Double Shower Curtain Ideas

Double Shower Curtain Ideas. It might be challenging to select the appropriate curtains for your bathrooms. Bathroom windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes, some of which aren’t quite positioned.

Bathroom curtains enhance the bathroom’s beauty and aesthetic appeal without requiring a large investment. In addition, they allow you some privacy while allowing light in.

Adding bathroom curtain designs to your bathroom may seem unusual. They may also be used to give your bathroom a more elegant appearance.

Smart bathroom curtain ideas are the finishing touch that can transform your practical bathroom into a tranquil retreat.

The harsh surfaces are balanced out by the curtains. It brings a softness to your aesthetic, as it is the most common bathroom design idea.

Moisture levels in bathrooms are typically higher than in other parts of the home. As a result, bathroom curtain designs need a little more thought than those in other areas.

Any privacy you might hope for may be compromised by bathroom curtains that are too tiny or the wrong size.

Yet, despite the size or shape of your bathroom, there is always that one toilet that will perfectly fit. From our selection below, choose the perfect bathroom fixture.

Don’t Fear Sheer


In this traditional black and white bathroom, the sheerness of the curtain prevents it from obscuring the window, and it provides a warm, filtered light.

If it got too sheer, you’d be distracted by the outline of shower knobs and such, so the horizontal pattern keeps it from being too sheer.



Claw foot bathtub with two pink shower draperies on a subway tiled wall with a vintage style rain shower head above a built-in shelf filled with towels and bath items is matched with an oval shower rail mounted on the walls.

A vintage clawfoot bath draped in a Threshold Rug Multi Coral, as well as an extra bath mat, Bench Threshold Multi Colors, and a pink and gold table, Nate Berkus Round Accent Table atop penny tiled floors, are all available in the feminine and girly bathroom.

Dual curtain ideas for traditional bathroom


Dual curtains are all you need to make your space look even better if you’re an old school person who prefers the traditional bathroom set up. Houses, buildings, and commercial space all benefit from the use of dual curtain ideas.

Amy Berry Design


A double washstand with carrera marble pillars framing his and her sinks is accented with subway tiles and finished with pleated valance and two shower curtains with ribbon trim, which line the walls of Elegant master bathroom.

Liz Caan Interiors


Drop-in bathtub dressed in white and gray Moroccan tile shower valance complemented with white and gray Moorish tile shower drapes decorated with a tall shower niche and rain shower head. Both the track and the marble basketweave floor have been installed over the toilet.

English rose double swag shower curtain


This is an excellent solution for bringing a very comfortable atmosphere to the bathroom because it is made of fine polyester shower curtain.

The beauty comes from the bright coloring and floral themes. There are also decorative elements such as a vinyl liner, two tie backs, and two tie knobs.

Bosworth Hoedemaker


Cave-like shower with arched ceiling, marble subway tiles, rain shower head, corner shower caddy, and linen grommet double shower curtains are all situated next to rectangular mirror over polished nickel 2-leg washstand topped with Basaltina Stone.

Contrast Vintage with Modern Cool


A copper claw-foot bathtub is the ultimate in baths. The rest of the bathroom just has to fall in step with It, an unmovable, unstoppable force of design and luxury.

The sunken length of the heather gray drapes prevents them from distracting from the pièce de résistance, while they maintain this vintage bathroom grounded in the present.

Ciuffo Cabinetry


Bathtub accented with double shower curtains stands next to a window dressed in sheer drapes in the white cottage bathroom.

White beadboard paneling on the walls, spanning the bottom three-quarters of the walls, is covered with chair rail corner frame washstands, and beneath a white framed medicine cabinet lit by two light sconce atop a vintage tiled floor.

Brandy Remodel


With raised-panel cabinets, white cabinets, a one-piece toilet, blue walls, an undermount sink, and marble countertops, this bathroom – mid-sized transitional master gray tile and ceramic tiles.

Amy Studebaker Design


A black ceiling with a crystal chandelier, a mirrored washstand with glass knobs, and a white and gold sink and light gold faucet are set beneath a gold metal hammered mirror in this black and gold baroque bathroom.

A marble floor with two black and white damask shower curtains is topped by a marble clad in two black and white damask shower curtains.

Amagatsett Beach House


Chango & Co., LLC, provides architectural advice and interior design. Thomas H. designed the architecture for this building. See the story in Domino Magazine and download Heine photography by Jacob Snavely.

Oliver Burns


Gray geometric wall with a rainfall shower head is paired with a black claw foot bathtub framed by a ceiling mount shower rod and taupe shower curtains on wide plank hardwood flooring in this incredible gray and black bathroom.

Amazing Decorative Effect


These ornamental curtain showers offer a combination of functionality and aesthetics. The bathtub appears to be a lovely window behind their case. It’s one-of-a-kind because it’s made of bronze and has little ornamental design.

Peppermint Bliss


A black and white drop-in bathtub with subway tile surround, as well as black and white valance and double shower curtain with black pom pom trim, are featured in this bathroom.



San Francisco’s shaker cabinets, quartz countertops, an undermount sink, and white walls create a large transitional master ceramic tile and white tile marble floor bathroom idea.

Belmont Design Group


A round metal mirror is framed by tongue and groove paneled walls in the white cottage bathroom, which has a white double washstand with an oval sink atop a white and green checkered floor. A drop-in tub with subway tile surround and a cloud-shaped bath mat is accented with white double shower curtains with black pom pom trim.

Ultra luxury


How do you make your shower curtain look truly elegant? It’s Wonderful.

Intimate Atmosphere


Use a shower curtain styled on a window curtain if you want to create a more intimate atmosphere in your bathroom. It has little fringes on the satin and is covered in satin. It seems to be very old and sophisticated.

Sabbe Interior Design


A chrome shower kit is mounted against white subway surround tiles in a drop-in bathtub with a chrome tub filler, and black and white block print curtains are wrapped around the bathtub.

M and M Design Consultants


Accented with a red and blue valance and white beveled surround tiles, a drop-in bathtub with blue border shower curtains is covered in blue.

A curved chrome mirror is flanked by nickel sconces, matched with blue pleated shades, and the bathroom has walls half covered in blue feathered wallpaper.

A white washstand with polished nickel pulls and a marble countertop with a polished nickel hook and spout faucet is supported by the sconces.

Ashley Gilbreath


In front of a subway tiled drop-in bathtub fitted against subway surround tiles, white and pink dual curtains hang from a brass and lucite curtain rail in a beautifully designed girls’ bathroom. Floral wallpaper is used to cover the ceiling.

Double Swag



As a shower curtain, this lovely curtain can be used in both the living and bathroom. It is a excellent option for owners of stylish, elegant homes due to the mix of red and gold hues and the high finish.



When paired with the double shower curtain idea, shower curtains valances add a touch of elegance to bathrooms and can make them appear bigger.

The gold tones in this bathroom via Bess appear to be contemporary luxury, and the brilliant flower pattern on Decor Pad is a joyous spin on this shower curtain trend.

Amy Sklar Design


A white quartz deck is set against glossy green surround tiles in a green subway tiled drop-in bathtub covered with two white and green shower curtains.

Vintage style bathroom window curtains ideas


For many, the bathroom’s vintage-style window curtain is a dapper choice. It might come in handy if you want to enhance the bathroom’s appearance.

There are a lot of bathroom curtain ideas, so you can be picky about which vintage style you choose.



Bathrooms appear to be larger and more elegant with the addition of two shower curtains. The extra long shower curtain design is paired with two shower curtains in the bathroom upstairs, resulting in a fantastic combination!

HGTV Decor and Mohawk John demonstrate that you may have hotel luxury in your own home, with the two bathrooms below.

What to look for when shopping for a bathroom shower curtain

Depending on the sort of material, you may need to clean your shower curtain in a variety of ways.

With fabric or decorative curtains, it’s best to follow the care label since plastic or vinyl curtains may be tossed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with additional water and a few towels.

✓️ Traditional shower curtain hooks aren’t ideal for hanging since they’re too thin, but a style with grommets or holes is the best option. If you have both a curtain and a liner, there are even double-sided hooks for quick attachment.

Hookless shower curtains with plastic rings that fit around a shower rod are another option if you’d rather not wrestle hooks onto your curtain.

✔️ The usually transparent shower liner protects water from spraying all over your bathroom, while a shower curtain adds style and privacy.

To ensure a dry floor, several exquisite shower curtains must be combined with a liner, however numerous current shower curtain are constructed to work alone or as combinations.

✔️ Measure from the curtain rod to the floor for height, and calculate how wide you want to be enclosed for the area.

That means measuring the whole circumference plus a few inches to make sure there are no gaps in the curtain so water stays in the tub, which is often done by measuring wall to wall.

✔️ Style is the most enjoyable aspect! Make certain to choose a design that works with the design of your bathroom, so you have a cohesive look. Starting or ending your day with a gorgeous shower curtain can help you feel happier.

Bathroom curtain ideas: Tips

Hookless shower curtains are a more modern option. They’re either monochrome or feature conventional geometric patterns.

In contemporary showers, one-color draperies are lovely. In a natural palette (such as forest green, white, grey, yellow, or dark blue), choose organic materials and follow a monochromatic or straightforward two-color design.

For a shabby chic or country look, choose long, decorative fabric curtains with flowery or intricate patterns in light pastel or white hues.

Excellent for generating a mid-century modern Effect are geometric solid patterns and hooks.

To go with a minimalist industrial bathroom, choose black, dark brown, or white vinyl hooks and monochromatic vinyl curtains in wood-like tones.

Exotic or spiritual themes (such as mandalas) and various materials pair best with the colorful boho atmosphere.

To sum up Bathroom curtain ideas

As a result, here are some amazing bathroom curtain ideas to give your bathroom a unique aesthetic and provide a different decorative touch.

The curtain’s stunning images and energy will really enhance your room.

All of the above-mentioned curtain designs are fashionable choices, so you can definitely be considerate in your choice.