38 Excellent DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Furniture and Décor You Must Try

If you are a huge fan of DIY pottery barn, this article will provide a real treat with some of the most terrific project ideas!

Above all, it is no secret that pottery barn furniture and decoration tend to introduce a modern or contemporary flair to a home interior.

Besides, when you decide to go with a DIY project, creating a high-quality one that is lovely and budget-friendly at the same time is not impossible at all.

This article covers more than 38 projects to try, ranging from furniture, decoration, and even seasonal plans.

However and whenever you want to decorate your space, there is always the right DIY pottery barn ideas to try!

Pottery Barn Knock Offs Wreath



Let’s start with this beautiful DIY wreath that utilizes a bunch of magnolia leaves. You can certainly use it to decorate your main door or mantle.

It also makes a beautiful adornment for your garden fence or exterior walls. So, simply take a piece of burlap fabric and use it as a rope to hang the magnolia wreath.

DIY Pottery Barn Beachcomber Basket



Do you need something beautiful to organize your DIY kits? Then creating this beachcomber basket can be an excellent solution.

Not only great for storage, but beachcomber baskets are also easy to incorporate into any home décor.

To make this handcrafted project simpler, try to find a basket and wrap it with a roll of jute so it will give the container a natural beachcomber look.

You can also work with hot glue to cover the basket with rope. But don’t forget to add a pair of handles to make it more eye-catching.

Pottery Barn Inspired Headboard



If you are interested in woodworking, then this DIY pottery barn idea may spark some inspiration for your next project.

With distressed painting style, this headboard will give an old-fashioned as well as rustic flair to your bedroom.

Therefore, pair the headboard with dark-colored bedding and furry blankets to match its new look.

DIY Dollar Tree Topiary



Complete your pretty spring décor with this easy DIY topiary. You just need to prepare a pot, two plastic balls in different sizes, also some mulch to create it.

Display this dollar tree decoration with other decorations that hint at the lovely season such as a spring wreath and farmhouse sign.

DIY Rolling Basket



Need a basket for organizing your laundry? Then you better try to create this wire rolling basket and give yourself a convenient, movable storage solution.

In addition, you can make this DIY pottery barn copycat more beautiful by swapping the wrapping fabric with something patterned and colorful.

Simply find an old-fashioned wire basket in nearby thrift shops and then get the pretty fabric to finish.

Jewelry Box for Your Mother



Make a colorful jewelry box for your mother to commemorate her special day. This DIY pottery barn inspired project is certainly easy and will not require much budget.

With some cardboard, patterned papers, as well as ribbons, you can replicate this idea at home.

But if you want to cut off time, find an existing box, and adorn it with pretty papers for a new look.

DIY Halloween Wreath



Boost the eeriness of the Halloween decoration by creating this unique wreath. After that, you can hang it on the main entrance to welcome your guest on this festive holiday.

Firstly, you can use an old photo frame as the base of this Halloween wreath. Then, adorn it with black-sprayed artificial flowers and a miniature human skeleton.

DIY Bottle Lamp



This modern-looking table lamp is something you can certainly make at home on a weekend.

With a clear bottle and lighting fixture, you will have a beautiful decoration as well as an additional source of illumination in your room.

Thanks to its clear, transparent design, this bottle lamp appears classy on the side table. You can also combine it with a smart blub that displays various light colors for extra visual interest.

DIY Faux Grain Sack Pillows



Another best DIY pottery barn knock offs is to create this unique pillow. Its grain sack-like certainly lends your home interior a warm, rustic vibe.

Furthermore, the idea is to find a piece of fabric that has a pattern of the grain sack. You can also make it into pillowcases to make a distinct addition to your décor.

Faux Antler Wreath



A wreath is a versatile kind of decoration that works well on various occasions. Aside from being a good addition to your festive décor, its aesthetical visual is perfect for daily use as well.

If you want to have an exceptional wreath to adorn your room, try this faux antler garland that can bring natural beauty to any space.

Pottery Barn Metallic Leaf Wreath



Are you looking for something easy that even a novice DIY lover can feel confident to finish the project without getting such horrific results? This metallic leaf wreath should be on the list.

Thanks to its color choices, it makes a great decoration for a fall-theme interior design.

DIY Eagan Mirror Inspired by Pottery Barn



Bring the beauty of reflection to your space by incorporating this DIY pottery barn inspired Eagan mirror.

This paneled mirror makes a good pair to your clear vase and other modern topiaries.

Instead of laying the mirror on a display table, you can simply hang it on the wall with other artworks or decors.

Snowflake Pillow for Christmas Holiday



Give your old throw pillows a new look by adding a snowflake pattern to it. You can use white small beads to create the design.

To make the snowflake stand out, consider applying the design on broken white pillows or others with contrasting colors.

Make several of them and include these lovely snowflake pillows into your Christmas décor.

DIY Low-Budget Hurricanes



Do you find the hurricanes at Pottery Barn or other stores lovely? If your budget does not allow for these decors, try to DIY them inexpensively.

Find all the necessary materials including hurricanes and glass candlesticks on a local dollar store, so you can keep the budget minimal.

Simple Christmas Wreath



So you need a Christmas wreath but it is already too late to create something complicated. In this view, the above DIY pottery barn décor can be a perfect solution.

You just need to shop for artificial pine green and form the material into a nice Christmas wreath. Don’t forget to adorn it with lovely ribbon or other accessories.

Pottery Barn Pillow Christmas Winter Décor



To complement your Christmas winter décor, you should try this DIY pottery barn knockoff pillow. With additional accessories, it becomes a wonderful adornment in any space.

DIY Pumpkin Pillow



This is another amazing project to help you spruce up your home design in the next fall season.

Inspired by pottery barn, this DIY painted pumpkin pillow is enough to bring the warm mood of fall season to your space.

Pair it with a vase of orange and red flowers or other fall-theme accessories to make the most of the idea.

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Media Console



Use your favorite pottery barn media console as a great inspiration to create a piece of practical DIY furniture.

Invest in your time and energy to try this DIY pottery barn furniture. Since it requires good woodworking skill, you probably need someone to work with the project later.

DIY Outdoor Island and Hutch



Furnish your backyard with a practical island and hutch to make throwing an outdoor party more exciting.

With adequate pallet boards and a little woodworking skill, you can go with this project easily at a weekend.

You can also recycle an old coffee or dining table and turn it into this useful outdoor island.

Pottery Barn Style Headboard



While a great pottery barn headboard comes with a price tag, you can tackle your budget issue by going for this DIY project.

This DIY pottery barn project should not cost you more than $50. Simply find a free plan of the headboard on the internet to create one.

Faux Succulent Wreath



If you love the distinct look of succulents, try to make them into lovely wreath like this DIY pottery barn inspired décor.

Instead of the living succulents, you can use the artificial ones to make a more long-lasting wreath. Combine different varieties of the plant to create an eye-catching design.

DIY Bead Chandelier



Give your room a touch of elegance by incorporating this adorable light fixture. Although made of beads, the DIY chandelier looks so amazing against any backdrop.

Thanks to its neutral scheme, it will work in various décor styles as well. Use black chains to hang the fixture if you need a hint of industrial design.

Pottery Barn Inspired Shell Wreath



Do you have lots of shell gifts from your last beach vacation? Try this striking DIY pottery barn inspired wreath to bring the beachside cottage look in any space.

Feel free to use any kind of material for the base wreath. Then, arrange the shells as creative as you can on it.

DIY Grinch Pillow



Bring something special in your Christmas decor by creating this pottery barn inspired Grinch pillow. It makes a perfect gift for someone you love in the festive holiday as well.

You can take advantage of several sequin bags in red and white colors to adorn the pillows. Be patient since the needle or thread may repeatedly tangling during the process.

Pottery Barn Style Nightstand



This is another one of the DIY pottery barn hacks that many homeowners want to steal at the first glance.

Inspired by pottery barn’s Chelsea nightstand, this piece of furniture is perfect for any modern bedroom out there.

Pottery Barn Inspired Love Letter Lamp



If you fall in love to the pottery barn love letter lamp, save some of your budget by making this DIY light fixture at home.

Shop for a thrift store lamp and give it a pretty makeover by a little paint. For the shade, you can write some phrases and apply a letter-like font.

Then, print the phrases and tape them to the inside part of your shade. Feel free to arrange the printout as you please.

Benchwright Farmhouse Dining Table



Another DIY pottery barn knockoff idea to try is this great farmhouse dining table. The project is particularly ideal for those who already have good woodworking skill.

You can pair this dining table with patterned upholstered chairs to boost the farmhouse style.

Pottery Barn Inspired Rattan Nursery



Who does not fall in love to the adorable pottery barn baby furniture? If you are also interested in the piece, opt for this DIY project to save some money.

This rattan nursery will provide a comfortable spot for your baby while improving the overall look of the space.

Nautical Rope Lamp Shade



A DIY pottery barn project does not have to be difficult. You can start with turning your old light fixture into something more striking by incorporating some rope.

Just like the above picture, you can give a nautical accent to your lamp shade and display it with a completely new look.

Moreover, you can also repaint the stand with a fresh color for additional interest.

DIY Rope Knot Table Lamp



Try this fun DIY if you love pottery barn rope knot table lamp. While it may take time to bind the thread, the outcome will be highly rewarding.

The idea is pretty simple since you just need to knot the rope around the stand to create a unique table lamp.

Pottery Barn Inspired Bedside Table



Take your time to create this DIY pottery barn bedside table on a weekend and enjoy its usefulness later on.

By using the pottery barn bedside table as an inspiration, you can customize the finish or entire design of this furniture to suit your preference and existing home décor.

Classic Pottery Barn Mantle



If you love crooked frames and want to incorporate these into your décor, here is a fun DIY project to try.

This DIY pottery barn idea is pretty easy to replicate with many items available on dollar stores. Use your creativity to arrange all the accessories in however you like.

To give your mantle that classic look, consider displaying black and white pictures instead of the color ones.

DIY Ladder Lantern Porch Chandelier



Dreaming of having a lovely chandelier like the one you see on pottery barn? Try this fun project and get it beautify your space instantly.

With an old, medium-height ladder, you can hang three to four porch lanterns to create this exceptional chandelier.

In case you get the lanterns on thrift stores, consider repainting them in the identical color to give a more uniform look.

Lamp Shade Pottery Barn Knockoff



Swap your lamp shade into something more intriguing by going for this pottery barn inspired project.

You just need to paint your old lamp shade in metallic or silver color and add some vertical line patterns on it.

DIY Coffee Bar and Hutch



Complete your home design with this rustic coffee bar and hutch. The above DIY pottery barn idea makes a sweet, budget-friendly housewarming gift as well.

Its rustic and hefty look will make a great complement to any space. You can include a towel bar in the plan to give a hint of industrial style.

To help create this coffee bar, you can browse for step-by-step plans on the internet and follow them carefully.

Most DIY pottery barn plans are cost-effective and pretty easy to follow. This coffee bar, for instance, may only cost around $65.

DIY Three Board Bench



If you need a piece of furniture to complete your outdoor space, try this DIY three board bench.

As the name suggests, you just need to prepare three wooden boards along with two bench legs to create this outdoor furniture.

Since the plan is not very complicated, this DIY pottery barn idea makes a good choice for novice woodworking lovers looking for something simple to get started.

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Sink



None can deny that pottery barn offers some of the most beautiful vanities in the market. If you are interested in one with a fewer budget, try this DIY sink console.

While you can repurpose your antique single vanity, change the sink and countertop for a new, more updated look.

Don’t forget to pair the vanity with a frameless mirror to emphasize the modern vibe.

Complete DIY Lamp Knockoff



Rather than a partial DIY project, you probably want to go with something complete and more challenging.

Therefore, this DIY pottery barn lamp can be an ideal project for you. It starts with repainting a light fixture into a totally new one by using chalk paint.

After that, you can complete the lamp with an affordable shade that is available online.

In conclusion, some of these DIY pottery barn project ideas are probably something brand new to you. If so, don’t forget to invite a friend or family member to work on the plan together.

Doing so will make your project much simpler and fun. Besides, it may end up resulting in additional tips to work on the same type of DIY in the future.

Finally, don’t hesitate to try one of these DIY pottery barn ideas and treat yourself or your buddy a lunch after finishing the project!


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