End Table Decor Ideas

End Table Decor Ideas. Nesting Side tables are ideal for use in your living area since they add depth to the space. These tables nest inside each other and provide the ideal setting for styling when they are not utilized as independent surfaces.

One smaller, shorter table slides underneath a bigger, taller table to form nesting tables.

We recommend placing two to three items on the larger table because it has more surface area. On the bigger table, place a huge lamp, a pretty book, and a candle.

On the smaller nesting table, we suggest placing only one item or none. A beautiful book or coasters are nice additions.

You don’t want to overfill or clutter up this table because its surface area is limited. That’s why we sometimes prefer to decorate the smaller nesting table.

Tips on How to Style an End Table

It’s the number one skill, according to 1. There’s a chance to add height to your home. In your space, end tables allow you to experiment with height by adding a big lamp or vase to the table.

On your side table, you may also experiment with various heights. Place a pretty book and a little candle on top of your lamp if it’s taller. The addition of various heights to your room adds depth and style.

2. The Rule of Three is a good way to go. The rule of 3 is a super basic technique for styling your side or end tables if you haven’t heard about it already.

The rule of three states that three items should be grouped in a space. The space becomes more appealing and memorable to the eye when three objects are grouped together.

3. Sometimes, minimalism is the ideal. The best approach to style an end table with little décor is occasionally to do so.

This may seem like adding a big lamp in the center of an end table or two beautiful books and a candle on top, but we provide examples of this below.

Stack Items for Varied Heights

Image: bhg.com

Stack the black and gold boxes in this contemporary living room to create height and layer components.

To change the height of your décor, use books, magazines, trays, and other flat surfaces.

The material mix in this round coffee table is impressive, with glass, ceramics, metal, and resin all used to create a cohesive appearance while using a restricted color palette.

The Accent Table as Coffee Table

Image: livingspaces.com

Minimalist tabletop décor is all you need for a hint of definition, especially when you replace a coffee table with an accent or end table.

Use a Tray

Image: bhg.com

A tray may be used as a container to hold various items, as well as a decorative accent and creative way to incorporate color and texture.

s represents a single letter in the Latin alphabet. By putting a circular tray on a rectangular coffee table, you can create contrast shapes. A big tray, a little bowl, a medium book, and a tiny candle are all examples of scale-using items in various sizes.

The layered design is created by the many forms and sizes. Alternatively, use the same finishing on your tray throughout the room to create a unified look.

On the vase, tray, bowl, coffee table, and lighting, gold is used as an accents metal to unify the space.

Use books to create height.

Image: blesserhouse.com

Raise one up so that they are staggered if you have two items on your table that are precisely the same height. Risers can be made out of stacks of books or coffee table books.

Think Odd Numbers

Image: bhg.com

Using an odd number of items gives a visually appealing effect whether you’re styling your coffee table or a bookshelf.

To produce an unusual yet clutter-free appearance, this contemporary coffee table uses a variety of heights, curves, and materials in a neutral color scheme.

The outfit is completed with a stack of books, a round bowl full of ceremonial items, and a tall vase.

The items are a lovely trio of three, with enough room on the table for color contrast, and a location for the homeowner to set down their coffee cup.

Layer Books, Books, and More Books

Image: bhg.com

Books are your greatest ally when it comes to coffee table design! On coffee tables and for good reason, interior stylists frequently use them.

Table books may be utilized individually or in groupings, and they help occupy space. They also serve as a flat foundation for presenting items like these attractive blue goods, adding height, form, and color.

Other techniques to include a seasonal touch in a gentle manner include arranging books on dahlia flowers during the summer or images of snowy sceneries around the Christmas season.

Simply Use Less

Image: theturquoisehome.com

Tables aren’t massive pieces of furniture, even if they’re huge. It’s critical to operate according to the “less is more” concept in order to avoid them from appearing chaotic.

On your end tables, I suggest using 3-5 items. Every time the “group of 3s” rule applies!

However, if you put more than five things on your end tables or tables, they’ll appear full and chaotic, no matter how nicely you style them.

Take a look at how Emily Henderson styled the table top in the following example. A coffee cup, a notepad, and greenery are the three components of the scene. As is, it seems to be in excellent condition…adding anything else would appear cluttered.

Make It Personal

Image: bhg.com

The styling options are greater for a bigger coffee table. The perfect neutral slate for an array of decorative items and bright colors that coordinate with the room’s throw pillows and artwork is created by this rustic wood coffee table.

Personal items can be incorporated into your coffee table arrangement to create a warm, welcoming, and homey environment.

Finish with a bowl or tray from your travels after stacking several books on your favorite subjects of interest. Use a grandmother’s antique vase to arrange a bouquet of flowers.

These small touches give a room individuality and inject life into it.

Personal Touches are Important

Image: theturquoisehome.com

This might be a meaningful book, something you created (such as a painted ceramic), or an item you picked up on a vacation. It might be a framed photograph or piece of art.

Get creative or just a little weird with this opportunity to tell your tale through your home.

When there is something meaningful to you on a table, it looks personal, inviting, and purposefully styled. When visitors come to see, that topic might even be discussed!

Thanks to a lovely framed photo of my girls, I styled my end table with both beautiful and personal effects, for example.

Display Some Fresh Florals

Image: thespruce.com

In a room, fresh flowers can make all the difference. A bouquet of pink flowers, like the one seen here, is a good way to brighten up your living room.

Each week, you are unable to buy flowers? Don’t be afraid; realistic-looking imitation flowers will suffice. If you already have a beautiful vase on hand that will add significant elegance, bonus points are awarded.

Create a Lived-In Look

Image: bhg.com

The intricate, Moroccan-style coffee table in this festive living room is adorned with interesting objects such as a lush houseplant, glass beads, metallic trays, and tiny books.

A collected-over-time look gives a comfortable, casual vibe to the mix of colors, materials, and styles.

The bright colors and patterns are toned down, and visual balance is created by baskets mounted on the wall, a bamboo daybed, and a grasscloth-covered ceiling.

Easy Elegant Book Stack with Gold Accent Art

Image: homebnc.com

Unbridled joy. This coffee table presentation would be summarized like so. The gold elements and bursts of fuchsia draw attention away from the lavish and plush couches.

Because they are expertly layered, the eclectic colors integrate together. Cluster elements like the B&W book stack and the gold tray and hand sculpture to achieve this.


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

Perennially popular home decor, as well as side tables, include the best houseplants.

Potted plants may provide some greenness and variety to a space in a neutral scheme, but they might also be employed to round out a design by embracing green as part of the overall palette.

The trailing plant plays a role in this tonal scheme in this open-plan living-dining room.

‘The furniture and décor were chosen to create a predominantly monochromatic color scheme and contrast with the underlying foundation of the Calico Wall covering in the adjoining dining area,’ explains interior design Melissa Anderson of OAD Interiors(opens in new tab).


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

If you want to add a seasonal touch to your home, a side table can be used to create the perfect platform for fresh flowers.

Florals offer the opportunity to introduce color and interesting shapes, whether to contrast or complement your current color scheme, while vases with sculptural branches are a major interior design trend right now.

Dried grasses or flowers with a longer shelf-life are good options if you want a low-maintenance option.

A few orange anthurium stems add another dimension to this plain green and monochrome palette in this space created by Justin Charette(opens in new tab).

Moreover, anthurium’s waxy blooms can last up to three weeks if handled correctly, while other blooms only last a few days.

Add Elegant Coffee Table Decor

Image: bhg.com

A tufted ottoman-style coffee table with a large surface and numerous possibilities for styling is a good option for a traditional design.

Open a big coffee table book to fill an expansive surface without using countless objects. It’ll visually fill the area without being too crowded.

Place decorative beads or a magnifying glass on top of the pages for added interest. It’s a quick styling trick that gives your outfit instant polish.


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

Consider how your contemporary living room’s bigger vignette is affected by your side table and the décor on it.

When we have a one-of-a-kind chair or chaise that is a focal point in the room, we typically pair it with a floor lamp and a side table for a three-piece combination, according to interior designer Jamie Bush of Jamie Bush + Co(opens in new tab).

The floor lamp defines the grouping with a vertical stake, while the side table adds a smaller scale embellishment to complement or contrast the chair, whatever the purpose may be.

This set-up is completed with a white oak side table in the design of this Manhattan apartment.

It’s vital that all three are regarded as a single whole concept,’ Jamie claims. ‘The polished brass provides warmth and reflection, while the white oak contrasts the dark green to create a fresh natural warm tone.’

Say Oui

Image: thespruce.com

Do you have a special love for a certain city or area? A croissant trinket, for example, will immediately make you think of leisurely days in Paris whenever you glance at it. Use it as a coffee table accent to commemorate the occasion.

When you can remember a favorite place from your own home, there’s no need to go far.


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

A side table may be used as a platform for intriguing decorative items and art if it isn’t at risk of being knocked by elbows or roused by children.

According to interior designer Ghislaine Viñas, a group of items and art is a good way to establish the ambience and tell the tale of the homeowners.

Of course, in order to produce a distinct and genuine feel, a little irreverence goes a long way.’

Using the rule of three to style a side table, this living room has three design items that vary in color, height, texture, and shape. This generous side table perfectly illustrates how to utilize the rule of three.

In addition, it serves a useful function in enhancing the living room illumination ideas by incorporating a table lamp.