10 DIY Laundry Hampers That Fits Your Narrow Space

The scattered clothes are not an attractive sight. Unfortunately, there is no good storage area to make everything look neat. If you have this, there is only one solution. DIY laundry hampers!

The laundry basket is a crucial thing in the house. However, many people are reluctant to buy as the price is considered to be not commensurate and the design does not match the conditions of the room.

Besides, some of you may not find a design that suits your taste. Therefore, this time we will discuss some creative laundry hamper ideas that you can make yourself at home.

Interestingly, the material we will use this time is easy to obtain. Some are even something that is no longer in use at home. Plus, these crafts won’t take up space either.

Now, are you ready to make your own storage space for clothes? Here are some DIY laundry hamper plans you can practice.

DIY Hamper from Cardboard

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Stacked cardboard at home is often a problem because it takes up space. Instead of confused about how to use it, why not try turning it into a laundry basket?

Apart from taking advantage of unused items, DIY laundry hampers from cardboard will not cost you money. Nothing to pay as you use the materials at home.

Besides, you can design it as beautifully as possible following the existing requirements. The following are some of the tools and steps for DIY laundry hampers:

Design Planning

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Before starting to work, you have to do DIY laundry hamper plans. First of all, make the designs and decorations you want for this craft.

Note that you have to do double-checking to ensure that the size will fit your room. Therefore, take measurements carefully starting from the height, length, width, and diameter of the handmade laundry basket.

Besides being useful as an organizer, the DIY laundry hampers will also be part of the decoration. Therefore, you have to prepare the perfect design to beautify the room.

Preparing Tools and Materials

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After you get the right design, it’s time to prepare the tools and materials needed for DIY laundry hampers. Here are some of them:

  • The DIY-laundry-basket cardboard. Adjust it to the size you have planned.
  • Additional cardboard pieces to provide a reinforcing layer (if needed)
  • Measurement devices
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cutter

Apart from the mandatory materials and tools above, you also need to prepare other items to enhance your work. For this DIY laundry hampers, we will use the following items:

  • Fabric with any motifs
  • Ribbon
  • Paintbrush

The materials for decoration are flexible. You can replace it with other items as desired, for example, wallpaper, plastics, and others. It all depends on creativity.

What You Have to Do

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Now that the designs, materials, and equipment are ready, it’s time for us to get to work. Here are the DIY laundry hampers steps from cardboard:

  • Prepare the cardboard and fold some parts so that the shape matches the design you set.
  • Cardboard generally has its configuration. To simplify, follow the original form when folding.
  • Fold the top cover. Use glue to glue it to the cardboard body. Now, you’ve got the basic laundry form nearly.
  • For the stronger laundry hamper, cover the bottom with additional cardboard pieces. Glue it.
  • You can provide several layers of cardboard at the bottom so that the laundry hamper does withstand the load of laundry.
  • Take the fabric and scissors according to the laundry form. The goal
  • After cutting, you can stick it to the laundry hamper with the help of glue. Close perfectly.
  • Add beautiful decorations to your work, such as ribbons. Now your handmade laundry basket is ready to use.

Those are the short steps to do DIY laundry hampers with cardboard material. After all, it’s your time to enjoy. Don’t forget to make it perfect as an angel does.

Handmade Laundry Basket from Rope

Make Your Own Basket Out of a Box


Plastic laundry baskets may make you bored. But you don’t have to rush to throw it away because there are easy ways to make it prettier.

This time, we’re going to use the woven rope to DIY laundry hampers with a rustic feel. Below are some materials to be prepared.

Tools and Materials

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  • Plastic container
  • Woven rope (length as needed)
  • Special rope glue

For Decoration

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  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Embellishments (Ribbon, badge, or else)

What You Have to Do

DIY Woven Basket {easy, cute & affordable!} - The Simply Organized Home


  • Prepare the plastic container that you have chosen as a laundry basket.
  • Slowly glue the woven rope to the surface of the plastic container. Do it in a circle so that all parts are covered.
  • After the plastic container is completely covered, you can decorate it with paint or other decorations.

These DIY laundry hampers are suitable for those who are fond of nature-themed objects. You will be happy with the easy process in which too many materials are not an obligation.

Why don’t try it now?

DIY Wood Laundry Hamper

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Wood has always been a favorite furniture material for many people. Apart from having high aesthetic value, this material is also strong enough for any use.

This material is also suitable for DIY laundry hampers projects. Wood is easy to get, even at an affordable cost. The manufacturing process won’t bother you either.

Some design plans are available to pick for your DIY laundry hampers with wood. However, we will only review two models in this review.

However, we should know that making these DIY laundry hampers involves the skills of a carpenter. If you are not experienced, it is better to leave it to the experts.

Square Laundry Hamper

Diy Wooden Laundry Hamper | Wooden laundry hamper, Wooden laundry basket, Wood laundry hamper


This design is standard in terms of form. However, its presence in the room will give you a rustic feel that will make you feel like you are in nature.

Before working on this project, of course, you must have the desired design. After that, you will do everything based on the model. Here are the materials and the steps for the process.

Tools and Materials

DIY Laundry Hamper-Because Dirty Laundry Belongs in the Basket, Not on the Internet


  • Pieces of woods (can be any type)
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Paint for decoration (optional)

What You Have To Do

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  • By using a saw, cut the wood according to the shape of the laundry hamper as desired.
  • After all the pieces are ready, unite the wood according to the prepared design. Use nails and hammer.
  • After that, you can decorate the DIY laundry hampers with paint or other decorations as you wish.

Foldable DIY Laundry Hampers

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The foldable basket is the right laundry hamper for small spaces. You don’t have to display it all the time as this design makes it possible to keep it in a slim shape when it’s not in use.

Fabric is the main material of the DIY laundry hampers, while wood only functions as a foldable holder. The following are the materials, tools, and working steps.

Tools and Materials

DIY Tilt-Out Laundry Hamper - The Navage Patch


  • A laundry fabric basket (with rope at four ends)
  • 4 long wood sticks (a few inches longer than the height of the fabric laundry hamper)
  • 4 short wood sticks (a few inches longer than the width of the fabric laundry hamper)
  • 2 Shelf Brackets
  • 4 Screws
  • Screwdriver

What You Have to Do

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  • With the help of screws and a screwdriver, attach the shelf bracket to the center of the two long wooden sticks.
  • After the shelf bracket is attached, the two pieces of wood will join.
  • Using the same way, the next step is joining the other two long kinds of wood. Now we have two stands.
  • Join the two strands with the help of 4 short wood sticks. Now, we have a foldable frame.
  • Tie the laundry fabric hamper to the foldable frame with a rope at each end. Now you can use it.

The foldable design makes this DIY laundry hampers practical to use. The good thing, it enables you to keep everything neat when not in use. Hence, the room will be more efficient.

DIY Fabric Laundry Basket

Stay Practical Using Laundry Baskets On Wheels


A simple way to DIY laundry hampers is to use fabric. You can turn this material into clothes storage with various designs.

If you want to make these DIY laundry hampers stand in the room, you’ll need stands to support them. In this situation, a wall-mounted method will help you.

Another advantage of a fabric basket is that you can play with motifs. Besides, this material is easy to wash so that you can keep it clean. Below are some creative designs to pick.

Wall-mounted Laundry Basket

Fabric bin with wooden rack wall mounted diaper bag for baby | Wall hanging storage, Ikea storage bins, Fabric storage bins


You can use these DIY laundry hampers by attaching them to the wall. Generally, these storages have straps or holes that allow them to hang to the hooks.

This method is quite practical and space-saving as you don’t have to use the floor area. We can say that it the best laundry hamper for small spaces.

The Hanging Hamper

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These DIY laundry hampers are similar to the wall-mounted. The difference is that it hangs on the hook, instead of using any vertical surface.

Standing Laundry Hamper

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Fabric material cannot stand alone. Thus, it is only possible if you use frames or stands that can make the DIY laundry hampers stand upright.

Even if you are reluctant to do these DIY laundry hampers, they are still easy to get. This kind of storage is now available with many attractive designs.

A fabric laundry basket is the choice of many DIYers as it is the easiest to do. You can use old clothes to make these hampers. With a few stitches, you will get an extraordinary craft.

The Crochet Basket

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Apart from its function as a place to store clothes, the laundry basket can also be a decoration. You can explore creativity using various materials.

One that you can try is crochet. This method may require skill, patience, and patience. However, the results given will not disappoint.

If you are skilled enough to do it, you can make super beautiful DIY laundry hampers with various colors and patterns. Many have succeeded in creating some shapes using lace threads.

The problem is that it may not be sturdy enough to stand. Therefore, you may need some support in it. In this case, the crochet serves only as a cover that covers the other basket inside.

One item to use as support is a plastic container. However, some people use wire to make these DIY laundry hampers capable of standing up. Of course, it all depends on you.

Wicker Organizer Ideas

Vintage Oversized Laundry Hamper — Home Inspirations : Beautiful and Handy Oversized Laundry Hamper


The wicker-based organizer is one of the favorite pieces of furniture for many people. Besides, these kinds of items provide a rustic feel that makes anyone feel as if they are returning to nature.

You can also apply it to DIY laundry hampers ideas. You can use a variety of weaves from various materials, which are formed in creative and innovative ways.

Moreover, many designs are available in various stores. If you want to make it yourself, the only thing you should do is to copy the ideas and apply them yourself at home.

Don’t forget to add various decorations to make it look attractive. Try to do the DIY laundry hampers and enjoy it later.

The Woven Flax for DIY Laundry Hampers

La Maison Reid


This plant, which has the scientific name Linum usitatissimum, is the main ingredient of linen. But for this project, you don’t need to process it into cloth because we will use it in its raw form.

Furthermore, flax has long leaves that enable us to weave them. That’s how you can create various shapes of objects, including DIY laundry hampers.

For maximum results, you must choose leaves that are long enough. Thus you can create a laundry that is nearly high and strong enough to accommodate your clothes.

If you have made webbing from flax, provide various decorations to beautify it. Even though they are made from natural materials, these DIY laundry hampers are quite strong and durable.

Repurposed Project

Upcycled Laundry Bin– Naiise


Apart from saving costs, the reason for these DIY laundry hampers is to take advantage of obsolete items. Of course, everyone has unused objects at home and doesn’t know what to do with them.

If you have an outdated laundry basket, or you are tired of using it, why not redecorate it? Then, you can add various decorations to create a new look.

To simplify, let us use plastic baskets as an example. This thing is flexible enough to redecorate so that it will be easier for you to create a new look.

To make the basket look new, you can apply the methods discussed above. For example, you want to give a rustic feel by lining the container with the woven rope.

Another option, you can also add a cover, either from crochet, fabric, or layer it with wallpaper. Add an image so that it doesn’t look yawnful.

The repurposed project is one of the most practical DIY laundry hampers to do. You can explore as much creativity as possible to create new and useful things.

Make Use of the Trash Can

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Some of the creative laundry hamper ideas above may be too much trouble for some people. The facts prove that not everyone likes to do complicated things, including DIY household needs.

However, there’s no need to worry. You can still create DIY laundry hampers with something really easy, namely the trash can. Physically, this object is ideal for use as a clothes basket.

Further, you can choose trash cans of various sizes, depending on your needs. If it is small in size, you shouldn’t get any difficulties in mobilization.

However, if the size is large, try to set some rollers under. That way, you can move the clothes inside without any effort.

The other option is to modify its appearance. Additional covers or decorations on the outside will disguise the dirty impression and make it one of the interesting sights in your room.

The Rolling DIY Laundry Hamper

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The accumulated laundry is sometimes too heavy to move by hand. Meanwhile, walking back and forth will also be tiring. Therefore, a rolling hamper will be a solution.

By adding a wheel at the bottom of the laundry hamper, the process of moving the laundry will be easy.

Thus, no need to bother lifting as all you need to do is to push it until you reach the destination.

You can get this wheel feature at various stores that sell household supplies. Installation is also easy, and everyone can do this.

However, you may not be able to apply these DIY laundry hampers to materials such as cloth or crochet. Wheels can only be attached to a basket with a standing-structured, for example, plastic.

The DIY laundry hampers ideas are certainly interesting things to do. You can explore creativity as well as take advantage of existing items.

In addition to the plans above, there are probably many other more interesting DIY laundry hampers ideas. Don’t forget to add more references before doing to maximize your creativity.