DIY Recipe Box to Cheer Up Your Cooking Plans

People who like to cook certainly have a lot of notes on cooking guides. However, if not stored well, everything can be scattered and messy. To avoid those bad things, it’s better to do a DIY recipe box.

There are many ways to save the recipes you have so that they don’t get lost or scattered. But among others, using a box seems the most interesting.

Besides making it easier for storage, a recipe box will make you more creative. Anyone will put out a variety of creativity so that his/her work looks beautiful and catchy.

The DIY recipe box is not something difficult to do; it is wallet-friendly too. You can use various materials that are around you, from wood, cardboard, paper, and so on.

Uniquely, the DIY recipe box results that you do are not only useful for yourself. You can even make it a gift for someone on special days, for example at a wedding or birthday.

Just how important is this thing? How to make a homemade recipe box? Let’s learn the ins and outs from start to finish through this review!

What is the Recipe Box?

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As the name suggests, this box is a place to store several recipe cards. Of course, it includes instructions on how to make dishes.

In the discussion above, people use the recipe box so that the cooking instructions in it are not scattered, as well as easy to find and use. But lately, this thing has become more crucial than ever.

Many people make it a gift for their close ones. A beautiful box filled with recipe cards is sure to be a sweet surprise for cooking lovers.

Recently, many stores have sold this box complete with a receipt in it. With its charming design, of course, everyone will consider it a sweet souvenir.

With an affordable price, maybe everyone can buy it. But if you give the DIY recipe box results to your loved ones, then the gift will be priceless.

You can also DIY recipe cards, put them in the box, and give it as a gift. Imagine the joy of the recipient of the present when you have something lovingly crafted.

Luckily, doing the DIY recipe box isn’t as hard activity like people think. You can even use unused items to create a masterpiece full of love for your loved ones.

How to do that? Here are some homemade recipe box ideas to apply:

Homemade Recipe Box Ideas

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Previously, we discussed the recipe box and its functions. Besides being useful, the storage is also easy to make yourself at home. The materials needed are also not difficult to find.

In this section, the discussion will continue how to make it. Of course, several steps must be taken, starting from planning, manufacturing, to finishing. How to start a recipe box? Here we go!

DIY Recipe Box Plans

DIY Recipe Card Box + Printable Templates! - A Beautiful Mess

Before getting started with the DIY recipe box, the first thing you have to do is prepare a design. You have to carefully consider the shape, size, decoration, and all other aspects.

From the start, you should also decide what materials you will use for this DIY recipe box. Thus, the work you do is more focused to decrease the number of failures.

You also have to take measurements carefully so that the material you use is efficient. Write everything down and make notes as a guide before work.

Prepare Your Tool and Material

DIY Recipe Card Box + Printable Templates! - A Beautiful Mess

After preparing the plan, carefully study your notes. After that, you have to start preparing the equipment and materials. Make sure you consider it carefully so that nothing is wasted.

The types of tools and materials that you need to prepare will depend on the design chosen. For example, if you use wood, then you will need tools such as saws, nails, hammers, and so on.

It’s different if you choose to use cardboard. For this DIY recipe box, you’ll need scissors, a pencil, and glue. The details will be in the other section of this review.

Taking Into Action Recipe Box With 24 Cards & 12 Dividers by Polite Society (White Tin): Kitchen & Dining

With the tools and materials you have prepared, now let’s move to the next step. But once again, do the recheck to ensure that everything is great before starting work.

Start to use tools and materials according to plan. Work the DIY recipe box as thoroughly as possible to give you a nice craft to use.

DIY Recipe Box Ideas

These Precious Recipe Boxes Are Begging To Hold Your Beloved Family Recipe Cards | Southern Living

Previously, you learned what the recipe box is, as well as the systematic steps for the making process. Of course, you can’t wait to practice it at home.

However, to DIY the recipe box, you must have sufficient references. At least you must know the material and design that is suitable and as you wish.

Therefore, in this section, we will show you two DIY recipe box ideas that are easy to implement. That way, you have an overview before creating your work.

In this discussion, the ingredients used for the DIY recipe box are straightforward. These activities won’t bother you during process. Here are some steps designs you can follow:

Wood Recipe Box

Acacia Recipe Box | Recipe box wooden, Handmade wooden boxes, Recipe box diy

The use of wood for the recipe box is remarkable. Not without reason, this material is durable and long-lasting.

The sturdy material will keep the cards inside protected from creases, moisture, and other bad influences. Besides, everyone will agree that wooden items have high aesthetic value.

Affordable prices are also the reason why this material is so preferable. The wood recipe box is widely available in stores with various beautiful designs to decorate the kitchen.

You won’t even have a hard time trying to DIY the recipe box. Besides being easy to get, the process is also easy. In general, all you need to do is following steps to create your storage.

  • Make a DIY recipe box design and decide on the size and design you want to make. For beginners, it will be easier if you choose a square shape because it is standard.
  • To make it easier to work with, you can use pieces of plywood. Prepare at least six equal sizes.
  • Apart from wood, prepare nails, hammers, hinges, and decorations for the box cover.
  • When the material is ready, the next step is to combine the five pieces of wood with the help of nails. Leave a piece of plywood for the cover.
  • After all five pieces are joined; attach the hinge to one of the edges of the box. After that, combine it with the last plywood.
  • Once the hinges are in place, you can start decorating your DIY recipe box.

Making Use of Cardboard


If the DIY recipe box with wood is too much of a hassle, there are other easy materials, namely the unused cardboard. The method is simple and will not spend too much your time.

Although not as strong as wood, this material is quite thick and can stand on its own. Not only for the recipe box, but cardboard materials are also widely used for making crafts.

So, how to make a recipe box out of cardboard? Here are the materials, tools, and the steps you have to take.

  • First, create a shape design and design the cardboard recipe box that you want. Determine the size and decoration.
  • Based on the design, prepare materials such as cardboard, pencils, rulers, glue, and scissors.
  • Make a pattern on the square on the cardboard with the size according to the box design.
  • Make another rectangle outside the pattern that you have made that is 1.5 cm longer.
  • Thus, you will find that the first image is inside the second square.
  • Cut out the image according to the second square outline.
  • Cut all four corners so that they reach the first square line.
  • Fold the edges of the cardboard along the first rectangle.
  • Glue the fold to hold the cardboard together.
  • Repeat steps 3-8 until you get six identical pieces.
  • Glue the five pieces of cardboard with the help of glue.
  • Glue the final piece after the cardboard is joined into a box. This time, only one fold need to be attached.
  • Now you can start decorating the DIY recipe box with lots of knick-knacks.

With the two DIY recipe boxes above, you can create a variety of interesting crafts. You can make it for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.

However, don’t forget to determine the most beautiful design. In the next section, you will see some designs of recipe card box that can be of inspiration.

Some Designs of DIY Recipe Box

recipe card box - recipe card holder - recipe box – Country Barn Babe

After understanding how to make the recipe box, you are getting ready to explore creativity. But before doing so, you should learn the best design to choose. Here is some inspiration for you.

Distressed Recipe Box

RUSTIC RECIPE BOX, Wood Recipe Box, Home And Storage, White Recipe Storage, Farmhouse Decor, Kitchen Decor… | Rustic recipe box, Kitchen decor, How to distress wood

Something that looks outdated sometimes provides high aesthetic value. No wonder so many people adopt distressed shades for various purposes. You can also apply it to the DIY recipe box.

If you are using wood, paint the surface with a slightly pale color. It is not necessary to do it perfectly because all you need to do is to give your DIY recipe box an old feel.

Some people also use whitewashed techniques to give a faded feel to the surface. Thus, even simple objects will look luxurious with a classic taste.

If you are using cardboard, the easiest way is to use wallpaper with a distressed motif. However, you can also do painting techniques to create a vintage feel.

Besides giving a distressing impression to the box, don’t forget to DIY recipe cards with a similar theme. You can use recycled paper to write down your favorite cooking recipes.

Beach-themed DIY Recipe Box

Life's A Beach - Recipe Box – Exquisite Inks

After doing the DIY recipe box, of course, you want to decorate your work as beautifully as possible. You can devote your interests and favorites to the design you choose.

One of the themes that have quite a lot of fans is beach style. You can apply basic colors related to it, for example, blue or white.

It is not necessary to paint a complicated picture as all you need to do is to add some beach-themed decorations. After that, your recipe box will look stunning.

Some of the trinkets that can be used as decoration are shells and sand. You can also put some notes that describe something about the sea.

Apart from applying it to the box, don’t forget to make the recipe cards as beautiful as possible with a beach theme. This nuance will make you even more excited to create delicious dishes.

The Well-organized

live. love. scrap.: Recipe Box DIY

In the DIY recipe box, you have to pay attention to all aspects. Apart from paying attention to the outside decoration, there is nothing wrong to use the best design for the inside.

One recommendation that you might consider is how to organize the recipe cards in the boxes. Of course, you don’t want your valuable records to be damaged due to wrong storage methods.

One way is to provide several bulkheads to place the recipe according to the content and type. For example, cake recipes should be placed with the like so you can find it easier.

As well as bulkheads, some people also place codes or alphabets inside the DIY recipe box. That way, you can find the notes you want based on the order you have arranged.

This method will be necessary if you have lots of notes in the recipe box. With systematic storage, you will save even more time and effort looking for cooking instructions.

Make It Colorful

Citrus Twist Recipe Box | Liberty$large$&qlt=75&strip=true

In the world of decoration, the use of color is very crucial. Each tone has its nuance and influence, so you have to choose the right one. It also applies when you do the DIY recipe box.

You have to choose pretty colors, especially for the outside of your DIY recipe box. Bright tones give off cheerful and uplifting tints.

Meanwhile, dark colors generally give a mysterious impression. Besides, this tone also exudes a calm and less explosive feel.

However, the choice of color is a very personal thing. But so you can get the best of each color, try to display several tones at once.

The combination of several colors will not only give a cheerful atmosphere but also make us feel calm while doing various activities. Thus, you will still feel comfortable in many conditions.

Leather Cover

Deck box for cards - Patterns and Templates -

Everyone has their way of showing preferences. It is usually contained in the choice of decorations used when making any DIY.

Some people try to bring out the quirky side by adding a layer of leather to the surface of the DIY recipe box. This decoration is considered to give a luxurious impression to anyone.

It is undeniable that leather decoration does give a prestigious impression without involving a lot of patterns. Some right color is necessary to convey your messages.

Leather decorations will suit you better if you DIY recipe ideas with wood. It is because the leather must be affixed so that it requires a sturdier surface.

Floral Decoration

Recipe Box - Goodwill×1005.jpg

There are many ways to beautify the final result of your DIY recipe box. Besides using decorations as discussed above, you can also add decorations with floral nuances.

This decoration will give a cheerful and fun impression to anyone who sees it. The floral nuance also shows a girly and passionate impression.

Of course, this will affect the mood when doing activities. Therefore, it’s not wrong if you use this motif as a complement to your work.

If you want to use this decoration in the DIY recipe box, you can use a variety of ways. Fabric or wallpaper can be an effective lining material. But you can also paint it directly on the surface.

The Tartan Box

Recipe Box Makeover | Refresh Restyle

Among the many motifs, tartan is the most popular. Its use is widespread regardless of class, age, field, and so on. Everyone uses this motif without exception.

Tartan is found in clothes, household appliances, and even the business world. Some big brands have even made this pattern their signature.

Feel free to apply this cool motif to the results of your DIY recipe box. As a finishing, you can add cloth or paper with this motif to enhance your appearance.

If you use the wood-based DIY recipe box, the fabric ingredients will be better. Meanwhile, tartan wallpaper will be easier to place in a storage area made of cardboard.

You can choose various colors and designs following your flavor and necessities. But try to choose bright colors to bring out a cheerful and vibrant impression.

The DIY recipe box is one of those fun activities to do. Apart from being easy to work with, you can also explore creativity to produce extraordinary work.

You can fill the box with a variety of your favorite recipes. Even if you are stuck and confused about what to cook, pull out a card and you will find an idea.

The DIY recipe box results can also be a special gift for those closest to you. Therefore, you can create a masterpiece as beautiful as possible to give a deep impression on the recipient.


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