress and anxiety

For some people, stress goes right to their intestine and triggers constipation. Try managing stress and anxiety via:

  • reflection
  • yoga
  • psychotherapy
  • strolling

Contact your physician if your stress and anxiety feels unrestrainable

Check your medications

Some drugs, such as opioids, sedatives, or blood pressure medications, could cause chronic constipation. If you take medications that trigger constipation, ask your physician if a non-constipating option is available.

The Takeaway

Every person experiences constipation from time to time. When it’s used as routed, Epsom salt is a reliable, FDA-approved option to stimulant laxatives. As long as you make use of Epsom salt in suggested dosages, the negative effects need to be very little and also mild. In the case of laxatives, less is more. You must utilize just necessary to get outcomes.

If you have any issues concerning Epsom salt or you experience severe negative effects, stop utilizing it and also call your medical professional.

Constipation is an uneasy as well as embarrassing problem that causes less than 3 defecation in a week. This irregular defecation is caused mostly because of harmful diet regimen, incorrect lifestyle and also absence of exercises, which consequently triggers slow-moving motion of feces via the colon.

Tough feces, queasiness, stomach discomfort, straining during defecation, etc. are some symptoms of constipation. Stress and anxiety, dehydration, reduced fiber diet regimen, laxative abuse, hormonal inequalities, and so on are various other root causes of constipation.

Constipation needs to be treated quickly, otherwise it causes various other serious problems like anal cracks, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, etc

. However, there are several ways to treat constipation but selecting the all-natural methods are the most effective as well as most effective for treating constipation.

Epsom salt is one such all-natural remedy that serves as a laxative to clear constipation. Right here in this write-up, we will learn about Epsom salt for treating constipation.

Let’s get started …

How Does Epsom Salt Reward Constipation?

Epsom salt is an FDA– approved laxative that assists to soothe your constipation normally. It is made up of minerals– magnesium as well as sulfate, which are well known to soothe the aching muscle mass or body pains.

When it is taken inside, it works as an osmotic laxative that boosts the water in the intestine, softens the feces and thereby cleanses the colon to get rid of waste.

The magnesium in this salt assists to promote the contraction of digestive tract muscular tissues as well as hence eliminate the feces quickly.

It acts as a cleansing agent that aids to cleanse the colon and also enhance routine bowel movement.

The best ways to utilize Epsom Salt for Constipation?

As opposed to utilizing stimulant laxatives, you could utilize Epsom salt for a quicker and mild way to ease your constipation. You will obtain defecation within 30 minutes to 6 hours after utilizing Epsom salt, so hug to bathrooms.

Method– 1: (Epsom Salt– Internal Intake)

Epsom salt can be taken inside for dealing with constipation. Here is the recommended dosage to take the Epsom salt for cnstipation.

For adults as well as kids (12 years or over)– liquify 2 to 4 teaspoons of Epsom salt in 8 ounces of water (choose warm water) and also beverage right away.

For Youngsters (6– 11 years)– dissolve 1 to 2 tsps of Epsom salt in 8 ounces of water as well as consume it right away.

If you’re unable to endure the taste of Epsom salt after that try adding some fresh lemon juice into this Epsom seawater as well as consume it.


Never ever before go beyond greater than 2 dosages of Epsom salt daily and also avoid the usage of Epsom salt for more than 1 week continuously without consulting your medical professional.

If the first dosage of Epsom salt doesn’t function then you could duplicate the exact same process after 4 hours to obtain relief from constipation.

Or you can blend Epsom salt in the fruit juice as well as drink it.

Technique– 2: (Epsom Salt– Outside Application)

The exterior application like bathing will certainly likewise help you to alleviate constipation. Soaking in this warm Epsom salt water will certainly unwind the intestine muscles and also soak up magnesium via the skin to soften the stool to boost the defecation.

Here are few means of following Epsom salt bathroom for treating constipation.

Liquify 5 cups of Epsom salt in your bath tub loaded with warm water. Stir well and also soak in this water for 10– 15 mins. Afterwards, wash your body thoroughly with water. Repeat the exact same process frequently to get eliminate the problem.

Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda and ginger powder as well as 2 mugs of Epsom salt in your bath tub loaded with cozy water. Mix well and take in this water for concerning Thirty Minutes to get rid of toxic substances and constipation. Repeat it when a week as well as consequently thrice a week till you cleared the problem.

For kids above 6 years old, mix 1/2 mug of Epsom salt in warm water filled in their bathtub. Soak them for 10– 15 minutes and rinse with regular water. Dry their skin and use some olive oil or castor oil or hemp oil into their abdominal area as well as massage therapy carefully on 2– 4 inches from the belly base.

Keep in mind: Make certain to drink lots of water and various other liquids while making use of Epsom salt, as it dehydrates the body or electrolyte inequalities.

Selecting the Right Epsom Salt:

Epsom salt which you’ll discover in the drug store is not meant for human usage. So, you need to be careful while picking the Epsom salt. The package ought to be noted as USP (United States Pharmacopeia) as well as check that in the drug facts box must show that it satisfied the requirements of USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

You can conveniently locate this Epsom salt in many organic food (or) medication stores (or) in online stores.

Do Expecting Ladies use Epsom Salt for Constipation?

Interior intake of Epsom salt is not suggested for expecting females, as it would harm the coming infant. So, if you’re expecting or preparing to become expecting after that consult your doctor before using this salt for treating your constipation.

It minimizes the body absorption of calcium and also creates bone troubles to your expected child. Epsom salt bath is not that much dangerous and you can appreciate this warm mineral seawater bath to obtain eliminate constipation together with maternity discomforts.

Nursing or taking care of ladies could use Epsom salt for constipation with some precautions. So, consult your physician prior to making use of the Epsom salt.

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