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25 Fascinating DIY Indoor Playhouse for Happy Kids

Kids always have a lot of energy, as well as imagination. They like jumping, running, climbing, and pretending to have a particular role. To help them blow off steam and become happier, try to make one of these fascinating DIY indoor playhouse ideas.

Easy DIY Indoor Playhouse

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If your home lacks space, why do you not try to make a small indoor playhouse from cardboard?

You may be wondering why cardboard. Well, the first thing that you need to consider when making a DIY indoor playhouse for your kids is safety and budget.

Cardboard is lightweight, which is suitable for your kids as it is harmless. Since it is not heavy, you can move it anywhere you want. You can find this material in any store as well.

If you want to salt away your money, you can just make an indoor playhouse from unused cardboard. Make sure it is sturdy enough.

To make a DIY indoor playhouse just like the one you see in the picture, you need to draw the design on the cardboard and cut the pieces.

Do not forget to make some slits. You will use it to assemble the pieces. You may also need some duct tape as the hinges that you attach to the door.

Now, the best part is to paint the playhouse the color of your choice. To make it look more authentic, you can make some shingles from a scrap of cardboard, paint it brown, and attach it.

DIY Indoor Tent

DIY Kids Indoor Play Tent | Collective Gen | Diy kids teepee, Teepee kids, Kids indoor play

The idea of living in a tent always makes any kid thrilled. However, this pandemic does not allow him to travel to a camping site.

Do not worry! There is always a way to make your kid smile exuberantly, although he has to stay at home. Try this DIY indoor tent.

To make this tent, you are going to need:

  • 4 wooden dowels
  • 4 meters of linen
  • Rope

You can begin by tying the four dowels with rope to make a teepee. Cover the frame with a cloth. Jazz up it with some pompoms, a flag, string light, or any decorative element that you can think of.

DIY Indoor Jungle Gym

Indoor Jungle Gym – FarmHouse Minimalism

A lot of energy is one blessing kids get. That is the reason why they hardly stay still, and it is no problem at all. Therefore, it would be nicer if you could make them a DIY indoor playhouse along with a jungle gym that keeps them moving.

This indoor jungle gym packs a lot of fun. It allows your kids to climb up the wall while learning about colors. A trapeze bar and gymnastic rings combo allow your kid to hang. Do not forget to incorporate a slide for more fun experiences.

A Princess in a Castle

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Are you looking for an indoor playhouse for toddlers? Try this cardboard castle.

It looks like a small castle, which suits your little princess. To make this cardboard castle, you need to draw the patterns and cut them off. You can spruce up it by wrapping it with wallpaper or paint it the color of your choice.

Cabin in the Wood

DIY Indoor Playhouse Transformation | Indoor playhouse, Diy playhouse, Build a playhouse

If you happen to move your built-in closet, you will leave an awkward opening. You might be thinking of adding some bricks to fix this, but let us opt for another option. What is in your mind about a DIY indoor playhouse?

It may look a little bit scary as if it were a hut of evil witch. The truth is this playhouse is not that creepy. It packs a lot of fun and helps your kids to go wild with their imagination.

You only need to cut some wood or leftover if you want to accentuate the rustic look. Sand the pieces down thoroughly. Apply the gel stain and polyurethane for long-lasting color. Use wrought-iron hinges and pull for the door.

Hula Hoop Tent

Делаем балдахин своими руками: 5 мастер-классов | Вигвам, Палатка, Комнаты маленьких девочек

It is another DIY indoor tent idea that you can try to make at home but different from the teepee tent mentioned earlier. It does not need wooden sticks or dowels because you will hang it from the ceiling.

To make this tent, you will need:

  • A hula hoop for the frame
  • 4 to 6 yards fabric (depending on the size of your hula-hoop), you will use it as the drapery
  • About 2 yards of fabric for the top of the tent
  • Hook that you will use to hang the tent right from the ceiling
  • Heavy-duty Velcro

Indoor Playhouse Frame

Is this a bed or a playhouse?

Well, the good thing about making a DIY indoor playhouse is you can adjust the design and measurements to meet your need, just like this one.

A bed frame that looks like a simple house serves double duty in this bedroom. It anchors the twin-sized bed in place while making a great playhouse. You only need to add some accessories, such as drapery, string lights, or anything.

Christmas DIY Indoor Playhouse

Pin on Crafty Housewife

Bring in the Christmas vibes to your home by building this DIY indoor playhouse. A small one is out of cardboard. What makes it superb is the details of the exterior.

The red and white color schemes are often synonymous with Santa Clause. Therefore, you should paint the playhouse these hues to obtain the vibes.

This playhouse features a red exterior with white trims in the windows and door. Beautiful carvings decorate the door nicely. To make the house look more appealing, cover the roof with craft paper.

Under-the-Stair Playhouse

Under stairs playhouse: little door and window, wall decals inside from etsy or aliexpress (eg kitchen, shop, black… | Room under stairs, House design, Play houses

Some people use the space under the stairs as an additional storage room. Did you know that it could do more than just stash away the clutter? It can make your kids delighted. A DIY indoor playhouse would be a great idea.

This playhouse fits snugly with the space under the stairs. It emulates the exterior of a modern farmhouse with the siding and window box. It even has a wreath hanging on the door to welcome any guest.

A Classic House with a Porch

20 Indoor Playhouse Ideas Creating a Whole Little World for Your Kiddos

Relaxing on the porch is a good thing to do. Everybody loves it, including your kids. It is not the real one, though.

This dashing playhouse has similar functions as the real house, especially the porch. White wooden railing surrounds it. Two comfortable chairs are available so that your kids can sit back while slurping a cup of tea.

The shingle roof makes this DIY indoor playhouse look more attractive. You can add string lights to accentuate it.

Let’s Climb

Indoor Toddler Playhouse - Ideas on Foter

Everybody knows that kids love climbing, sliding, and all that jazz. So, why do you not just build a DIY indoor playhouse and playground combo?

This playhouse provides all the things that your kids need to blow off steam. They can climb, crawl, and even slide. It is what many kids have been dreaming of.

Rocket Girl DIY Indoor Playhouse

15 Beautiful DIY Cardboard Playhouses Your Kids Will Want to Live in! – Cozy Nursery×1024.jpg

Making your kids smile exuberantly does not have to spend many bucks. With the power of creativity and a little bit of imagination and hard work, you can make a fun playhouse from what you already have at home.

This playhouse is out of unused cardboard boxes that are stacked up to form a rocket. Do not forget to make some circles for the windows.

You can also personalize it by attaching the monogram of your kid’s initial and some accessories that she loves. It is an easy and affordable method to bring her happiness.

Simple Cardboard Playhouse

Home Bargains is selling a DIY cardboard playhouse for £9.99 – and adults are having more fun colouring it in than the kids

You can make this unsophisticated white cardboard playhouse at home. You only need some other materials and tools like scissors, pens, and hot glue.

Since it is a white cardboard house, it tends to be bland. Therefore, you can paint it the color of your choice or let your kid draw anything she loves, just like what you can see here.

This cardboard might remind you of the witch’s hut in the Hansel and Gretel story. Candies and gingerbread spruce up the exterior nicely.

Over-the-Bed DIY Indoor Playhouse

Ana White | Indoor Playhouse - DIY Projects | Indoor playhouse, Play houses, Indoor playroom

You do not need to refurbish a particular room and turn it into a game room with a playhouse inside if you do not have enough space for that. Merging it with the existing bedroom would be a space-saving and terrific idea.

This bedroom features a wooden playhouse floating over a mattress, which saves a lot of space. Your kid can use it as a reading and doodle room since it has a chalkboard and bookshelves.

Under-the-Bed Playhouse

Playhouse Loft Bed with Stairs | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White--Jaci would LOVE this! | Diy toddler bed, Playhouse loft bed, Home

It is another space-saving idea that you can try – a playhouse bunk bed.

A bunk bed is your safest bet in terms of a limited space bedroom. It enables you to make use of the area under the bed. You can have a desk, wardrobe, or even playhouse underneath.

This pink bunk bed offers you a stylish playhouse underneath. Your kid can use it as a reading room or a place to hang out with dolls and stuffed toys.

Shabby Chic Playhouse for Girls

Pin on Home decorating

Who says that a kid does not need a stylish interior design for her playhouse?

You must decorate the interior of the playhouse as beautiful as possible to emulate the real one. It can be in the form of modern, contemporary, or even shabby chic style.

This DIY indoor playhouse, for example, features a shabby chic interior design. The checkerboard flooring incorporates a little bit of retro concept, paying the past a tribute. A luxurious chandelier adds glam immensely, making it look elegant.

Two-Story Playhouse

2nd story loft for under stairs Play house... Make slide flush with wall, running down the roof same direction as stairs | Play houses, Home, Kids basement

One of the activities or games that kids love the most is sliding. They always curious how fast they are capable of going. For this reason, incorporating a slide into a DIY indoor playhouse is worth the try.

This two-story playhouse will enthrall your kids. It shows the exterior design of a contemporary house with a gray color scheme and crisp white trim. It also has two window boxes filled with faux flowers that emulate a mini cottage garden.

Next to the playhouse is a conspicuous red slide. Your kids will love it.

Cozy Black and White Playhouse

A playhouse tends to be colorful to draw the eyes of the kids. That is not always the case, however. A monochromatic design will not lessen the fun, just like what you can see here.

This DIY indoor playhouse comes in black and white color hues that denote the minimalist style of modern flair.

To optimize the limited space, you can raise the playhouse a few feet of the floor so that you can get two different playgrounds for your kids. They can use the upper one to play with dolls and stuffed toys while the lower area to doodle or read books.

Convenient DIY Indoor Cardboard Playhouse

It is another simple cardboard craft idea that you can try at home. Need not to make it from scratch. If you happen to have some unused boxes, you can give them a second life by turning them into a DIY indoor playhouse.

To make this playhouse, you only need to remove the top part of the box so that it remains open. Cut the front to make the door. Add some cardboard pieces to create the A-shaped roof.

You can also add some accessories or decorative elements to amp the DIY indoor playhouse up. They do not need to be pricey, though. Some unused paper plates will do in a pinch.

The Power of Cardboard and Paint

DIY: Cardboard Box Playhouse - Project Nursery

A stylish and fun playhouse does not have to make you short on money. An unused cardboard box and some paints can do their magic.

This small playhouse is out of an underused cardboard box. It looks stylish despite the cheap material. You only need scissors and glue to build it.

Once the playhouse is complete, here comes the fun part – painting. Use your imagination to paint it. You can try vivid red for the door and gray for the roof. Add some details like the shutters and trims so that it looks more appealing.

Live in a Van×960.jpg

Have you ever thought of living in a van? Well, it may be fun, especially for those who love challenges and adventure, like your kids. It does not mean that you can make them dwell in a car, though. You can build a playhouse, instead.

This cardboard playhouse looks like a van with its black and white design, which is simple. Just set it in your kid’s bedroom corner, and let him explore his imagination.

DIY Indoor Playground

Ana White | Indoor Playground Set - DIY Projects | Indoor playroom, Indoor playground, Indoor playground diy

It is a haven for your kids. They can find anything they like right in this playhouse and playground combos, such as a slide, a trapeze bar, and gymnastic rings, a basketball ring, a monkey bar, and a climbing wall.

In this playground, your kids can climb up the wall, hang onto the monkey bar, and slide fast. For peace of mind, place a mattress underneath and cover the floor with playmate so that they will not be severely hurt.

DIY Indoor Playhouse with Storage

Pin by Playhouses For Boys And Girls on Playful Playhouses | Indoor playhouse, Play houses, Kids indoor playhouse

If you happen to live in an urban area, you have to put up with clutter. It is always a challenge to get rid of it, let alone building an indoor playhouse. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. You can earn both of those.

This DIY indoor playhouse has shown you that you can give your kids so much fun while holding the clutter at bay. The secret is about where you put and how you design it.

Placing an indoor playhouse under the stairs will be your safe bet, as it will not bother the traffic. You had better invested it in stairs with shelves so that they can host your kids’ books, toys, and magazines.

Effortless Cardboard Playhouse

Well, the idea of making a DIY indoor playhouse may be mesmerizing and persuade you to want to build one. Unfortunately, you are not good at creating, making this job become a daunting task.

Need not to feel insecure and, eventually, let your kids down. You can still construct a cool and fun DIY indoor playhouse, although you are not good at crafting.

Now shop around your house. You only need to get an unused sturdy cardboard box. Lay it on the floor with the opening faces front. Add a twist to the top to form a roof if necessary. Well, congratulations! You just have the frame.

To make the cardboard playhouse look more appealing without breaking a sweat, toss a rug, some stuffed toys, and pillows inside it. You can also hang string lights and other accessories to beef up the exterior.

Mid-Century Modern Playhouse

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This playhouse is out of wood. It looks fascinating with the geometric shape and clean-lined edges, which are the significant characteristics of a mid-century modern exterior.

To make it look more attractive, you can paint it and add some faux plants for the window box. Fake ivy would be great as it dangles out of the border, creating a dramatic scene.

Now you know that making your kids happy and active does not always entail a lot of money. With a little bit of creativity, you can make a DIY indoor playhouse that suits the requirements of your kids well. You can repurpose unused cardboard.